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Richmond Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia • Page 2

Richmond Dispatchi
Richmond, Virginia
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liirhmoit. fiispatrl. rdt.MIAY WICRNING 1881. fHE GREAT VICTORY We bay ihe aatiflaotion announcing this uiorniug another victory onr arms doc Live after the hotly contested and most important batlit ever louf-bt on the American continent. Tha oumhers eogag.

-i on side was tor lasyon.l precedent ta American history; fouglt Bl the I altlo was. under the gare of two capilals of two poworftii Confederacies, it au interest ami significance iaeh si has atiached to few battles ever before fought, it is not ascertained how many tt the enemy were actually engaged though the nam couid not have been much le. than ttve thousand. The number actually engaged our own rids was nearly fifty Ihe is said to have begun as four o'clock yesterday moTning; the heavy iightiug between eight and nine o'clock. If ontinued all day with ut-abated closed upou the with the enemy ta toll retreat, hotiv pursued our gs'lani Our left was inmantled by the brave Gen.

TaBBBIIIW. who bad arrived on the held on the day before from Winchester twenty thousand nion. hstl, Monday, marchtd down fron; Martin.l-urg ta within a tow miles of He at Winchester, and bad, on Wednesday, suddenly fallen back iter --ss tbt Potomac. JaBMMUB at (nee to reinforce BsACBJ BASD. having no doubt tbat Pattkrsos had beer ordered to join The result proved the of thu for column constituted of the enemy's fighting force OS ye.ter day.

tkaaaattae. ear Haa waa eaa-MSMSai by President Dams ia person the left by the glorious BBA-B-C Day ix.with the energy and gallantry that beloaga to his had no sooner delivered his to in this city on Saturday, than be coicimetced his for tea late af our atmy in the field. He toll this city early yesterday morning, and arrived iv time to take a decisive pact la the hat tie. The beavi--t ouaet at the enemy made upon our left, under Gen. Johns n-N, ami it war this divii-ion tbat suffered the heaviest tosa.

It continued to l.c during the wbole of the day, until about four e'eic-ck la the afternoon, when l'resideiit is ndv.i.ced BUBire, di-engaged a portion Ihe 8808. 1 rccs :ir.d the iortune of (he day. 'ihe day is but the victory, though glorious, ha. oofit dearly. Seme af the are slated In tht While we rejoice over the public we bave to mourn the loss of of tbo most gullai't spiiitw and meat valu.ldeiuen ol whom South tculd leiiiti.

Tbe of to-day will he looked fer with the deepest interest. The President's Th. of President hn- the rare merit of busvity. The period has been aa recent akaea of that little was to be before the attention of that body which hud ate been in the previous Message. the President has coiil-ied himself chicly to a f-utticg rebuke of some of the positions taken -jy Li.ii au in that functionary's late Messngc to the Northern Congress.

The Meseage is admirably written, and is most just and set ere in its allusions to the course of conduct pursued by tue North in the war are waging on We are triad see tbe position by Pr. dent iv respect to the policy af retaliation. There but one cure for th. b.rlariiies which tbo North are syetematic-aliy pr.ttiking uj-ou Southern flbBaSM and property to tall into their power in this war and Iho country will uuauiuious.iy sustain the Presiilent in determiuatioit la mcci their outrages Ivy measures as aeiere- if they are lose eoafsa i-tnd brutal. An eye for an eye, and a tooth lor a tooth, is tbe true text for our policy towards such an enemy as we have to deal ia this contest.

There is a large class ut' barbarities which the South cannot expect ta avoig. iv Their ruthless war upon women aud cannot bo imitated even in Their infamous petty practices of pig stcaliog nnd heo-roost cannot be for tt Is rep-lure to the instinct- of Southern twldicr to meet patty ihel't by petty injuries low aud vile. modes af severity, loss outrageous and ton however, can be atlopted, and we trust that atcrd 'omplete -atisfaction will be exaated tlirotigb'ht-ppi-onera that fall into our The enemy hail his Rich Mountain suecc.a. He will ii more fortune of thai sort. We from him many prisoners; and we lib all hive it in our power to puniah with fig it whatever enormities, he tuu.v be guilty of in the lutiiie.

We admire the iimiiif-ss of tone with which i'tvia hijs given Lin. to hir in this regard. The occasion of tho condemnation af our privateer- in New York was admirably chosen for sending 'this admonition. If the cowardly Ynnkec ahall to i-Uiet judicial murder and ignoniny up -n those bravo men, we meet the act by consigning au equal number of tv the exact fate which may he vuited upon thoae mv. The conduct of WASBISBBfIa in the matter of the distinguished spy Am hi: did more to teach Groat no a projn.l respect for the laws of war iv the Revolution iLuii all tbe leniency which he had uaetl towards them in the whole tbo war.

