Sidi Wirt as Spreckels heiress

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Sidi Wirt as Spreckels heiress - SAN FRANCISCO CUBONICLE TUESDAY AUGUST 23 1021...
SAN FRANCISCO CUBONICLE TUESDAY AUGUST 23 1021 sHMeaaeia work lued - committee - or to or or - nt of a - It Is Second Wife in Legacy Fight KBHHIHia MWmk OiflKS - MmJ Mrs John D SpreckcJs Jr who wai Sidi Wirt second wife of the late Sun Francisco capitalist and a figure in the dispute over his estate She h seen in Japanese garb at a Coronado Beach festival LU DOUBTS THIRD WILL BY SHOP JR Widows Counsel Believes Holographic Document to Be Last Testament BUILDERS Sty 1 MR D T M This Barriers Erected to Prevent Approach to Workers by Strikers Agents Additional building activity Pouht as to the existence of a third w o in - - j - - i witnessed in Ibe downtown district was expressed yesterday by Tohn I - McMah attornev for Mrs Sidi Wlrtiod to some extent in the residential Spreckela the widow - jsecllons of the city yesterday The McNab expressed the belief that Ibe Buidrg Kxchr said that 200 more noiograpnic win wnicn ww 1011m c - week and which leaves one third or the Spreckels estate to his wife is the Instrument his client had In mind when she told of the will naming her the chief beneficiary of the estate THIRD W1II HTTTEn Although diligent search la being made among the effecta of Spreckels for a possible third will McNab said yesterday that If such a will were not found In a reasonable time the court would be petitioned to declare the holographic will tb authentic will and last testament of Spreckels ana that It should be admitted for probate Two wills hare been found among the efTects of Spreckels The first Instrument dated In 108 leaves one - half of bis estate to his first wife Mrs Kdlth Wakefield Spreckels while the holographic will leaves one - third of his estate to Mm Sldl Wirt Spreckels Spreckels his second wife who secured an Interlocutory decree of divorce several months ago TTnder a recent ruling of the State Supreme Court however she Is still his wife until the final de cree is banded down imruAwcn AVAtttntK No Inventory of Ihe Spreckels es men were put to work yesterday and the total of building mechanics Is now Eion Several efforts were made Saturday and yesterday by visiting committee of the general conference committee of the buildings trades unions to ap proach men working on downtown Job Barrier have been placed on all Jobs In operation and nobody without a signed permit can gain entrance entrance Work was started on the tearing down of a five - story building at Bush and Sansome streets upon which tb twenty - two - story Standard Oil building building will be constructed PtAsTKMKG JOB DOTE The plastering of three floors of the California Commercial Union building building at Montgomery and Pine streets a sixteen - story bulldnig has been completed The exterior stone work will be finished with the setting of a few more blocks of grsnite Work hae progressed so far on two large buildings being built for Chinese Chinese commercial companlia at Grant atcnuc and Bush street lhal the slruc tate has yet been made but there Isture work on the second floor will be Immediately available two life Insur ready to start In a day or two The ance policies aggregating lft 000 andl11 - exterior excepting the cement an accident pollcv for l Off 1 finishing has been completed on a The accident policy according t0 four story building on Montgomery McNh nme Mm KIHIWIW rrcV street near liuen ini irir worn Women to Fight For Mans Estate Court to Decide Who Is Legal Widow riaJm of Mrs nirdle tvieeher son hr tnr children to the O 00 es tale of Anion J Wlecrier former pro prlelor of Ihe Civic renter Hotel u Twelfth street who was murdered on the night of October 11 1W will be contested bv Mrs Sophia W lecher ot huffaln who sayB she Is his legal widow This contest over the estate became Vnon esterda with the departure of Tlanlel A Kyan allornei for Mrs er wu made administrator of the Male ishortH afler Mrs Sophie Wleoher of Huffaio appeared and laid claim to the estate as his lawful widow Her petition lhal she be adtudged Hie legal heir of Wieihcr unl lhal Hornidge be remi i il as admlniftra I lor will be heard b ludge 1 rank Jl 1 uujii no