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Courier-Journal, 30 June 1899, p1
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- I It it ' , v. ::cn. new seiues-no. seiues-no. seiues-no. n,ico. TTT"1 T ' ' ) 1 - 1 LOUISVILLE, ! 1 . FRIDAY i -- -- - -n -n jr. i 'A ill Tr..:-tU'-ky, Tr..:-tU'-ky, Tr..:-tU'-ky, Tr..:-tU'-ky, Tr..:-tU'-ky, ie C for Ken. sr?: Fair; ti:: i.t::t. r; of i.ev. i .. t'. KfT-t KfT-t KfT-t ' n, v ' 3 5 the ;fr inary at cf I rr---r rr---r rr---r rr---r Pre- Pre- rr. ::u::ins. ; vi.:!s:tt trust I; ' Z r.t. a TV;': f.n u!ty Vr-t. Vr-t. Vr-t. Kf:.'); V. ' ''... r. D.. pastor , C r I r 1 1st church. s '. ted President : .. J ; rt:.-t rt:.-t rt:.-t Theological I. Th friends t Wr.'.t.-titt Wr.'.t.-titt Wr.'.t.-titt supported ; ti, so-c&lled so-c&lled so-c&lled antl-5 antl-5 antl-5 r ported Frof. F. 51. u ? ar cf the Bemlnarr An efTcrt was made to make chairman of the faculty. Dfi. I3DLLIIIS Chosen President of Baptist Baptist Seminary. Th Ft ate Board cf Railroad nfrs has dec! not to enforce the'jl'jl'jl'jl'jl'jl'jl clause so strictly strictly as to Injure the coal Interests of the ate. The commission takes thla step under the authority given It to exonerate railroads - from strict compliance compliance with the law where It deems such action best. At the National Social anJ Political Conference at Buffalo no applause greeted . the mention of the name of Admiral Dewey. The Rev. W. H. Thomas, of Colorado, condemned the war In the Philippines, as did other speaker, while William J. Ghent, of New York, took the other aide of the question. The first enlistment of volunteers for service In the Philippine will be to fill out the skeleton regiments now being formed by MaJ. Gen. Otis. A camp of Instruction will be established, and Chickamauga Is after It. There Is a warm cf politicians at the 'War Department Department seeking commissions. The Philippine and Hawaiian Islands add about 55.000.000 acres to the publlo idomaln. and Special Agent Doyle, of the Land Office. Just back from the Islands. . says these land will be open to sut-.jects sut-.jects sut-.jects of the United States through a homestead scheme. SUPPORTED BY YVHITSITT KEN EFFORT TO MAKE SB KERFOOT CHAIBMAN FAIXED. ELECTION MADE .UNANIMOUS. Atlanta, Ga., June 29. Special The Board of Trustee of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary mst In special.' session In the parlors of the Second Baptist . church of Atlanta at 10:30 this morning;, and after a conference conference of four hours unanimously elected Dr. E. T. Mulllns. pastor of Newton Centre Baptist church. Boston, to succeed succeed Dr. Whitsltt as President of the seminary. There were thirty-six thirty-six thirty-six of the trustees uniting In this action, and they were chiefly from the States of Kentucky. Kentucky. Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia. Those among them who had been strongest In opposition to' Dr. Wbltsltt came' with the intention of electing Dr. Kerfoot. while the others had practically agreed upon Dr. Mulllns. Mulllns. The election Is. therefore, in one sense a victory for the friends of Dr. Whltaltt. ; i ... An effort was first made to elect Dr. Kerfoot chairman cf . the faculty, but the trustees decided rattier to elect a. President. Strong speeches were made for Dr. Kerfoot by President Levering. Dr. T. T. Eaton and others, while the ' Near Raleigh. Union . county. Ky Miss Ilallle Perrlne. aged twenty-three, twenty-three, twenty-three, 'shot her eight-year-old eight-year-old eight-year-old eight-year-old eight-year-old nephew and then killed herself.' The boy Is not dead yet. Miss Perrlne had been despondent, despondent, and was thought to bars been temporarily temporarily Insane. vv Over 12.000 persons were present at the opening of the Saengerfest at Cln-clnatl Cln-clnatl Cln-clnatl last night. Ths carpenters work-e work-e work-e l cn the hall up to the last minute, and the c' r-jb- r-jb- r-jb- r-jb- in t" t " as their : ... .pw Cr; 1. X. 1 ) ) i great honor. , lie was a railroad telegraph telegraph operator for a brief period and then he decided to preach the GospeL He came to Louisville In 1SS1 and took the fulr four years' course in the Theological Theological Seminary, and was one of the full graduates at the commencement in 1SSS. He became pastor at Harrodsburgln May. ISSi, and was fully ordained In June of that .year. After a very successful successful pastorate of more than three years he resigned on September 30, lSWi, to accept a call to Lee-treet Lee-treet Lee-treet Baptist Baptist church. Baltimore. Md. In 18u5 Dr. Mulllna was made associate associate secretary of the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, Convention, but after one year's excellent work be accepted a call to Newton Centre. Mass.. where, stnee 1S96. he has been pastor of the most prominent theological theological church In America, the oldest Baptist Baptist theological seminary being located at Newton Centre. Dr. Mulllns Is a great student, and has traveled widely In Europe and Atnerioa. He has also written several attractive booklets. While a young pastor In Kentucky, he married a handsome Kentucky young woman. Miss May Hawley, who will doubtless be one of the Influences to