We s.oubi our euaaity ai.U uoi lbic, aut't aa should t.ecuic our -to-sure, of rigor wilt, calm reaolvc and dignity aa 'hat which the conduct af WasUi.ioio.v in that iv which w. ioay -BMSMB manly heart was wruntr, al violently us d.t.ruiiiiati to ex act auetdful m.asure public justice was tonHe-a. lo all ages ami among the mutt euligbtooed c.suiaU tbe ta-taan has bell 9 tegitiw-Ate measure oi aud otttu a necoaewy iti.truic-B'-Hty ol public justice. II (bare ever was a in which it wa. tiWti iitihAblj iv ihe prvrekiag a it to it, or ueecaaary an a of self-protection against the moat sboebing aad wautoa barbarities, it thin war 1 of thr T-skat, spos trmf I ti-st will ofer the su'bority I upon ibe Frwidvst ia tba a In veal aa laaprartteekto.

There are many people in the nemmim'ity rcrak aaeagh to boliave it an easy task for ilea. orr ft. invade Virginia as far sa llkhraond, from the line of the Potomac It Iho ludertsktag had been oue at all facile ol ac rompHshment, Gen. Scott wo il 1 long rinee bnen ia car city, for (here ia ao point iv ihe whole South which the Yankee. br.

so rejoiced to a-' Ml town of -ichmoiid. That the Invasion has not beep tff-cted is 'hereiore the Ixst proof of its impracticability. Tho lifTiculty of the undertaking arises from many circumstances. We shall pass over the military have been planted in enemy's path at Winchester, at at AfHa Creek and in the Yorktown peninula. These obstructions may be regarded as Having had some influenco in checking the advancing career of the invader.

There arc tilers, howewr, which, if oven these should do would still make the some-hat difficult of performance. Tho irmy of invasion would of course have Mbe of huge dimensions. Oen. of iotisistd in doing nothing al all unless he ha; the means in superabundance of accomplishing what be undertakes; ocyond peiadventure. He ia a timid and cowaidly General, and requires double the force aud equipment for the execution ol" his pianr, would be expected by any other General.

A more enterprising and daring commander might be willing to undertake a demonstration upon Richmond with thirty-live or forty thousand mci: Gcieral would scarcely venture upon it with lees than fifty thousand, supported ly large a reserve at available potato on this side of the Potomac; and thia tescrve supported by still another on th- Maryland nde, and ia Washington (rf fifty or a uundred thou-and more. This i. certinuiy too a preparation for milking assurance and Gen. abo would nave a reputation to protect, as well as a campaign to -Bake, a General of lbs aFiurance doubly-sure stamp. The moving 'if an invading army iv hostile country a prodigious undertaking.

Its list requirements would bo an immense nuinoer ol, for the three services, of cai airy artillery and transportation. The Bavalry arc the and ear. of army, and an invading 'loluiun would have to be strongly furnished with thir' aim of tho -crvice. Three or lour ihousard cavalry would be a small complemoiil lor aa invading column fifty thousand rtrong- I'a. would have to bo very strong aug artillery, complement Hones rt'juirtd for this service should beea aa thai for the cavalry.

tatioii, too, of baggage and provi-ions for such a force would be prodigious. Thi- service alone would require iix hoiaes, and fourth as many baggage wagons. Thus, ten thousand hersea would be a small estimate of the number of animals required for an invasion af Virginia projected aj-tiinst llichmond. We do aot believe tbat Gen. Scon at eenunaad Iva thousend aad it is linp'jr-ilile f' mobilise iirmy -MM animals, one ttktom ol the poor of tbe enemy.

penetrating Virginia, if readily seen. So long aa operations lie along the tea the navigable water oouraee. and aaiibaliaiiUii railways, he can accomplish Lis objects with degree ol facility sue-1 but the Baament he has ta upon other means of transportation, his naa amenta i at OOUW to an end, and aO hL- arc di-coi-ored to be at. fault. The North is a c.u_U_- of horse-, aud it ie iext to -Bpoe-ibk to Ihe requisite ruppCea for any purposes.

If the people af will keep thi. great fact in mi-d, they have al once 1 of steadying their ner-. and of rendering the progress cf the enemy iuto our interior next to impossible. His approach should be the signal for tearing up the track and blowing up the bridges upon every neighboring railroad, and 1 of lilling country road- with every obstruction which admit of and furnish. The march oi ii- over a campaign country is much slower usually supposed.

