Richmond newspaper reports on the Confederate victory at First Manassas (Bull Run)

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Richmond newspaper reports on the Confederate victory at First Manassas (Bull Run) - GREAT VICTORY We bay o ihe iue_pre*>itie...
GREAT VICTORY We bay o ihe iue_pre*>itie aatiflaotion < f announcing this uiorniug another victory < f onr arms ; s doc Live v_«".ory after the mr,,; hotly contested and most important batlit ever louf-bt on the American continent. Tha oumhers eogag. -i on ea<-h side was tor lasyon.l precedent ta American history; an.!, fouglt Bl the I altlo was. under the gare of two capilals of two poworftii Confederacies, it po.«-sesM.l au interest ami significance iaeh si has atiached to few battles ever before fought, it is not ascertained how many tt the enemy were actually engaged ; though the nam couid not have been much le. ] s than seventy* ttve thousand. The number actually engaged •n our own rids was nearly fifty thousand.— Ihe «kiruiii-hiug is said to have begun _-.c-i.rlv as four o'clock yesterday moTning; the heavy iightiug between eight and nine o'clock. If ontinued all day with ut-abated vigor.-.Nigbt closed upou the .-cciie with the enemy ta toll retreat, hotiv pursued b> our gs'lani ra*h. Our left was e< inmantled by the brave Gen. Jasa-~S <■• TaBBBIIIW. who bad arrived on the held on the day before from Winchester v»ith twenty thousand nion. PartßJUteß hstl, <>n Monday, marchtd down fron; Martin.l-urg ta within a tow miles of He entrenchment* at Winchester, and bad, on Wednesday, suddenly fallen back iter --ss tbt Potomac. JaBMMUB at (nee determine., to reinforce BsACBJ BASD. having no doubt tbat Pattkrsos had beer ordered to join MO-tawu.i,. The result proved the correctnes.* of thu, for PA—Saaßa_*fl column constituted *. v*_rt of the enemy's fighting force OS ye.ter day. tkaaaattae. ear Haa waa eaa-MSMSai by President Dams ia person : the left by the glorious BBA-B-C t**. P.-ctideut Day ix.with the energy and gallantry that beloaga to his ■ ■bsracter, had no sooner delivered his Heasag* to Oeagtßia in this city on Saturday, than be coicimetced his _rran_.;emciits for »hiiriii_ tea late af our atmy in the field. He acei-riin_py toll this city early yesterday morning, and arrived iv time to take a decisive pact la the hat tie. The beavi--t ouaet at the enemy w*is made upon our left, under Gen. Johns n-N, ami it war this divii-ion tbat suffered the heaviest tosa. — It continued to l.c prc.-st-l during the wbole of the day, until about four e'eic-ck la the afternoon, when l'resideiit Da\ is ndv.i.ced hi.* BUBire, di-engaged a portion >-' Ihe 8808. ** 1 rccs :ir.d dt-'.-iiii.l the iortune of (he day. 'ihe day is our.; but the victory, though glorious, ha. oofit ti/ dearly. Seme af the c**eualties are slated In tht tot*.-graphic —lusan. While we rejoice over the public Bweoa-*, we bave to mourn the loss of BOm* of tbo most gullai't spiiitw and meat valu.ldeiuen ol whom •he South tculd leiiiti. Tbe even:- of to-day will he looked fer with the deepest interest. The cc*?, at

Clipped from
  1. Richmond Dispatch,
  2. 22 Jul 1861, Mon,
  3. Page 2

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  • Richmond newspaper reports on the Confederate victory at First Manassas (Bull Run)

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