US Declares War on Germany - April 7, 1917

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US Declares War on Germany - April 7, 1917 - fi tf rV a i MJ T - - it - - EASTERrNOTICES Xa...
fi tf rV a i MJ T - - it - - EASTERrNOTICES Xa todays and Sundays lnu et Ths Carontelt wfli M found ths moat eomplU list pubilh4 by say anripipcr iPor Church NoUcTre4 THE CHRONICLE y V - LEADING NEWSPAPER the PACIFIC COtYJ IrAW gn Weather Report i Sea rrseeb Ostlssd sMvtrlsMsM rl wtb iary Msja vSW nsedsrst Mttrly tried 7 H T H JUtED rfitattf 1 - r FOUNDED 1805 SAN FRANCISCO OAL SATURDAY APRIL 7 1017 VOt CX NO 8 - WAR PROCLAIMED BY WILSON VON SCHACK UNDER ARREST NAVY IS ORDERED TO CALL MILITIA War Message Sent to Ships at Sea We Are at War With Germany While Senate Rushes Bill for Emergency Fund HUNDRED MILLIONS PUT AT WILSONS DISPOSAL Secret Service Ordered to Arrest Arrest 60 Ringleaders In Plots and Intrigues Army Activities Redoubled by New Order 1 lVASHINGTON April 8 lA The United States today today accepted Gennanyt challenge to war and formally abandoned iti place at the great - est neutral of a world in arms President Wilson at 119 official official time oclock this afternoon afternoon signed the resolution of Congress declaring the istence of a state of war and aspbrizing and directing the Chief Executive Executive to employ all the resources of the Nation to protecute hostilities hostilities against the German Government Government to a successful termination termination PRESIDENTS FAMILY WITH HIM AS HE SIGNS The act was done without ceremony and only in the presence presence of members of the Presidents Presidents family Word was flashed Immediately to all Army and Navy stations and to vessels at sea and orders for further precautionary precautionary steps were dispatched dispatched By proclamation the President announced the state of war caUed upon all citixens to mani fest their loyalty and assured Germans in this country that they would be unmolested as long as they behaved themselves themselves Orders were issued soon afterward for the arrest of sixty ringleaders in German plots and intrigues COMPLETE MOBILIZATION OF NAVY FORCES ORDERED Complete mobilization of the Navy calling all reserves and militia to the colors was ordered by SccrctaryDaniels as soon as the war resolution was signed The War Department already having Ukin virtually every aUp coatera - plated be for lh raiting f a ral war army la authorised waited o Congress Secretary Baker conferred with Chalrmaa Dent ot the Heuee Military Commute and arranged to appear before tat committee tomorrow tomorrow to dlacuee th general atari Army plana and oaslder th war budget of tor Uaa tl TO Presldsat wt - rr the treat preparatory - sneeaur wjtk Jhe CebJ tot mcwij waat bm aasa actus - i i J ii President Wilsons War Proclamation HEREAS The Congress of the United States in the exercise of the constitutional constitutional authority vested in them have resolved by joint resolution of the Senate and House of Representatives bearing date this day that a state of war between the United States and the Imperial German Government which has been thrust upon the United States is hereby formally declared Whereas It is provided by section 4067 of the Revised Statutes as follows Whenever there is declared a war between the United States and any foreign nation or government or any invasion or predatory predatory incursion perpetuated attempted or threatened against the territory of the United States by any foreign nation nation or government and the President makes public proclamation proclamation of the event all natives citizens denizens or subjects of a hostile nation or government being male of the age of 14 years and upward who shall be within the United States and not actually naturalized shall be liable to be apprehended restrained restrained secured and removed as alien enemies APPEALS TO ALL CITIZENS TO OBSERVE THE LAWS OF - TIIJWDANiylJnrrrWARMEASURES The President is authorized in any such event by his