Light or ten miles a day krge avenge for a large column, obliged -tip upas iti an. to obtain its supplies iv the mar. DotaehmeaM might be -cut indeod, which would make much more ipid progress, but an effective -y-lcm of rilia readily keep them in cheek, and oblige to. ke itse inta-t. Me are af believe wi te invad-agaa-af.

poorly provided with cavalry witii becam, get far into Virginia by I land, ii it met w.titi in the shape cf and activo its progrcs. the piere teak ef gc-in gronud would bo very I and occupy a iptaa af time. Hat be-' sides tbis mere inertia, wbi.h would be considerable, an column wcuU bay a foe to meet more fierce than is usually encountered is excursions. They Lave shown by tbeir depredations at Alexandria and aiou-i and by their wanton burnings at i-ourt House aui Ceulrcville, the treat men in store for Virginia- Tbey inflict liestruetisn upon Secessionist, and tories. Souihein m-rn find uionl-tl; and they may therefore expect to ibe joint rj-sintancir uf ali of our citi.oui.

all these things we are firmly persunded "he invasion of Virginia far as liiohmoiid, is an iiniracticable undertaking. 4' 1 ar and will only be cured of our incredulity on the when the foal have beea accomplished. Thr Baastehaafiate in the Tho and heroism displaced bj the friends of the Southern ause in Xoithwestorn Virginia not surpassed by any which have been exhibited during the progress oithe present war. We have just conversed with a geniloiL'itu from that section, who ha lust a large i'ortuuc and whose children have btien imprisoned by th' 1 enemy, one of a youth of fourteen, haviug been takeu as pri.ont rto Luc State of Ohio, lt wa? the knowledge oi tinea aud similar atrocities that ha.

induced us lo speak of Virginia with the uatui.l iuiignatiou that c'lvh would 11 was uot oar intention, however, t'' denouiu- the whole p.jpl. of that seotiuu, nor auy portion ol Itate cs opt -bate who havu invited foreigu army into fLieir borders, and raised ihe flag pf rebellion against thia Couiuiouwcalth. llravcr and bettor men than these frieudi af the "Southern cause in the Northwest cannot he found, nor are iv the whole State loyally aud fir utter bave been put to as a test. in tbis aeaaetekta, we may mention that uotie bare bettor service in tba field tbko the faithful cittiens oi' tbe 1, aud lhaf, of these, ihe i Greys" aud ihe "Hardy bore a leading aud part iv ths tijjht ou Utah Mountain. Capt.

jHi i.a« tn and bis Lieuteuanto behaved iin tae most gallant maimer. Two of the Ipsu'ii bro-jrht dowu with their unerring rid. 4 tbe retcbes who bayouotted Captain he bad faileo. io to lisudolpb and Harbour, seaaai of the uufh-htsato lt ought ito be state, that a large majority of their people ttet'ifirxl by tbeir vote on the Sucer.i-»a Ordinance their fidelity to the Southern Oai a in tii Bjarthwaat. Wo tiuet that tho not far dleto.ti' arbaa the traitors in Nortbweitorn Virginia will receive tlnir merited punishment.

If tbey aro dir-atiit-cd with the Ordinance of tteceHaion passed by the they were estoppel from all complaint when that Ordinance'had received the overwhelming majority of tbe popular vote. They took their chances in the Convention, and, through their champion, Caklilk, waged a steady warfare for the I'nion, gaining repealed victories in the of that body, to which the submitted like loyal citizens and honorable gentlemen. They at last defeated, by a large majority, the Secession Ordinance, and to that tbe Secessionists submitted, without raising a linger of nor, if the vent ion had adjourned immediately upon that anti vote, would there have been any resistance from any quarter ta the execution cf its will. Not only this, but, having taken their chance- in the Convention, the Northweit took its chances st the polls, voting in heavy ma). against to Bsy nothing of the ioi.ign votes which were imported lor the occasion.

If they had succeeded in defeating the Ordinance at the polls, would they not expected tbe rest of the State to submit to tho supreme voice of the people? Whet regard for the law, for th. popular for personal honor, must men have, who having thus appealed to the decision of the Convention, and afterwards to tne decision of the people. iefu-e to Le bound by the dcci.ion of either, aud deliberately carve out an incipcnucnt domain and set up a new Government on tbe soii of It would have been bsfl enough if, under such circumstances, they had jaalfntail the "dignified neutrality" of ntucky, and the least they couid have done v.ould have been to forbid 1 edaral troops from crossing their territory. But they became at -808 our most active, audacious, uncompromising enemies. They invoked the Government to their the Federal troops, they gravely enacted the mockery of c-lecliug a Governor and Legislature and sending rep reseutii'ives.

to Congress; they murdered and drove from tLeir houses, and aiued in sending as prisoner, to Ohio, every faithful son of Virginia who couid be found wilhia their their (itiren. w-uld profess friendship to deceive onr troops, and lead them into ambush ri whan ibeir blood toshed by the mercenary hirelings of Lincoln. Was ever euch haaaaaaa hear, since the of time Vet, these very Northwosloiq I aieaiata Lave boon hanging lor ye tr. like regular 1 'oodhound-? upon the pub lie treasury: they have been horse-leeches, ever cry ing "(live, ti'tve:" and the pot town, heeling, has: born a meT'licant and ayesriy recipient oi the most liberal legislative fa vora to. Jr.

is impcs-ibls to Sad a parulle! in all history to th.c ingratitude acd of the I'nion faction io Virginia. Army Mattera Tb'j Northwestern part the State, which been the rcene of no little disaster to gui causa, has bean asutgaod to the command of Brig. ticu. W. W.

