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 - High School Wrestling Provides Clean Sport...
High School Wrestling Provides Clean Sport EDITOR'S NftfE -- This Is .«h* g*cond ift * series of « fcrtitltt on the sport of high ;itho*l wrestling written by N«U W. Hart, Assistant wres- fllftf cotch at Flathead Colin- ty High School, to better acquaint Flathead fans with th background of the high school jiport. 8y NEIL W. HART """· Assistant Wrestling Coach f fathead County High School Many athletes consider wrestling the best all-around sport known. They claim it is the best means of body development, as it brings almost all rrwscles into play. In this sport, Everything about the body is used -- elbows, hands, arms, h*ad and neck, feet, knees and legs. With the use of so many body parts, wrestling is a fine overall body conditioner. : "$Trestling is also a means of ·flotation in self-reliance, in- Itia'tive and coordination. The competitor has to face his opponent strictly on his own, and he wins or loses on his own. In Jtfr^tling there are , or substitutions. time Once the triitch starts, the wrestler does iirjt talk with a coach or teammate and all actions and decisions are his own. - Unless the sport of wrestling Is understood, it is many times considered merely a test of Strength. But power actually is of less importance than other Skills. The most important thing is balance, then leverage and speed. Balance must be perfect in order to stand up to an opponent. And like leverage, it must be adjusted to the size and shape of the opponent. 12 WEIGHT CLASSES Wrestling provides an activity for the many boys who cannot compete in other sports because of size. In high school wrestling, there are 12 weight clabiet from 85 pounds upward to 177 pounds. A boy competes with someone his own weight and size. In wrestling, the coach is relieved of the responsibility of picking his "starters." The boys themselves determine who the starters shall be in competition. This eliminates many parental corriplaints. Nor is it often necessary for the coach to "cut" his squad. These two factors contribute greatly to the reduction of downtown problems. With the mentioning of weight arid weight classes, we should say something about the major concern to most parents of a growing high school boy wishing to wrestle. This problem is "what about weight loss'' or "the boy is starving himself so as to wrestle in a lighter weight class." This problem is one that cannot be answered by the coach, doctor, parents or boy except on an individual basis. It is generally agreed, by doctors of the Kalispell area and other noted authorities, that boys can lose a small amount of weight and benefit his overall health. However, another other some boy, say of 95 pounds, cannot md should not lose any weight. Each wrestler then must be considered an individual and follow the advice of the doctor on loss of any weight. Wrestling r e q u i r e s and teaches rigid self - discipline. Violation on training rules are easily detected in performance. Nearly every move made by either contestant can be seen by ever spectator. There is no team star or mate to "cover up' a mistake made by a wrestler. It teaches self control of emotions under great stress, and provides an excellent chance to demonstrate good sportsmanship and fair play. Injuries in wrestling may be of concern to some. Wrestling is a safe sport. Studies show Great Falls Okays Idea GREAT FALLS (UPI) -Great Falls school trustees joined those at Kalispeil Tuesday night in opposing a state high school championship football game unless there is a tie for first place at the end of regular conference play. Under the present setup, the top two Class AA teams play a post season game for the "state championshi".'' The Great Falls board took its action unanimously after considering a letter from D. P. Langbell, Kalispell superintendent fewer injuries in wrestling any other contact sport, including basketball. This Covers some of the values and the most common faults found with high school wrestling. The next article tell of the basic rules governing a high school wrestling match. Giants' Opens SAN FRANCISCO (UP1) -- There's no doubt about San Francisco Giants will the finest baseball stadium the world when they open on April 12. It will have all the most modern of facilities, fixtures* lighting, etc. drainage, upholstery, But during the two years work on the construction of Candlistick Park, the between the city, the stadium builders, the contractors others has been sometimes tragic, sometimes a cornic conversation for ''the "region's public. The stadium has been at various times, the most beautiful of all stadia; the greatest boon-doggie of all time: Candlestink Park, instead of Candlestick (because of the odor from nearby and a chemical plant), and

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