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Emily - fcxfc VT . "Alt the News That's Fit to Print"...
fcxfc VT . "Alt the News That's Fit to Print" THE WEATHER. The ladleatleas for to-day to-day to-day 1 this elty mm ,lckkrbM4 r rofcaely kwn la ae aftee-. aftee-. aftee-. easterly !. m VOL. XLVI...NO. TEE NEWS CONDENSED. Block market Dutt ' ; - Wheat, M4; corn, 23: cotton, 7 13-16. 13-16. 13-16. CONGRESS. The Senate yesterday held funeral services over the lata Senator Iaham Q. Harris of Tennessee and then adjourned without transacting; any business. business. The House was not In session. Tba K .-public .-public .-public n conferreea on the Tariff bill In . order to expedite the work decided to hold a sealon to-day. to-day. to-day. It la stated that they are rabidly disposing of tha minor points of disagreement and that about three-fourths three-fourths three-fourths of tha Senate amendments have bt-en bt-en bt-en conceded by the House representa- representa- tlvs. Tha President has been consulted bout the reciprocity provision, and Is said to favor tha Senate paragraph... which is more liberal than that of the -Ho -Ho use. i'age 3. . FOREIGX. There Js srrrat rivalry between Emperor William and President Faure to -e -e which wiil aet the moat honor out of visits to Russia. Emperor William's purpose purpose Is to try to. Inaugurato an anti-British anti-British anti-British anti-British policy in the Orient. Prof. IArcy Thompson's report to tha British- British- Government Government in regard to the Alaska seals Is . severely criticised by J. II. Leibea. tha -xtert -xtert of the American Scaling Company. ,. The reported engagement of the young Duke of Manchester to Mis Mary Goelet, . daughter of ftgden Goelef of New York, Is denied. Mrs. Lang try's engagement to Prince LMerhazy da Galantha is announced. announced. The collective note to the Porte uses strong language, but the powers do not fix a time when the peace negotiations with Greece must be concluded, and further further evasion on the part of Turkey Is ex-J ex-J ex-J pected Oen. Albertone has asked to be ,- ,- removed from active service In the Italian Army, In order. It Is supposed, to fight a duel with Prince Henry of Orleans, who has Accused tha Italian Army of coward-Ice coward-Ice coward-Ice during the Abyssinian campaign. vl Pages 5. 15, and 2u , - Face 1. :'. . j A Philadelphia syndicate, has purchased the New York, Elmsford and White Plains Railroad, and it Is said that other purchaser purchaser In Westchester County are contemplated. contemplated. " The Friar won the Realisation Stakes at Sneepshead Bay yesterday, beating all records records for the race. The winner was hissed because he had been beaten In two previous previous races, but no action was taken by tha Stewards. Hamburg , won the Double . r.vent. Golf was Impaled on a fence In . the second race and fell dead in the paddock. paddock. All of the thlrty-ieven thlrty-ieven thlrty-ieven May members of the WITH ILLUSTRATED 14.319. says that the Government bad so light to grant sucn a privilege. ' ' :;' Past 13. - v ' President McMillan of the Park Board has called in or overruled all the " Keep Off ' the Grass signs in the? public parka of the city, so that the people may have free use of the lawns and shade during tha hot weather. Pa 15. Harold Frederic In his weekly cable letter says that Englishmen are just waking up to the fact that the Sultan, having once got possession of Thessaly by force of arms, will not give it up through any diplomacy that the powers may invent. Ird Salisbury In his recent speech in the House of Lords perhaps unconsciously gave the cue which may govern, the future policy of the Porte that will gladly practice practice " that great deliberation and circumspection." circumspection." Nothing has done more to expand expand the good feeling for the Greater British policy of empire building than the recent Jubilee. -Sentimentalists -Sentimentalists on the question of drastic measures against the Indian plague have been silenced by the plain statement of awfoi facts that come from India. The engineering trades unions threaten to strike this week for eight hours' work a day. for which they would receive nine hours' pay. British bicycle makers will be forced to cut prices or the wide-awake wide-awake wide-awake Englishman will ride the American wheel. The woman's petition petition in the House of Commons and the South African inquiry are commented - upon. Pae IO. The will of Mary Smith, spinster, who . died at Jamaica; L. I., is being contested ' by the surviving nieces. The-body The-body The-body of the Rev. S. B. Halllday arrived in Brooklyn from Orange yesterday. The funeral services will be held to-morrow. to-morrow. to-morrow. Mrs. Delia Johnson of Brooklyn quarreled on Friday with- with- Martin Lynch, to whom she was reported to be engaged, and took poison. The Rochester Avenue Congregational and the Patchen Avenue churches of Brooklyn Brooklyn are to unite