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 - Astronaut Began Day Early FROM PAGE 1-A j visor...
Astronaut Began Day Early FROM PAGE 1-A j visor and hoses were hooked up,was some cheering from the men in eggs, dry toast and orange juice. Schmitt stepped to a control pan- After breakfast, the space man el and ran the pressure in the suit to five pounds per square After breakfast, the space man and his backup walked a few steps down a gallery to the medical room where the physical examination started at 2:25 a.m. Get Checkup There, the astronauts' personal physician, Air Force Lt. Col. William K. Douglas, and his assistant, Maj. Carmaul Jackson, checked the men's nose, throat, heart eyes, ears, and lungs. They checked reflexes and took a blood sample. Dr. Douglas commented "as usual, the two are in superb physical condition." .: A spokesman for the National Aeronautics and Space Adminis- v tration, Lt. Col. John Powers, re ••: ported "they are every bit as Y composed as they were last Tues"•:_ day," when the first attempt was Y postponed. - • Several days ago, Douglas told ,7 newsmen it was a matter of "pure clinical judgment" as to o what physical occurrences might : cause the pilot to be scratched. ••;- He mentioned, as examples, a bad cold or appendicitis. After the checkover, Douglas ;: and his medical aides attached < biological sensors to tattoo marks ;'..' on Shepard's body. These sen- ... sors, transmitting signals to ground monitors, indicate how the astronaut reacts to the heavy stresses arid weightlessness encountered in his flight. Four round button-shaped sen- :.. sides. These were for monitoring J heart performance. One sensor, for ;:- respiration, was attached to mi- crophones close to the astronaut's : mouth, its cord taped to his neck. ;-'- Thre also was a rectal sensor /" to indicate body temperature. "i This done at 2:50 a. m. Shep• - ard — still in his underwear-- moved next door to the pressure suit room. Here, suit technician Joe W. Schmitt, a slender man from : O'Fallon, Tex., helped the astro- _ naut into the special space uni- - form. This is a rubber garment - coated with a silver spray intend- ed to serve as an additional heat -• buffer and radiation shield. With Schmitt kneeling in front "-.' of him, Shepard sat on a stool ..""; and pulled on the right leg first. ." The suit was zippered in front ;; from the lower foot to upper an- V kle. Then the pilot thrust his arms inch. The suit swelled, Shepard moved his arms and flexed his fingers. Schmitt had on a head set and he and the astronaut sealed inside his helmet conversed via a microphone connection as they checked for suit leaks. All was ready, and Shepard clumped along the long gallery, down a flight of stairs to the van outside. With him he carried a portable air conditioner to cool his suit until he could be hooked into the capsule's cooling system. This unit is called the "black box," although it's actually gray. Inside the trailer, the astronaut sank into a reclining green and beige upholstered chair with footrest. The trailer is equipped with a desk, metal sink, water jug— and a flyswatter. During the brief ride to the launch pad, Douglas again tested Shepard's heart with an electro- cardiagraph, his temperature and respiration. For these double checks, the van is equipped with instrument consoles. -.. .... On this ride, too, Shepard's suit was purged with oxygen. Backup pilot Glenn left the hangar in street clothes before Shepard departed for the launch pad. Glenn was assigned the job of preceding Shepard up the gantry, sors were glued to the chest and the tall steel tower holding the Mo trie sleeves and Schmitt andi4:05 a.m. rocket in place, and helping in the final checkout of the capsule. After briefing Shepard, Glenn was ticketed to stop in at the blockhouse,, right close to the launch pad, then go on to the control center. The control center, about Vk. miles from the pad, was Glenn's post during Shepard's flight. The other five astronauts had jobs to»do during the flight—in the blockhouse, the control center, and in fast fighter planes aloft where two of them were charged with "chasing" the rocket in its early flight stages to observe how it functioned. Shepard strode quickly into the van looking straight