cause his coming back to Louisville. Dr. Mulllns Is very retiring In his manners; manners; his modest demeanor will remind the students of his old preceptor. Dr. "Whltsltt, of whom he Is a great admirer. admirer. -, -, . - FOR MR. BLAND'S SEAT. Lively Tim Expected In the Eighth Missouri District. St. Louts. June 29. Ex-Stats Ex-Stats Ex-Stats Senator James E. flaxen, of Moniteau county, this State, and a candidate for Congressman Congressman Bland's scat from the Eighth district. Is stopping at the Laclede. He Is not quite certain how many candidates candidates will be In the race, but anticipates anticipates that there will be enough to make the liveliest time seen In that d:trtct in many years. ; - The Republicans promise to put up a strong fight In the district, probably probably the strongest they have In msny years. They are discussing the advisability advisability of selecting a candidate from the following three: W. a. Dallmeyer. of Jefferson City; J. W. Vosholl. of Osage county, and J. D. Hubbard of Morgan county. Mr. Dallmeyer la generally conceded conceded to be the strongest of the three, but at this time It Is not known that he would accept the nomination, or that It will be tendered to. him even should he Indicate a readiness to make the race. - - v CENSORSHIP AT WASHINGTON. War Department Befuses To Give Out 2!w of Any Bind. Washington. . June 29. A censorship of the news has been declared by the War Department In the promulgation of an order signed by Gen. Corbin calling calling attention of officials and clerks, to the fact that news was being given out w-"i w-"i w-"i prt previously bee approv-v' approv-v' approv-v' ; - ' adding: ' , . - xrcumstance .! r -I -I f'jrr: i - ')?. a .' . HO CHnllGEi a- a- Coal Rates YTII1 Stand A They Are. .ZtlEADS in COLONIES. f trillion Acres "Will B f tti.Tneiit Br Amer- Amer- ji- ji- lean Subjects. SHipr.:Errrs .on old bac: RATI, ROAD - COMMISSION TJiZl - DEB3 IT3 DECISION. LONG AND SHORT HAUL CASI Alteration To Be Made Only V; Industries Will JTot Suffer As a Result. PREPARING WRITTEN OP INI. The Kentucky Railroad Commissi has decided In favor of the ratlroa and Kentucky coal miners In the loi ; and short-haul short-haul short-haul cases. The memle held another meeting yesterday at t! Louisville Hotel, and announced their decision that the coal rates shall remain remain as they are. The decision Is to the effect tv wherever the maintenance of the sa a -rate -rate on merchandise for long and sh : ' hauls operates so as to make It in -poesjbl -poesjbl for Kentucky Industries an I products to compete with those of other States, the railroads will be allowed a maintain lower rates for the long nauL The decision also exempts the Illlnol Central from the operation of ' Court of Appeal's ruling, so fRr, It applies to the Ellxabethtown cases. Capt Irwin, one of the Commissioners, said last night that the opinion of the commission In the cases was being prepared prepared and would be ready for publication publication either to-day to-day to-day or to-morrow. to-morrow. to-morrow. The opinion will be written and will Include a number of the arguments made by the members of the Board of Trade," as s -oi -oi r fune -29. -29. William Alden ii.!! Francisco, special agent fted States Land Office, who .ft itiJshed an official tour of the ; inSard Hawaiian Islands, ar-in ar-in ar-in Cr.iago to-day to-day to-day from the West, r-f. r-f. r-f. rtlce to the settlement of the ! S-kfs S-kfs S-kfs colonial possessions ac-, ac-, ac-, , .......tinn and as a result of i J it- it- wtlh Spain, he saia: a r3-U r3-U r3-U of spoils of war and an-mi, an-mi, an-mi, i United States Govern- Govern- bi4 lea about 6S.000.000 acre of a! 'trd as Its public domsln. ter Vn various Islands. The if t'd tropical land In which N no. private title will be settled ens nd subjects of the .United. i thniigh a homestead scheme,. rnuaf .be especially devised In the -iar-.; -iar-.; -iar-.; -iar-.; . st? ndlng homestead laws are rrllcable. and a new act will have vasscd by Congress. To encourage .. dan the usual period of five .. .luring which the land, must be . a tod icd Improved before the re-' re-' re-' of the title, may be reduced to or even three years. viriosn negroes win be encour-to encour-to encour-to take homesteads. In localities natives will be learning our lm-1 lm-1 lm-1 net hods of agriculture. Con-n-i'.l Con-n-i'.l Con-n-i'.l Con-n-i'.l have to determine how large of Ij-nd Ij-nd Ij-nd can be given to one l DESPONDENT MOOD IT AT, ITS PEBBINE SHOT ..V-n ..V-n ..V-n EIGHT-YEAR-OLD EIGHT-YEAR-OLD EIGHT-YEAR-OLD EIGHT-YEAR-OLD EIGHT-YEAR-OLD 1 NEPHEW. REl A Rampant In the City of Brussels. WILD SCENES IN THE CHAMBER TBOOPS AGAIN CALLED OUT TO KEEP DOWN THE XI0B3 ; CAUSE OF THE TROUBLE. i Ehe Took Her Own life By-, By-, By-, acti - z Herself In the Heart-Soy Heart-Soy Heart-Soy Still Alive- Alive- wen ss the local manufacturers, coal mine operators and tne miners iney selves. . ference , Capt. Irwin said that the decisloreys the the commission would not spply tciul be commodities. 