into- into- one congregation, - for which a new edifice will be built. George Richmond of 1C4 Rodney Street, Brooklyn, checked a runaway horse yesterday, yesterday, and in so doing received injuries that it la believed will terminate fatally. Two wives appeared in a Brooklyn court yesterday against Herman -.Vetter, -.Vetter, who had to face charges of bigamy and aban- aban- - donment. A date for trial was set. and then the wives . went out together and Joined la an Ice cream soda, Page 20. WEEKLY MAGAZINE NfiW YORK, SUNDAY. JULY 11, 1897. PROGRESS OF COAL STRIKE , -vV -vV No Material Change Yesterday in th Situation in the Pittsburg District v PRICE OF COAL IS ADVANCING Increase of Eighty Cents a Ton Shown Yesterflay at Pittsburg Miners Preparing for a Supreme Ef- Ef- ' fort to Make the Suspen sion Complete. PITTSB URG, July. 10. Theweek closes, with the forces engaged "in the miners' strike as letermined as ever. No open aggressive aggressive ,-ork ,-ork ,-ork was done to-day to-day to-day by either side, but the. miners' officials held a secret meeting, ,t which It Is believed a vigorous campaign against the New York and Cleveland Cleveland Gas Joal miners to be Inaugurated to-, to-, to-, morrow w as decided upon. The opt ratbrs apparently are doing little and sayir pj less. However, their confidence In defeat ng the miners has not abated in the least The expected trouble in the Wheeling division -of -of the Baltimore and Ohio did not come to the surface to-day. to-day. to-day. The mine s were paid off as announced, but no troubl : followed. The eff -ct -ct of the strike is being manifested manifested in the price of coal. An Increase of 80 cents 1 . ton was shown to-day to-day to-day when application application was made for contraots, and a number f Pittsburg operators, not being able to v ork their own mines, are seeking to buy c al In the West Virginia field In order to leap the advantage of the advance. There 1 as been no intimation of lawlessness lawlessness as yet in this region, but Sheriff Lowry of Allegheny County has anticipated trouble b; ' swearing in WW deputies, who are in re adit ess for the field at a moment's notice. Vhe miners say there will be no-overt no-overt no-overt acl s committed during the struggle, and all t leir tactics will be strictly within the law. Presfde it Ratchford left the city to-night, to-night, to-night, corrxiOBTtD, jtn. mt tbjc sew tokz times company. Tited. What the result will be i-e i-e i-e mains to be. seen. t 81oM Company miners, at Brasil. Blossburg. and Cardiff, met yesterday at Cardiff and elected delegates to the convention, convention, instructing their delegates to get the Pratt scale or strike. The Pratt scale is give mor than the company proposes to Next Tuesday will probably settle matters one way or the other. Meanwhile Pratt -ty -ty and other mines are getting out coal enough for present emergencies. KO XOMPLAIXT BT EXGIXEERS. Chief Arthnr Denies Report that They . 1 . 1111 Refnao to Hani Conl. : -' -' CLEVELAND. July 10,-The 10,-The 10,-The attention of Chief p. M. Arthur f the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Was directed to-day to-day to-day to a report from PlttsburgHhat he had been asked to issue orders to the engineers not to haul coal until the mineral differences are adjusted. AtfeTufrd"' ,uch orde Mr- Mr- ,J.'..TJ?.'re..l-al:l?lute,y ,J.'..TJ?.'re..l-al:l?lute,y ,J.'..TJ?.'re..l-al:l?lute,y no truth In itXhe replied. W e have received no comnl.int. wnatever. Our attention has not been dl-N dl-N dl-N icuicu ij me striae situation. a " V9,?00 contemplate issuing any such orders? orders? " was asked, "No. Sir; we have no occasion to Issue any such orders. We cannot act until we have something to act upon. We cannot act until our men come to us for advice 23lf,y ve I01 m"de ar,y complaint whatever. whatever. They have not asked for any advice aSd ,wf ,cannot ct until they do. There is absolutely no truth In the report whatever." WORKING FOR ARBITRATION. Indiana Labor Commissioners Call a Meetla in nunbors;.' j INDIANAPOLIS, July lO.-The, lO.-The, lO.-The, Labor Commissioners of Indiana returned to-day to-day to-day from Terre Haute, where they had been for the past two days endeavoring to ar-ra1Fe ar-ra1Fe ar-ra1Fe t01" settlement of the coal miners' strike by arbitration. The Commissioners will attend the meeting at Pittsburg on Monday, when an organised effort to end the dispute will be made. The commission has telegraphed several large operators in Indiana and Illinois to be present at the Pittsburg meeting. Ailu a horOQKh canvass of the Indiana I? T the Commissioners express the belief that the settlement hinges on the initiative of the operators In the Pittsburg district, where the market is established. If the WITH ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY MAGAZINE - TWENTY PAGES. K4YAL CADETS IHPB1S0NED Thirty-seven Thirty-seven Thirty-seven Members of the New Fourth Class Confined on the Ship Santee. FOR FOURTH OF