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 - DAILY 1930. Homer Urged Ru " For Co ^^s «f...
DAILY 1930. Homer Urged Ru " For Co ^^s «f Leading Chir.en« of Burlington and of Fifth District ^*" e Urging Burlington's Mayor t o Enter t h e was, because m the accom- at a time lor calm nodded ON W.--z, strange urtrict. havo urg--d Mr. Horsier to e:i- FAR SIGHTED BUSINESS MAN--GOOD RECORD H a s M a d e N o Definite Statement as to His Candidacy As Successor To Major Chai. M. Sled- Man. Ear! n. I£or.'-.-:- t-ieven years M-jy- or of 3urhnc;oii. may V;D:S:'- :t eai'didat" fur cuit^re^s from the Firth District of North Carolina, to succeed -The Grand O!ci Man." Major Chas. M. Sledman. L.f:iii-:i3 c:ti7X'::s of Burimston. and other leading men of the ii:- e- fie Homer's record both as business man. administrator and party -3\- county King. 2-i altt is po.n:«: on: by iha-.rl-.vho "Olik? clur.fc i;no:i ihf band wa»- :nd HOME tbc U hin-. ~H«- is in line f-;r 'tic'p nro- ;ntio:i nnd worthy of it." one of them said toda'-. During thc iim-r he has been Mayor of Burlington. Ear! Homr-r has be^n more than a po-iti~a! head of a citv trovemi-cni, Hr ha* been a f.iresi^hed birsincs-; PK-C:I- r ive siapnlirn with tnc- irr.:pn«, of "."i .·u^^!::!etj!v {,4.4; s;^j..mix :n- uu--.trin! expansion. Tlio«ii who wo'ilti .-ioi:b: r.-'.nt hns 3ep ii:- ta. c :-: of keeping the civic -" public affairs a .uinip ahead o ment-=. If the citvs end o' fe the development prograui b^d bJ» P r- mi**-/ 1 ! · *\ 1it~ r- n *, - i t - » minca .o last, so wouid have other Many KiUed And Injured In Theatre Fire In One Hundred and Four Persons Were Killed and Than IOC Were Injured When Fire 3-ckc Out Movie Theatre--mo., of Vl^iin^ Were J a anesci Naval Men Wlj-le Mi. Homer has made no : - · rtpfinif» .statement about his -o?si- .-ome of his practices, sstiare-shoottas to the^- capstel and labor He [»*»«·« rbat Cither should have m v,o,-« · nor be permitted ro have, monopo- the pole Ues against thc. other. Mr. Horner was reared p farm cy. becninc an engineer and than ·x cm covsminenc head. Ee has re- *i»i!i«?d lv«: inr-rr-st in th- farm and 11 .1 r?cent discussion of the fann ;i!ob!cm. :;«; it r.ffect-s tobacco grcra-- -rs in the Piedmont section, he T"a!"-7.cfi vi-hat. in liis c-jinioii. ihe trcuble is. "It i;:r: :hat manufacairtTs do i ~ot 'a nay the growers more i Tor :iii.:r product. it"- because thev i --"jiot." ·)« i linled out. For in-s- ·: "The farmer got-: fiity cents ·:;rfp ix»un'is of tooacco from ·I i r.nn cisarottes are made, set this. "} a '"» oppo--ed to the (.-xorbitant ' r :ox Tstcm. 4 on one commodi- in ·{ lire wSiich broke -t i Ckinkai Navai iia.s^j in i,.^; tlms were -Japanese na%'ai dren. The film burst i::l flames duriu"- iretl and '-.