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Katie Simmons - nxN. April II. lien. K. Kurd Oruhb, of Beverly,...
nxN. April II. lien. K. Kurd Oruhb, of Beverly, N. .).. ami Mr. John ITeins, of Philadelphia, spent Sunday with manager /.. M. Kaufman. Kaufman. Miss Laura Shult/. has opened the summer summer term of teaching in the Sheridan grammar school building. Quite a number of our folks attended tho entertainment of I he Riehlaml grammar grammar school on Friday and Saturday eve- nintr-i last.. M'--s Katie L. Kaufman is attending schml at Lebanon. Mr. Hiehard Stoudt and family, re- niuvcd to New .Jersey. A great many chances worn made at. our placo during the moving season. A grand sochhlo will be given by tho Newmanstown orchestra, at. Shultz's hall, Newmanstown, on Wednesday evening, \pril UOth. Tho orchestra is trying to olleet*fnn<ls to more fully equip them- clves with tho proper instruments, ami I Is to bo hoped that they will meet with uccess, Henry Englehart, of Myorstown, is earning telegraphing at this place, under ho instructions of operator Oeorgo S. 'ciico. Misses lieckio and Mintie Eckert, of toadlng, havo been visiting Sheridan the >ast m'ok as tho guests of Miss Mamie Mansiiold. W. C.'Coup's moiititor show passed .hrough hero Sunday, laying over and Kissing No, 7 nccomnmdat' in train at his plaes. Quito a throng of people Vom the neighborhood flocked together o HCO tho show, much howovor could not )c. Keen, us everything wus properly caged • P. )- SlIAKlfFBKSTOWN, April 11, 1881. Yesterday forenoon Rov. A. J.Jiach- nsui, of this place, hold communion services services in St. Paul's Reformed church, nt Msmnrck. Tho church was crowded with people and the services wcro right ntoresting. Mr. Bachnian was assisted >y tho Rev. Dr. Roily, of Pulatinato Col- oge. In tho afternoon and evening tho latter gentleman occupied tho pulpit in St. Paul's Reformed church, of ShuoH'cra- Lown. Ho had r n good audience on both occasions. In tho afternoon he preached In tho Gorman language, in tho evening tho services wore conducted in tho English language. Tho Professor's remarks in tho evening were based upon tho words— "Sanctify its by Thy Truth; Thy word is Truth' 1 —ami wero worth lint- oning to. Perfect sanctlllcation is hardly |)ossiblo in this world. Tho word monim netting asjdo of something for divine and spiritual uses and purposes. Santi- ficatioii is but a process that begins in regeneration, of which it is but the logit- mato continuation. Thoro are several ways in which tho sanctifying influences influences of tho Word of God, which is the truth, can bo brought, to boar upon tho lioart of sinners. It is from tho scriptures that men learn what fho law of God Is, or what their various duties are. There is a sonso of duty in every liuart, but to what purpose wero this without, an express express revelation of God's will. Without tho Word of God, mon would but realize tho necessity of doing certain things and avoiding others, not having any safe means of knowing wJiut. to do and what not. . Then, again, tho Word of God leaches us to bo grateful. Recounting us it does tho groat work of atonement, tho labors, trials and sufferings of tho Saviour, there is nothing hotter calculated to inspire ono with toolings of gratitude. Last, but most important of all, tho ufl'oots produced produced by bringing ono in contact with truth as contained in Holy Writ, iu faith. Wo must beliovo to bo saved, and oin faith must increase as wogrowoldur. Wo should like to givo a more extensive anil satisfactory report of tho sortnon, but circumstances circumstances forbid it. To-day Katie Simmon, daughter of John and Mary Sirnmou, of this town, WHS buried. Katie wus an interesting und promising child, and her death proved a heavy blow ou her parents. She died of tho measles, aged 8 years. The funeral was largely attended. St. Paul's Reformed Reformed Sunday school attended in a, body and sang several appropriate hymns. There will be divino services iu lion's Lutheran church on Good Friday, and next Sunday tho holy communion of tho Lord's Supper will be celebrated in said church. Preparatory services will be held on Saturday afternoon, Mr. Brandt, musician, of Joua, gave us a little idoa of his musical skill on tho organ in St. Paul's Reformed church, before before services Sunday afternoon. He makes good music. This morning tho residents of that particular particular portion of Shaefferstown, known as Middle Town, witnessed tho somewhat novel spectacle of a young woman plaut- ini4 a shade tree in front of her dwelling. Many of the women of the neighborhood hastened to the