LoB-VC, who aot off tor his py. this morning. Gen. LoailM was a Colonel of rifles in iho Tinted States Army, aad BM reached from Now Mcxi of whi' department hit had command at the time of hia resignation. lie ia a citizen ol Florida, and was appointed from civil life in the Mexican w-r as Jfltejor, and wa- rrmttnaed ia the service after the end of the war.

in the Mounted tie served gallantly in Mexico, aud lest an arm atCbepaltoppe. He seen of service in Oregon. Wash-j iugi-'L, other parties- of ihe far West against the Indians, end Is one of the most energetic and efficient officers ia tbe it. had much experience in mouutaiu warfaro, and ia peculiarly fitted for the command th'i bus now beeu him. In the course of a wt.k or t-n days he will have a aaaa-Unad of llteau thousand men, and we trust he will be able to wipe out McCl.BT.aiu i from the of his much boasted exploits.

General traveled with Genera: Al.ect S. lata of United Army, in comuiand of tho Army af i'tab, i whose presence has Loan aniiiuut-'y expected for suuie time. Genenil A. S. JoaUMNS will ba in llkhmond in tho course af a weok.

He will be at once assigned to meet important command, with the rank of full General to authorize the conjecture that General A. will le placed at the head af all operations in the Valley. He ir Kentuckian by birth and zen--, but promptly resigned on hearing of tbe Auril. Having to nieke his way overlanJ, his journey 'bo has I been protracted. Items.

NiasKs res them "Night iiigale" from Noith Carolina has lished herself st I'orktown, by a matron and every requirement, in order to pertorm ibe mission abe hes iiailni lalni Otber Nightingales are still required, to cheer with their melodious notes and gentle mini-intiiotis the soldiers who, whether fighting pr OB the btd cf sickness, display a forbearauce and patriotism worthy of the descendants oi the revolutionary heroes. Ladies who are prepared with health and fortitude sufficient to undergo camp life, by applying at the cmce of this or the Baqdtrsr newspaper, wlil obtain requisite information. I to the sending tonka and delicacies to the sick soldiers should lake the opportunity of conveying them by private hands who are going immediately to the place for which they are in- In the confusion and hurry, mary parcels have lost, or not delivered until the aaatanta have spoiled. I'ersons must remember camp life Is not town life, where theie is a regular Adam lixprese wagon to meet every boat or train. Where the uame of tbe matron of a regimeut is known, it is boiler 'o to are.

lisai ra vi ihb season oi levers i. approaching, against which cteaulineas and pure air are the greatest safeguard, if a rule weiee.titbliabed in camp that no slops BY should be emptied withiu ao many yaitis ol the teuti-, an amount at would be ay i. way inwhiih i'ood cnu iheir i uy abstaining Irom all stimulants uot absolutely aud sending a supply to tne bick soldiers al the various camps, many ot whom, prostrated by sickness, are now greatly needing these tonics Thr; Missocai Nswa following dispatch, dated Memphis, it is Ed relates to a dispatch published iv our pSfte a few days ago, in regard to the brilliant victory which (ton. McOalloch has gained over the tv Missouri: raia, July ToN. news is couliimed.

Have had flue rains the pact two daje. No news to-day. C. H. Hails.

As Aasxiuas Aaais- Alms or a Washington letter writer aaye i "Tbat some of the soldiers, particularly of one of the Pennsylvania regiments, are actually begging in the to-day. I saw today tbe mortifying spectacle of ou American soldier, lv the capital of bis country, asking a for a taw ajLLii-'-L j-Lj i first coNeft-st- OP TBS Or A SUB HA. 1 Kt.hmcsc, Bator-ay, July the Hall of the Houee of Del-gate, at the Capitol, at 12 cloo- M. Hon Howell Cobb, ta tho Chair, called tbe Assfembly to order. ibe Key.

Dr S. K. of Georgia, then ottered op an affecting prayer. By direr lion of the Pres.den t. the roll of the was called alphabetically, and the following named member, as- eertained tobe ptes.ut: From X.

Smith, J. L. M.Curry Nich. P. Davis and H.

