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, ; - V-;;;. V-;;;. V-;;;. ::v; -AA -AA i u- u- v--aa- v--aa- v--aa- v--aa- v--aa- . ! ' K - - liiilliffll 4 ; 5 VOIa, LL Na 117. A rcilCE FIVE CENTS. - THURSDAY, 3IORXIKG,; APKIIi 27. 1693. h u III - P , "i AA .. ' ' "J:,, R0I1SHEIL1 Charged With ;. Crime. TruefBill Grand Froiy Jury. the Indicting the : Forgery. : aero lb Mreef. wber from friesdlr torch ther could kitp a vigilant watch on air Whereat W (MBt .tfO otbr' deteetlres were also always an 'guard, bat by whom tUer wr employed or In who Interest , . r s-r s-r s-r BS LCAKStB. Th "sha-leee" "sha-leee" "sha-leee" soars ceeld rear no personal laforrostlo' as to the ' eitoatlon wild). Much of their information ear throes the eereaaU. One of the do mestic lelt Test -Friday -Friday wruln At- At- thoagu const llr .employed - 1 the bouse eb baa aot aeea Mr. Rensheito ela-oo ela-oo ela-oo the dey af tne faitarc The other do nicetiewea employed directly 1 elleaJins to tbe alck tnercbent Kb baa assured c ' . wiitm iii-umi iii-umi iii-umi that Mr. xaercnam x or I Kx'" lad, cottone to at . lwin. wiri ; tost vntn alter Hie ' I fllurl kid MmyiMtinLk uru4 I tbaro. sou plia it with tbe talmn t that aba I wss going to leers this morning, sat he care I nl ttm tk1&M krf'knMA - , a Martllng Rumors Soon Gain tb",EcoW'ot 4 ; t- t- VUrrenCy '; J Itbaaona.rtooatbtMr.Bnbaim,i I aumani araa rani Bntutin t..i Iba frtquenUr jTa to vfolaot JiU ( That Safety Has Been Sought j"d' brbarbaabaaii-a brbarbaabaaii-a brbarbaabaaii-a trooie.bat iat down to aupor. la faac tba ladr last an-ln an-ln an-ln taw iba dateetiva on aub and draw tba mil tba ha baaa dooa caa a warraat ba iatoad tor Rorabalai'a arrrt. It wt!l ba daaa to-day to-day to-day do aooJbt aa4 tba foratai tta witt a vadc. jm wbat apaein caarsa tba ia dicttnaat will coaisia UaaoBinly to tboaa wko baaa tba r - aacaWa or tbb ba nut. ' Ana wbrm tbo warraat la aarrad wilt asaaa tba aoaaiioo of too removal of Mat aeaoacd froaa. bto bona. Mr. Coaaa. bia Mlotur. aid last icht that ba aaw mm ttaaom wbr ha D.lbl ba mmjmi. Ma did aot fkink lb. Jg ,e pgh 0f Re. HbTiiciaaa.woald obiacC X ta tba atattor 1 ' . aw a bond for btm. Mr. Cocaa aaid last aleiit! tbatitbad aot town eosaidorad. ' Of cm tbo accnaad vill bara toaiaa boad or (a to I Jail if bo H ablo to loavo bia boaaa. If aot abla to laara bo will. robablr. a plaoad a j dar aaard tbora or ba taxes to aowa boapitaJ and placed uadcr cnard. . i STBEVII . With t Dead and Dying morelesg2I6nster. IT'SOi'l, aaaarated froat tbaix Uamiliaa. aaatit tba diacaal aiattt. aa a rule, ia tbeaia aad aasacc tbo dobna. U a eodaaroc to ad a4 bal tboir tovad aeaa. Tbatr aaarcb waa evnerail (rnuiaaa. (or tba (torn mm - thai tt klllUlf BHMUTf to orovact tbaaarivoaUr aoaki wbat Tfco Plf? TfPCf Vlff raaaaiaad. Tbai waa bat rutl a uv vin iuuaj iiiwtiinuM aaai aaorniaar (w ... it foanO abetter Two Cyclones Sweep Oyer the Territory of Oklahoma, ; in. Flight THE ALLEGED CRIME Startllnr Cbarg-oa Cbarg-oa Cbarg-oa t'poat Wbicb ladictaaant la Baaed. v tbo And When the elcome LIslit of Day Appears Inquiry Brings Out Some Conflicting Statements, Bat Assurance Is Given Ronsheim's Presence.! of : Tbeeaaaof Rootbaim baa created moroeX' Ciumeat tbaa aaytttlnx of tba kind that baa occarraO In this city for yean. If ba committed foraariaai aa ch arced, tboy ware botil niaeva of work, i A ad. tm asaka it i I Dijnaam tba window. Tbetisteatatat tbe woraa. bU Ttctimt wera Urtalramoettbooa aonae taw laat Blht that Mr. Bonabeia waa eitremely Ul ajid oooM aot bo area ia aomht coatradletad by tbo tato-nantof tato-nantof tato-nantof tba family pbyitciao. lr. Eichbcrc who aaya tba bia eonunoea arrtoaa were foghd annonaaaary a weak aaaw and that Mr. Iloasbalai waa then a wall nan. . ; ! Noraoof Mr. Botuboim'a brotbart eallad at tbe honae iaat areolae Amonctb vidtort admitted waa Tbo. J. Cocaa. tho woil-kaowa woil-kaowa woil-kaowa attorney, who remained fere abort time. Ha Sixty-Two Sixty-Two Sixty-Two Lifeless Bodies Are Found In the Rums. w bo ware ciiber ralatirea w eloee aaeiai and bnaiDeaa friaada. Tba man wboaa nine ia al leged to bare baaa forged ia bia brother-in- brother-in- brother-in- brother-in- law bl wife'a brother. I Ko'boaiaaea aaaa ba a better atandina Cnaneially tbaa Hamuli Aab. Ba ia a e art- art- pec in a iarcaaad proaperoiio buatneea hoaaa. and. baaldaa. ft waa kaawa that ba inherited iarce property from bia father' aataUL i' Bonahelm. too. waa a man who stood wall ia tba botinee community. . He bad baaa In' the Western Skies the Funnel-Shaped Funnel-Shaped Funnel-Shaped Clouds Give Warning, and Then With Combined Strength His Doctor Declares That llelsWcll, j While His Relatives Insist A the Contrary : on I A Wirrlnt For His Arrest Will Be Served To-Day. To-Day. To-Day. j : ; The Attorueyi For tba Aecnted St No Canst For Alarm or ' - r ; night. : - ;.:f " l ! i 1 I i VUliam Ronahelm wa yesterday indicted py tba raad Jury for forgery. ' ' j The aewa aoa became enmnt about the Coort-boaaa. Coort-boaaa. Coort-boaaa. tboocb .no official annoaaeo- annoaaeo- ment of tb action a made. At tbo aaiaa time a raor ttarttios report calnrd rapid eitcalaUon. " j -4 -4 It waa to tb ettoct.tbat Mr. Roaabelm bad left the city witbla tba paat two day, and waa far on bia way to a plaoo of ref ace. probably probably Meiiook- Meiiook- ; ' - . ' :. j .-U'h .-U'h Rombetra r aideaee. on Loeoat street. Walaot Hilt, baa been la a atate of alee for tba. paat few '.week. Detect! re bar car-! car-! car-! fully watohAl from tba otttaido to aee if the tinfurtanato mercbant ehould attempt to leave the bonee. Hi re-latire re-latire re-latire baye as aeal-oualy aeal-oualy aeal-oualy ruardeJ 'the door' to. prevent tbo In- In- traaiow of any person wboaa preeenco.w tin welcome. '' r '"' . ' '' ' ' ; 1 ' Reporter of Tmb' JSqutB-l!t JSqutB-l!t JSqutB-l!t nlcht !- !- tted tbO reairfono of Mr. RoBaboiaa in the effort chant that, while positive aaiurahce. wai clveO that Mr. lionahaim wa still confined to bie room. till the information eoncernina hi depart ure waAlmot as stronc. and tba loaoiry to srear the actual fact developed contradictory contradictory statementa.' - , The Prosecutor' offlc will to-day to-day to-day take iornial action which will eettle all doubt In the matter, , ' THE , INDICTMENT, RONSHEIM, WHO WAS INDICTED j FOR Tbev Dash Dow. Upon a Number of Beautiful Towns, All of Which Are Well Nigh ' "j Destroyed. . In the Darkness of the Bail and .Rain " Ni irllt Ponr Down Dron i the Sufferers ana T ... . Pitiable Scenes Are Enacted- Enacted- ; Orders For Coffin J rem Several - llillioiis in ' WilliBe Issued Despite theTrotestsMadeby IleaTy Stockholders. , Oreenhnt and . His FoUowers Conquer at Chicaga r r and pitmlo aichL W carryiBB their babioa. and tituo cbUdre crrliw for their molhen elJ be aaaa waa OVrins arowad wot to tbo akin aad nearly ready to drop in their track. jUaooaj aa U waa licht OBoaa-b OBoaa-b OBoaa-b tho men "ot jutckly to work, aad attar provtdiaa' who comfort wi bio for tbowomoa. aaaV efeildreB) aaenood tbo work of reacoa. Te poorvio- poorvio- tima who bad been - ': ? " tVrBUOSK Ut WI6STT Were caraf ally carriad to improviaod boa-' boa-' boa-' vital a. where all tbo oar poaaibla waa taa-derad taa-derad taa-derad tboaa. Bat few aevod mora taaa what thoybadoa their bocks. :JL tbo dead and iajared war broocht into tho bospital tb aeono was atoat pttiabier' fnaod aad rale- rale- Uvea reeocnized their lovid oae. dead or too weak to return their rvcoejniuoa. Help from Batchboring town aooa ar rived, aad before pichtfaU- pichtfaU- tomathtac Hka comfort waa provided. Evarvthiac-bewever. Evarvthiac-bewever. Evarvthiac-bewever. ia in oonf naioB. aad tt. wilt ba im poaaibla to caia a oerraet liat of the eaivaltiee before tomorrow. tomorrow. - : - - t ' - J- J- ' v In Parse County, fifty spile north, itl near too Territory Hoe. a Water dob t struck about tb same cot a did tb cyrlona. and. although it is .known that several booses wore swept away, it is aot known whether or not any livee were loot. THEY'RE AFTER HIM. Governor Tillman Dowamweed By tbo I pUea'yaswrdsy on local 'Chaare. and th Colored People of Sbwtb Carolina. . Iblaotboard fa I Intensely watched by lb raciAi. ai.PATca T twb aataeiau. ii.wk.i-. ii.wk.i-. ii.wk.i-. liirii MkUM. .ha orad man. eomnriaiaB tho better cve ixi nomiBDOt too oncarwn ti.s..r. Of tbo colored population- population- of Col urn-1 urn-1 urn-1 The meeting of th Board of Director ia bia. met to-niaht.aad to-niaht.aad to-niaht.aad opened their gaaa I Chicago, and! tho naeertaiatv of their action mm .Km Till..