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gfo Qtbjijath CIB-CTIT ZUeo-tloae to Is to a ae nndcr-tbat it ARRESTED- IX-FLOITo aa of In to in a to of in to a jy EAST RITER GHOST. old snErr Anns restless spirit. A FOLICIXAir FRI OBTESTED BT THE SUPPOSED REAPPXARAKCS OF A SROWKRD AKD BURIED ALA XTSTERIOUB RID NIGHT LIGHT! OS THE RIVER WATCHING F0K THE 6 HOST. Joseph B. Sheppard was a nlg-ht-watchman nlg-ht-watchman nlg-ht-watchman nlg-ht-watchman nlg-ht-watchman oa tbe last River piers. He watched everything that assdad watching In the vicinity of East Thlrty-elghth Thlrty-elghth Thlrty-elghth atnel. aad patrolled the aaighboraood to keen burglars out of tbe stoma, A part . of his duty was ta call persona who wished to get ap early ia tha morning. He waa aa old man. rat bar small, wore a cap, which always pulled well aver his eyes, aad ried his hands ta hla pockets. He was stoop. shouldered, kept the ends of hia pantaloons stuffed la his boots, and ia described in general by his friends aa a aaaa who would be remembered for &O years wben once tern, feaveral weeks ago Mr. Bhennerd went to a house at Toirty-uinth-etreet Toirty-uinth-etreet Toirty-uinth-etreet Toirty-uinth-etreet Toirty-uinth-etreet nnd First-avenue First-avenue First-avenue at 1 o'clock la tbe morning to eaQ one of his customers. Half aa hour later his dead body waa found ta tbe Bast River, at the foot ef Thirty-aighthatreot. Thirty-aighthatreot. Thirty-aighthatreot. It waa pulled out aad. taken to the Morgue, where tt waa claimed by his eon. Coroner Woltmaa held aa inquest, and tha verdict waa accidental drowning. A burial permit waa given, and the old watchman was buried by his son. He waa dead legally, religiously, and very thorouahly. Two weeks ago last night, Thomas Kilbride, a patrolman attached to the Twenty-first Twenty-first Twenty-first Precinct Police Police Station, waa put on duty oa tbe poet in which the foot of Eaat Thirty-eighth Thirty-eighth Thirty-eighth -a -a treet is situated. He petroled his district till, mldnlcht without any unusual unusual occurrence. At 1:30 o'clock in the morning morning the officer walked slowly along the shore of tbe East River. He approached the pier from which the watchman slid into eternity. He stopped suddenly, frightened half to death, then turned around and ran. Borne accounts say that ha fainted, but this he denies. The cause of the officer's flight Shall be given in his own words : I waa looking down at the ground, aays Officer Kilbride, " walking slowly along, when something made me look up. Tbe Instant I raised my eyes I saw Joseph Sheppard's ghost, standing within six feet of ma I knew him for many years, and I would recognise him among any number of men. He bad the same old cap. pulled far down over hla eyea, and waa standing with hia handa in hia pantaloona pockets. Just aa I havo aeon him stand, in the aama place, several times. He had hia pantaloons stuffed In his hoots, as usual, and wore the same shabby clothes. He looked just exactly aa he always did, only his face looked like a dead man's face. I did not go ap to him, for, before I had a chance to recover from my surprise, he suddenly disappeared. disappeared. He did not walk or run away, or go down over the pier, but disappeared all in a second, rir hi before my eyes. I did not faint, aa tney say 1 did, bnt of course 1 wss very much surprised." Capt. Murphy, of the Twenty-first Twenty-first Twenty-first Precinct, says that whan be heard -about -about the ghost, several days mieo, be queatione 1 Officer Ki bride about it, and the officer gave him substantially the same account given Above. Capt. Murphy is confident that Kilbride aaw the form of the old wntebman. but whether the watchman is not really dead or whether it waa a trick upon the offic r he does not pretend to ssy . The ghost of tne watchman, if shoal it ia, haa been Been ia other shapes. Yesterday morning, at a few minutes after midnight, persona who were watching at the pier in the hope of seeing bhenpard's ghoat, saw a bright lignt start suddenlv out from the bene of the pier at the water's edge, and swim about near the shore, making circles, squares, and all aorta of eccentric flgnrea. Officer Officer Kilbride saya that he haa himself aeen this light at tho pier