JULY PRANKS ' "SsenssnnnnBasssnBnnuBjs Somebody Disturbed the Peace of the Ship at Night, and All Are Under Restraint Until They Disclose the Culprit's Name. ANNAPOLIS, Md., July 10. Thirty-seven Thirty-seven Thirty-seven naval cadets are prisoners on the United States ship Santee. The prisoners, who comprise all the May cadets of the new fourth class, had liberty on Monday after, noon in honor of the " Glorious Fourth." The cadets wanted to celebrate the day, and an order restricted all explosions of crackers crackers In honor of the anniversary to a particular particular part of the academy, but after supper the cadets were not allowed to leave the Santee' s wharf. The cadets felt this order keenly, as they thought they had noV been guilty of anything anything to warrant It. Then the cadet mind worked energetically, and. the result was that two or three small torpedoes were fired off on the wharf. Nobody was' detected. detected. At 9:30 P. M. the cadets swung their hammocks, and all was quiet. Then the bugle sounded the warning call, and next taps. All ' had scarcely been silent, when " bang " went a torpedo on the gap. deck. - - The officer in charge ran out of his quarters quarters and ordered everybody to turn out and march up on the quarterdeck. .Lieut. Heald, in charge of the snip, came out of his apartments apartments in a warm frame of mind and body and put the whole class to " attention." In a few minutes the order was given for everybody that would pledge his honor that he had nothing whatever to do with firing the torpedo to step aside. Not a man moved. The Lieutenant kept silent a few moments and then put the order In another RAILROADS IN WESTCHESTER. Philadelphia. Synnlent . Makes . n Btsr Pnrehase Connections Promised .' 1 of Isanortaneo 10 White Plains. WHITE PLAINS, " N. - T, ' July 10. The New; York, Elmsford and White Plains Railway Company . has sold out to a syndicate syndicate of Philadelphia capitalists, who. as soon as the details are perfected, will proceed proceed to carry out and complete all the plans of the local company, which Is to connect this village with Tarrytown. on the Hudson,, and Mamaroneck and Rye on Long Island Sound. ': The same syndicate. !t Is reported here." has bought out the Port Chester Railway Company which has valuable franchises which may work advantageously with those of the local road. It is said that the syndicate has plans for connecting all the important places In Westchester County with this, the county seat as a centre. It Is also said that the syndicate is in some way connected with the Union or Huckleberry - line, which la operating- operating- so largely in the lower portion of the county. It Is said that within a month the trolley car will be running direct from the Tarrytown railroad station to this village and then the connecting with the Sound will be pushed, along. - CSIPPLE CREEK HIVES SOLD. Orphan Belle Fttekn n80.000 and the Vindicator 9300,000. . CRIPPLE CREEK, CoL, July lO.-The lO.-The lO.-The Orphan Orphan Belle Mines on Bull 'Hill have been sold for $430,000. Tie purchasers are said to be large stockholders in the Calumet and Hecla Copper Mine. . , The Vindicator Mine, also on Bull Hill, has been sold to V. H. Moffat for 1300,000. PASSENGER. TRAIN WRECKED. Leblgh Valley Cars Derailed JCear the Ithaen Station. . - ITHACA. N. Y., July 10. Shortly before 1 o'clock this afternoon train No. lis of the Lehigh Valley Railroad, from. Elmlra, was derailed and? wrecked just south of the Ithaca Ithaca station. . The train consisted of an engine, engine, passengercoach, and : combination PRICE FIVE CE'TS. HISSES FOR THE FRIAR Remarkable Demonstration After After He Had Won the Re- Re- ' alization Stakes at : Sheepsheacf Bay ; GOLF IMPALED ON A FEN CI RAIL IN A RACE. . Angry RaeGor Demand that Lit tlefleld Bo Ruled OrYthe Traek-After Traek-After Traek-After Defeats by Buddha and On Oaek Ha Wen tha Rioh ' Suka - Hamburg Wen -" -" the Doable Event For the first time since the Sheepshead Bay track was built the winner of a great : race was yesterday greeted, with hisses and his rider with resounding shouts ot Rule him off! " when he came back to the judges', stand to weigh In. Lander's band did not play -Hall -Hall to the, Chief!" as Is usual on such occasions . and a welcome that so splendid a performance as that of The Friar in the Realisation Stakes entitled the horse to. Lander knew too well the temper .of the great throng that saw the race, and that the hisses and the cries for proper turf punishment punishment of whoever has been responsible for the past running ot the horse meant that they would resent anything of that kind. The band sensibly kept still. Further than the manifested disapproval uf the affair by the biases and cries for punishment there was no unseemly showing . of anger, for. there were too many people

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 11 Jul 1897, Sun,
  3. Page 1

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