'Said he -"i -"i -eld, -eld, Kyi, June 29. Special. t hrys Just reached here of a Cy uMid Raleigh, about ten mlle thisypUce. Miss Hallle Perrlne, a W good looking and popular young 'an of perhaps twenty-three twenty-three twenty-three years, ithVeigbt-year-old ithVeigbt-year-old ithVeigbt-year-old ithVeigbt-year-old ithVeigbt-year-old son of John Hen-a Hen-a Hen-a prominent farmer, and then Ing the pistol over her heart Bred her shot. The bullet pierced her k and she sank to the ground dead. boy was shot In the breast, and It ught will also die. though at this be Is still alive. The tragedy oc- oc- ed about 3 o'clock this afternoon. : on sllsa Perrlne w- w- a sister jn-iaw-o jn-iaw-o jn-iaw-o jn-iaw-o jn-iaw-o I Je tnehn or im nor 1 t in it t si U e .-The .-The .-The rates will only do cnangea , Mn JHenshaWg wife -died -died at when nge verdict-, verdict-, verdict-, time tbie'boy was born the lltUe . Brussels, June 29. The storm of verbosity verbosity was renewed In the Chamber of Deputies to-day. to-day. to-day. The Socialists burled burled anathemas at M. J. Vanden Pere-bom, Pere-bom, Pere-bom, who endeavored to explain the action action taken by the police yesterday, and the Socialists persistently, interrupted and Insulted the Premier, reproaching him with being responsible for yesterday's yesterday's conflicts between the people and the police. '- '- ' The scenes In the Chamber of Deputies Deputies quite beggared description. M. Vanden Vanden Perebom was dubbed "murderer." "murderer." "bandit" and. ."Minister of civil war" by the Socialists, who declared that they would appeal to the King. Although a vote: censuring the Government Government was rejected by 87 to SI. the tumult In the Chamber was so great that the President suspended the sitting. sitting. The Socialists then led a cheering cheering crowd, shouting "Vive la Repub-lique." Repub-lique." Repub-lique." to the park where a conflict with gendarmes occurred. Thence the mob proceeded to . the public square, ths shops closing as the rioters approached. At the conclusion of a great meeting in the Town Hall this evening thousands thousands attempted - to : cross the Grande place. In which the Town Hall stands. The gendarmes charged with drawn swords, and ' the crowd retaliated with stones. Shots were fired on both sides and three persons were wounded, and a police officer was severely stabbed with a shoemaker's knife. The rioters, on being dispersed, assembled assembled at another .point. A large trmr are sent to Manila, but meanwhile win t drilled and taught marks- marks- crowd gathered In tte Rue RQJ'S-JriSlJHfcnshlp RQJ'S-JriSlJHfcnshlp RQJ'S-JriSlJHfcnshlp in camp. It Is estimated that ing u the- the- paving atones and using Tl... required to make sol- sol- y - i rt c ' 1 r 1 aaort'l r ry. of Mli Davis, she other than ' came tf ss chl , Mr. and f n-ove. n-ove. n-ove. Cntf never kn L child Of w. A RULING MODIFIED By the Acting Revenue Commissioner Regarding Stamps On Eis-i Eis-i Eis-i tillers' Bonds. : . Washington. June 29. Special.! The Acting Commissioner of Internal Revenue Revenue baa amended a previous ruling as follows: "Bonds of brewers, manufacturers of tobacco, manufacturers of cigars, distillers' distillers' annual, distillers - warehousing, transportation and export bonds are required required to be stamped under the provisions provisions of act of June 13, 1S98. with a 50-cent 50-cent 50-cent stamp, and when a guaranty company Is surety an additional stamp Is required, denoting one-half one-half one-half of one per cent, on the premium charged. Where these bonds are required by law or regulations of this office to be made In duplicate or triplicate, only the original original la required to be stamped." Senator Burrows, of Michigan, is out In an Interview throwing cold water on the Plngree-AIger Plngree-AIger Plngree-AIger combination. Senator Burrows declares that Senator McMillan McMillan will be re-elected, re-elected, re-elected, and an alliance between Alger and Pingree will be futile, futile, considering the extreme Administration, Administration, views of the latter. . ' Representative Borelng. who has been here for several weeks on departmental business, left for his home in London to-night. to-night. to-night. ... ,' TO FILL THE SKELETONS, i - , . ' OTIS' SEGMENTS FIRST TO BEi FULLY BECRUITKD. Politicians Swarm ths War Depart-. Depart-. Depart-. ; ment Seeking Commissions In. . the Nsw Army. ' Washington. June 2J. Ths first volunteers volunteers to be raised for service to the Philippines win be those of the skeleton, regiments now being formed by Gen. Otla. It Is not believed there win be the least difficulty In obtaln'ng these men. It is probsble that some time will elapse before the troops or tne provision tear! ne'e of pa-. pa-. pa-. Mr. 11trt !.; - , - Presidency r t ' Company, and It It L . i also retire a,Tr?aurtr of Jae Continental Continental Tobacco Company, of which bis firm was a part. l lit 1 The arrest of Leon Lewis in Madison county for selling teachers' examination questions develops the fact that these papers have been peddled extensively in Madison. EstlU, Jackson and Rockcastle Rockcastle counties. '. ; :. u .. .. .-f .-f .-f, i, th tig rritnd of Dr. .Whltsltt and the scni4nary. V hen It became evident that the election of Dr. Mulllns wss assur ed the name of Dr. Kerfoot was withdrawn, withdrawn, and the choice was made unanimous. unanimous. The trustees then united in sing ing rraise uod From Whom All Bless ings Flow."