O. Jonea. From Arkansas -Robert W. 11. F.

Thomaeson, A. H. Garland aad W. Wstkins. From None.

From fieorgia Robert Toombs, Howell Cobb, Eugeniue A Nisbet, Benjamin H. Hill, A. R. Wright and Augustus 11. Kenan.

From Perkins, A. i Charles M. Conrad, I). B. Keuner and Henry Marshall.

Fren Wiley P. Hams, Walker Brootc and 1' Harrison Ikem Booth M. Eeitl, C. G. Mt-mminxerand W.

W. Boyce. From Ttxis Wigfall, Joan H. onn Hemphill, T. B.Baal and W.

B. Ochiltree. From Viryinia W. Brockei-ibrough and Walter R. ()n motion of Mr.

Brockenbrough, the following named newly appointed delegates from Virginia came forward, presented their dentialr, and took the oath cf office James A Seddon, Waa. Ballard Preston. Wm. H. "dacfarlaml, Charles Russell and Robert Johnson.

Mr. Tooy.Ba believe the members elect from the f-tate of North Carolina, whose credentials havu been filed are present. Tub Par.BiDSBT -They will piease come forward and take the oath of oillce. Accordingly the followin? named gentlemen, members elect from North Carolina, came forward and were aurora W. W.

Avery. W. N. H. Smith, A W.

Vena'ole, J. M. Morehead, K. C. Puryaar, ar.

A. Itevideoa. ol the House ir- bow organised. I move the appointment of a t-ommiitee to inform the President that a quorum is present and ready to receive any communication iiemay to make. The motion beiug sustained, the Chttir appointed Mer-srs Perkins, of Lcuisirna, Brocaeubrough, of Vigiri.i, ar.d Johnson, of Arkansas, to constitute such During the absence of the committee, Mr Toombs, from the on Ways and Means, introduced a bill entitled an act to authorise the appointment of to aga treaenry notes, which was read tn due order ayd paeaed, ihe committee appointed to luforiri the President cf the organ: -lien of tiie returned and reported tiial the President would scud in a communication in writing A lew thereafter, the following message waa received from bis Excellency, Proeiden' D-Via, by bla Private Beeretary, and or dared to read, together with lag doenmaate.

Presktaat- Measage see another On notion of Mr Win-til, of Texas, five thousand copies of the President's were ordorrd to be printi-d. Ou motion of Mr Keitt, of South Carolina, the Committee on was instructed to inquire into the expediency of etoctlag a Public Priu Mr. Congress tiien adjourned to meet Monday at o'clock. M. iha Old Kentucky.

Itai-rot, July IS, 1881. Pir was to-day looking over Ihe history of Kentucky, aad vitrt feelings of etnoti oi the defence at Boonsborough by Daniel Boone and bis brave followers, Aaguet, J77S. I must (fjore one of it to refresh your mam cry aieo, and should eye of any Keatuckiau on this pege, him pause Mid reme'-ibor that now a moment arrived iv his morr.ontouaa the one aow alladed to "It on the BthofAngast, with British aad French Bags tbedueky army gathered around defended by ita garrison. Uaptata liuqunsue, ou behalf (ft his Maje-iy King Ueoige 111, Uaptata lJjobe to lt waa as had in Itia journal, a erritical for him and fiienus. Should tbey yield, wbat mercy could they look lor: ehoitid tbey ayfuae to yield, vrhat hope of anecmaful watataaoe besides their cattle were in tbe woods, and thay would need thr mto auate.ii'a sieve, laniel pondered the matter, aid concluded it would be sate to ask foi two days' consideration, 11 waaa-raatad, and he drove ta cattle.

The i even Tag of tee Bth sooa arrived, and hs must say one thing or another. So he politely the representative ci his gracious Majesty ter giving time to propare for their defence, announced tbeir determination to flght. The British ofltcan profeeeed mnch apjiarentlj tegrat lor this resolution that I'aciel vrats induced after all com. to a It to take place i-ttineiiately tha walls ot the tort, betwae'Ji 'tine ''tiie garrisca r.uds party of the enemyi To guard aga the ettK-i upoii tiie ready ro defend their The 11 oaly wr.a made and siguad, and then tho Indiana, sayiug it was their custom for two of them to shake hands with every white man when a treaty was made, expressed a wish to press the palms of their new allies, i.ooue and comrade, felt rather tjueer at this proposal, bu' thought ii safer to accede so they presented each his hand. As anticipated, the warriora seised tbem "with rough and fierce eagerness.

The whites drew back, struggling. The treachery was The ballr from th? struck down the of ii.c asoailanta of the iiulo banJ, and' amid foca, Boone and bi's It ntj unhurt. The 'treaty havlii" thus tailed, Oapt. P-qaaan opei.od a lire which lastt-d ten days, to no purpose, for the woodsineii were deterrnincd Dtjt to yield. On tho -9th of August the Indians were Arced to retire, ha thirty en of their number, and wasted a vast amount of powder and lead.

