The Daily Courier - Connellsville, Pennsylvania Tuesday, Jan. 27, 1942

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The Daily Courier - Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Tuesday, Jan. 27, 1942 - TUESDAY, JANUARY 27, 1042. Nazi Campaign for...
TUESDAY, JANUARY 27, 1042. Nazi Campaign for Complete Elimination of Jews Brought Reign of Terror and Death ®- (Edltor's NoU-: The Incredible brutality vliorcby Nazi Gcrmnny Is ut- tempuns to "tlcimHo" ItscU of Jews nnd mtike 'lie Catholic Church a helpless tool of Its own muchlnntlons Is ruvcnloet in idl Iti Rttvrk horror toUny by Pierre 1. Huss, for cl|lht years clilct DerllM correspondent of International News Survlco). By PIERRE J. HUSS International News Service Stuff Correspondent. NEW YOKK, Jan. 27.--Bormann wns busy again with the full support support ot Himmlci and the whole-hearted simcllon o£ nil mad Nazi. We knew Hint Ihe plight of the Jews In Poluncl was terrible beyond beyond description, a living hell ruled fay corrupt and grafting S. S. overseers and dealers in death, who sold the Jew his lensc on existence existence sinfl Hie day by day tor money and valuables he could offer but once penniless, they'd drop him like » hot brick nnd soon he was just another of the condemned. Tho morlallly rale In the ghettos o£ Poland stands high and is climbing steadily. For men like Bormann It cannot climb fas', enough Men oi his ilk foisted on the Germany army the supposition thnt every Communist Is a Jew and every Jew a Communist, consequently the backbone of Stnlln'3 war-machine. Every Inch of the scorched Rt-d earth In Russia was played up In the eyes or German soldiers by tireless propaganda as resting on the shoulders of Jews alone, Inspired by Jews around Stalin and transformed transformed Into n policy by Ihe "hnlt-cctsto Jew" Stalin. Therefore, it was porelblo last fall to rend on front pages of German German newspapers Indicative revelations like those in a clipping from a leading Nazi nowvpapor In Berlin which I brought with me. Signed by Nazi war correspondent Kurt Krncnzleln, It says in part: "It is but natural to find the Jew In occupied regions the friend of Bolshevism and the most dangerous dangerous siiiKlo Influence on public opinion. It was the Jews alone who carried out Stalin's orders to destroy barrack's, public buildings, factories and storehouses. "In many cases tiiey plundered towns and villages before leaving, leaving, or burled available supplies. 1 i mans drove the Soviets out, more than 4,000 Jews were killed in one day. In the smaller port of Otchav, Speck and a Danish colleague colleague saw a boy of 14 lugging a heavy-looking rifle, o b v i o u s l y w.'lh eyes open lor o target to shoot at. He spoke French, or enough to carry on conversation. 'What are you shooting at?" Speck asked. The smoky block walls and win- Bonus for Killing Jews, dows of Russia often nre not from 'Jews." the Romanian !nd re- the effect of shell or bomb b u t ; P'lcd. "I Set live lei for every one .solely the worlt of the firebrand J 1 ' 111 - On lhts stick in mv ;iand ' Jew. The Jew and before all the fc av o 3i notches, each made by a Jewess, Is the foremost ally of our foa. Ruthless Measures Taken. "Against this dark enemy behind behind our lines, frequently part and parcel of the criminal clement, German authorities proceed with iron hand. In all towns ot Russia, Jews are being assigned their own reserved section. Day by duy they are being cvacunted from tho villages. villages. "Everywhere they are commandeered commandeered for productive work. Acts against the safety o.f the German army or local population are sumrnnrlly punished. The ghottoing and dcaUi penalty do not solve the Jew problem In Russia anymore than up to new 11 has in the Reich, but much can be done us time goes on, when circumstances circumstances and the New Order in Europe Europe will contribute much to the final liquidation of Jews on the .European continent." I reprint this extract ot Nazi ·propaganda against the Jews to give a better understanding o ' tho background and the cuusej of events that happened. As Is customary customary In the Hitler way of doing things, the German nrmy goes in and occupies a country by force of arms but on its heels to sub- duo and "adjust" it comes the dreaded S. S. and Gestapo o! Helnrieh Himmlor. They curvy a blacklist, too, and overy name thereon Is hunted down for the reckoning. Jew tlie Clilof Target. As in all occupied lands after the conquest, the Jew was the chief target and victim In Russia. Not only did tho S. S. go un a rampage there but the mob was incited wherever possible to have « field day against, the Jews. Thus It stands In tho records of Hormann ana Illmmlcr In Berlin that by tho end of October October 58.000 Jews had been slaughtered In tho Itclcli area alone. Tho S. S. had turned tho machtnccuns and population loose at the same time und made short shrift of the Jews around hero. Similar shocking casually figures come dally to your cars In Berlin from pcnplo who have been there. Down ns far as the Black Sea, whither I sent my American assistant assistant in Berlin, Hugo Speck last October, the guas nro blazing away nt the Jews under Nazi guidance. In tho naval shipyard city of Nikolajev, where the Romanians Romanians took over after the Ger- policemnn I show the dead Jews to. When I have 50, then I get tin extra bonus. It is only 3 o'clock In the afternoon and it will not be dark for three hours. I may get the 50." Further up the street the two correspondents saw the untcnded bodies of several Jews, poshed asldo Into the gutter until