- Till..- .4iuiMtlA. 1 ..t relative to tba issnonea of several sniiuoas in The Directors .Meeting Iiangu rates; a (Glgaatie Battle, v - TbtTnstWUI Establish IUOwiPIaata or BnyFiistiiig Ones Great t jnttrest ia Local Clrtles. ; ; j aceneiaa. Tbry Azadl aw oddiiioa m price ivniww mw taw trwa. aaw cava bbimm immf ties t tbo ep petition. It was patent that to ever seme oBpoattica tbo totapaay meat b eeeao ita own amtrtbater. To do this boads wore as sectary. The opposiUon." Irsidnt GrewahntmiL'tpraet iacladod wvoatooa hnnaaa Thaooeoaitimn hooMaeiale. umava a aaacity ot 3B40S feoaaela a dar. Our ca pacity ia SB. 00 bwahala. I la price M baiow onr. Tho oppoaitioa la a strena oae. and cheaper . whiaky in .certain par la of tho eoBBtry. ; i , . , :. i :. - . Twawa ana fwtt-two fwtt-two fwtt-two BtaTsjavviBw aobbcccs Ot the treat. Ther are located la different partsof thoeowntry. The oiaa pros na 1 ia to parehoaa thaae aawwete. Wo anal I ofier what w think is fair. If they deeiiae to no- no- eewt the figure, we win baitd diatribatlag Boreusea. Tbo officer are to aaoar- aaoar- lain how amen ffeta will eoat. IiambtiBg aawaeea. U eta ted. roqair a parti oa of tbo machinery found is dhv tl Hence. Many of the at are mixed. ; Xoa- Xoa- hersof lb pjaata icpreeept aa espeaditoro of haadredaot tboajtenda of dollar, frost dent Creeahat admtu that aomoof thoa now- now- handling th srusfi good ar vol Bed at Kxam It wsa eatimaard by one of fre deatCreenhut'a nstener that to pnrcbaae all the fifty-(wo fifty-(wo fifty-(wo diatrtbottns plsnta. or daplv .to then, wenld require anywhere from 17.000.00 to ti&tcaNt. which amooat of boad ill ba necessary to carry est thotrost Plan. ' ' ': - rareaa awn LATE. U -it -it w Wso ApyatMl Never CostisiiBi t ve vwa nweeiaaa. Wla)f Whoa a tiiu;:derous GraTcscsd Bay By the Old Gun MURDERS MYSTERY Clooved "Whisky Corner" was the most interesting Clea, enirt, CoLratOii.ABat-PW.-EBory. CoLratOii.ABat-PW.-EBory. CoLratOii.ABat-PW.-EBory. CoLratOii.ABat-PW.-EBory. CoLratOii.ABat-PW.-EBory. In TVw f.J M.W.lloy.aL. H toward. of OiUULCD iUUl tUQ TU.U rived In theiatty to-day to-day to-day aad Blew, cnarses acalast Ihr. m.k A. Conkliai aa a maoabor mi ik. suu -- -- mt llaeltb. The oharaea r? rr:.lwH!::r Greet the i war Te$3ei3 lit Tbo Bkatar of itho chart araa aanomnced w la To Ssejotara. tao aaaot I I fekoare beino tao Vf. reUn. wKim. kuu Uj ml rantaau ahiBnod a email-1 email-1 email-1 po patnt fsotn that eitr to Akraa withowt TjQvjrJ "Good Herein BoCnel' Bwtifyiow the Akron Board of Healtaw aad I w . tba tho peatileaeo wMOomBannicatad to taw ettiaea o th tatter pity. Tho Oomplaiat aacnfor theimiaaBl of Or. Cookua aa a member of the hoard. Mr. Jai Secretary. In pccwliar diaeovery. that place awry nse posted phaad tapoo) IU Ho finds that Dr. Coaklin. wh Was apaointad a member of tbo hoard byiGovernor Cam shall Jaaaarr B. 18L and ooasmhwieaod Jan vary 9 of the sajn year. waa. never euoftrmeo. by the Son- Son- ate, and In foot was never really a nsembet of the boards Cooaeqneatly. the oharea aaai n at wim eoaae ho tnveariaated, in th aeas of oa inquiry into any official set thai he may bar been apposed to tat. In connection connection with tbla ease. Private Secretary Boyle alao discovered that Dr. F. C Hoe?. of thi city, wba wa appotntaa a member of tho board tbruarr w. vwt. ana baa sine been aetiag as snch. wa never conflrsned by tb senate, had oonsaqnentlr is mot now. nor has been, a member, of that bod r. aaeetinsj of the Ptate Hoard of Health waa held to-nicbt. to-nicbt. to-nicbt. at which the oharge teiBnto tholi.'lUa ! Cheerily Ecsponded Id By Dlppca iiae With But 1 Uttle Delay : thi MaJesUc Fleet ; : Forms In ; Two Columns; : With tho Philadelphia WILLIAM FORGERY YESTERDAY. ba been a f reqnent caller at tb houw. aad it 1 learned that bis firm. Shay Cogan. ba been retained to defend Mr. Rontheim tn whatever criminal proceedings may follow. SIX DAYS AGO - ' 1 ' "' ' The Service of tbo rtally Phjslcian i Wero Diaponoodl With.- With.- ' An Xkqpibcb reporter called last night at th residence of Dr. Joseph Eichberg. No. 427 McMillan street Walnut Hill. In answer ton question as -o -o ; the elate of Mr.- Mr.- Bona- Bona- to secer.'Bip wtjir.the Indicted mr-J mr-J mr-J hetm's benlth Dr Eichbar said: t was really at hamfc .'Tt may be .aid "The last time I saw him how . ... -. -. 1 Did you see him to-dey. to-dey. to-dey. donto It Was Kzpeoted Bar Still citement. Conae Kx- Kx- nltia doctor t"j Ko. sir: it has been six days siaco I saw blm.f v i j . - . . "You are th Bonibeims' family physician, are yon notf. ' . . . ' . ' . r. "Yes.sir. " 'k , "Would you not bo eaUd in. if any of th family wer Hit" "Well. 1 am th family doctor." "Were you called in to-day to-day to-day f"- f"- "No. airt it baa been six oar siaco I called at the bouse." .' '- '- . !. "Waa Mr. Ronhluvick or well whan you last saw hrr ; . '- '- :, -. -. ; . -, -, 8b was not wlL" ; "Did yon se her to-dayr to-dayr to-dayr ; "No. sir: six days ago." -'I -'I William Rontb.ra bat been Inflicted for forgery. That irwsult was not unexpected, in .fact it wat anticipated. 1 . But when th lact baoame known that an Indictment bad been decided oa by tbe graad Jury there waa a flurry of excitement among those most Interested.. f; . ' At one ther were rumors that Ronsbeim had ftd to avoid proeacution. It wa even hinted that he had not been in bia home on Walnut Hllla sine the day following his assignment assignment when ther wa th first talk about arresting btm.'- btm.'- - '; -"-r- -"-r- -"-r- -"-r- -"-r- " . BalbUt hishomest 631 Locust strMt. AesuraBeo of that fact waa given laat, night to j a Ksquiaaa reporter. .: -i -i T " einoatb day afur bis aasUrnmant Mr. Boaahaim ba not left hi hum. If ho bad . been diapoaert or able to do ao he could have gone away, though man have been. ' ! v WATCMIHO TBB BOVSB , ; " Day and nigbt. His hons fronta on Locust street, and w bile the watchmen have been guarding th front there was nothing to prevent prevent any one going oat the rear and across tn back yard of other houses and to aid " ctreeta. - But h did not tak advantage of th Chances h had. ' Jt eema h wa not disposed disposed to do so. Whether that Indiaooaition was tba reanlt of bis intention to remain and face any criminal procution that might a . commenced, or a physical ln'dUposition. can only be a matter of conjecture. ' Certain it is that Mr. Bensbeim has bean sick since the troubles bav com, about -.- -.