... . Raises a Disputed Point. , - we f 'i" . vr or tixe t ta. r-f r-f r-f War." A syndicate, headed by Eugene Zimmerman, Zimmerman, of Cincinnati, has purchased the Birmingham and Atlantic railroad, the Talladega furnace and 3,000 .acres of land around Talladega. Ala, : At Greens burg. Ky George Murphy has bn sentenced to five years In State prison for robbing the Adams Express Company's safe at that place last month. mmm . Harvard won an three boat-races boat-races boat-races from Tale yesterday afternoon at New London. The crimson "varsity eight finished six and a half lengths ahead of the blue. - - Great secrecy was observed It he issuance issuance of the order. It was not placed on the bulletin board, but a copy of it was sent to each officer and clerk with oral Instructions to keep It secret. In his endeavors to carry out Gen. Corbln's Instructions. Chief Clerk Thi pieces a copy which had been m-.r m-.r m-.r by a correspondent. The order issued hv nm rv..Ki. further In the endeavor to innnrM. news from the War Department than at any Ume during the war with Spalr. It Is Impossible now to secure an ac curate statement of how many men Gen. Otis-has.- Otis-has.- Otis-has.- Otis-has.- It Is equally impossible to ascertain . how many men are stele, how many are wounded and how mnv volunteers have beu started home, i Under the condition sousrht to be Imposed Imposed by Adjt. Gen. Corbin. In cipher, the only apparent reason for Mtahii.h. Ing the- the- censorship now Is to prevent th public from learning the- the- news about the formation of the volunteer army for service in the Philippines. LAST VESTIGE OF DOUBT commodities not operate against the beet ln tailed Yxrr wv?I been raised by 'the younff i . . - . . . ti r . u .' f 'J ...j . , X-- X-- . iiui........ ...... .14 I " ' 1 - ov ' i Ie(.art;jre ror irinth V---v; V---v; V---v; V---v; V---v; - ! Iicparture aince March I 1 til '..en !n Uthem as missiles. . Finally the civia iguard w ordered out to relieve the po lice. "Despite these attentions to suppress suppress the disturbances, rioting contin-ue-i contin-ue-i contin-ue-i contin-ue-i contin-ue-i to a late hour, many persons being ir.ured. A feature w-t, w-t, w-t, the general I I A tranrvay dlers of new recrulta It la learned at the War Department-that Department-that Department-that there Is no actual rush organlxa Uons to Gen. OUi at the present time. The rainy season having set in. it Is not believed that these troops will be necessary necessary foif service except, to relieve, those ho hn s L."! on active duty, i' The ti-s-. ti-s-. ti-s-. ti-s-. ti-s-. ''.trt wrv lh rail ti J suf- suf- Collector rested CHARGED I REECSED TC TI0N3 OP & ELIAS CLOCK & SCV Judg-e Judg-e Judg-e Evans Grants Writ of Corpus ECera and Prisoa 3iSAkfsn' vtt rcr Air. . X. jsjMvore. Oonectorjf If- If- : Trn3 Revent rasted yesterday morning at Ci by Sheriff John Boskee on ai ynent from the Carroll County fDeputy United States Mars was present In the office, at lleved Sheriff Boskee of his and promised to be responslbij body of Mr. Comlngore. Tli relinquished his c!a'"i without The case which y. r . rday ri the arrest of Mr. Cotr.iRgore a J;he refusal of that gr.tman C it number of questions askedj A. Brice, a Notary I'ubllo; inkton. J eral years ago in th .Oourt two suits wer Lou'f vi;-.-j vi;-.-j vi;-.-j vi;-.-j vi;-.-j manufacturers, sh'; and consumers and th business In . general are in high glee over 1 decision' of . the commission. Gf credit is due the members of the Co. t of Trade for the fight they made agni c the ruling of the Court of Appeals. A prominent member of the Board r Trade said last night: "The action of the Railroad Coram ' sion In th? long snd short haul ca. is of vital Importance. The decl.s.. shows 'that the commission is com- com- '-. '-. '-. posed of men who have the best in- in- terests of the State at heart The d- d- j cision aimply means that Kentucky co il . mines will not be closed down, and that thousands of men wilt be kept at j. work. Kentucky will not be thrown at e ( 1 V IVALS AND VKT PX''! -'Of -'Of r-vc5.trs r-vc5.trs r-vc5.trs - Th ..!- ..!- .1 1 - Hi-. Hi-. Hi-. paJ-J paJ-J paJ-J her;..v5 file. The Per. s ond Hcr.phaws are related to some he If t families in the county and '.jrt 'y and prominently connected. ;e has done his share. - xne i uciic jrroscutor, wxtn cm enure siaii. remains on permanent auty at tne Hotel de Vllle. : The Causs of the Uprising. Gov. Roosevelt, of New Tork. announced announced yesterday that he is not a candidate candidate for the Presidency in 1900, and advocates Mr. McKlnley's renomlnatlon. ' The Tennessee Textbook Commission lias adopted a uniform set of textbooks t'-H- t'-H- t'-H- t'-H- the 100.000 school children, at a reduction reduction of from 1$ to CO per cent. ' ' It Is now beUeved at Frankfort that Cov. Bradley am not call a special ses-S ses-S ses-S on of the Legislature to deal with the lawlessness In Clay county. One of the many wild rumors In Paris last night regarding Capt. Dreyfus was , that he had committed suicide while on the -ay -ay back to Brest, . ' Clarence Williams, colored, was given given the death penalty In Circuit Court