spot, and each of the eomc-rs Irul apparently a littlo bit of nil vice to offer. The scene at times became quite animated, and passers by wero tempted to linger a while and enjoy tho thing. The whole was tantamount to a first-class lecture on tho subject of woman's woman's rights. Farmers are hard at il now. They rn- ali/.ed Iho importance of getting their oats out. as soon as possible, and to this end use all available, time in The ground i'i in lino condition at, present, ami if this kind of weather continues :v great quantity of oats will bo sown this week. Tobacco seed Is also being extensively extensively sown. The output of tobacco the coming season will show a considerable increase on that of last year. Home fears arc entertained that our fruit crop will be a small ono this year. It, is held by sundry individuals of our town that (ho extremely eold weather of the past, winter damaged tho peach, apricot, apricot, and plum in tho bud. \Vo should bo sorry to find those doleful Inferences true, hut it. is best to place no confidence In them. Sutidav wasiilovoly springdny, and ov- ory body was delighted, [Is beautiful moonlight evening tempted many people, out. Soon tho lime will bo hero for lovers to begin their rambles in sequestered places. Bi.'iuiTOH. . . plowing. I n " * Mlxty *'«<»• C'«mi« of Mnittll-9*o*. Sixteen new cases of small-pox and varioloid woi'o developed at t.ho almshouse, almshouse, during Friday nighl, and Saturday, Dr. M. A. Rhoads, the attending physician, physician, reports Hint thero art) some wlxt.y new cases of tho disease, principally among the, children of tho instilutlon. Tliun far tho discano has been confined to thoalnishousoandnooaHo.H havo broken out, among the farmers in tho vicinity of the institution. A strict quarantine will bo kept upon the hospital sons to prevent the spread of tho disease. MeiiNiire.s aro being taken to prevent tho spread of the malignant disease into tho city. Tho almshoiiHO is situated about, three miles from Reading, but if tho closest watch is, not kept, this contagious dimmiiu could eunily be carried into Uio city, A HronoBttil Xfn Jlmtit J.,u«. A bill introduced in tho Legislature providing for tho ma.lfing arid repairing of tho public roads of different townships of tho commonwealth has been reported favorably to the, HOUMO of Representatives. Representatives. Ic provides that on petition of HO many taxables of any township Iho court, of quarter sessions may authorize tho letting letting of tho making and repairing of the roads of such township by public outcry to the, lowest mid host bidder for the term of threo yearn. Payments for tho work t.o bii nnulo in monthly installments, under under tho direction of tbo auditors, and each purchaser of roads is to bo required to file a bond, with miflloiont Heciirlty, to bo approved by tho court, for tho fulfillment fulfillment of his contract to make and keep tho roads in good repair and Havo and keep tho township harmless from damages damages in coiiHcquoncu of accident or neglect, neglect, * #• * ' • -• A Muluwl C'oiiililuutlou, Yesterday afternoon a meeting WIIH hold at Slmkospearo hall for tho purpose of organizing a utato association of mutual mutual Insurance companies. Eighty-five delegates wero present, representing sov- only companies. A temporary organization was affected by th« election of tho Hon. Edward Herrick, Herrick, president, and H. L, Lark, secretary. secretary. A committee was appointed to appear before, tho committees on in.su runco of tho senate and house of representatives to explain tho objects of tho corporation and tho principles upon which it operates. A committee of seven wus appointed to consider tho subject of au organization of a stuto mutual union. A report wau submitted submitted and adopted, providing for tho requisite officers, board of directors, and appropriate name, defining tho objects of tho association to bo tho mutual protection protection of tho union and the policy holders from fraud and imposition, stating tho plan upon which tho business of the associated associated companies is transacted; recommending recommending a committee to notify the sov- ortl insurance companies in tho stuto of M ! action of tho meeting, and asking t. fir co-operation in furthering tlio aims (.. tho association. F. G. Churchill was j -npointed chairman of such committee. ibui'ij 1'i'triol. Boats are running in tho Ponussylvauia canal. ••UulUi. thur!" , not far." •'How fill- 1" "To the bur." "I'm thar."

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  2. 12 Apr 1881, Tue,
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