ahead. He was followed by Virgil I. Grissom, the standby or third pilot, and the doctors. The small crowd made no demonstration as Shepard walked by. The van left for the launch pad at _- he secured various zippers— one •-- running around his hips, across It arrived at 4:26 a.m. under escort of two security cars. his back and down to the crotch! On the pad, about 100 men were in front; another extending diag-1 working quietly, dressed in an as- onally across his left shoulder. "««nt «* /.nr,,-*™,„»:«., f,m» t,«t n Next, his heavy-soled silver colored boots were drawn on, and sortment of construction-type hats of varying colors. The Eedstone rocket stood in who had been working toward this day. The elevator then rose and atj 5:18 a.m. Shepard was entering! the capsule. Preceding him to the capsule was backup pilot Glenn. Starting about 3:30 a.m. Glenn helped in the final checkout of the capsule and its system, climbing SAT. NITE DANCE THOMASVTLLE V. F. W. Music By The 8XARLIXE DANCE BAND 8 P. ML STOCKS... BONDS... We Buy, Sell Ana Quote TEL. 88 2-8161 J. STURGIS MAY & CO. Bth Floor. N. Car. Bank Bid?. SQUARE DANCE Every Friday & Sat. Night -u- VFW POST NO. 619 801 GREENSBORO RD. ADMISSION |1 Post Meetings Wed, 7:30 P-M. LOST CONTINENT LIVES AGAIN! " ATLANTIS THE LOST CONTINENT" IN C-O-L-O-R ANTHONY HALL JOYCE TAYLOR Features at: 12:55 2:35 4:15 5:55 1:35 9:20 RIALTO THEATRE TODAY AND TOMORROW DOUBLE FEATURE «•*» ffffi £S 3BHBA0flni ||Hi <HDB gggssg oa f^^^P Hie burse of will haunt you forever! AUICWW WAWERGOLOR From WMNER BROS ALSO HIT NO. 2 — "-T" »•"•* «x.*. •«• vi* urr AJ \jn t GI1U A»*\* .i.h^u*;t.uiiv* A t/v*m.sii o*-v/v/>a ja* fastened with zippers and straps, j the gantry under bright lights and) Over these, Shepard wore white in the glare of two banks of transparent galoshes to keep ont| RANDOLPH SCOTT dust. They were removed before searchlights. The lower half of the rocket was frosted over with residue of liquid oxygen fuel being pumped into the entering the capsule. Topping the outfit was a white. .-.„ „*—* helmet much like those worn byi tanks. Clouds of vapor smoked football players, only bigger. The;around the base of the missile, helmet is fitted with transparent! About the time the astronaut plastic face piece and attaches to'started for the pad a "hold" was a metal ring around the neck of! ordered at launch time minus 140 the suit. j minutes to allow the accelerated Air flows in through a waistj procedure to catch up with the connection, circulates through thejnormal time s c h e d ul e which suit and is exhausted through a!called for launch around 7 a.m. ALSO 3 COLOR CARTOONS CENTER pipe in the helmet. Completing the dressing proc- On arriving at the pad, Shepard ( remained in the van for 49 min- ess, at 3 a. m. Shepard put on jutes while final preparations were his gloves which were zippered i made on the capsule on top of the on his suit arm. The gloves are:rocket. silver on top, black in the palm! Astronaut Leroy G. Cooper, and underside of the fingers ! whose post is in the blockhouse The suit looks soft and pliable next to the launch pad, entered and the astronaut is able to move ] the van and briefed Shepard on about relatively freely. It bears! the condition of the rocket U-m-m-m Boy! Here's The Regular SATURDAY MORNING TALENT ROUND-UP SHOW Doors Open 9:15 only one decoration—a red, blue and silver NASA insignia on the upper right breast. There's also • multi-colored pressure gauge on the left arm. The van was parked within 10 feet of the gantry. At 5:15 a.m., Shepard climbed down the four steps from the van, paused briefly, leaned back shad- His dressing finished, Shepard: ing his eyes and peered up at the was strapped into a harness and!top of the rocket where the cap- then he climbed into a form-fit- sule was sitting, ting couch like that inside the Accompanied by Grissom and, capsule. There he lay, looking; Douglas, he walked the 25 feet toj like a man sitting in a chair that'the elevator and entered. At this ,bad been tipped on its back. j point a wave of applause passed After the astronaut closed his across the launch pad and there Here's Real Action-Fun WILD BILL ELLIOTT "TEXAS UPRISING" Extra'. 3 Color Cartoon Plus "GHOST RIDERS"

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