- which somncb has been published.' During the firsthctf of ihe time which has elspaed ... - .WC TMX BSVU.ATIOS Of what were alleged to b forgeries be was a pick man.. Tb real nation tbat the end ol ' hit business eareerliad eomecaused a menUl prostration, which at on time It wa thought would prove eriona However, be recovered from that, and laat pisbt waa much better. s A.ll of the thing th creditor of hi mercantile mercantile butlneaa nd ' those fwho held note en - which it is alieead the name of hmn.l Anh' had been . forced wre not aWarot.TIrfore.'fa , said, 'when ic 1 became hirown " that " an l lndietment had been decided upon, br the grand iury there : Waa -excitement -excitement among those moat interested. interested. Tbo fear that b had left the oity Was based on what seemed to be goad reaaooa. InquUie bavo bean closely mad about him 'and - . ' ' - ' '' " SMOBO TBB BBJCLISV ' . "Wa th 'information that the servant ol hi bom bad not teen' him since h made the ass8nment.i Tbst. seemd trang. , Asain. if the .tact that Samuel Aub left die eiiriuM . when it .was announced - that ; be ; would- would- be called beiere k. n.A '. luir tn till whether be bad indorsed ar of ttie' aoie. gave color to the belief that his as oidance of appearance ,1 ATTORNEY COG AN Had a Talk With tbo Merchant Laat Evening. ' -j -j i,!-.' i,!-.' i,!-.' i i Late laat night Mr. Cocaa waa aeea by an EsttciaiB reporter. He confirmed the report report tbat bia Brat had been retained t defend defend Mr. Rontheim ia case any erimlnal pro-oaediaga pro-oaediaga pro-oaediaga were broueBt.' . : v Whes Informed of the rumor circulating mat Mr. ttoneneira aaa iit sue cur, mr, Covan gave Ha positive denial. . -Between -Between I and 1 . o'clock tbls venibgV satd Mr. Coean. emDbaticakllr.' I aaw Mr. Konaheirai at bia pome and . talked with him. MoreoTcr. aa far a I bav examined: into the oa. I toe no reason for his leaving.' -Why -Why do rou think aoT" .;' "That ita feature ol my client's interest that 1 cannot discuss at present. I oan only say. from what I. knew now. that we are ready to meet any ebargf. -v: -v: Mr. Cogan waaskd about Mr. Ronsheim's physical condition, and replied that b was sick, bnt not strictly confined to his bed. He waa abla to sit : .up " com and talk about his affair. A He wa mentally eiek. rather than pbvctsally. ; What Mr. Koaebeira ' had r to ' say;' about ' hia trouble Mr. Cogan dec lined to atate. because be could not aa an attorney, telk about tb cas. H rciteraud. however, that so far as be bad examined the case be aaw n reason for the man to go away to avoid Proeacution. A WARRANT W11L Bo laaoed, and the Arroat Made Much atrest will be laid on the statement of Mr. Koasheint' physician. Dr. Xiebber snid laat night that b bad not area him for about a week. d when he saw him last h waa praotioatlr welt '''- '''- -.. -.. . Tnia ia mpertant. in view of the tact that served with a warrant to-day. to-day. to-day. Tb warrant will be Usued oh th indictment which .wa voted upon y the grand iury yaatrdar. '-,-s. '-,-s. '-,-s. '-,-s. '-,-s. V iv': ; r' Last Monday the iury took up the cae and heard a number of witeeasea. Thar were all tola to bold themselves in readme to re in -baslnes -baslnes for about twenty year, and nothing nothing was ever heard againat his credit, except that in the pan few years be bad been . . I SORKOWItO SO MS MOMIT. Yet with all that he had no difficulty la get ting loans from individuals and banks. And it was the reason for this ability to Bet loans tbaf constitutes the alleged crlm."Hebad tba name of his brother-in-law. brother-in-law. brother-in-law. brother-in-law. brother-in-law. Samuel Aub en bis paper, snd tbat wa a guarantee that ao one questioned. , Yet. the -name -name on tbat paner la alieeed to be 'a forgery. For years KOBsbelm had "conducted a wholesale wholesale business of dealing In youths clothing on Pear) street' In the past few yearat did not prosper, and to keep himself anoat in the financial stream Ronshrlm bad to have raowey.' - The- The- basraes was r6tKgavT th time. Tel btraut live and ftrevid for his wire and family aad keep ap bis ponluon In the social swim. It rag uired money for these purposes. It wss then that this man. who was looked upon as A 1 in the business world, at one of .tns star in bis aoclsl circle, and who held poaitiona of trnst by appointment of public officers, took bia fatal step, so it is alleged. Just what was bin first act in that way is not kaown bow. But ' i "." i SHOBO TBB FIRST Was to get aa aant Babetta Konsheim. to consent to his appointment aa administrator of the estate of her husband. Ephraim Rnns- Rnns- beim. "That waa in 1887. . He wa appointed i charged, forced th name of I. Loeband Meyer D. Newbercerto th bond be wa required to give in the Probate Court Ettber he did it or be procured some one to sign the name. At all event tb son of Mr. Loco, he being now dead, say tb signature I not their, .father's, and Mr. Xewberger say he did.'' not aicn tb ' bond, in that estate - there . wa 110.000. He borrowed that money from his aunt and gave her notes for it and on those note appear the name of hi brother-in-law. brother-in-law. brother-in-law. brother-in-law. brother-in-law. Samuel Aub. as indorser. That money I still owing, aad the indorsement of Mr.Aub's name baa been Pronounced a forvery. ' That waa anch a success that it ia alleged. he began opera tione in other directions. He went to men who were his personal and inti mate friends and borrowed large sums, and on th pete he gave the name of Samuel Anb t : -. -. -' -' - - t . i , . ArrtABS as rspotsxa From theHeasoagood estate ha got tTJOO from V. Oettiacer, tlSOOt from the Elaaa es tate, i 15.000: from - 6amnl Trost 13.000 from! a Mr. N'ewbercer. -. -. S2.90Q: frm Hearr ' He. 17.000: from 'th Commer cial Bank. C J00: from tbo Ohio Valley Bank about S30.O00. . And there are still more that are not Called. to mind Just now. th total of all of which reachea about 1125.000 at trie lowest eetimate. .with some to . hear from that - have never been . revealed. In the bank .where he had credit, bia habit waa to borrow . geedlr tnm on a note with Mr. Anb's indorsement Bdrwhn that wa du. to pay a portion, of it and renew it with another note bearing Mr. Anb's indorsement - Thus' he carried en' his business of switching notes for several year. ao oae questioned hi integrity and na en doubted that the indorsement of Mr. Anb's nana waa genuine. His name waa good, and aa it wsa presented by bis brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law there was no suspicion ever entertained that ther ( . . .WA ABTTHI90 WBOBO. Bntilike all good thing, thi en bad t coma toan ana.- ana.- . . . . . ' RaDib.rn't finance ant into aneh a taatle that thar waa failure staring hira iat tba lace.- lace.- He had oto the end ol Bis string. andaoaiethiBtf must bo done. If Ina aner waa not paid when due bis crooked work, if tuere waa any. wonid oa aieenvered. lie had to .-make .-make .-make a pretense of doing the aqaaxe tnn oy nis ere i tor. In a last attempt to tide ever the evil and postpone tbe dikaster he obtained from hia trusting who toe last ot Per private fortune. Heiore that be had nsed a. laraa amount nl br nioner. and ahe gae no the laat she had to aid him. aot - knowing knowing 'that that aid would only temporarily hiaetae oiagrac mat waa impename ever Oklabowa Citt. Ogu. AprU 2B.-Two 2B.-Two 2B.-Two dis tinct erclones. a terribl bail storm and a wster-spout wster-spout wster-spout combined to wreak awfnl distraction distraction In tb nwly-bniit nwly-bniit nwly-bniit town in Oklahoma Oklahoma laat aigbt -J -J t . It is reported that sixty-two sixty-two sixty-two human live wer aacrificed. It is positive that, forty wer killed, while several. were fatally aad score aeriouly, injured. The damage fc property is inestimable. The names ol tbe victim so far as known are:- are:- Kltt.Uk ' ED JOHNSTON AND HIKED HAND3. JOHN O'CONNOR. Jb.. - - JOHN O'CONNOR. Sa. WIFE AND SBV- SBV- KNCHIUlREN. ' l MR-tROOSEY. MR-tROOSEY. MR-tROOSEY. I- I- MRS. MORONEY AND FOUR CHIL DREN. ! ' " J MISS REDD. MB. BANKS. WIFE AJtD TWO CHIL DREN. . . .... ., .. , R. C. CLEMENTS. . CHILD OK MR. BATE MAN. HENRY, PEARCE AND FAMILY Ol SEVEN. - .- .- 4 -JC,V. -JC,V. MR.-.CAR1jO. MR.-.CAR1jO. MR.-.CAR1jO. rw--r. rw--r. rw--r. rw--r. BB100U.T WOCgPgPv Charles Harwell.; I- I- ; " Mrs. Ketuidge aad infant " Mr. Snydsr. . ! I -H. -H. P. Hollinsy and child. 