at Paris. Ky.. for the murder of Josie Tillman, also colored. Great damage was done In South. i Centra I and West Texas yesterday by j heavy ralna . Many railroad bridges ware washed away. The selection of a President outside of the faculty establishes a disputed fact that a President must not nec-ssarily nec-ssarily nec-ssarily be a professor. The trustees could not have elected a professor at this tim they elected Dr. Mulllns absolutely without any reference to the annual meeting of the board next May. - . soon as the trustees had reached decision they adjouraed until 4 o'clock, and President Levering Immediately teiegrapned Dr. Mulllns of his election and Inquired concerning his Pleasure When they reassembled In the after noon President Levering announced that no response had been received. The session was spent In a discussion nf seminary anairs. ana a committee was appomiea to arrange for Dr. Mulllns' inauguration snould he accent. The committee comprises the Louisville trustees sna lr. Hatcher, of Richmond. nu ur. Mcuonaia. r Atlanta. The trustees men adjourned to meet at S Ir. Kolllna Not Heard Frozo. The trustees adjourned at 10 o'clock with no word from. Dr. Mulllns. but no especial significance attached to his silence. . Ex-Gov. Ex-Gov. Ex-Gov. W. J. -; -; Northen. of ueorgia was appointed a committee of one to call on him personally and will do so at once. In the event of Dr. Mulllna' . decllng the call, the matter will rest in the bands of a committee of five to arrange for another uhImi This committee consists of Joshua Lev. oi JMrjrina; jonainan Haralson. I VCI I m r-r-Mr-fy r-r-Mr-fy r-r-Mr-fy r-r-Mr-fy r-r-Mr-fy r-r-Mr-fy r-r-Mr-fy . t common emmer o Tiuisima runs or cr. W. Land rum. of I bkLU If rtlCIlMI ridia . IUHK. I ries on m ouiiiicti. i pon complaint ni; road or common carrier has violated t' ' provisions of this section, it shall be the I duty of the conmnlsalon to Investigate te j grounds of complaint, and If, after sue t in- in- i vestlgation. the commission deems it pro - ; er to exonerate the railroad or comrnf a j carrier from the operation of the provt - Ions of this section, aa order In writing . that effect shall be made by the corotn.'o-slon, corotn.'o-slon, corotn.'o-slon, and a copy thereof delivered to. li comnlalnant and the railroad or corrtSi.Jn carrier, and the same shall be pubUsil ' as a part of the report of the commiatit I and after such order, the railroad or o- o- ! mon carrier shall not be prosecuted or 4 e.) j on account of the complaint made. I I commission. aftr inveti(tation, falls t : ' eioneraiv i nt- nt- rmirumu or earner irons v ?msient Win ' Not Send Gen. Wheeler To the Philippines. any ! And Illusion About Disarmament , Will Be Scattered By Military ." Snbcommlssiona. - . . , . ' .. London. June 20. The correspondent of the Times at The Hague says: "The naval and mlllUry subcommls- subcommls- slons will to-morrow- to-morrow- to-morrow- to-morrow- (Friday) scatter to the four winds the last vestige of doubt and Uluslbn as regards disarm ament. A rumor has been circulated to-day, to-day, to-day, which I am unable to confirm, that Emperor Nicholas, displeased at the trend things have taken, has dis patched a confidential emissary to Berlin, Berlin, who will afterward come here to take part in the conference. Smith. White, of of South .North of Alabama; W. Georgia; Julius C. Carolina, and J. E. Carolina- Carolina- The Kentucklana were prominent In all the proceedings of the board, and strong speeches were made by Dr. Eaton Eaton and Dr J. B. Marvin. The majority of . the Kentucky delegates voted for Dr. Mulllns. ' The trustees present were: Kentucky T. T. Katon, J. W. Warder, J B. Marvin, G. W. Norton. Arthur Peter T J. Humphreys. W. H. Ftlix, J. 31. il.ddle- il.ddle- the mercy of Pittsburg coal dealers and j e wui not oe eompeuea io ouy price asked. It also means that Ke tucky manufacturers and shippers can ' compete favorably with the manufac turers and shippers of other Statea - "If the commission had attempted t,. enforce strictly the decision of th. Court of Appeals, it would have mean' the death of hundreds of enterprises I 1; the State and would have prevemec.r capital- capital- rxota oeing invested here." The action of the commission Is base j upon Section" 820, Kentucky Statutes. m-Kliih m-Kliih m-Kliih mAm mm frill, r,. secaon ssu. Long ana snort Haul over Same - Road Penalty Jurisdiction cf Courts Duty of Commission. If any fer-son fer-son fer-son owning or operating a railroad in (.-' (.-' (.-' State, or any common carrier, shsli cha t i or receive any greater compensation In t:i aggregate for the transportation of pa.n- pa.n- ' gers or property of Ilka kind, under suu- suu- stantlally similar drcumstancas and ton- ton- ditlona. for a shorter than for a ion?-r ion?-r ion?-r ' distance, over the same line in the same direction, the shorter being Included witoin re the longer distance, such person shall, jr j. each offense, be guilty of a misdemeaaor. and fined not less than one hundred r t ' more than five hundred dollars, to bt re-covered re-covered re-covered by Indictment In the Franklin C r- r- . cult Court,' or the Circuit Court of m-r m-r m-r f county Into or through which the '. or common carrier so violating runs or cr. i i CO, a i mrh!s, Tenn.. June 29. The Com -c!al-Ar -c!al-Ar -c!al-Ar -c!al-Ar peals Washington corres- corres- lent wires as follows! ... t was announced positively this aft that Gen. -Wheeler -Wheeler would not ordered to the Philippines. This ls ld with the xplaneUlon that the ent does not wish to expose the 'i to-the to-the to-the hardships of the Phlllp- Phlllp- iimate at this season of the year. 