·re lium 100 injured motion jjicttire hho-.v at rn Korea- Ivlosi OL the n and their Whve M a n d - picture exhibit::,n at S h I / i k a i -e!el.-ra',i!)ir (lie 25 special m o versary of t.'ie f l a t t i e of ."Mnk.len *i IJO*sP \1"n J* .*I»\,O*^ t *· fil , "J he casualties ;ver e niostiy . --heir i'timilia* / t u t of NO PROVISION U! Prlfifii HTF ^^A^E IN WILL iiJbrfffliJIiL FOR THE WIFE Wa_s another. is about The government a pound on ci- Jackson | --"-" · " *"""[. n a pouna on ci- Tyre ; ar ette tooacco. The manufacturer. w must se!1 ihal original 50 cents a " ortn c - tobacco for SC 40 to meet tax and overhead oper- j" o ^ s ard aTM"'de a fair return on gai- -"^ invested capital. ,, f ^ x '~ "'-' ere ' ht pncc ?OPS from '"'' tunp the i .' ^ tl "'?° J j" ';?·' and j wn«-n tnt toiLs over Thf TO-, i-rrimrnt hn«: no t in '·ol-ectme such = rov -"«-" i-n': freuinc Knocked i:in-:» a: : 2 Roijlif-J !«y X,-sn, of I'ncJfte-nn- inetl Amount of Ca 1 .!!. Charlotte. Mar. 10.-- 4i--x L. ll::!ii .'·trr.'ft c;ir mo'orman. v.-;i-he:d up e«tri :oday ov an unnifnt- iSea n^-^ro who faiockeu ::::. un- conscious'and escaped -,11;}) .-i:: un- ainotinl oi -a-h Muns. had haitc-': h: r.'r-.v Vork. broiljcr and r.v a r -Ja{- oth- , Shoulo t;-.t- Fifth District v.-Lh a ~cci'-tv man in V/ashir-eton. 11 should never cniis:dpr E.-ir] Homer. He isn't -J 1 at type man. Hon;p.- appeaL" to thc mas;, of ;eop!e _ ih- people if -,o;i please-. _ b^- he 14 one of thf-i.:. He is the } r.f Jm^rf ,TM..!. --- . _. atlon and fc ~ ~ -- - " and nu;ran nattm- of i/r^rea .n the a . cu:; ;:nrt dewnck-c -vr.a! fn.--:! :;i- r-rt-i ^Tho sue-- ra.Jv.-j.y ··: p.ovc 2:vpp; o 7;nh t n e r.c^r'j. «;te::.;j - ;:i3 to v.rt.-: T;IP si:a fzoii. ;.;:i, II: '"-,; .-·.:ug_.J" -.h" 8J11JJ W . , , « · charged J:KJ th«- ijsirrfi ·-··p:'x!« l d. Miiri, v.-i-.--, ^na -,vn..'- :IP /a-, on the ifro : jr:d ;.-j- !.«·".'· s'.n.'jk h;:;2 l:f- !J'-MC. too.-: it for :;j- bo a . oartia! p iisblicity. havins b-«-:i rev:U the; Capper's J.Ia?a73n« ir a ''-a; of :h«-- nai:o:;-v:c"" '--·· " ^oc»at:or!N ard :n ".either fears, nor fa^or.' nor v-f=.-, favors, from onf mai, r,,ore "tha"« -, no thcr. His r-co-d -s -*-j,- Mr . Homer : s -»- t ;V 'i-ir,^-! throughout the st^te and h;s "^.; n *. " "A"^i*t mo.'ie-. jip }jac ;jr;j »--c^pcc; ROBBERS BLOW SAFES AND GET LITTLE MONEY 110 WDMEfl LOSE LlfES i ' iri in \p.rtmr-n* flurn-. It Iv ft I)ri.jip d )n { | ( ., r . M. : i K.S frienrt.- ir,':;ra:n? :ir. : he primary :r; -Jur ·vould -Tjhs: a ^-.d "'-·--:':: :;. fact, inai hr- favor-abie char.ce or fe7 ·hat. :f r-itcted. j,'- woul 3uai:f:fd t/ fern- b'-as;;-- his b«--o":A ar.d x;r,:c^ -at hr- on be of "«-T *--.--,:-. r/: «;40 -o RSO ·;.-. -jor. -f- HfRTII .".XVO» Nf I.IIj.NT. c..

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  2. 10 Mar 1930, Mon,
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