1'homa Weaver. John Doyle. . Oeoree O'Connor Mr. Mooreny aad three children. "- "- PatCMaler. , j " ;A -, -, Albert fin nox. ' Mr-and Mr-and Mr-and Mr. Oil mora. Mrs. Calbert ' f Mrs. St H. Wilkinson. - George Hughes snd child. obdcbs fob thirty-obb thirty-obb thirty-obb corriirs Have been reoeived here and at Norman. and aupplie have been telegraphed for from other pointa. ' . - - Tbbrunt ot thstorm was laid upon th prosperou littl town' of Norman, on the Santa Fe Railroad, about twenty miles couth of here. At that point thirty-one thirty-one thirty-one people wer killed, dote as injured, and th town almost completely destroyed. There a pall ba oversoread the town: busi ness is suspended, aoxt every ooay aoie to render assistance to the poor nn fortunate. or to sard removing tb dead bodies, ar out rching along th track of the cyclone. Tbe peonle pre freosied. aad can not give any eetimate of their loee. and know nothing except tor care for tbe dead and injured. Oklahoma City ha responded nobly, and tbe Mayor and principal eitixea organised a relief corps and ar v ' : ,v i at iu bckbs or itcctib. Farther en tbe towns of Downs and Keo kuk Fall fared hot littl better. The to war nearly devastated and scores of people injured, -fatally -fatally aad otherwise, thoegh tbe lossot live here, if at alt will not be a seri- seri- eua as at Norman. Tbe first signs of impending danger were ted late yesterday afternoon in a pall of black cloud. ovnhkdowinc tb north-west north-west north-west for nziles aroand. while further away to the west nubia across th horizon, conld be seen tbe eyclone. Men left their business places and hurried to their home, where all who could ooicklr Bought th cyclone caves. At 7:30 e' clock the monster from the West reached its antagonist in the Northwest and with their combined strength swooped down en the town of Moore. House with precious live war eaugat pp and carried before the angry torrent great-tree great-tree great-tree were twisted oB and barn, feaee aad everything ia iu path waa laid low. rssin along fox eight mile it struck the town ol ?i orman. curs TBB BABTAGB WAS BBFBATSB. And tbn en to Down aad Keokuk Fall and through Pottawattomie County, where thousands of dollar" worth of property was demolished aad where thousands ol dollars muat nv oeen tacrinceo. Th boas of J. O'Connor, near Moore, was destroyed snd OTtoano'. and bia wife aad on the Tillman admiaattrattoa on const of Governor Tillman' action in cooing John Peterson 'before i th mob at Denmark laat Monday. The Governor wa eoterely condemned, and the oplorad men wer nrsed to atrike tor tbomaerve and not to be submissive any leaser. On speaker speaker aid they bad depended too much on Cod: bow thty most look to tbemselvs. .Resolutions .Resolutions were adopted declaring that tbo white eitizeaa of Born well County-where County-where County-where eight colored men were lynched aeveral years ago. had again declared their disregard for law aud order, decency aad luetic, by the brutal murder of an innocent tnsa: that Governor Tllfmsn'a action ia surrendering Peterson wa unwarranted. uapreCeeeitrd and inhuman. inhuman. :knowiug a he 'did. the . passion of such an . infuriated, mob. - actuated by a diseased aentimoat: that ' owing to tb. frequent lynching of colored man throughout the " State j without . proof of their gailt and refoaai- refoaai- if the officer of th law to bring a eingle lyncher to inatiOe. together wita th Governor, having officially officially 'recognized aud emotioned aad legalised' the . court of) Judge Lynch, we are warned that wei heed aot hone for ptotection and tbat the, law of this Sum afiords noa ta th colored man." Before tbe met line had. procreated far polities was injected and th colored men were coun seled to go band-la-haod band-la-haod band-la-haod band-la-haod band-la-haod ' with the better Class of whites ia breaking ap the Till maa administration. .. t -i -i ' - ' By the Coofbaatow of Oa off tb Five A aaa lie. -- -- ras snaravcw e vea nui . rIoagastT. ikT. April tt iSeraral week ago thO body ot Gilsoa Nw wa fonnd ta thel againat Dr. Conkiln wer considered, A com- com- Booth Fork of the Cumberland River, twee-1 twee-1 twee-1 raaaioatien was reoslvrd f roan Health Offlosr ty-Av ty-Av ty-Av mil ootb ot thi place. WhUeil 1 Poet of CaainB.taungtbt Dr. Conkli waa waa evident that the man had been mar-1 mar-1 mar-1 blamelem lit the matter, except in n far derod. tbe mrsterr turroundiag taf caa I hi part ia thaetioa of th local Board of could not be cleared. Health ot that city waa concerned, an, in I Yesterday William Neely was arrested ia I addition tol being a member of tao Mate Warne County for breaking into Leo Dot-1 Dot-1 Dot-1 Board. 1. donklin I a member ot tbe local bonds, had a tendency to raise the interest to fever heat it . A" .V- .V- .M i;:A" Ac taw day wore on and aa definite infer- infer- PATHETIC, ;:"Ja - T-r T-r T-r :: m ' Romantic; DramalieTragic. t-A t-A t-A ,t - ' . - ' i '. - Innocent Happiness ; Ended The Avfol Eerelatloa Comes and he Brpther-Hnsbaiid Brpther-Hnsbaiid Brpther-Hnsbaiid Blows Out " HisBralBs. 4a. 'f i'H Fate Brin ' Together Brother and Sister. a .k ..t tn., kimul Anb. hrathar Bey and - bar children. The amonat. aha .------" .------" .------" .------" .------" .------" .------" .------" " r . . loaned, hitn altogether ia-iaw ia-iaw ia-iaw os - i norariiy at had not indorsed paper for any on, did not appear before the lory. He had. left the city a- a- week' before.' , a oon at. th grand Jury was .assembled aad it had been announced tbat. a weald be sum moned before the Jury, An adjoarnmenf waa bad to await information aa to Anb's whereabout. . Yesterday, however the Jury reassembled and vent tor Mr. A. F. Maisa. ffrLOOO. It did tern Mnrilt ibik thi Misisf aterm. Bnt it haailr came, and to make show of doing the proper thtnc be made an assignment tec Ui benefit ol creditors. - . Whan the usansaustnt of th amign ment was made there was a bustling ot the. balder of note tn ascertain wner tney etoext They waited upon Samuel Aub. w he name was on- on- tb oaoer aa indorser. H at once said '.;..-..,.....'..' '.;..-..,.....'..' '.;..-..,.....'..' , .-. .-. .-. WX RAP XOT tPOBS?P . -. -. Any ps.per for Mr. Rontheim or for anyone .. , . mnnd I n Tn.r Af the Eatiitahle Baak. It waa I else, inat was the brt intimation that ; oeiore tnejury T.7"ZZ i f "" ' Z.Z j .til 1 w i chance ta get out of the way. That being o. Mr. Aut could tetifr tut tb signture wer not his. thu stfcanlng liability for th payment of them. nd Rontheim would b Aaafe front prosecution. . Thus matters stood lest night when an En-ociBra- En-ociBra- En-ociBra- En-ociBra- reporter vieited M'. 'Konsheim' . tv - t.r..nMiinn siTin tnere WSS' ' . . . . . i in ..j ...kl. i. m im I nllHl ell bad tOB" ne was in owi j . . Av Ul , ... - known-that known-that known-that Mr. Aub waa a depositor Jn that institution, and that Mr. Kaisa bad Bandied ther waa anytbme wTena. tbe eaoseof tne first suspicion toat W r. Konsheim bad been uiltvat foreerr. At first there was a atosm a mat maay check Hanea" by him. and wa of indignation by crditors. and threau to l in . . arrest him. 1 hat quieted when the aaeertion familiar ( came from hia relativee that tbey would aet- aet- , . wiTw bis siowATtiafc - fa. jf there waa no praeeoution: . bat wonld tt ... fold to bring with him some checks not doso if ne waa proeeceten. Kir- Kir- Ann. ha ssDssrta ana nisi nis iipii"" w . sicned by te-timony te-timony te-timony wa peard. onr. Tbe caller wa told tnat nobody was permitted permitted to see bira. "' .':' I." ' 'Ihe rrntlrman who answered tb bll , barred entrance with hi arm. as If fearful that an officer would ui.dertak to -. -. ,,' . gttC ill WAV IBV ' ' ' JE'-ncetV. JE'-ncetV. JE'-ncetV. discovery of th alleged force--riea force--riea force--riea force--riea two Hsren detectives have been en guard constantly at the bonae. They were there in the in terest of the victims of the sup- sup- tKMied fa-- fa-- fa-- ene. The resiosnc iaJowe I. ths Another witness was same genalne eigna- eigna- and also some of the al- al- aad had mad tracings '.of waa closely leaed forgers them.: ' " -- -- , -i -i : ' -r -r T.' result f this testimony wa tht th Jury voted to indict MrRoawbaim.