'resident feels that Gen. Wheeler erne his share of the burden In reliant work before Santiago. this connection, his friends here hat now that he Is relieved of fur- fur- embarrassments he will make an 'e campaign for the governorship of air,i. While his friends seem con- con- It c f thlst Gen Wheeler has author. I no one to speak for him In the -r." -r." :; ' ' . !v:LD DREYFUS RUMOR. - la Taxis That ths Exiled Cp- Cp- &ia Had Committed Suicide. Kate of a Steamer Xrom Cuba Taken . To Swinburne Island. Gallatin county Republicans divide the ,hree votes of their delegation equally between Taylor and Stone. : i The Mayor of Muskegon. Mich., was .assassinated yesterday by a disappointed disappointed fllce-seeker. fllce-seeker. fllce-seeker. Treasury officials think- think- the deficit for tne present nscai year will be about 90,000,000. . ' t a , The death of Mra E. XX EL 'C South- South- worth Is expected at any 1 moment. Twelve lives were lost during a storm a Lake Erie Wednesday night. Georgia W. W. Landrum, H. McDonald. W. J. Northen, I. T. Tichener, JJ H. Kil- Kil- fairti n. n. nicimu, a. u. f reeman. C. B. Willlnghani. H. H, Headen. E. iZ Connally. Virginia W. K. Hatcher. L. R. Thorn-hill. Thorn-hill. Thorn-hill. J. IX. Taylor. C. 1L Rvland M. w Triable. Mar'land Joshua Levering. R. H. Edmonds. Edmonds. 8outh Carolina C. II. Judson, J. H. HuU son, W. lx Durst. J. C. Smith. A. J fit Thomas, K. J. Forrester. F. P. Covington. Ttnnee A. J. Holt, M. Dl Jeffries. Alabama Oeorre B. Eager. MUissippI A. V. Kowt. ' " Mieourl J. F. Kemper. North Caroline J. E. White. Texas, Loui;ana and Arkansas were not represented. Sketch of Dr. Mullina. The Rev. Edgar Young Mulllns. D. D the newly-elscted newly-elscted newly-elscted President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, was born In Franklin county, Mia:., January 5. 186a , In early boyhood he went with hla father and mother to Texas, and after attending the country school entered the Agricultural and Mechanical College College of Texas. There he graduated with New York, June 20. John' Johnson. mate of the Norwegian steamship Krlrrr, was removed to Swinburne Island hos pital this afternoon, suffering from yel low fever and to-night to-night to-night bis condition is serious. The Krlm sailed from Havana on June 20 via Matanxas. The steamer was detained at Quaran tine here for disinfection, which will probab'y be finished to-morrow. to-morrow. to-morrow. The crew will be hMd at Hoffman Island five days, and the steamer will be allowed to proceed to tbe dock with a new crew. COL WILLIAMS DEAD. t o.' lj, Jur.t 29. -As -As an example of the r' yf'is ruriors current, the Solr this v:i:r.g dlared that a high police ' -. -. rial, speuklng to an intimate friend. s 1 !.e French Government received l ' orrr.atioa forty-efgrht forty-efgrht forty-efgrht hours ago that 'erfus conmltted suicide on board the jier Sf.nfct. on which he left Devil's -'xnd -'xnd for France. - A Mexican Veteran, An Ex-Confederate Ex-Confederate Ex-Confederate Ex-Confederate and One of hladison Conn-ty's Conn-ty's Conn-ty's Best Men. opera Hon of tbe provisions of this seel en, an order in writing to mat etrect shsf . be made by the commission, and a copy tjt trot trot delivered to the complainant, and t railroad or common carrier, and the t shall be published as a part of the rtK ' of the commisfilon; and after such ordt t. shall be the duty of the commission to finish finish a statement of tbe facts, togsh-r togsh-r togsh-r with a copy of Its order, to the grand rsry of any county, the Circuit Court of i J has Jurisdiction. In order that the raj t company or carrier may be lndicter . r the offense; and tbe commission Shalt ut.' propr efforts to sea that such cornea. l or carrier Is Indicted and prosecuted, Cusri Tor Madame Dreyfus. kernes 'France, June 29. The house tu: ied 'by Madame Dreyfus was K'ifr k.l by gendarmes all night long, &;1 at daybreak these policemen were 'ictedtj f'jy others. In addition, a R'tnt pittr keeps the outer gates l"r:-.ed l"r:-.ed l"r:-.ed ar,.U barred. No one is allowed ;i:er ,'vttbout the express permission - !a i. gixa Dreyfus. : w- w- ai.'redited report Is In clreula-t clreula-t clreula-t i ti It evening that Capt. Dreyfus ai r!ye some time to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow night. ROOSEVELT NOT A CAND'DATI Richmond, Ky.. June 29. Special. CoL Alford Williams, a Mexican veteran veteran and an ex-Confederate, ex-Confederate, ex-Confederate, died near Ruth ton, this county, last night, aged eighty. He was one of the beat known men In tMs county. J. M. Samuels, aged eighty-six. eighty-six. eighty-six. and a highly esteemed citizen, died this morning at the borne of bis son, Thomas Samuels, at Pineville. The body was brought here to-day to-day to-day for burial. Says n Is In Eavor of Benomina Mr. JIcKinley. j . Albany, N. Y..' June 29. Gov. R . velt declared this afternoon be' Is tt l candidate for the presidency In 190flbijr) f- f- advocates the renomlnatlon of ..'if : : deat.McKlaley.. . - . " . .1 ?tv. Fatal Prize Eight. ,i.