proclamation thereof or other public acts to direct the conduct to be observed on the part of the United States toward the aliens who become so liable the manner and degree of the restraint restraint to which they shall be subject and in what cases and upon what security their residence shall be permitted and to provide for the removal of those who not being permitted to reside within the United States refuse or neglect to depart therefrom and to establish any such regulations which are found necessary in the premises and for the pubUc safety Whereas By sections 4068 4069 and 4070 of the Revised Statutes further provision is made relative to alien enemies Now therefore I Woodrow WUson President of the United States of America do hereby proclaim to all whom it may concern that a state of war exists between the United States and the Imperial German Government and I do specially direct all officers civil or military of the United States that they exercise vigilance and zeal in the discharge of the duties incident to such a state of war and I do moreover earnestly appeal to all American citizens that they in loyal devotion to their country dedicated from its foundation to the principles of liberty and justice uphold the laws of the land and give undivided undivided and willing support to those measures which may be adopted by the constitutional authorities in prosecuting the war to a successful issue and in obtaining a secure and just peace ALL ALIENS ENJOINED TO PRESERVE THE PEACE TOWARD U S AND TO REFRAIN FROM CRIME And acting under and by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution of the United States and the said sections of the Revised Statutes I do hereby further proclaim and direct that the conduct to be observed on the part of the United States toward all natives citizens denizens or subjects of Germany being male of the age of 14 years and upward who shall be within the United States and not actually naturalized who for the purpose purpose of this proclamation and under such sections of the Revised Statutes are termed alien enemies shall be as foUows All alien enemies are enjoined to preserve the peace toward tfje United States and to refrain from crime against the public safety and from violating the laws of the United States and of the states and territories thereof and to refrain from actual hostility or giving information aid or comfort to the enemies of the United States and to comply strictly with the regulations which are hereby or which may be from time to time promulgated promulgated by the President and so long as they shall conduct them selves in accordance with law they shall be undisturbed in the peaceful pursuit of their lives and occupations and be accorded the consideration due to all peaceful and law - abiding persons except so far as restrictions may be necessary for their own protection and for the safety of the United States and toward such alien enemies as conduct themselves in accordance with law all citizens of the United States are enjoined to preserve the peace and to treat them with all such friendliness as may be compatible with loyalty and allegiance to the United States ALIENS NOT TO HAVE IN THEIR POSSESSION FIREARMS WEAPONS OR IMPLEMENTS OF WAR And all aUcn enemies who fail to conduct themselves as so enjoined In addition to all other penalties prescribed by law shall be liable to restraint or to rive security or to remove and dowr from the - United Sates in the roaoper prescribed bVssc aOiluH Mps a fftsvft sV - s CUBA M US WAR GERMANY President Menocal Asks Con gress to Declare State of War Exists Brazil Angered by Diver Attack Is Talking of War BOTH NATIONS MAY SEIZE GERMAN SHIPS Island ReputltcaniTouthi American Friend of Uncle Sam Aroused by Berlin Order to U - Boats to Wage Ruthless War HAVANA April Frealdent Menocal thli afternoon aent a rhoasase to Consroea aaklns that body to declare that a etate ot war exlata between Cuba and Germany Germany At SO o clock thla arternoon the Senate after reading - Frealdent Mono - Obey Law Keep Moith Shut U S Warning to Aliens PHILADELPHIA April 6 a The follomng notice tigped fcy United Statu AttorneyAttorney AttorneyAttorney - General Gregory vat re - eetted today hy the Federal Manhal of th Philadelphia dn - tnct No German alien enemy in this country who has not hitherto been implicated in plots against the interests of the United States need have any fear of action by the Department of Justice so long as he observes the following warning Obey the law keep your mouth shut Unfair HI AIDS ill Former Consul Missing but Von Schack Von Brincken Are Held Frealdent WHaon yeaterday ordered the arroat in thla city of Oermana who wore Implicated In the Bopp bomb plot caaea and In caeea of aliased aliased rlolatlone of neutrality On re cti message appointed a committee celpt ot the ordera which were aent throuch the offlce or ine Attorney - Qeneral United Statea Marahat Holo - ban detailed deputlea to arreat the folio wins Frana Bopp former German Conaul - Oenaral Kckhardt II von Schack format German vice Conaul WUhelm von Brincken former attache attache ot the German Consulate and aome of the defondanta In the ateam - ehtp Sacramento neutrality caao ARUKST VON SCUACK E 1L von Schack waa arreated at hla home at Woodelde 8an Mateo county at 1 o clock laat night by Deputy United 8tatea Manhal J W Jeiaen Lieutenant ton Brincken waa ar reeted at 10 o clock laat night In the aparlmenta of hla father - in - law George A McGowan In the Palace Hotel Mr a von Brincken waa with her father and her husband After bidding hla wife sood - by Von Brincken renewed hla protest that aa a German afrny officer he waa entitled entitled to treatment aa a prlaoner of war He objected to Imprisonment In the County Jail and at a late hour laat night United State District Attorney Attorney John W Preeton had not decided decided whether Voa Brincken and Von Schack would be aent to Jail or held In the poatofflce building under guard BOPP MISSING A deputy United Statoa manhal waa atatlonod laat night at the home la Berkeley of Trani Bopp At a lata hour Bopp had not returned from an automobile trip on which he atarted early yeetcday morning Bopp Von Schack and Von Brincken are under conviction and aentenca la the bomb plot case The arrest of Bopp voa Schack and ron Brincken and othera waa ordered directly by the President Federal officials aald arreeta will be made today today on similar ordera Aaotber procedure will put Preeton In the position of determining who are daageroua aliens If Preetoa bellevea a Oerman ar other alien ahould bo detained during the period of the war be will direct United Blaise Marshal Holohaa to brlag tho accused peraon before one of tho Federal Judgee If th Judge befora whom tho prisoner lsbrouht agreso with Preetoa that th prlaeaer ahould not be allowed at liberty tho alien will ha placed la the Couatr Jail Americas clltaoaa whs have been tiader auepletoa la that ewtrallly rassa will be arreated unTUr the regu lar prweaect at law that eblala Ja GERMAN SHIPS IN PORT ARE SEIZED of five Senatoro to meet a Ilka com mltteo from tho House ot Bcpreeenta - tlves to consider the message The President a meeeaga atarta by reviewing the aendlng by Germany of her notice of unreatrlcted aubmarlne warfare Referring to Cuba a reply to the German note President Menocal aays In replying to the terms of the alarming note the Department of State clearly signified the Imminence Imminence ot a definite rupture if the Imperial Government perelated In Ita new plan of aubmarlne war emphasising emphasising our Inconformlty thereto In accordance with the aentlment of all civilised natlona PROMISES MADE BY GERMANY WORTHLESS The Government of the United States to which country we are bound by tho closest ties haa during during the paat two yeara Inceeaantly formulated energetlo proteata and dalme baaed on the moat elemental prlnclplea of Justice In defense of Its cttlsens who were rlctlma on many occasions of attacka by German German submarines of the liberty