The garrison picked up, after their departure, one hu -ulred and lire their bulletin." tne It was amid auch scenee as this tbat 'he Siate of Kentucky was laid, by a mere haodf ul of high-spirited men. Mr. Dispatch, I saanotbeiieve that ihe good old stocic is No. i sir; the spirit of Daniel Boone is yo: abroad 1 in the land; his brave acts (though his I sleep in her speak in thunder tones jto Kentucky's iiown tb the opprea trixo for liberty." 1 knew if tha. Uave woodsman couid arite irom Lib he i would to eons, no -tore lof neutrality your rifles; tbejib' I has arrived we vtit "igm ypa, we will dej froij tjie State- Cn, pf eyes oi' Of friends aad y- i.nd aud eye of God are no.

no'iiig your acts. May you live i the wasted balls of your eue.tues and remould them for the defence of old Kent nek. Jcha. Wilh a body of Indiaaa. Fbos P.bsacoi.a the Pensacola correspondence of the to the Mobile Advertiser aud Register, we tnko the subjoined extracts: A brir, supposed lo hay beau a pxtee to the fleet, sailed to-day to tht She bad been lying lor two days naa.

tho Mississippi ataauaaa. Mr. Abraham 'a ineu arc still at work on the BOW hntalgnteg npou the island, li is a building, aod wiii probably serve ashosDiial cafiUan-bouM and Billy Witooa and men, it is jocosely said, have sent word to the proprietor that on the day of his b.r he waato himself aud men counted in." The regulars will stand a poor obnaee amour these Ellsworth and Powell's new accommodation line from Hollywood is doing a fine neas. Passengers by this tine leaving Mobile at four oileck in the afteriioon arrtvp here next morning at eij-bt o'clock. There has been no addi'ion io the for the last iwecty-four hours.

This morning nine vessels, among them fourlit'te in sij-ht. Yeas Ricumond correxpoudent ot (he ColiimbU Guardian furnishes tie following inn lent of the rot urn ol late failed States Oocsul to Liverpool Iter. Tucker arrived iv town day betore yesterday direct irom Paris via London and Liverpool. He came to Oanadi and by way cf I), licit and li.diauapoiis, through Kentucky and meeting with someuroil adventures en ronte. Assuming anotaer name, he had no sooner landed in (Quebec thun be stumbled upou old (lid-ting-, to whom he was perfectly well kuowu in Waabinguin.

"liow-u'ye do, Mr. Tucker, said the old wretch. Oh ah," said staring him directly iv face, and speaking ia a broad klnglieh drawl, Weally, my doaw sir, yon mistake tbe iudiv idyouall." I beg pardon," said (iiddings, whereupon Bey. walked oft' and saw uo more of the Consul to Had be betrayed bis identity by a moment's torgetfutuess, Giddtngs would have had him arrested at Detroit. Sbot wans BrSS-888 (Jharleetou Mercury says that ou the night of loth in St.

George's Parish, Louia luflnger and Bud Merchant, a colored boy, formerly of Char lesion, were shot by A. Salsbury, whilst attempting to steal watormelons from bis place. lufluger was hit in tbe hip aud uot dangerously wouuded, to thought that Merchant to mortally wounded. mv. ami Aanell'a FUtnaace ef if ear Orleans Cbarlaatoa Ileartar Inquiries and Investigations concerning BnaaeU'a (correepondent of ths London Timee' of Tiolonce and imprlsonr-ient in Mow Orteaaa, cofflpel the coSclostou that he conveyed a iyuci'ist to the city and the cause of the South.

He was false not so m.teh In alleged facts th msnl bat In hia statement, and inferences and entorged conclusions, just as he wss grocsly false in jnmping to the conclu- eion ihai Qua lb ftaTaMaa ilsalrafl a monarchy. The following is the concluding letter of the that has passed between Gov. Moore, of through an Aid, and H. M. Consul at New Orleans COt.

B-S-taM TO 88. -CSS. NBW OBI.SASS, Jlllv 9, IHOI. Wm. Mure, ft.

B. M. Consul, New Orleans. Governor me to acknowledge the receiptor your communication of thia date. Disclaiming any intention or desire to protract, unnecessarily a seeming disputation touching alleged occurrences, about the facts of which there seems to be some discrepancy, His Excellency will content himself with renewing the assurarce already made, that all casea of such grievance shall receive his prompt attention 1 have mentioned in a previous tetter to you that tbe persons pursuing this Illegal and reprehensible mode of enlistment, are liable to prosecution and punishment through the medium of the ordinary procecsof the courts.

