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wife, Servin- other lot for Domen- lot Ingmire other wife, J. 50 L. lot in Hudak Haupt, to $5,000. wife, G. and lot Michael other acres L. and wife, George wife, Arthur lots fn and considerations. A LITTLE MISS—Actually, she's "Little Miss Muffin of 1960," and she's seven-year-old Sandra Lohm, of Washington, D. C. Linda bested 12 six to ten-year-old competitors from all over the U. S. at the finals staged in Milwaukee, Wis., by the Associated Associated Retail Bakers of America. Lee Phillips (right), a .Chicago TV personality, was on hand for the judging. wife, 3 Carson considerations. wife, H. and acres in Dahlin considerations. Corporation, other Water & other Corp. to Service by Executor, to Delbert for Vanderbilt ShakenBy Lawson Case By BARNEY BALLARD NASHVILLE, Tenn; (AP)-The "Lawson case 1 ' shook up dignified Vanderbilt 'University last week like nothing else since the privately privately endowed Southern institution decided to experiment with racial integration eight years ago. The 1952 decision may have raised a few eyebrows among alumni and faculty members. The university was shaken to its roots last week when Dr. J. Robert Nelson, dean of the divinity divinity school, and 10 members of his faculty resigned in a dispute over the Rev, James M. Lawson Jr., a dismissed student. Facts in the "Lawson case" are simple but their ramifications are Nashville lunch counter sit-in demonstrations last winter and spring. His particular role has been a subject of controversy but no one accused him of actual participation in the sit-ins, during which nearly 150 Negroes, mostly college students, were arrested. Lawson attended and addressed several meetings of Negroes in Nashville and elsewhere during the sit-in demonstrations in several several Southern states. He also advised advised Nashville Negroes on sit-in jlans and methods. Vanderbilt au- :horities asked Lawson to confine iis activities within certain limitations limitations required of other students. Lawson contended he had a moral and legal right to continue his activities. The Vanderbilt regulation requires requires all students to exorcise prudence in remaining away from potentially dangerous situations which might develop into violence. When Lawson declined to agree to the regulation,' Vanderbilt asked him to withdraw from school and he refused. Chancellor tfa'rvie Branscomb dismissed him last March. Several white students tn the divinity school picketed the campus campus in protest and several members members of the faculty issued strongly worded protests to the administration. administration. Lawson applied May 27 for readmission readmission to the summer school and Chancellor Branscomb refused refused the request. Wholesale resignations resignations from the divinity school faculty were announced May 30 at the conclusion of commencement commencement exercises. ' . Dean Nelson said in resigning that Vanderbilt's refusal to readmit readmit Lawson destroyed "the. confidence confidence and morale of the divinity faculty and others in the university." university." In commenting on the resignations, resignations, Lawson said: "I think it-indicates it-indicates that throughout this process process they (faculty) have understood understood my role in the sit-in movement movement as a Christian minister." Lawson left for Boston to accept accept an invitation to enroll in Boston Boston University's divinity school. He said he plans to return next fall to accept the pastorate of a Negro church in Nashville. The Lawson controversy hinges on the interpretation of his actions in promoting integration. Vanderbilt Vanderbilt insists that Lawson was free to express his opinions and even participate in the sit-ins, provided he "confine his activities within legal bounds." He was accused of advocating violation of state laws if necessary to gain integration. Lawson, an admirer of Mahal- often abusive) public, deserves respect. DEAR ABBY: How can I Improve Improve my husband's memory? He brings home his boss' shirts every week for me to wash and iron. He remembers to bring home the shirts, and he remembers to take them back. But he forgets to give me the money. NORA DEAR NORA: Two can play that game. The next time he brings home the shirts — keep "forgetting" to do them up until he remembers to come through with the money. ing' it from them. Don't you think he should tell them before the wed* ding? , NOTHING TO HIDE DEAR NOTHING: His parents should certainly be told befor* the wedding. Surely they know that only he who is without sin should cast the first stone. "What's your problem?" Write to Abby in care of this paper. Fop a personal reply, enclose a stamp* ed, self-addressed envelope. •' • .'' "•'' -' * , . Abby's best-selling book, ','Dear Teen-ager," is one sale at all book*' stores. - - i: • ma Gandhi's non-violent resistance resistance methods, contended that Vanderbilt tried to curb his activities activities within bounds that were neither neither just nor morally proper. The dispute threatens to wreck the faculty and student body of Vanderbilt's newly constructed divinity school, which represents an outlay of $1,400,000. It was dedicated dedicated a few weeks ago.. Faculty and students in other schools of the university have felt the impact of the "Lawson case," and they have divided on the issue. issue. Most of them, however, have remained out of the public controversy. controversy. . Shortly after Lawson's dismissal In March,. Mayor Ben West appointed appointed a bi-racial citizens committee committee to seek a solution of the sit-in issues. That was followed a few weeks ago with an agreement agreement between Negro leaders and merchants to integrate most of Nashville's lunch counters. Integration Integration was accomplished, without further violence or arrests. Lawson has been described by a Vanderbilt spokesman who knows him well as "a quiet, mild- mannered, intelligent man, who has done a wonderful job jn preventing preventing violence during the sit-in demonstrations." "But he thinks it is wrong to ! cooperate with the pattern of in* tegration. He's certainly not a rabblerouser bu he is uncoopera* live In helping achieve integration in an orderly manner." Chancellor Branscomb, 65, a dedicated educator, is determined not to let the "Lawson case" wreck his university or divinity school. The Board of Trustees' offered the deanship Friday to Dr. Walter J, Harrelson, dean of the University University of Chicago divinity school, who will decide in a few days whether to accept. If he does, ha will be directed to give immediate attention to "the problems of tha divinity school, including the Law* son matter." The resignation of Dean Nelson was accepted, effective ,Aug. 31. He came to Vanderbilt in 1957 • from Geneva, Switzerland, 1 'where he served four years as secretary of the Commission on Faith and Order of the World Council of Churches. Action on the other res* ignations, to become effective at the end of the next academia' year, was postponed. ; Will Vanderbilt continue Its in. tegration policies, in the light of the "Lawson case?" Definitely so, Chancellor Branscomb says. ; • . •*••••*-••»-»'•»•«* n»viA* atiiiiivcauwiia 01 c lot in: mor e complex, intensified on both sides P^P* ^ Ptisan emo- lot In Trimble other tions. Several Negro students have been enrolled for eight years in the divinity school, law school and the graduate school. Vanderbilt lot {students became more or less ac- Piper; customed to the integrated camp- considerations, lot Jn Grigas, considerations. are which of 40 us. Lawson, a 31-year-old Methodist minister who spent three years in India as a representative of his church, was one of a half dozen or so Negroes who enrolled last fall in the various schools at Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt. He soon became a leader among Nashville Negro college students and took an active interest in ely on your 'PHARMACIST For Exact Medication Whether the drugs you want are "ready to go," or demand exact compounding ,.. see your pharmacist pharmacist before you buy, He can help you. We have a large selection of the finest drugs and medications for those minor ailments and for helping to keep you well. Come in soon. AUDREY'S 1278 Phila. 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