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at months under to Loeschke. Washington Merry-Go-Round By Drew Pearson Truman Helps To Raise Money For Bombed Alabama Church being taken by Sen Maurine Neu berger of Oregon, George Dempster Dempster of Knoxville, Rep Jimmy Roosevelt of Los Angeles, Jim Farley, Dore Senary, and Nor man Benutein ol Washington. Contributions can be sent to America's Conscience Fund, 1313 29th St., Washington. D.C., or the Building Fund of the 16th Street Baptist church in Birmingham Krf.uv.r-. B«I«M Victory j , Lerov Sen. Estes Kefauver is winning church n death what he failed to achieve THE Man Wife Days WASHINGTON - I telephoned Harry S. Truman in Independence, Mo. He got on the line without Tenn , schoolhouse when it was any palaver or ceremony or any apparent memory that he and I had ever had words. 1 asked him Conscience Fund. if he would serve on a commit tee -- "America's Conscience 0 { North Carolina, was the only Fund" -- to collect money to rebuild rebuild the Birmingham church and other churches and homes that have been bombed in Birmingham. Birmingham. Mr. Truman didn't hesitate. He accepted immediately. He remarked, remarked, after we had chatted for a minute that he almost seemed busier than when he was President President He is working on some his- :orical TV films for Columbia Pictures which won't be ready until until next spring. Knowing something of Mr. Truman's Truman's intimate knowledge of history, history, I predict they will be a great contribution. "Maybe we can do some good regarding these bombings and the trouble in Birmingham," I saw, as we concluded the conversation. "I know we can do some good,' said the former President of the United States. Ttnsion In Birmingham Rev John H. Cross has been pastor of the 16th Street Baptist church in Birmingham a relatively relatively short time, having been transferred transferred here from a church in the suburbs of Richmond. When 1 phoned him he had been trying io assess the damage to the church and review its history. It was built 54 years ago, he said, but it was impossible to estimate estimate the cost of repair because the FBI was still checking fingerprints fingerprints and looking for clues and understandably would let no one inside. I asked Rev. Cross if he was correctly quoted when after the bombing he had urged his congregation congregation to go home. "The Lord is our shepherd," he was quoted as saying "We shall not want." "I don't know exactly what I said " Rev. Cross replied. ."Things were so tense that I just said what came to mind. , "We have been appealing to the people down here to be calm, but each time you make an appeal you seem to lose a few. I don t know that we'd be able to hold ·selves back if anything else was the only Southern Senator, aside from Cooper of Kentucky, with the courage to help the Clinton school committee. Estes is gone now, as are Eric Johnston, Johnston, Sen. Tom Hennings of Missouri, Missouri, and Silliman Evans of Nashville. But their places are happen. ., OK) -- I've been trying to make our people understand, but when they get worked up they don't seem to reason. At the funeral services things were so tense that if anyone had struck a match or said the wrong words. I don't know what would have happened." concluded Rev. Cross. Against Bombs of Bigotry," which rallied to help rebuild the Clinton, bombed in 1958. have been glad to serve on the new America's Luther Hodges, then governor Southern governor with the courage courage to serve on the Clinton committee. committee. Mr. Hodges, now secretary secretary of commerce, readily agreed to serve on the new committee for Birmingham, as did another former member. Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman, who was governor of Minnesota at the time of the Clinton bombing. Some of the other old members now serving on the America's Conscience Conscience Fund are Charles Taft of Cincinnati; Barrett Shelton, editor of the Decatur, Ala., Review; Jim Knight of the Miami Herald; Sen. John Sherman Cooper of Kentucky; Kentucky; Sen. Frank Church of Idaho; and Ralph Me Gill of the Atlanta Constitution. Estes Kefauver of Tennessee Herbert Street. in life. Last week the Judicial Conference which includes the top! found guilty of federal judges of every circuit ! scrv court, sent out a brief and pointed l( on Vou'nty admonition to all federal judges.! sentences It read: "No justice or judge of the orderly conduct, ,T 30 days Appearing before United 'Stites shall" wrvp in ihi.l Roborl Kuczynski United Mates shall suvc in lne| a bamlilRell s h w ,i ( | el .. had struck capacity of officer or director or[] employee of any corporation or-! jto defend bersell !State Trouper - j , , , , two knife cuts expression teresls with a registrar to be ap-jtrue colors" ] flag ( nation. or colors) When they ganized for profit." Even more important the Jud icial Conference gave its approval to a bill introduced by Kefauver which would require every federal judge to file his assets, liabilities.! 1 net worth, income and source of income, and other pecuniary in-j The terests with a registrar to be ap-jtrue i . _ ,, pointed by the chief judge of cv- pirates, who ery circuit. The reports would not be open to the public but would be open to other judges. Sen. Kefauver proposed this legislation legislation following publication of Joseph Borkin's important book. "The Corrupt Judge," a revealing case history of corruption among federal judges. Kefauver made the point that the vast majority of federal judges judges are above reproach, but that for their protection and the protection protection of the public, the financial holdings and interests of all judges judges should be on file with the courts. NOTE--Following its approval lie took (loss here he cargo ship, they pirate flag and colors." of the Kefauver hers of the and all members Court flew to cipate in the sociation's Earl Warren's ice on the court. ed ten years ago ing the death of Fred Vinson. SINCE 1872...TOP-QUALITY MERCHANDISE ONTGOMERY WAR D /179 A UHljai

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  2. 23 Sep 1963, Mon,
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