-prFbia-g. ,i.-prFbia-g. ,i.-prFbia-g. ,i.-prFbia-g. ,i.-prFbia-g. W. Va.. June 29. (Spe- (Spe- Kit" Wanko. of Washington. r ,n i Fillx Carr. of HunUngton. W. 4 a twenty-round twenty-round twenty-round contest at I to-night, to-night, to-night, Wanko knocking Crr r ,it .a the fourth round. Carr did ''' over promptly after the knock-o knock-o knock-o 1 faa brought to the Commer- Commer- A I.. If I 'in thlS CltV. In m Aarvl.n. I 1 ' - ov tf f wrked with him until l o'clock B'VrrJag, when he dler. He we 4 m years of age and married. a., I. V r!t j' The bin of "M.V Vanden Perebom, the cause of the agitation, seeks to perpetuate perpetuate the clerical domination of the country. It provides for a proportional representation in districts electing more ttuSn three members. The Liberals and Socialists realize that Its effect would be to maintain the Catholic representa tion in the smaller constituencies and practically to exclude the Liberals and Socialists from the larger districts. A new Bernaert ministry Is predict ed as the outcome of the agitation. In any event the crisis is one of the most serious that has occurred In Belgian history. The Liberals, being In a hopeless mi- mi- Idea of fighting the bill by parliament wry roetnoas. ana starteg a campaign wv,u uvuuq. ... ' , NO Df LAY, IN THE CASE. Ministry Godfrey Hunter Has Pre sented the Pears Claim Against ..Honduras, Washington. June 29. The State De partment baa taken noUoe of certain charges made against United ?atea Minister Hunter by B. B. Pears Of de laying the prosecution of the claim tor indemnity against Honduras on account rf the killing of bis brother. It is l Iterated that there has been no delay in tne prosecution of this case and in support of this statement l is pointed out that Mr. Hunter has already pre sented the claim for Indemnity, that the Stats Department bas firmly declined to entertain .several dilatory DroDosltimia emanating from the Honduranian Gov ernment, ana mat meanwhile it has been informed by persons appearing to uny wiminwa to represent the interests interests of the deceased that additional information bearing on the case wss on its way 10 wasningion. MRS. R0L0 SON'S ESTATE. Greater Part of It Will Go To Her Mother, Mrs. Marshall, of ' ... ' Xouis villa. Chicago, June 29. t Special. The greater part of the $65,000 estate of the late Mrs. Belle M. Roloson. who died on June , .at her residence, 2109 Prairie avenue, by the terms of her will, fijed in the Probate Court, becomes the proper ty of her mother. Mrs. Judith L. Marshall, Marshall, of Louisville. Minor bequests to her husband, brother and other relatives relatives are noted. Mrs. Marshall beinir named as residuary legatee. Robert W. Roloson, husband of the testatrix. Is made executor of the estate. Reunion After Many Tears. Hartford City, Ind.. June 23. Mrs. May Davis, of Mlllgrove. east of this city, has gone to Covington. Ky, to meet her father., of whose existence or whereabouts mt . was Ignorant until last week. Mrs. Davis parents lived at Covington sit the time of her birth. Misfortune Misfortune caused a separation of parents and children, and May was sent to sn orphans home. When sbs was eight Iho announcement thftt a portion of the prcYiFional army wss to b raised bas caused a swarm of politicians to be sent to ill VCar Department by those who are seeking commissions In the new regiments. . Lieut. Sharpley Trying" Eor a Commission. Commission. Washington. June 29. Special. Lieut. A. G. Sharpley. of Lexington, late of the Third Kentucky volunteers, saw the Secretary of War this morning. morning. : Lieut. Sharpley has been steadily steadily at work since the muster out of his regiment perfecting plsns for. a regiment from the country at largo for service In the Philippines. The department department officials are said to be favorably favorably Impressed with the Idea, and mav accept, after sufficient men are recruited recruited for the skeleton regiments now being being organised by MaJ. Gen. Otla Lieut. Sharpley made an enviable record aa Battalion Adjutant during the war, and Is highly Indorsed both tmm a military military and political standpoint.' ' Chickamauga Wants ths Camp. Chattanooga, Tenn.. June 29. Members Members of the Chlckamauga National Military Military Park Commission are urging the War Department to order troops under recent call for volunteers to this place. Gen. H. V. Boynton is now In Washington Washington on that mission, and officials here expect troops to be ordered South as fast aa they enlist. , SUICIDE OF CHAS. F. COLLIER. Was a Member of the Conf edsrats . Congress and Mayor of Petersburg, Petersburg, Va. against Ola X'U Petersburg. Va-. Va-. Va-. June 29. As the re sult of insomnia, melancholia and ner vous prostration, the Hon. Charles F. Collier, of this city, shot himself through the head this morning, dying instantly. He was a lawyer by profession, profession, an ex-member ex-member ex-member of the Confederate Congress, had served several terms in the Legislature and served as Mayor of this city-for city-for city-for six terms, tie at one time was President or the outnern nail-road nail-road nail-road Company. Mr. Collier was in his seventy-second seventy-second seventy-second year, had been twice married and was a ruling elder In the Presbyterian church. He had no business business troubles.. MURPHY GETS FIVE YEARS. He Bobbed the Adams Express Com pany's Safe At Greensbuxg East . - Month. - Greensburg. Ky., June 29. 