of tbe aeaa and the reapect due the Uvea and propertlee of neutrala and revindicating the right to navigate and engage In commerce freely without without restrictions eicept thoee sanctioned sanctioned by International law by treatlea and by the universal p notice notice of civilised natlona Tho German note of January tl demonetrated that tho hopea baaed on varloua promises made to tbe United Statoa by Oermany were ab s - lutely sroMkleea BRAZIL MAY JOIN IN WAR ON GERMANY NKW TORK April t With the formal formal declaration by Cuba of a state of war with Oermany the Cuban Government Government following tho course of the Ualted Statee lateade to seise three German ehlpe now a Havana RIO JANEIRO April The Bra - illlan Government today received of - Bclal confirmation of proaa reporta of the alnklog at the BraaHlaa ateam - ahlp Paraaa The altuatlen la regarded regarded aa moat aerloua aad la view ef tb definite declarations of the For - elga Mlalaur Or Lauro Muller a rupture of diplomat relations with Germany la regarded la aome quarters quarters as Inevitable It la geaerally etpected adds tk meesegc that Brail wilt eels th la tarapet Qsnaaai shlpa la hsr pert - fAi - aMa e LuUUUu - 1 naej Few vfass sw - w jr War DeYelwfBets Of Last 24 Hours In San Francisco HERE are the developments of the mi Jay ef iar vnth Germany n San Fran eucoi MeMllaatlaa bearaa f asnral nsUltla aad United State aaval roMtr fore and I be plaetaaT a a waa faatlaaj ka United State Cat Gaard aerrtea Prwldlo plated aa war nasas reads leadlasi la fartlSeatlaaa eleaed aad coaearahlai applied to troop saoTosasat Geraaaa ateaase Soraala bark Ottawa aad pewsr boat Atlaa seUrd aad rrewi iatsraed at Aaarel aslaad Halted Statoa Marshal ordered by President Wllm to arrest uensss Caaaal Fraas Bor - a aad other Gorasaaa eoartcted la meatralltr caeca Genera J Fraaklra Hell ordered to establish aot acheol for laatraetlea of oa - caaaahs - slosied oSlcora or 1 STATE COUKCIL ofjefese is Bin Government Officials Signal ize First Day of War With Germany by Prompt Action to Safeguard U S Interests WASHINGTON SENDS A FLOOD OF CODE ORDERS State Militia and Naval Reserve Reserve Mobilized Arrest of Former Consul Bopp and Dangerous Aliens Is Directed SEIZURE of Oerman ships In port receipt of ordera to arreat dangerous aliens Including for mer German Conaul Qaneral Frana Bopp and the other Germane convicted In the neutrality caaea mobilisation of the State Mllltla and United Statea Naval Reserve fores and the placing ot the Government land and sea forces on a war footing signalised the first day of war with Oermany In Ban Francisco FLOOD OF CODE ORDERS FROM WASHINGTON Activity began with the receipt of official notloe that Prealdent Wilson had affixed hla algnatura to the Joint Congreaalonal reaolutlon declaring a stats of war to exlat with Oermany There followed a stream of code ordera from Waahlngton Tenalon at Army and Nay headquarters headquarters waa relieved with the receipt receipt of war orders Commandera of both forcea breathed a algh of relief not becauae war haa come but because because tho auspense and the problem of making tentative plana with the possibility that whatever arrange - menta were made might be uaeless Is at an end ARREST FOR FORMER FRANZ BOPP ORDERED Under direct orders from President Wilson United States Attorney John W Preeton ordered tho arrest ef former German Consul Bopp and his eodstendanta convicted In the neutrality neutrality cases United Statea deputy marshala are now aearchlqg for th Germane held to be dangeroue aliens under the President order and they will be Interned In San Franclaco Jalla designated by the President aa the placee of detention GERMAN SHIPS IN PORT PROMPTLY SEIZED Collector of Customs J O Davla Immediately seised under orders from Washington tho steamer Scrapie bark Ottawa and power boat Atlas Oerman ahlpa la port Th erewe were takea to Angel leland and Interned Interned aad th veesela manned by American seamea were moved to anchorag off Terba Buaaa