- MrRoawbaim.- Because f th lateness o tb hour of tb day whew th ce wa finished. " thera - wa : aet uffl-'..t uffl-'..t uffl-'..t tim to draw thO Indictment yester day ad have it stewed by the foreman of the Jury. The indictment wsa draw. ' ta-dar ta-dar ta-dar it. will be ' aigned By rnnnmniiM rhila ntherm. oeclarinc tliev would saly oa tbe indorsement brine era-ult era-ult era-ult mil ih.v kntt Mr foe their eluntft. or a prosecution veuld fallow. Theaaotedii-lerene Theaaotedii-lerene Theaaotedii-lerene ol frelmcaiill exiata, . . .Now that a prosecution baa been commenced commenced on the grand jury" own mntion. aad not by tn rwrariti out ul a warrant by any of th creditor, ther i questiew what the irUtiw will do. It ia oelived. however, tbat il Kooaueimisprosecntedand eoavieied tuere will nut be a setilem.iit by tne reia-tivra. reia-tivra. reia-tivra. If the name of Mr. AuO oa tne nates ia forwrv he sill certainly BOt say he i.d sirn tbm. end in that esenl eould not be held liable for tn amount Oue on tne note, thai is a matter to be developed wnen are bronant on the daioa a they ' cettctim beiaa stationed , tn fem.a and reported, lb. eouru Not I u da td are aot paid. three children and five -neighbors, -neighbors, who bad ought he!tr ta: tbe building, supposinc it was tornado proof, ware crashed to death. Tbe frame bon of Jeba Bank wa torn to piecea and ha was killed, while other of hi family of six war badly injured, three of the children and Mrs- Mrs- Banks fatally., . Tb horn of Hanry Dyer waa demolished, bat his 'sick wife aad ehild wer picked ap aad carried some distance without beiag hurt " West of Norman eight bouse were demolished demolished and five people badly injured. East of tba stricken town two men end two women were killed. Mimilar reports come from all around, but It aeema impoteible to get name,- name,- Tae Bight pseaed by those who bad. A ' . XSCAMO THS STOtw's BAVAOg Was hideou ia tb ex ireme. Around Norman, Norman, after tbe cyclone had done ia destruction, destruction, a fearful hait-torm hait-torm hait-torm started In. and after it A violent rein-Moras. rein-Moras. rein-Moras. It waa to dark to search out the dead, and moot of the iajared and . dvinc 'who were successful ' in making their voice heard above the storm's ' roar :. ' got bnt - feefcli lieL The would-be would-be would-be rescuers could bear tbe Pitjmag Cries ot tb unfortunate, aad her and there tocatetbe imprisoned victims. but help ia' meet cases wa out of the a nee-lion, nee-lion, nee-lion, and eeverai of the unfortunate wer compelled to lie buried beueata tbe debriaof their ao happy hoaeL .Those wba sur- sur- vived their injories. after bsviag v.-utiB v.-utiB v.-utiB n est coxa asp war All night were too faint to cry for Beta, and lay half nacontciou an til fonnd by their rescner. " ' ' Men.' women and" children by th score. spkciai. pisp.Tcn o van Swansea. Dittos, Ohio. AprU 88. A romantic story eamato light to-day. to-day. to-day. ia which a brother and sister figure as man and wife, and who were the parents of a family of children before they discovered their true relations. When the terrible truth was revealed the baaband and brother. rxed with the knowledge, tired a pistol shot into hi brain. ' Within a few years afterward the wife aad Bister remarried, remarried, and. with ber huaband-aad huaband-aad huaband-aad 'family. is uow a residsat of this city.' The glory de veloped to-day. to-day. to-day. It leading part . these: Chart Wnrtbington. a small farmer ear Toledo. died in 1880. leaving a widow and twoehildre Jsrvia.4 and Janaf. S year old. - Atta . , i , PtATB OF' TBB VOTflgBr- VOTflgBr- Which occurred shortly afterward -Jarvis -Jarvis was adopted by a family named- named- 8ella at Ontario. Caaada. and Jennie by a family named Aine- Aine- worth. residing ia th vicinity, and who subsequently moved, to Detroit The war aad im excitements brake -np -np communica tion between tbo two families, and the sister and brother grew up without kaowledseof tbe wbereabaata of each other. In Juno. 13S. accompanied by ber footer-mother, footer-mother, footer-mother, tbe titter was a membsr of aa axcurtion party on th steamer Idaho, ea route ta Chicago, A two-dare two-dare two-dare atop waa made at Mackinac! al and. While on t ight-teeiag,trip ight-teeiag,trip ight-teeiag,trip to Devil's Kitchen, one of the attraction of the .Islands, .Islands, the boat eoataiaing Mias Aioaworth aad a lady companion eapsised. Attbia mo ment Jsrvi Sslls; who wa a member of another another bottin party, -. -. :;' ;;', j,, wgT to ran besccb ."t- ."t- Of tho two drowning women and br heroic a Sorts saved both. Tba feeling of gratitude that Mis -Aiasworth -Aiasworth had for Ber- Ber- rescuer ripened into reeiprocauoc love. Sella Joiaed tae party oa tba trip to Chicago and before tbe conclusion of tho Journey wooed and won Mia Ainswerta. The marriage ao-eorred ao-eorred ao-eorred at Detroit wbera they lived happily for six' year, aad dariag which time two ahildran were bora to them. It was at the end of aix year of wedded life that Sella, accompanied accompanied by hia wife and children, left en a visit to hie adapted parent at Ontario. It waa dnripc their eojonrn ther that the ter rible revelatioa came. Ia diacnaciBg at the fireside th histariea. of maa aad wife, tbe ttupicioB crossed th brain of Mr. BUs that '-TBI '-TBI '-TBI APOrTBB OB JiKVIS "..- "..- And the erlfe of tho latter wer brother aad ir. Such events thateacbontd recall of tnir childhood history, with his owa knowl edge of tho ware at of both, confirmed bia aaspicfen. He then broke the terrible news to Jarvis. and for the first tiro informed the latter of bia parentage, Oa the next day Mr. Sella aad Jarvis left for Detroit where they learned from tho Aiasworth tba true story of the parentage of their daughter Jennie. Jennie. Tbe revelation preyed so upon th mind of Jarvia. th husband and brother, tbat be committed auicid that night at tna hotel. The aitter and wife, with ber two children, left th aoeno soma time later aad went ta Rich mead. Iod. About two year aaa ho married there; aad a year later the bdsband. wife and .two children moved to tbia city, where they have sine resided. He is a pro. Parana business man. and hi wile aad fam ily ar greatly esteemed. The story waa de veloped to-day to-day to-day through a distant relative. aad tbe facta aivea out on tba promise that tba present sunt of tho woman fat a veeled. -- -- . nsation care fcom the Windy City, the a lock- lock- bolder had to be content with speculati amocg themselves and gat wbt easeUtio there wa in tb rumors from th seat of th CLAM-L1K CLAM-L1K CLAM-L1K PIBBCTOBa MBBTIBO. The qnotatieaa. aa ther were figured oa the blackboard here, showed all too well the furor ot tbe market which eeerue to be aader some hypnotic: influence, auided by men somewhat eelebnttod for their inclination nut to giv Out iatelligant facta, Tb open ing waa 37. ,'TBen the Quotations ran some thing like tbia: f Th tart was . X. tS. 25i SK: hare tbr was a lull to th slump and St was again reached. At this figur a bait waa called aad j tho "ticker" wa tiUnt. Still toerewaa hoi near from Chicago. The in tereated one cstborad ia group about tb black-board black-board black-board and discussed tb situation, Ths EsOdibsb's' publication of Tuead.iyof the existence of a circular in the form at an orfl cial "Director j report" and th inaid fact contained ia the report aroused. ( WPCBf IBTKBCar ASP BOBS TALK. 