'Special. J George Murphy, who robbed the Adams Exproie Company's safe here, was to day convicted and sentenced to five years in the penitentiary. Associated Press Victory. Chicago, June 29. The' Appellate Court to-day to-day to-day affirmed the decree of the Circuit Court dismissing for 'want of equity the bill filed In January. 1S38. by the Inter Ocean Publishing Company against the Associated Press for the Issuance of an Injunction to restrain the defendant association from sus pending or expelling it from membership membership li the association, from refusing to rive to it news as required by the terms of Us contract and from doing ny act or thing tending to deprive toe Inter Ocean Publishing Company of toe i service of ths defendant. k Sc. Sons, the d.vt II-fllT II-fllT II-fllT lers of Cincinnati, for taxes claimed to ,. be due the State of Kentucky on,p ," erty owned t y the d' t-i t-i t-i f .i V t!r- t!r- H" roll county. Block &"XC..i "owing the taxes and the hearing of the suits, was postponed from one time to an-; an-; an-; other. Less than three months sgo an! effort was' made to settle the matter.' The County Assessor, being' determined to find out the value of the property of Block A Sons, which consists of a number of bonded warehouses and: whisky in Carroll county, placed the; matter In the hands of Notary Public Brice. with Instructions for him to, have Mr. Comtngore subpoenaed to an-) an-) an-) swer questions aa- aa- to the amount and, value of the whisky stored In the defendant's defendant's bonded warehouses In Carroll Carroll county. Mr. Brice found Collector Coming-ore Coming-ore Coming-ore " a difficult witness to deal with. The latter, when placed on the stand, absolutely absolutely refused to answer any ofthe! questions put to him. His defense was that he could not be compelled to answer answer the questions, as the information given him by the defendants In the case had been privileged, he being a Government Government officer. Furthermore, he claimed that tbe rules of the Internal Revenue Service would not permit hint to give out information which had coma to him In bis capacity as a revenue ifflcer. As a matter of form. Brice fined him tS and sentenced him to spend nix hours In Jail. The sentence was never carried out. Mr. Comingore Immediately appealed appealed the case to County Judge Orr. of Carroll county. The Judge sustained, the Notary in his decision. On his arrest yesterday morning Mr.! Comingore telegraphed the state of af-: af-: af-: fairs to District Attorney R. D. HUL of this city, who immediately filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus In the Federal Court here. The writ, ' was granted by Judge Evans, to be re-i re-i re-i turnable next Saturday. j Mr. George Gaunt, of the law firm or Gaunt A Downs, of Carrollton. Is In the city In the interest of the case. He is-the is-the is-the attorney for Ellas Block A Sons. Mr. ; Gaunt was seen yesterday afternoon' and said that the arrest of Mr. Comin-, Comin-, Comin-, gore was merely a formality which had; been agreed upon by both plaintiff and; defendant In the case of the Common-, Common-, Common-, wealth of Kentucky va Ellas lilooK Sons to determine the right of the State, to force a Government official to give out Information which he has received In that capacity. Mr. Gaunt claims that under a special ruling of the Commis sioner of Internal Revenue and also under Section 3167 of the United States. Revised Statutes, Mr. Comtngore bad a right to refuse to answer the questions. The defendants intend to fight the case and a number of Cincinnati and! Carrollton attorneys will be present at; the bearing of the case before Judge: Kvans on Saturday. ; The claim of the State Is that Block' A Sons did not list witn the County As.' sessor of Carroll county ail the whisky In their warehouses In that connty. be-' be-' be-' tween October 1. 1S5. and July L. 1Ssj7. which was subject to State and county,1 tiix s. It was to discover whether the! amount of whisky, on which the Blocks! bad paid revenue, tallied with the amount which they had returned to the. Carroll County Assessor. The case has aroused great Interest on account of the legal points Involved.' The Rsv. B. Kelson Barr Dead. HunUvllIe. Ala.. June 23. (Special.! The Rev. E. Nelson Barr, pastor ot the First Presbyterian church at Decatur,. died in that city yesterday after an 1 II i ness of only one or two days. Mr. Carr; was well known In Huntsvllle, having resided here for several years bf' r.'" roing to Decatur. Ha muj-rl"i muj-rl"i muj-rl"i 11, t' Carrie Hayhew, rf this city, a y-ar y-ar y-ar ,. The funeral wi.l be nn! k f1 a t Decatur and the n -sains -sains t.':.rptd u tt..s. city. i

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