lalaaa Captain W W Gllmtr commandant of th Twelfth Naval District or dered the mobilisation of tk U 8 Nsval Reserve force and Stat Mllltla and the placing oa war toot lag of th Nev on bath lead aad sea la hla dlatrlet WiUontWordonWar It Published in Italy ROME April 4 via Parle Th Italian Oovsromeat I about to tak gd - Ifeesea alaea Assets U A th uaueual oure or postms Preal - nurarxoTOSliS caarlea It svattay dtai Wllajo addrM Cre 1 jeVaiitV rK U puslt plates la all scat manse Buea etaWreTip ifsaoi - lkt p ense on atiNi UhrM t - e P aal wutlWrrvC V ZZZJTZZl1 L - B hi r tl r m SACRAMENTO April In re sponse to the summons ot Governor William D Btephone twenty - sine of the thirty three member of tho Btatc Council of Defenae met In aeeaion here today completed their organisation organisation by appointing commltteea to handle varloua phaaea ot defenee work and outlined a comprehenalva plan for future procedure Governor 8tephena preelded over the meeting as chairman Ths days accomplishments accomplishments may be aummed up as follows Decision waa reached to create county organisations to co - operate with tho Council of Defense in all mattsr appertaining to tha aataty and welfare ot the people Th county Uinlta would consist ot the chairman of tk Board of Supervisors tho Sheriff Sheriff District Attorney Asssssor Surveyor Surveyor and two cttlsena one of whom ahould be an agrlculturlat Appointment wna favored of repre - sontatlToe by the Governors or Oregon Oregon aad Waahlngton to meet with tho Council with a view to co - ordinating all defenalve and preparedness matters matters relating to the PaclOo Coast Universal military training was favored Neceaalty for conserving food supply supply and encouraging the utilisation of available land for crop planting sven to empty spacee within cltlea waa emphasised SUB - COMMITTKBS NAMED Tho sub - committees aad th sub jects to which they wr asslgaedars aa followa gXiUUUS OOxOOTTXS A H Hartaget tCaslmae Besjessla Me Wseeler WUllaat Sprats aasua B Fleteaer Mertunet netsa - aacker CSward A Dlessea Chester H Sew - all alses ABsereea U S Weak nrauo mtxvsx a9 sscvkitt Celeael W W Cee cealrsaaa General J J Borne Besr - Asalrsl Tbessss V S Wtee DatM P Sarrewe TSASSPOStATXOM WUllaai Saeeal eaelr ss Jeke J Bjrse 0 A PevMssa Asset rkxrher Jeks A Brlttea KiaaTWATS AST BOVTSS Of TBATXX Aaetla B rietrber cUlrmss Bay LysMS Winter B B Meek Bslpb W Ball Jea P Kelsa FffSUO sTXlXTX ABB SAJnTATIOB - 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pared attack thlrteaa miles south ot Riga waa beaten back by the Ruesisns according to tb Oflle clal wireleaa nwa from Petrograd to - - day The aaaault was preceded by a bombardment of shells chargsd wlthk aanhrxlatlna and tar - nrodnolna chemlcala and tha charging Germans1 aucceeded In establishing themselves In trench elements east or tha tow at Plakanan Thev were forced anti however by a Russian coustar - api taca - TEUTONS STRIKING AT MANY DIFFERENT POINTS Throughout tha week tha Tutoni have delivered aharp blows at wldejj 13 separated points on ths Russian tojCf butth only on which has proved notably suoceaaful waa th selsuroei ths bridgehead on th Stokhod rlTsr T - i north of KovsU laat Tueaday Hero according to tha war atateraent fr Berlin Berlin It offlcera meru flfteej cannon and 11 mine thrower aad KISSEL LEADERSHIP H AasOjAataMTlt H aaaS CcaaVaafMaf Ms Mb4aT4waff eBaaaaf I tWDt I I CMo I ALLVYEAR - I Gar 1 THE ALL YEAR CAR beautiful and complete aloeod rom emlaeae to PRB JJ y actually naasT tha uotorlng kablts ef tk KMINKNCK by aataallr ahaaa LaMtB touiinar oar baa lifted K1 NatUa TOTJIHSa SKOAK FBICES Betlveted Ses frssrlm Unxt UM BUMts DblS trb t MwM TPicKkKrBfTes Tss Hsm t if sr t if i Bsassksi VMsnanVstaaaK pettieil MaSBBBSsnananaVt Seastsi eBBasBBnaaaBaBBBl a ItMSBaawBaBawsaaBW sklaad SaHCr Sea Mea vBaaBBaaalBV SasUt JWgEgF

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  • US Declares War on Germany - April 7, 1917

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