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township ; of local Increase best andfmost^avatlable material to be had.and tbo flgb't is won. are ver &Baln will a res- In arc cajoy- to cer- TUB present Missouri logislature Is determined to drive the newspapers oC Missouri out of existence. They cut off all.loga) printing, drive in to advertisers out of the every way do' what permit blind to cold Ktor- joint. Pub- moment she ordinary 13ut the bond im' may open limit bo- business to the Dem- Col. H. State somewhat destroy the revenue of newspapers. The Democrat is tired of such foolishness. Tho average newspaper has a hard time to exist nod while they manage to keep bod" and BOUI together they use all Uu-ir surplus space and time booming their county and town or some politician, ino thahks they Ret is ablaolcoyo generally. The time has come for newspapers to stand together irrespective of politics and fight for their existence.— OarrolHon Democrat, Good for you. Tho CONSTITUTION has frequently entered its humble protest against the introduction and passage of some of the bills calculated to bake away antl^ destroy the fairandlcgltlmalosouroosof revenue of the country press. Lol the protest bo made unanimous, and the long-eared Solons who are responsible for the business given to understand that, they are to reap defeat and oblivion for their pains. state and they can ,day ailment as the night is unlike the day." Thero^was a time, before the discovery ot .vacolnotlon, when smallpox meant a funeral, There wag no 1 moans ot protection and its ravages left terror and desolation in its wake. While vaccination has practically robbed tho disease of Its powers, people have not yet learned to look-at it other than as a monster to be dreaded more even than death itself. Tho deathrato rate in smallpox Is growing loss each year. Statistic show this to be a fact. Vaccination from one generation to another, some eminent physicians bollevo, IH gradually driving tho disease out of existence and it Is only a matter of lime when It wll Only * be comparatively unknown in the world. Investigation and discovery o Republican wields tho sweet way. hope for Republicans to bo members They while with hope railroad will make permanent division Despite the satisfactory is being tlmo and materially re- Is very will llnd It the old arrangement. thcreforo, itself and try tlio Milwaukee's mule, the appears - to weath contrary not -the Kansas IT Is a peculiar coincidence that the man who talks loudest and longest and - of tones't and goes at It earliest In the day and quit* latest at night about how to run a newspaper is usually along up towards the top of tho list of delinquents and those who never pay without making some sort of a complaint, ll'lsfunny butj quite true. Of course there are exceptions but not enough to break the rule. • Whenever you hoar a man standing on the corner tolling about how "lie" would run a paper and how "lie" would write editorials yon can usually go to tho oftlcoof his homo newspaper and buy an account against him for losiuthau a hundred cents on the dollar. Bui it is the nvariablo rule that those who have nhoritod the greater share of King olomon's wisdom, according to tholr wn measurements, woar breeches hat bag in the scat lind carry abur- ow knife. In every the iiiion there ought to bo a free school of journalism established for the jncouriigenienl -of slumbnrlcg eel- torial 'talent. It would rolkivo great deal of pressure and save nanya goods box the ravages of the Mirlow. X.AWS UNJUST AND •ONNBOMS'SABY recent years show that there are several diseases more to bo avoided than the latter day smallpox. Th United States commissioner of imml gration hus recently decided tha tuberculosis Is a disease which may subject tho patient to quarantine. It is rapidly becoming roaognlssod by tho medical profession as one of most dangerous and deadly ailments Unit.humanity is heir to. Yot tho rule lias been and is today to regard It lightly. 'M en andjwomon of strong, healthy parentage marry intoafum- llyofconsuniptlyoswitlnulthtnklng, bringing into the world a family of orphans who later spread the din- ease to others. That it is highly capable of being transmitted from one person to anothorjollher by contact or lnuerUauGu|th'oroinno longer ivuy doubt. Yet consumptives arc ikon into our homos, are om- loyod In our schools and indulged n other, public capacities with par- feet impunity. Examples of thin orl are to be found riglit inourown nldat today, wlioro persons with ie blush and pallor of disease on loir-ohoeka are tolerated and per''distribute, gjrm infootod allva daily to healthy uhllrirun and thora who ar'o unaware of daugoi vith which they arocoiiHtanlly com ng iii contact. Smallpox comet but it gocm a\vay Oonsumptlon coinos through generations, coming, no doubt, >fhon it will bo and stays The tlmo 1 quarantined nbt. while Iho'smallpox It can bo other remedy HO o(ton said compound that it failed to permanently—and that no of. Tho whole ordinary, wholly bring about to cover up oil' permanent cure

Clipped from
  1. The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune,
  2. 14 Feb 1901, Thu,
  3. Page 18

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