they could be hauled away. That on the whole is the lot of the Jew in New Order Europe today. Perhaps, In his carpeted office in Berlin, llormann drcumed of liquidating: the less than 300,000 remaining Jews In the Greater Kelch nj speedily nnd systematically. systematically. Therefore every Jew must first of all be exposed to the mob, branded Mid identified beyond beyond nil possibility of mistake. He did this by pushing through an edict compelling? «v«ry Jew, man, woman or child, to wear over tho heart on overcoat or blouse B David Slur of yelloiv cloth two Inches across. Then with Joe Goebbel's aid he put over » propaganda campaign calling on tho German people to talce note of the many Jowa still in their midst. Fulls to Take Effect. This didn't faze the down-trodden down-trodden Jews to much; In fact, he or she stuck chin up nnd went almost almost proudly about their business. I saw a German officer step up to an old gentleman with a David Star in the Tlergartcn nnd salute him, with apologies for tho Fatherland. But the mob and the narrow- minded and prejudiced Httlo German German striving to be 500 per cent Nazi when any superior of his Is looking, went out of the way to annoy the Jews. The Nazis, to assuage of offended offended and anxious section ot tho public mind, spread the word through school anrl beer hall that the David Star was fixed on Jews because In America President Roosevelt had compelled every German to wear the swastika in his coat lapel. That was a typical trick ot slick Joe Goebbds. Bormann's outfit, aided by the Gestapo, went f urther step by step and organized n -line torrorlzation campaign ugninst the Jews. The night telephone call, the knock on the door, one! the sudden arrest of some member of the Jewish family, blanched faces nnd revived suicide by thi score. It had happened happened before, but never on such a large scale. Diabolical N;u! Flan. The most diabolical of all the black-bordered death notice which came .through the regular mulls to hutidreds of Jews in Berlin. I saw dozens o! these cards, printed in staid black type with crossed pnlrr, branches at the bottom. It read: "You ure instructed herewith deliver your useless person at P. M. tomorrow to the ground back of Lichtcnberg Cemetery, equipped with spade or. shovel, dig tho hole in which you will with oilier Jews after liquidation of your carcass free of cost." In Berlin alone, that devilish little card produced scores nf deaths [rom heart shock or suicide. Jews came around to us with blanched faces, in the of despair, fully cognizant by with the sworn oaths of that before the end of 1941, not single Jew would be left Inside Germany. Tho lid was off; Bormann wns riding high and Gestapo and S. S, pounced like of hungry wolves on the Jews. One dark night in tho blackout I walked past the big synagogue on Fnsanen Strassc: It had been gutted by Carries atter the Nazis sot fire to it in their mad of violence against the Jews in November of 1938. Only the remained in mute testimony of crime. Jews Hauled From Homes. I saw large motor trucks up there, and thought it might one oE the mobile nnti-ulrcrofi batteries getting located for a night's raid. But I heard scbblng nnd moans In the dark, and voices commanding people to move fast. I slowed down and even walked back, trying to the meaning of it all. I had stumbled by chance, as it turned out from subsequent developments, developments, on the first of the systematic systematic hauls of Jews from homes for assembly in synagogues and transport next day to bleak ghettos in Galicia. Bormann's method of liquidating liquidating the Jews was as thorough it was Inhumane. Night after night, boginnins around I I flying squadrons of Gestapo in motor trucks would spread over the city and knock or ring peremptorily peremptorily at addresses of Jews their list. The terrified members o' thnt Jewish family, five or seventy years old as the case might be, were told then and there by sinister visitors to get out of and within one hour be ready leave with not more than thirty pounds of clothing nnd personal possessions in hand, in addition not more than ten marks npiece. Dead and Living Treated Alike. The wnlling and weeping availed availed nothing; those who died ot fright or by own hand In the of that hour wore carried away along with the living. The Gestapo always turned out the lights after their victims had gone the stairs into these waiting trucks, and carefully pasted a printed slip over the door outsido leading into the apartment saying: "Closed nnd sealed by tho Secret State Police." The motor trucks, when (llled capacity, proceeded with doused blue headlights along to one of the several big synagogues of Berlin, there to unload their of agonized human beings w i muttered oaths and commands. The synagogue in Fasancn roofless and wlndowless, received about 500 nightly. Some of the others got more. Next morning or even two Inter, when pneiimonin and sheer misery had ravaged the wcnk the old and reduced the survivors by an appreciable percentage, S. S. loaded them again on nnd oft' they went on the long to Poland. Mnny more died on those trips; scores died within short time after being dumped into miserable little villages located the barren stretches of Gnlicla earmarked by the Nazis as Ghettoland. S. S. rifles, of course, greatly helped the mortality rate. Many Jewish Suicides. In Berlin, the Spree Canal to be dragged every morning

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  • The Daily Courier - Connellsville, Pennsylvania Tuesday, Jan. 27, 1942

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