I beg to call your attention again to tbe statem.ut then made, and to add, that our i criminal law denounces such acta with severe penalties. Hia Excellency instrncts me to express his satisfaction ta learning the nature of the dispatch sent by you to your Government Bnlieh people and Sovereign will learn therefrom how much credence to attach to the of Dr Ruasell, and will perceive that even in so important aad int.rrsling a subject as thatof the enlistment of foreigners, he has applied for information to sources less reliable tiiau of Her representatives tbla place. It wai a. matter of Interest to the "authorities" to know how tbat gentleman's mistaken representation of ibeir action was concurred in or sustained by the oifleial to the i ioverument of Great Britain. It was a matter of intereat to the community to know to what extent bis assertions of barbarittae publicly inflicted in our atresia had any foundation in fact.

Without pretending to iguore ihe conduct of some, iawteaa met', some of ihe details of which ara in your Uiat letter, enough elicited to exhibit tbe each mode-of enlistment are confined almost exclusively to one compaay, and that is without any recognised ir.iiii.Hry Renewing to you the ur a nee of Uts Excellency's desire to remove e.ll.iust causes of complaint, and ajain rentadtag you that the courts have full c.gtii.ance of the whole subject, I beg leave to subscribe myself, with great respect arid consideration, your obt-dient a.rvaiti, (Signed; Ta. C. BL-SBlse, Aid-de-Oarap. Kaou DUaafmmfaetioa Among cola's Soldiers. A correspondou of the St.

Lonis Republican, dated Cairo, 111., July H. I ever a set ol aaea were badly we, the aouiiara here at Cairo, are the men. Ist. We have here nearly "hree months without pay. 3d.

We were told that we should servo under ttirl' era of out own elcctiou. Well, we elected Ocl B. M. Brigadier (jeueral Of this Brigade, by a vote of UNJ to 1 over and yet Capt. Pope bag been Brigadta- General, and now actually ritnks General and we may be al auy moment irom the eommaad of Prentiss to thai of Gen.

Pope. 4th Governor Yates es.n go Baal twice, "maKing fine speeches and eattasr. fine Bers-" na seema to have forgotten tbat there are 1.000 meu here Cairo, and haa utterly neglected to give them one taut, although the;. re of the State voted for va. (Mr rations have baaa lsry in quality aud short in aautlty.

Mr. rltlitor, I am, it ia true, only a eennsa prtvatt sol and you may throw communication aside ta disgust. He it so. But tbo eo-UXtoa soldier has the ftahting to do, and 1 now tell you lhat even With him team a pair.l where forbearauca ia no virtue. We demand justice for Gen.

Prentiss. If you don give us that, bo ware. Fit as Friday afternoon an of Mr P. itiue, of thi3 city, about four years aid, was severely burned, from theeSTecta of which be ctiad late the next afternoon. It that he had kindtod a flic iii an iron vessel ta ihe beck yard of father's resiJi-iice.

and too near, his loosn fiock took fire. Frightened aad suffer. ing from the heat, he rau arouud to the iron! porch, where hia mother him a few aeconda after Aia garment eautht, and extingniahed the Carres at once, aiid administered to relief. Medical asateteace was I mediately nrocarad, and avsry attention I bestowed, but all proved The "jurning was over too extensive it surface and tha prostration of the system too jreat to be overcome. It c.

tended the -knee of ilia right leg up over tha abdomen and but the anna and face escaped, so thai tbe countenance was not iv the least disfigured Ilia were alleviaiod so that he evincod scarcely any pain, and retained full possession of hia faculties to the 1-st. Oae of ihe pif-eens in wiii eh, in life, be fell so much tatereet, and which had never been in the room in and alighted near Whan he lay, aud Sapped his times about the time thai he tonigomery Adttritttr. RBCArrras or a B-aao Savannah Republican, of the ITth, says that the uegro noticed la iha: aa captured on Fi'dr. a.terncon last, And who sobseeuentty tna.e bis e-cape eras agate i. ptnred yesterday morping" His him with dogs in the woods KLpAlpln's brict; yard, ar.d chased him as far as brides, on tiie road, before he tvai captured.

It was eveatiinlly effected with mcch difficulty, be was ai eiei with a bo knife, with which he killed iwo ofthe dogs end several others, beatdeaattempting several times to cat pursuers. Oae the parte fired ai him twice, lire taking effect in his arms, so as to dis-ible him wi-. out jeopE.rdiair.jr hjs life Th-? negro aayahis is Tcnsy, and ttcitt he belongs to 5Jr Jobneon, of Brooxs eoanty. lie Btatoa that after he made his escape, ou Friday eveoi-g, he took circuitous route through and went back to the mill of W. ti.