'Bnt everything la the way or newt was guess workj ,Lt last evening there were all kinds of rumors on Third street It waa said that Directors Corning and Freeh were out that they bad tendered their resignations. and tbe aame bed bean accepted by Greenbnt and his crowd, j Bat the rumors were not verified. It waa "wait" After waiting, it waa only ;it lest night it waa learned that tb I Director, as will bo br the accompanying dispatch, decided to i-sne i-sne i-sne sevemV million in bona. This news will be received here with treat diss tlaf ac tion, and there wer prediction last night that tbo stock wilt touch 31 to-day. to-day. to-day. It is argued that if.tb nock i worth boA little orer "four; for a dollar" the bonds willb worth lea, and! aa natural btuin eonse- eonse- queaae t heeTTb C. '' wtq be ette ae ebose-. ebose-. ebose-. est stocks oa tbe market before algbt-fall. algbt-fall. algbt-fall. Tb proportion? to boy up tb distributing atabllhnBBtd ' . i ... ,..;:.:. - TBCOCOIlOtT THg "WHISXT BBOIOV' I aot looked upon with favor. Then the idea of the trost doing ita own distribating regarded aa lone 1 ut Or enbuf s visionary schemes to en rich the pockets of himself and crowd. The Cincinnati Directors Messrs. W. H. Hobarti Lewi M. Greene and J. Walter Walter Freibera Will undoubtedly be the eyao- eyao- ore . of I slli "1. C, F," stockholder her when they return. . It waa boned that -ao -ao .bond wonld be ' issued, bat th pressor brought to bear at the Chleagu meeting seem to bav been too great for tbe "ontaiderai aud the clique appear to bav bad full way ia tb deliberation. whether they are harmonious or stormy. Although Although nothing wa heard from Chicago until late last night relative, to the prospective issue of bend, tha price of high wine declined declined another cent per gal too. touching SI 13. - 1 I j TB' M IB Ult With tba original auumnt of. Tna Es-tciBxathat Es-tciBxathat Es-tciBxathat ther would aecessarily be a reduction reduction ot five or ten cent per saUoa. It bow looks ba there will be an unprecedent ed fight between the nia-jy-mUlion-doltar nia-jy-mUlion-doltar nia-jy-mUlion-doltar nia-jy-mUlion-doltar nia-jy-mUlion-doltar nia-jy-mUlion-doltar nia-jy-mUlion-doltar Whisky .Trait and tb "ouuiders." , The combinatio on either aid is very strop It is a fight for existence hardly tb "sur vival of tba fittest." ., Tb Ebocikbb ba been right in ita predictions predictions oa tb issuanc of bonds notwithstand ing tbostr on denials made by those who asserted tbat the tract wonld not iaeue any. Tbe decision of toe treat aot ta paaa a divi dend Brat came along and aent tbw market "tumbling." It has beea sUcgsrisg aroand hopelessly ia a quagmire of uncertainty ever since, and'aow aomea the deeiaioa of the director to iu bonds. The result will be watched With great interest eoh's itor. H wss taken to MonMeeilo and inrarce rated ia the County Jail at tbat place. Lact Wight See ley at at for bberirt Dnneaa and made a at At ment to him that he. Tom Tucker. Pans Yonng. Moaa Morrow aad Jerry Morrow killed New and threw him into tbe Cumberland. Neeley cars that New killed to keep him from implicating Majou Jonaeon fat the, killing olsUosiah Kith at Greeaweod eevaral moatba aca. for .which Jpha Johnson waa tent to tb pnttnltr frbm thi plae for two years, and for which Mason is ret to be tried. . i And board. Dr. Post assure ea all of th raspoaat-billty raspoaat-billty raspoaat-billty ot dln tb smsil-pox smsil-pox smsil-pox patient to Akron and andertatoa to-xorst' to-xorst' to-xorst' Dr. I Con kiln. The charge wer referred to spe cial oommitte of tb 8 tat Board. CO na latin c of Dra. Hoover and Btanlon. A STATESMAN'S NOSE , The the Ferocious ' Britisher Blake ia the Van, - Gracefailj the Shfps lfere Tethe Aochra?e Gronndi ;3i Up the Hudson Near Rlverglde) J-Park;',; J-Park;',; J-Park;',; ;,: ; BORROWED A Pistol Before the Tragedy, StaUag That Olirer Had Tbreatend HU Lite, Additional Teailmony Tending To Prove George Henry Innocent of ' .. tbo Crime. , . rnctAt, snvavca toiu KKatrraae, MoBosRriBLn. Kt April 28. In thee of Qeorge P. Henry, in Jndae Flouraey'a Court this morning Wm. Winston waa the first Witness put on the stand by the Common' wealth. He testified that George P. Henry came to blm at Bennett's store two weeks be fore tbe tragedy and borrowed his pistol, saving that there -wonld -wonld bo trouble in town that niettt and be wanted a pistol. A day or se before the tragedy he borrowed ii again, saying 'thi lime did aot in tend to have earthing to do with tbe Dela ney-olivcr ney-olivcr ney-olivcr trouble, bat that th Olivers had And be wanted to protect (Jliver nxt testified. - H endeavored to prove a conspiracy on the part ot the taea aoeused. but ti id n ot im pi ica te Ueorwe Han ry. H aaid tbit in a conversation Lao Delaney aaid: "Before Hary Delaney shall tbe forced to marry Abbie Oliver I will die. and I am aot the only oae who will die. either." George GUt with wbotn George Delaney live, testified that on ths nicbtof the killing George Delaney came to him about I o'clock snd Bare him hi stabl key asking him ta leed bis stock next morning. Delsney then left with Frank Holt aad aome other persoa who called fur him. Giil a testimony waa vary strong againat George Delaney. t Mrs. Oliver and Henry Oliver were then eroce-examined.bat eroce-examined.bat eroce-examined.bat their testimony amoonw ed to nothing aa far aa Henry ia concerned. ueorge Henry stated that a jiad got a piatol from Will Winston to protect bimeelf. as be was expecting trouble, and la a day or two afterward be got tbe pistol again aad told Winston that Mr. Oliver had said if he Shot say one it would be George Henry. - He (Henry). J. J. Jones and Morgan Benjamin advised.Tata and Omer not to nrotx eieoBog pxiABrr : "'' " ', Or Frank Holt Pf the abdoetian. Henrv went to bed. He knew of no plan to rescue Delaney and was not connected ia any way with the killing. He tried to reaeon with Mrs. Oliver when abe came iato hi at or. and begged that ahe , wonld,. aot kill Delaney there. 8he told bint to eland backer It would hot bo good for blm. The evidence af J. J. Jones. Charles Ashley and Moras Benjamin i stronc proof of Henry's innocence, netwiihatandtng th direct testimony testimony of the Oliver' witnesses Mating that after Delaney wa taken to tb surrey oa Main street two report from Mietgna wer heard. Great excitement prevail. Given a Violent Twin By a a lararlatad , i .) Member. '; '; 'f Praisortxip, Iu. AprilJl "Did yea throw tbat inkstand at meT" naUv William Burke. vaneingoa Rcpreseatative Csrtoa.df Champaign Champaign County, ia tbe lower bouse of tbe Illinois Ivcgtsutore to-day. to-day. to-day. : -" -" Yet, I did." answered tb Champaign member. . i - - -' -' -. -. I dida't Ithrew any paper at yon." did Bark, "and I bav a nodoa to pall yoar DO"- DO"- , if f .. ; I . "Yob dasssa't do it" nppd Carton. Burk'ohly reply waa to reach forward. Ms Canon' noay timilr snd giv It several nardtwwpjL' iDenne waited away, leeviaa ( arson speechless with rags, . tveral Tslatesmrn" had heea throwing paper wad a boot the Houea, One of these wads struck : Mr. Carson on tb head. He grabbed a heavy Jnkaund bed with an oath burled it tati tbe reveler. All dodged, aad the heaey tjnistile beraty grated Repreaenta- Repreaenta- tlv Zimmerinaa s head and crashed again tbe side of the room. Then it was that Mr. Borke capped the eltmax. There is talk of XMlllag both Bark and Carson. . ' ., Grand Spectacle Is Viewed Bj Thousands, -; -; i i dmaadd Repre- Repre- j IaVUtor Erjoa . BoBOrd Wlt ft a. of Chicago, ad-1 ad-1 ad-1 o.... i. u..M t-.v t-.v t-.v r . etatys tm sieswi s Day's Great Parads. . New Yoag, BILE AND JACK Mayr. Both .uas sue vuvsra uau i . i. ... y , i i' . ' iejacsv Kothlaa; Benefit By It aid By -dawk -dawk UatU Bill Far Away. srvetat earaTcw tfi raa aauoiaaa. .'