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Safety at ARMCO - T K l L l ^r»? OFFICE PTCXUM6 i spirit of this...
T K l L l ^r»? OFFICE PTCXUM6 i spirit of this safetv easaj»isra j inlight be furaished at a-y time! ·that word -gets through the cas!i-; that a laborer ia some department i · c"t h!s hasd or Diet with a li^e\ minor isishap, · "Di4 h* see the doctor or have !t «!resse«*T"" is th? question yoa wi:i '" hear from every Up. They sr* aKS- ! Sous that no accidents, no dsff^r- ^sce l:ov trivia.', c-ccur. If i^ * ' ~ - ~ v " p;.;:t£ of plates or sheet stee! orr» p:-?c* projects and thxis becomes = haLsard. it is roi:«xI by these tror!;- ar.d also raase it their I Found Youth And beauty in a French-type clay By Edna Wallace Hopper -vMi-ses -nil wrinkles, reduces WE MUST NOT L O O S E THIS K E Y DOMT YOU SET HURT he-re £~d th^r ilacy women, in drop ten years. ui l»!ooui aa»l :OU3tant use will Beauty Essential PS; ^e-a-. i ,, . , . ; _ ,, essential to beauty at :h* Tb«e things T owe to France Clay is ^^ n ;f n ' ti ° ued yo ^ th . S 1 vlveio^ Bribing, for mwy o f j ^oy_«. Every prl rhey can bring , Better Spring Here Styles Prices $15 *t^*r b^a'-iv and new youth. So ! ; . . . _ -- ^f^gedsoanwhowishn-.aylia afacial clay-is now t of at at THE BIG ARMCO SAFETY SCOBE BOASD SHOVTEXG ALL ^FAS^jES^ The Supreme He!s i Edna Wai-ace French beauty; Clay is supplied ESCUKKASAUI I -?«rs.t--r. r^~~ WRITER ON GETS REAL SAFETf DOCTRINE -»r~ I. -- ' «-5 C^T bv -0 years of study. , T b=T- fcand the right, ciay-- j _,j^ r^'-^ral-laiicn claj- -- whjchj . Hopper's by all Price 5Qc Youth the clay. famous Limy my v Book ' " Learn, for your o^n sake. ^^, ._ . much these helps can do. If the " i first package faiis to delight you. ci-3 ways to « Isn , e i VOU r dealer will return its tie usetess nju«.p . ciav is white acd -rrr -«TJ c;^covere? added fac-i "·Vii:Ci J"rirc manifold effects.' FRANK 3. KHLEY Finds Every Man in Big Plant Beat Upon Having Perfect ''Safe" Record for Month kr-o-w-a for the srsit to the field cr art the most quoted tc IndustrisHy. Zanesrili* projects Uatioii of 3C'"000 and an Industrial ·Tfee w-rtier^.of the;tOEnsge exceeding that of any citr' -- - - -- " i n America -orith s. population of; -is; · Editor's X _ Uowing- article. Frank J. Riley. IE -; writer. One of his _ and :: ^Q 00* "z'a"es : into railroad coltditioss which 1 into in years to come, you may ui ·r:-;xrtie"Zsr-. I -s^= ?- Annoancing s s '· -- eel-c. It -^as ' ': they -rrante-i -?r2= as ur;i;pr=;z3icec-' ; unoias^i opiniQ". ; e~ery cetaE!, i felt- it TT2.~Ii ce f necessary for ice to hire z=ysei? o-~ _ '1,0 the c?~r^y~T as a steel -E-orS?r. oiT' ar 5 c - oinc t my presence i^ _ I raa-ie csr=:"i cbserralicriS ·f eparuceEts ci the Tr'Tl ^rtthc- traeii=S" attention o* sn?- i workers. A^d I sa-^r Srs sysz . safety in-ctio-ins is nsn^rr-l i . It is a a system of protectic-s fcr !i~ . for tlie proESGiios o! : ol th= in a.; -. physics! -s-elfare, xrSic | bonr.cs cot iffiTsin the : : TVorJcs theircselvss, but is so = -project its spirit :ato « ' lioses of the irork^ses. It is ! .It Is a polyglot element that you! · find in a 5".