resistance to guaranteed handout

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resistance to guaranteed handout - POST-TWBtTNE, Jeffenon City, Mo., Wtdnesdty...
POST-TWBtTNE, Jeffenon City, Mo., Wtdnesdty Afternoon, Jun« IS, IMS reason mid- swath Kan., might Radical Group Wants Handouts for Everyone By RUSSELL KIRK If a radical "activist" organization organization called the Poverty Rights Action Center has i t s way, there will b* plenty of trouble on June 30. For this group -- { beaded by one Dr. George A. Wiley, formerly I associate n a - j tional director of the Congress of Racial Equa- RasseU Kirk lity -- wants to organize demonstrations demonstrations in several big cities on that day, notably Cleveland and Columbus. Demonstrations for what? Why, to compel the federal government government to enact a "guaranteed annual income" -- that is, a plump cash handout, from th* federal treasury, for everybody who won't or can't work, or who doesn't have all the incom* Dr. Wiley thinks he needi. (Wiley (Wiley plans to raise, from his Washington headquarters, a minimum of $100.000 to $150,000 for the first year of his operation, operation, calling upon donors to th* "civil rights" cause; be won't have to go on the welfare rolls.) The avowed strategy of these extremists is to enroll as welfare welfare recipients everybody who could conceivably qualify today. (The PRAC zealots argue that only half the people receive re- lief that could legally apply, nowadays.) This wMld pndM* adatht- Utrattve and fiscal cba*s m every state and municipality, a»d would compel the President President and Congress to grant an adequate income for life to everyone conceivably defm- aMe as "poor" or "underprivileged." "underprivileged." without expecting then to work, ever, *r evea encouraging them to learn to work, erer -- or *· PRAC thinks. In the candid phrases of Wiley Wiley Co., as expressed in "Th* Nation" by a Columbia professor professor called Richard A. Cloward, "Widespread campaigns to register register the eligible poor for welfare welfare aid, and to help existing re- cipients obtain their lull bent- fits, would produce bureaucratic disruption in welfare agencies and fiscal disruption in local and stato governments." The Poverty Rights fanatics relish the prospect of this chaos. Apparently they plan to employ the "civil disobedience" tactics of the more radical "civil rights" groups. - Well! Even were the "guaranteed "guaranteed annual income" looted from federal revenues practicable practicable -- which it isn't -- it would only bring apathy and misery misery to millions. For life-long idleness oa a federal dole would be hopeless boredom, breeding criro* and decadence. As usu- al, the Devil would find mischief mischief for such idle hands. Total and permanent aaem- ptorment, even If *ae to ade- «*ately fed awl krased and clothed, and has some cask in ·fee's pocket, CM h* a Uvktg aelL George OrweH, at us griat pictur* *f BaflMak Hfe during the Ptptaoiaa. "Pa iMd to Wigan Pier," potato rat that the tatferis* *f tk* unemployed was not Material, tat caused by Uttfc kmd««*. and their consekwaMM tfcat they were rejected to a*efety ·ad ewild get M w*fk to giv* them some self-respect, par- pose, and activity to life. He remarks that he knew many decent workingmen, who after a few months on the dole, decayed into shiftless wrecks. These Poverty Rights Actk* fantastics admit they are now in contact with the r*ckle» radicals radicals who broke up Sargent Sariver's address to the Citi- MBS Crusade Against Poverty conference, In April. They disdain disdain the plans of Shriver, Sen. Ribicoff, and others for retaining retaining and finding jobs foe the unemployed. unemployed. On* trusts that tf the* "demonstrators" break th* law. their leaders will and la Jail. That's better than converting this country into a kind at immense immense Jail, in which «v*rym* gets free board, lodging, and clothing, regardless of his deserts deserts - but payt a pric*.

Clipped from
  1. Jefferson City Post-Tribune,
  2. 15 Jun 1966, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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  • resistance to guaranteed handout

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