- .'- CoLtra ar. jOnio. April St What appears tobeave-y tobeave-y tobeave-y peculiar mistak oa tha part of the lraii lent of the United Statae has Just developet . at the penitentiary, .It ic the gran tine of a Pardee to the wrong man. Laat Monday a pardon arrivad at th prison for William Skinner, a eaehlneraerving three vesow from Alabama. The pardon eras baaed oa the fact that Skinner is a victim of pf , tae area: that be ba aa invalid 6TAS7TS& U THS LIIX-EOATr LIIX-EOATr LIIX-EOATr ' ' CbxbotgaiT. Mictl. Aorit SS. Captain R.T. Evaae. who waa aeopooed to have beea loot off the steamer Obisvtn last week'c big gale, has arrived here with tbe fear men be took in the xife-boat-when: xife-boat-when: xife-boat-when: xife-boat-when: xife-boat-when: be left the steamer. They were weerly starved whea fooad by the tog River Qoera at Scammon'a Cove, on whobsdloe their borne, and ia many ia-JCeckbara ia-JCeckbara ia-JCeckbara Island, where they had landed. THE MEETING. All ettoukbaldera ' Were Barred Graeetbavt TeUka or tbe Situation. --' --' --' - I- I- - I" r - ... 4 arsctAt, mavAvca eo vac cxatrras. . CaicAeo. IJ April as, -If -If indication are to be believed tbe Whisky Trass ia en tbe ev of a ight for listeace. A ; ': Presiaent Graenhnt' plaa for ridiag to vic tory ia to.sssde bead ta bny ap Stock bold by refractory distributor, or. if tbia caa not b done, to establish independent distributing agendo-' agendo-' agendo-' Grseabut aaya that this tea sary. The Directors of the Whisky Trust re-weeks, re-weeks, re-weeks, bat a reaolatioa waa adopted nnaai- nnaai- mouslr directicg-the directicg-the directicg-the ofEcer of tke trust to ascertain, ia that period the amount of boad that woald be required.- required.- and - instructing them to report at a meeting to be held in Peoria the ceeoad week -ia -ia Mar. They took this action after arruing for aearlr- aearlr- five boar. aad i ': ...-'-- ...-'-- ...-'-- ...-'-- ...-'-- -- -- --' --' --' . dueed tbe price of spirita to SI 12. a gallon, to tak effect immediately, a their meeting today. today. But thqntioo af imuiae bond did, aot come to a vote. It wo deferred for two tisTxacto to A vtolbst oritieitioa i Which has developed asaiaat thearopoeed mtae oa the claims made aab roea that toe wkel bond acbeme is for stockjobbing purposes. purposes. Tb advocate of that measure, of whom Frasideat Greeahot ia the leader, acid tbat ta boad were aeceetary. for the "com pany." they declared, was about to enter on a fightfor existence. "V PresideatGreenhntand hi friends' spoke calmly of the opposition. sod left it to be inferred that their owa side waa aa far sbead. The opponents declared tbat GreeabBt woald aot ba able to central majority of the Directors whea the ques tion came ap for tettiement at tho Peoria meeting, f -'. -'. - 1 ' -- -- John Beeg W.N. Hobart P. J. Henacssv, U H, Greens. Nelson Morris. J. W. Freiberg and 'Preaideat Groenhat wer present at Club-room Club-room Club-room Na. 4 ia tbo Auditorium Hotel whea .the .Preaideat called tb meeting to order.-,., order.-,., order.-,., j- j- , . : - ; .- ''-J ''-J ''-J Ia the corridor of the hotel were balf a dorsn stockholder ia tb trust. Soeno of then earried-in earried-in earried-in their nock eta teleennu froaa ether stockholders iastractiaa them to . raoTnrr aoaixit a Borp ibsck. They waited four Poor before tbry were allowed away by the' Directors. Tba latter allowed nobody else to enter tba room until all was o is tied, and tbea Preaideat Grrea- Grrea- bat to.d inquirer wbat had beea deae. Tb Presidaat west onto describe the plan. ' '1 h company." (i said, "could aot coo trot the arbitrary acuoa of tha dtatribatiaa A WOLF Bunalns at Large la tb Btreeta of '..' Colamba . v ( spwcsAk siseavew ve van cvsrissa Coumac. Ohio, April CS. A wild Russian wolf is at largo ia this city.. Ko on kaows where the aaiasal eaane from nor to. whom U beloBga. and ao one is very aasiana to form, aa acquainteDC with hi woliship in order to ascertain. - Tb beast ia aa extraordinarily extraordinarily large oae of the specie and quite disease wife and foar small children ia need of bia upport god tbat the sent ace rated a pen him wad xeiv. Kklnner was released. and left Monday gdteraeoa for bia aid bona in tne noaita. : .. , . - . : . r It happen tbat there ware two Skinners eoafiaediia tbe pee ilea tiarv. tho other ana beisia Jeik.1 a brother af William, who waa sent np fog. tbe same crime. It has Just leaked odt tbat Jack iastaad af Will waa the applicaat for pardon and tbat it ic bo who bad tha family aad a diieacc of the eye. Neither of: the Ekleaore taea ti owed aay-tiiing aay-tiiing aay-tiiing about th mistakes identity natil William waa a aafe distance sett whea Jack eoojld bold ia na laager aad admitted tbat it wash who had been xpectipg tb pardoa. aad tbat he had kept q a let about the matter When the docuaseat arrived ia order that Win might go free. . ; - ? ; Tbe Ml of. William raise a very oeculia rile sal point there beiag m qaaetinn a ta wbftber tbe Warn en of tbe penitentiary or any one alt has a right to capture hira aad bring pins book. Eminent local author uiea. whea aoasolced in regard to tbe matter. gv it a tbair opinion that William ;, :: cabbot. BrnrsBBp -' -' To tbe tfen; It ta probable tbat tb mietsk rul be rectified by crantiag a parda to Jack, ihkamoch a tb Federal aathonties thought th circa rastaae oTlb eaaa merited bia relsfatj The mis take waa; made by the arbo filled out tbe blank pardoa at .It was tint aeea last night by a pleasure party returning from a aeeial gather! oa North High street. : It growled aad anappd at them a it sprang around tbe corner af aa allay, ran across tb street aad disappeared ia tae dsrtneea, On of the yoaag men in tb warty notified the police that a atranc BimaL which wa supposed ta bava cecaped from 8 ells Brother show hero, waa gt large, aad several officers war detailed to look into the caa. At A o'clock thie mora lng Patrolmen lHck Owens and Geovgo'Drnee enoooataiwd the niml at High aad Good-1 Good-1 Good-1 altreak - - ' - '- '- . I It was as large as a xood-sised xood-sised xood-sised calf, and ia tbe fall glare ot the electric light ther reena- reena- aiseditasaRnmiaa wolf. Tbeyopeaed fire with their revolvers, but failed ta bring Mt the beast aad it qoieklr naao its e-ep e-ep e-ep ta tb com mane ia the eeatora abara. Sella Brother : ware notified. , and; stated that it was aot . one af their animate. They had beard of sack an animal -beiag -beiag at large, aaeae of tbe asea had aeea it roaming a boot in a field near their show croaadc bnt all eft oris to capture it war ia vain. It fat soppoeed the wolf eersoed from soma other aw. Aebeeataof tbia kind are quite daa- daa- ptoos. tbe affair ia creating considerable excitement excitement - - .. ;..; .- .- BISSOP BBOOIg SITCCISS01L ' : Bocrov. April SA The bich church maa of tho Episcopal Chnrch aet ia conferees thi afteraeoe. aad. after diseassing ta sitoatien for two boars aad a half, with reference to tbe eieetioa of a Bisboa to eueceed Phillip Brooks, passed a resolution recommeading to the ' diocese in coereBtioa Kt. Rev. Wm. Hsbart kiare. D. I misxionary Biaaop of booth iakow. tor elrctiea aa Jaboa af v SATED BY A TSAMP. A irstut seriKx is nt tssnsta CotxxeB CoBsg. Ohio. Annl t While riding bicycle a few day ago. Herbert Miller Miller wa attacked br a horse belonging to I-babd I-babd I-babd Moot. Tbe horse waa in a fair war to ietroy tue macLiae. when a tramp tbat aaepenelto b near came to as is-tanee. is-tanee. is-tanee. ami tsrtber they aucceeded ia driv-iaa driv-iaa driv-iaa the horse aaav. persoa Washington. A ooafosed idea of th name of the in en probably waa created by the fact that their jerias wa tb aame aad William' name figured ia tb record of Jacks caa. ED ALIVE, Cotahtc Froaa the Cray Tell - A t a Hocrlbao Story, t gr- gr- pjrrgBsBOBa, April 3L A peaat was buriad! I1t reenUy to tha vUlace at Ma- Ma- ratea-Goverameat ratea-Goverameat ratea-Goverameat of Kalooca. The diaeev-ry, diaeev-ry, diaeev-ry, of tha tact waa throagb: aiaicaby who beanakaeoadaeomiag froaa tbo rv aoti-fied aoti-fied aoti-fied thi aathoriciee. - Whoa tae body wa ex: homed a horrible eight waa revealed. The broad wa fooad tora to pieea " ' The tae of the eorpee waa badly laaeraied. bo ot 1th eyes wac tora eat, aad eaaeef tbe fiageri were brttea ofT, '.'