about midnight. He de-eertbea de-eertbea de-eertbea it as about double the size of the lixcht of a street lamp, flyina: about on the edjre of the water after midnight, aad then making suddenly for the Elid-le Elid-le Elid-le Of tllO rittr ind disappearing. The officer it as positive about the man and the light at pouiblo. It. noa ooen on tbo foreo foe o lone lino, and OapS. XI urpta y on tluu no is o bnn At 11:15 o cluck laat niarht. Mma. Blavmteky and CoL H. S. Olcott drove to the door of tne Twenty Twenty first Precinct Police rotation, and in a few minute. afterward tbeee two. Cant. Murphy, and five reporter reporter atnrted for tbe foot of Kaat Tbirty-nlntn-atreet, Tbirty-nlntn-atreet, Tbirty-nlntn-atreet, Tbirty-nlntn-atreet, Tbirty-nlntn-atreet, on a ghost-hunt. ghost-hunt. ghost-hunt. ' Tbe two representatives of the Theosophlral Sociaty had seen accounts of the ghostly visitant in, the evening papers, and were determined to unravel the mystery, nnleas tt should prove too deeply tangled for even the moat modern of modern sciences to unlooae. - When questioned questioned about her experience In the returning ot departed departed apints to the earth. Alma. Blavatsky replied that the spirits of man of great genius might return to invest the spirits or souls of their friends. " But this man eras not a genius. " wss replied. He was a decrepid old man, and, something of a bummer." That i Just thereason;" said Mme. Blavatsky, deftly rolling a eltcarette between her fingers and lighting it, "why his spirit returns in this shape. If he had been possessed of a great mind, be would not have returned in bodily shape ; ha would have eomo mentally." At 11:50 tbe party reached tha haunted pier, aad In n few minutea a great crowd Bad collected. Nona of the neighboring watchmen, however, could be coaxed to approach the spot. It ia a fine place for a ghoat walk. A narrow lane, bet wean two great rows of tall lumber piles, loads from tbe street to tbe river-aide. river-aide. river-aide. Thf bank, which Is washed into drifts sad tunnels, runs abruptly down to the wharf, which ia t or 10 feet lowet than tha surrounding ground. All around are tall lumber pllea. On tbe left, juttimr out from tbe wharf, ta the akeleton of an old pier, about 'JO feet square. The planking long ago decayed and dropped off, and the timbers only are left. It waa under tola akeleton pier, tbj,t tbe body of the watchman waa found lying npon Its face on a great rock, the ba-k ba-k ba-k of the head entirely out of the water. His hat lay npon tbe bank. Had he been sober, he eo- eo- Id have turned over upon hia back and saved hia life. . It at from tinder the old pier, too, that the lights are aaid to have coma Tbe big steam -boat -boat Maryland went past aa the nartv were loosing at the water. ' There goes tne Maryland, now.' aaid Capt. Murphy. " Night before laat, aa she waa passing here, her pilot saw the light right In front of him, and whistled for it to set out of the way. It kept ahead of him aomo distance, and then disappeared. The gate-keeper gate-keeper gate-keeper of tbe Thirty-Kourth Thirty-Kourth Thirty-Kourth 8treet Ferry aaw it plainly on the eame night, and the ferry pilots are going to try to run it down wnen they see it again." " Von musnt laugh while you're waltlne for the host." said Mme. Blavatsky. "Seriously, you never can eve any spirits when you laugh. This is a good night for a phenomenon. The moon helps it, and tt la dry. Yoa never can aee any eights on a wet nicht." CoL Olcott improvised a seat, from one of the lumber pllea, lit bis nipe. and smoked away patiently. patiently. Mme. Blavataky kept him company with tho cigarettea. Tbe ghost insistsd npon not coming out from ander the wharf. There are not loss thaa SO persons who seriously affirm that they have seen the mysterious luzhta. However solid and real aad matter-of-fact matter-of-fact matter-of-fact matter-of-fact matter-of-fact a ghost this may be It kept itself shaded from mortal eyea last night. It wss 1 o'clock this morning when the party left the wharf, and it waa aa ahostless and chilly a party aa over hunted aa ignis fataua.

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 21 Mar 1878, Thu,
  3. Page 5

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