orpiemner 11 Physician Obtains Divorce From Wife Alleging lhat hi wife Mrs l0ltie Ma Haah now resiling in 10s An gelea droie away patterns hv telling them he was a hop bead Or rhsrle E Baab lella Hoiel was esierday granted a dn orce h Superior Judge I J tin Nrmlrand They were married In onneilnui in J chr for Buffalr where he Sepiember 1890 and separated June Birdie Vi lecher for Buna irn phrlan alo lean I 0 take the dcposlllon of th claim v recrnlh accused ant m ni 1 Mi - bv Iw who went 10 Ihe otM nd rngaffl ier wNm avortitne o ih rrpori in the yollce of Urnim Kell vho ai clerk al the time frequ - nen Him ot ilx morali and called him Hf benrlclarv and ihe amount of the policy will ro to his client without lejral form all Men The Ififl f00 realised under the other two pollt Icf acenrdinff to McNah will be included In he nnet - i of the estate as community property Tender the law Mrs id1 Wirt Spreckela in entltlefj 1o one half nf ihl smounl a Srreckela widow her altorne hrv t nder the provjulon of the holo rraphlr will Ceraldine the four rear - old dauritr and onlv inue of the marriage with Idl VTIrt will hnr with Rrreckeln other three children tn the reefdue of the estate i ifgai innow tnder Ute pro laiona of the law 5dl Wirt Spreckela In the lejrft widow of Spreokeln and an auch Is entitled to one - half of the community property acrordlnif to McNah 1 nder the proiaona of the hMo - irraphii will hei la entitled to one - third of that porllon of th eatate not considered communlU proper t Thene leal rlg - hlK of Mrs Sldl Wirt Spreckelr ore contingent hcwe er ipon cerlaln term a of aettlement aareed to during the rec rni dl orr prfteedlnpn acrordlnfj to MnNah The eiact rrmf of thlf pet tie merit ac cording to MrNftb have not been made known Mrs id1 Ulrt Spr - ckfla who haa been In 1 nrla unoe the lndtituHon of dU orce proceeding a han announced her tnienilon of lomlnjr to sn Kran circo to r reap her clalmn n the widow of hpretkela before the court Exnicios Home From Visit to Dry Chief lohn nicot one of eighteen Ren erdl aircnt work nK directU under Malor Ko A llamrr Icierat proh hiiion ommiawloner returned to san Krancicco laat nlgtht after attending a conference with hla chief Fnictoa ijiritu i remain In allfornla three months and will Ihen ro to Washing ton for an Indeflnlte atT has bfn two - third flnlhpd on the AclM Fa - rffo Bank bulMlntr unnei UHIIvn BACK U1S OHPKHTZ i barlcn Oompcrlt prrsidont of Ihl - Huldcr 1 xrhanfff Bamrs th hope lhat Hhln a nhort tlmr aJl Job will bn tn opralion with full rcw and the strike will be forgotten He saM The men are gradual drifting bark m work and this will continue to gn ui HI mII work HKMin In full Hhp The building trades on troery will not trur Kiiddenly manv have the Idea but will end lEradually JlfJonrei of thin nn be seen even by the ranual oberer I am of the opinion thaf the rea working man that i the fellow that work with his handa In Ihe MilldinK trades erafta a gettinR tired of promipes that the etrlke will be net tied aatiafactoriU in a short time if the only hold out trikkhs RjcronT roocRp At the mud meeting of the gen er i f on fere nee commit lee of t lie bmlHnff trade uniona rwtordav morning rnan3 mrn bera of the ib King rommitteea annerterl thai dur ina the past wee ihe number rf mfn quitting Ihelr work numbered more than r r0 The rommltte engaged in the tank of obtaining Mgnaturci on the peti tione to rerall ludge MoMee flrr rJA claimed lo h obiamed Neverai thousand Ten thounand are teeld A verv large portion of the I 6 00ti 000 worth of building in progress In thin eiM at the lime of the strike Is still idle 4 8N r Ml5 - f iiB hiWi trki it H fi B tMaBBBaWWefili WzmmR Princess Ina in San I rancisco of Alameda 2000 Ex - Apply for - e en rrew - n are pteada for former Humboldt 11intere San Diego ouniies 1 llle uoorf lw fahforn a thru it ti frnr T n lai pan I pl e sja dnirod of w hotn d i i ot t aboul a ear i no hoTnetrad cnirv steader ik pern Mimnt gnprnmni wanu tn nnd ZoJ

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  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 23 Aug 1921, Tue,
  3. Page 3

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  • Sidi Wirt as Spreckels heiress

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