.-.'.'.-'.'' '.'.-.'.'.-'.'' '.'.-.'.'.-'.'' '.'.-.'.'.-'.'' '.'.-.'.'.-'.'' : FtvaPi Sown TRAIN RUNAWAY, Was Killed ta tba Bare Rocka Craab. , . - y. j. A - f Pzxju April. Jt. Five ptrseas were killed, tww fa tall v injured snd a a am ber ot ethers hart in tbo ranaway train acei dewt en the Bar Rock Railroad last even ing. To traia. loaded with stone end carrying carrying about twenty workaeea. beside th drew of tbej train aad everal aa rngar. while casnidgdowa tba aeavy eras beea me an-- an-- an-- menaceBbte aad crashed late a somber of sneded car stand inc tsthe track. TBeeo- TBeeo- cine ass completely demolished and tae eat piled oa top ot oa at her ina bag mat. ,, I -, -, , .e. , ,C r i. jSCSATCH PE0SUCE3 DEATH, "; aracaax, pvAca to vwa ssttints. , A Cokt-wscs. Cokt-wscs. Cokt-wscs. Objo.-April Objo.-April Objo.-April 9A 'Harry Ogla, a car inspector ea the B. aad O, Railroad, died to-day to-day to-day aader most na usual cireaasataacea. Last .Friday while oarrrinc a bucket of coal into bis boas bo slipped and felt slightly serstcbing an of his Sagers,' Tb aroand waa almost Imperceptible, and be tboosbt ooirimc ot It at that mue. Sunday II sort to sii ns. and blood poisoning aet ia aiui taiAi rau,t to-day. to-day. to-day. April X-At X-At X-At daylight tbla morning when the son rose over the bill it looked dajrn fa tbe lewr bay aa th graad. est marin riw that has rr been asea la tbe watera of New York. - t i 1 A '-- '-- '-- Tbej veaeela. which arrived at Crareaed By last night, swung st t'belr anchors in tbe beaatlful sunlight of this April moraine. and not long after sua rise everybody la the fleet and those who bad to do with getting ready lor its reeepttoa -were -were making tbe final -preparation -preparation for the pared up tha bat and" rlvar ta th aucborag. ' , Extending aontn aad east wer two load line af war veaeela. JI in bolllday attire. -Aatbe,na -Aatbe,na advanced higher in the heaeeec tbe wtnd which wa blowing atiflr from tha aorthwMt aided tar the ebb tide, swnna tb hip la the fleet aboot with te a oiAta era. . with their bowo pointed etraigbt np taw bay in tb direct! oa of the city. Tba f user little tags flying the bine cross ef guard duty were oufliag aboot th narrows, aad tao petrol Meet were ready te do ita duty. ; 1 ' -Tha -Tha ferry-Poets ferry-Poets ferry-Poets to Stated Island and to, Brooklyn wer filled with tixbveeert wba wwrw wound- wound- w- w- get a pob ttarv as they -' -' could, and long before tbo time for tb pa- pa- ' rad the blah: bank along tbe Marrows aad th Muffs t th fort, both on rtatea lilaad and port Ilaniiltoa wer thronged witb po ' pie. and tberoeda ware filled with spectators burryiag toward tho chore to find . ).- ).- a ikiob rot st or view. - . ., Tbe laelor aboard tlia voaael war blow a ont br tbe wind till they resembled so many painted board rendering tha work of reed- reed- ' ing tne Philadelphia' a eignaia aa easy task compared with tbat of teat nigbt when th ' mist and foar mad. it bard work to distinguish distinguish Hag sisnala. - i 1.. ' ' I -' -' i Early in the moraine tho low-boiled low-boiled low-boiled aad BggiccaiTC-loohieg BggiccaiTC-loohieg BggiccaiTC-loohieg Mlsntonomoh left tha . fleet and went bp the bey to a point off the Battery, where she prepared te giv the vis- vis- . itoraaa American sal ate. Whea th Mian ' tonomoh left it eeemed to bo tbe signal fog every sbip ia tb fleet to start eoelins ap. . nd la a abort pc of time roll of black ' svook wer roflliog ont of black ad whit . hail alik. I NotwitbsumUng th'fsct tbat ' tb whip wrere all oa aa errsad ef peace tbey wore a partienlarir warlike appearane. " for many of the foreigner bar bow which sre carved ixumt armdvly. and tb ball are risaed la) faabloaao foreisa and stranc . to merchantmen tnat they take en a aaturet ly pngneeioo look., i ' ' i Tb su a. which was strong, made tie s!4e of eeerr wiiite vessel la the fleet flash, aad A tbo brass work ot tbe deck iiatsasd Ilk . patch of. buraished sold. ,. , . ) tb bin ft" of Ft Wadsworth it did ao reodir a fiald-alaaa fiald-alaaa fiald-alaaa Jojltftitigoiah sign activity aboard the white squadron, j ; ' Taere waa a basttins aad a business Hka ' air aboard them all. But there aasmea to ba B Confusion at alt at in getuag reedy. At S:IS o'clock the Philadelphia fired a single gun. and a good many of aigbtaockiag plea. ' ar craft beat oa curiosity .. i , . . -( -( ' TOOTS U tHBIB WRISTtac, . Bat the noise conld berdir be beard ao strong wsa th wind. They gave itBaiade pair, fur that aboard eiaed to appreeiaia tbst tbey were oat of It Tc Sect mad too . imp ing a sight for the spectator to cat nd figure at alt The feeling af mere than on man were echoed by a w Yorker, who waa oae ot ' the many arbo frlaoed tho greea hills of Ft Wadawerth. He aaid r . . 71 bare seen the mariaa parade ia Xew York harbor dn Eraeastloa Day. tha fiae Statu ef Liberty celebration, tbo atagnio-. atagnio-. atagnio-. ccat seene whica aeeompaaled tbe llnwBe at th inUrnationat yacht race we hod Her ' several years axe. aad tbe marine display of a few months ag. bat I aever saw so grand a sight aa 1 eat bow lookias at aad I paver expect expect te cee it agaia la thoee watera," Brail oddc tho American line made tbo -fiaect -fiaect showing. Tbat wsa tb opinio ol very an.' Bat then rery owe wbw wit Bcessd the pietar from lead Wac actuated br a feeling of patrwtieas. Certeialr tba Americans, ul they aambwred tboaaeadr Who lacked dowa Upon too Pbiiadelpbia, Bewark. Atlanta, eaa Fraacssaa. Bancroft cteoaiagtoB. Baltfnaore. Chicaga. Yorktowa. - Charleatoa. YeMvins sad Coaaord bad reason to be proad. 1 - Jaot ob a day wa give to th fleet oa It tar from Hampton Rood, aad. while tae ; aarbor.raom ia hew Y-erk Y-erk Y-erk i by a meaaa as great a tnat of tea 8oataera port, there wee plcatr of roam far tho war ship to mov la. and rely tha high bank of the Sarrawa gave plenty of room for vtoiter tleusesds taking . ad sac tags ot tho opportaaitle 5 sari y every ods wee famished with a class of some kind aad closely watched ta beeat--. beeat--. beeat--. beeat--. ful- ful- fleet at aacbor. wsltiag toe Adminkl Gherardi to giv the ssensi from ' - -A. -A. J - , T" putosair rwikapaxrai. ! Tbo fleet we aachored la aqaedroa form, tioat witb Vice-Admiral Vice-Admiral Vice-Admiral fcir Joha O. Hep-kins' Hep-kins' Hep-kins' poenaat standiag oat , stiff - to the Arind- Arind- being abowt 200 yarda below Ft . Lafayette, aad tb Philadelphia, with Rear Adatiral 1 Gherardi' 1 blu fit. with two tar at bee-maia. bee-maia. bee-maia. th mm distance below Ft Toatpkia Mranc behind escb leader word the ships which were to follow ap tba 1 bay. aad all wer ia readiness- readiness- fer tb Mart. Tb Diasitri Deaokoi wa ia the Beioo ia which she aachored lact aieht and t he crew bad beea kept baay setting her into trim for taorwsiev. Ac she bad aot beea in Port at Hamptoa Boad ait wa accessary for tbe other Admiral te Bay their respect a and at tJB o'clocK bir Jeha Hopkin P t oS from tba Blake and wac saluted by f... i t jm rrem theRnssiaa aa b Meeped on l e qoartaf-deck, qoartaf-deck, qoartaf-deck, the British flag at tbe same time Beta homted. Tbia waa tb Cnt Crinn thatbrokw - Csejtlass am STiua 't '..:- '..:- '-'-.: '-'-.: '-'-.: '-'-.: '-'-.: - i 'I ' '- '- I'm' i I .Ya:j 4 i. A. ;t i fc

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