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 - e r CO. ha, consent. AH aie hereby any w i l l...
e r CO. ha, consent. AH aie hereby any w i l l piea-e THE COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE.,' 1846. Edited by John Imnun ^ Ro'jt. .3. "N en'.ciiiiir upon the fifth volume ot' the Col Col u r n b i a n Magazine we find om^elve* w h a t perplexed as to the right execution ol ta-k. We iiave m u c h to s.iv of the past, of m i g h t seem f-»oti.-tical to say i t : Mr. n t i l the first day , rnuch to say of the t j i e c u r j.^, should appear u n d u l y to boast. On the hand .-ornething ;·.: t h i = season must be said, call · that the ic CO. we should appear ungrateful for the steadily iri- crc'j.-intr patronage bestowed upon us. Is not ours a pleasant p r e d i c a m e n t ! On fee the spirit of proveibial modesty, and so , 1 and n they can be bought , city. i at this house, , ' g i v e e n t i r e or rr.-pect- . lSi-13. l y moment we begin to --peak of w h a t we done and shall do, it lays its shadowy fn.neis upon its ghostly lip.-', and w i t h other gc.-tnre-s, frowns us into silence : on the othf-r hand the '^Pii'-TOUs p u b l i c -- t h e unperson.ikv.tiou of seveial thou-ands of subscribers subscribers and leaders--demand that we pay tribute tribute to t h e i r liberal patronage, that we the plea.-uie t h ^ y have been vont to enjoy n o w two }ecir.¥ in our puge?, and that we declare our pbns for the f u t u i e . We ! course, no choice left but to exorcise the of our n a t i v e bush fulness. 'Tis done:--and , now we w i l l t a l k freely v.ith our , of ourselves and our intention';. restored no H. , | i | j i j i ,. ,, , ' How rapidly, and mmnthstanding mihcal- ^ ties, to be s u r m o u n t e d how bped MIK-C we tned the e x p e n t u e n t m.,g,/.ir.e ,.. t h i s great e n . p o n u 1 u o ye.ns^only h a v e elapsed, and yet prise has been crowned w i t h success, and , , . , , , . , , - . ,- , , . pa-es 01 the f o l u r n b i a n Maguzme p bl ,.:j gladdi n and i n s t r u c t the hearts ol the less fair one 1 ; ol our proud city and State, throw- ing the l i g h t of its pleasant tale-: and e tiious sentiment.- over many thousand f a m i circles, f n t t e r i n g purest affections and lessons that m i g h t well fall from mothers" i n t o maidens' l i s t e n i n g ears. magazine inmieious readers in every State o!' j the Union. The shrewd and observant New j Knglandergreets it w i t h a h e a r t y i Summer's eve beneath the shady | Winter's night around the glowing hearth, a y o u t h f u l scion of a w o r t h y , from its pages, while beautiful and w o r t i daughters ply the w i l l i n g needle, and t and dame exchange approving and delighted I glances. Far away in the thickly peopled "West i do we aid in upholding and perpetuating the soothe l e , Scott Covle, | theasperities of arduous Cumber-'. the sunny South greets us m o n t h o f ' and generous welcome. Yes. brief this existence has been, it has neither been other, a mcm- the choke than Act of in operation John g h . James Weakly, Paxton, j fining influence of literature'and art, an \ i ; ' i I t . ' away, but ~' ' °' ' · of less nor joyless. We have sought to supply Americans with a magazine worthy of A m ca, and the universal hail of welcome that has greeted us has fur exceeded our expectations, while it has increased our conviction that a the Gom-; magazine such as we have been able may | was" needed for the many thousands ol renewals years, j cheering prospects. must I spoken in terms o. We enter upon our third year with bright Every where has the press hijrh commendation, not i i r u i , cheapest class at alone of the literary contents be ?"0 but of its unsurpassed embellishments, to pay $:,-1 never w i t h warmer praise and pol- six months. than j months ago. c h cheaper This, with our increased circula- om .| | 2 to a tion, we take as an acknowledgment that will | l ia ve fulfilled the promises we renewed six j We need not again renew them. } Be it ours to no and not to HOAST. To those ( l i t e as ; who have patronized us so far we offer j thanks. We have no doubt that we shall c tinue to secure their approval and their good wishes. To those v\ ho, now that the new age law is in full operation am! a new year i so commencing, w i l l doubtless swell the list patrons, we say that we have contracted for ( As have in progress some of the richest and embellishments, for the new volume, that ever been produced in this country--embellish- c o u n t y : ments UESIOXI:!) as well as ETJRAVED LY run THE · V V O U K ; and that we have into treaty with many of the first American thors regularly to aid us by their literary bors. These arrangements have of course en- upon us rreat expense, but we intend that j the Columbian "shall be the first--in every spcct--of American magazines. Let there he M E R ' S COOK no misapprehension on this point, and let friends g h e us the return of a still larger ronage. for we \VILT. deserve it. j Hannah F. As to the past or f u t u r e discharge ties it behooves us to say little. We shall deed but express our obligations to our ous correspondents and request a continuance of their favors, assuring them that they shall ever have the most courteous attention at hands. Speaking of correspondents, we r e f with pride to the annexed list of those who sutlice. us. embodying, as it does, offer- i ,1 * i ', . · i - * honor to our c o u n t r y s litera- the wants all who · One j stove · i n g , c. can be i h e same t i m e ' hire--those who have attained to the highest fame, and others who are steadily and rapidly progressing to the same goal : Mrs. L. H. bigourney, C. W. Kirkland. Ann ,s. L. M. Child, P. S. Osgood, E. Mag^. Stephens E m b u M R Hert j { t E 0 ^ m i t , A c _ , lenc h e , t , . ,-. ^^ ,^.. ~ ,- , . _ _ ! - ., J J persons.--· be i Mowatt, E. F. Ellett, M. St. Leon Loud, P. H u n t , C. H Butler, D. Ellen Louisa M. M i l l s w i l l ' They are warranted j ry j j Stove 1 pleased with i t 1 than ' perform more Cook- 1 fuel, than any of t j o n h a x e tried ' c o n n e c t i o n with t h e tings Weld. Park Benjamin, T. S A r T. T u c k e r m a n , .lohn Neal, S. D. Seba S m i t h . Theodore S. Fay, George ris, R. Ingraham, W. W h i t m a n , E. C. F. Holi'man. H. P. G r a t t a n . Us, Joseph Boughton. John Inman. West, Henry Morford, A r t h u r Morrell, . Schoolcralt, C. Donald MacLeod, the moie t h r o u g h o u t in the t of my domestic estnblish- e d g e n i y b e l f indebted l l y . y o u r . c D. PAXTON CO ' y l v a n i a . a n d for ' my i A u t h o r of -Pen and Ink Sketches," W, Kendall, S. C 15. Thomson, ,T. Bayard ·' Taylor, J. T. Headly, \c. ,Vc. kc. , The We have but to add that the publisher ipon a new v o l u m e , therefore, w i ions of increased patronage. He has every reason for i n d u l g i n g such expectations. creasing- exertions vv i l l be made to each department of the work. | Masrazine Dealers in Periodicals, who wish to become agents for the C o l u m b i a n Magazine apply to the Publisher immmediately. The j usual discount w i l l be made to them. I -- j lET^U who wish TERMS OF THE COLOIB1AN M A G A Z One copy one v e a r in advance. $3 UO One copy two years, 5 U 1 1 Two copies one year, F i v e l: '· Uli 30 O'J the prepared to Eight, Twelve. 1 Dec. 22. " 13 Ou 20 UO Address, post paid, ISRAEL POST, 110 Nassau street, New York.

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