*el mill--reprts^n^itiv^s ;«f every nation the -world over. : from the burning of she S£-. ;hara. to the frozen steppes of Rus-; ;sia, Tnuie there are Tery f=-- for-; ei^a^rs to be foand in the "Annco" i perhaps--they msst l-s ecseateu i in ana to American ways, to sp*a.: ,ak-=s other clays; U^eed. ; ^racg^Tlt-; Effects i CSiy purges the skin of? of and i«- °;"y*T ~ J ^-T. c^^ *~ i- 1 It cra-^a the blood to the skin Z.T. irrir^r: srts. Ti«? -to. rtO'^risi a=d revive it. The re- ir:L-T-f T~-~ ·ars.'s^; ^y*"""^: silx is that rosy afterglo-ssr --hich stcsrr^.-:* ti=- artjssc tssa-'i ;- liniis the skin, coml^ats all ?t*r --~-r~s±~.s i'^urs s.~-S. p\^t; c Trial Tabe Free I invite you to try my Youth Ciav at my cost. name below and mail this coupon today. Edna Wallace Hopper. Inc., 53S T-^-g Shore Drive, S^r.d me free tube of Youth Clay, also your Book. '431 Address :n tte Americas Rolling r-any works. Each one departnjeats is represented of ;a-h deaartment for the;An enterprising idea that ,, ,,. ,,.. Tes^ records are the objects:put into operation is tne ^'^(Jv. icf'such cariosity and interest. The i up of a Urge rubber -T" ,»,,;. success of the safety drive in theiday in the heart of the ,1, ~_~ '. P ;aat is shown by the fact that sojtcsiness district. Attached " . ''far in March there has not been althese balloons are ?M- B iTM S isin"ie mishap involving-more thansiioancing to the people of di-i co...-.^ tr j v j aj ^. ut _ iviHe and adjacent countrj °' la **'- This~i3~'-eanv remarkable. your'Armco is Safe Today." The - - - - = - . . . . -vrrite* an attached returning receives a cash emJing of a. no-accident day. the on snippm p'.ast superin H. Morrison, supervisor pioyment and safety: T. _ ,, ,, _ %%? ^^"^choS^.lrer^ef S^SJEg^fTi r^oT- e ^nei^rdepa7tiW°-I.[^a f t pointy gather around thei«=eans to humanity in U.CT.K0nCB , f _:.,.,!_,,. js.-.,,^.,,TM-. -ftarnanl'up. They, too, have graspea. ana; or p'.CiUi-s cepartc.^.n v Barna.u ; _p M .^,l' ,^^ rf^,««n^». «f rni=i A» T" C. T. members will itvs hail Sunday :tend in a body late J. M. propaganda; Bring your autos. .^ committee, -n-hich meets each ; !s go niorning before starting work. ;sprean its sa.ety ,,. U K ~ = --..--, Erie3:--. the Idea of tvatchicg lifeiihronghout the Zanesritle distriet-i ar:d limb is kept irs the zniads ofj the -workmen constantly. The corn-»»»»«+»»*******++3**»t»wwww r a n y furnishes its workmen withj* PICTURES THAT TALK pesters made espresslv for placing i* is the -crintjows of their homes, andjT others for automobile windshields.j^ On the "Armco" bulletin board,'.+ ocated conspicuously In the c'ocki* 'lo-jse, through xsrisich each work-;* nan must pass coming and going.;? -s a chart showing the safety rcc- * r . E. TRACE. The Photocrafters Main St. Over Fitz's Jewelry

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  1. Zanesville Times Signal,
  2. 09 Mar 1924, Sun,
  3. Page 8

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