Carl Cohen vs Frank Sinatra-most of the time the Sands covered Sinatra's losses (markers were torn up)

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 - Page 8-A SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS— Thursday July 3...
Page 8-A SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS— Thursday July 3 1975 Jin nmy d lesp ises casino g amb ling... FRANK SINATRA and Joe E. Lewis big gamblers By JIMMY “THE GREEK” SNYDER I was never turned on by Las Vegas. The reason is, I hate casino gambling. I despise it. It’s a killer. It’s working on the weakness of people. The late Joe E. Lewis used to blow whatever he earne4.on the stage, usually $7,500 to $10,000 a week. Eddie Fisher was another who often ended up singing for nothing or a little less than that. But the grand champion was Frank Sinatra, who played like a crazy man. The difference was that the Eddie Fishers had to pay off, and Sinatra’s markers, most of them, were usually torn up. That, in fact, was what started the feud between Frank and Howard Hughes. The background was this. When Sinatra played the Sands, before it was sold to Hughes, he drew such enormous crowds that whatever he lost at the tables was canceled. Playing for free, or next to it, was his bonus. He brought in the big gamblers. Under Hughes this practice was discontinued, and Bob Maheu instructed Jack Entratter to inform Frank. Entratter was the entertainment director of the Sands, and a guy with the burly build of a onetime bouncer. But Jack was afraid to tell Frank, and so he didn’t. What happened next was that Frank was in the casino, losing, and he had reached whatever limit Carl Cohen, the casino manager, .1 ----------------------------- Summer Reading Festival had put on him. I think it was $25,000. Carl, of course, was under the impression that Entratter had advised Frank he would be playing with his own dough. Sinatra asked the pit boss for more chips and was told, in front of the table, ‘‘I’m sorry, Mr. Sinatra. I can’t give you any more credit. I have to call.” It is like playing with gunpowder to put down Frank in front of other people. He exploded. Steam came out of his ears. Instantly, Carl Cohen appeared and tried to calm him. Sinatra got really nasty, with a torrent of hyphenated words. Then he heaved a room service cart through a glass partition, turned to Cohen and squared off. Now that was a bad move. Carl shot a right hand to the side of the face, point blank, and decked him. It was instant anesthesia, the only way Carl knew how to end the scene before it got even more out of hand. And that was how Frank Sinatra happened to drop the Sands, and move over to Caesar’s, in 1970. Mv favorite game is blackjack because a player has some control over his destiny. Judgment is important: the good player can bring the odds down, while a bad player will destroy himself. One sophisticated approach to playing blackjack is based on counting the cards, and particularly the aces and 10-point cards that are out. At a certain point in the game, the counter is supposed to remember that with 12 cards to go there are two aces and six 10-point cards remaining in the deck, and bet accordingly. But there are only a handful of people who can keep track of the cards as they are played. The average casino player is not going to invest hours and hours of time in memorizing cards as they See IT WORKS, Page 9A

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  1. San Antonio Express,
  2. 03 Jul 1975, Thu,
  3. Page 8

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  • — Carl Cohen vs Frank Sinatra-most of the time the Sands covered Sinatra's losses (markers were torn up)

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