Cities and had hand-call filed off, and far ted off attain. Toney is a powerful Sucl desperate negro, wtij-hi- 250 pounds, sad for any aort of jtdreniuru. Since arrest, facts itaVe to light a strong-r-sploion" that ii- 'ha of llrady, who was kltiei ia botfbfi ihs ca-ial, in last 14is without iiumoat, 'Ye Uaaraa-aa Etawaa- tioned yesterday the rumor that Williams reccnuy arrived at New York in the C. S. steamer Uichnioiid, and decided not to resign hia in the Lincoln service.

We aie ti uly glad, to hear thai precisely the reveuea ia true, bis resigaatloa having forwarded to Washington. Mr. W. will probably teach home la a day or two, aud without doubi enter the Confederate naval service. Most all of brothers are in the army, having promptly volunteered ia tho earliest stage of our difficulties, which shows of liie family.

By ventilating ibe report, wo have mashed ti.c and our townsman received his vindication. The report originated iv this wise: Mr. W. Leant l.i New York Ihe people of mouth were la a starving condition, and that his family Wen at Old Point. Naturally enough he obtained a permit to eeek them, and in this capacity visited the fort.

In this wise the report of sending for family originated a case ol The upshot of tha matter seems lo be that Ned will soon be bete, in full alleriance to the South I ami bevivnd the deception as well as control of the Trsnicilnf, B'T-bb gentleman who lately from tbe vicinity of Hampton as-sure. va that those eoldiors who roan the river batfcarteabaraly aacagwd wrath on the nth, ami again on the 13th. He that on both c- asious nbad ba.a -ed to make a naval demonstration against Sewell's, island, and finally Hofller Creek cr Pig'a I'oint. For this purpose, an unusual naval force had been concentrated in Kumptou Roads, aimed to the top, aud that the arrangements were completed even to the extent of placing infantry aboard. lin'ortunately lor us, the project created so much debate among officers aud men iv the enemy's camp that Picayune became alarmed and relinnuished the plan, desiring counael from Washington.

Not a naval commander, except Fendergrast, it is understood, supported the wisdom of the proposed movement. Parties down below tbat the Massachusetts regiment- (three men) have gone home and that the Verraontera have left Newport for Old Point. Indeed, if the dissatisfaction to half so great aa repreeeuted, then we may safely calculate that not even a company ol the Vederaliata will re eultet Trantnipt, No Pat roa Tuosa wao officers of the Richmond who havo number, found that they have uot only beeu stricken from the rolls of the Navy, but frcm the pay rolls. The Purser told lhaia he iiiMiructi-aa not to pay them for their Tbla ta the litest Lintoln LOOAL MATTB-f. Important hope Ihe following notice will responded to by our citizens this evening: To tha tmfSsaa er BlehaaanSi The telegraph reports a gteriooa victory at Mannaaaa The wonndetl frem any anrl all iniwdertt- States, aa wil as our own, reqnire Bnocor and To end I invite of Richmond at Washington Monument (MOB DAT) evening at four o'clock, to concert measures for their aid and comfort.

IJossrH Mato, Mayor. Getting Satisfaction. learn from a gentleman conversant with the affair, that on last Friday evening, five of the New Orleans Cadets, (lately under the command of Colonel Dreux.i started out on a scouting expedition near Newport News, and learning tbat six of Lincoln's hirelings were at a neighboring farm houi-e. "making merry," resclved to kill or take them prisoners. They waited for the cooundrels, who.

on leaving tbo farm, repsrated, three going one way and three They selected tbe three thoy wanted, and al the proper time fired on tbem. killing instantly one who proved to be an Abolition Majir, mortally wotadirig a Captain, and breaking the wri.t and taking captive a The latter will soon be rent to thia city. The North Carolina State Troops. Raleigh (H. Standard, of July 20, says i "We have begged that the volunteers of North Carolina now being enrolled, and who are equipping and drilling, will not disband.

We are quite sure tbat the authorities will not disband them, for the reason that before the of August it will be seen, if we do not mistake, that the 7 will all be needed. Lincoln's forces must be checked in Virginia. They must never bs allowed to invado North Carolina through Virginia; therefore North Carolina mart render Virginia snd President Dsria all tbe aid in her power." Nobody who ths splendid regiment which marched in yesterday could doubt that the Oid North btate was doing all she could. It wa? the 4th Bag-Meat of State 1,100 strong, under Col. Anderson, armed and equipped, each individual in it looking every inch a hero.

They went into camp near How. ari's tirove. With such soldiers, we arc ail fa. Lieut. Humphrey H.

Miiet. moital remain! of this lameut.d ofneer were conveyed from their late residence on Union Hill on Saturday to the Leigh Street Church, wh'jre a meat impressive and aifccting discour-e was delirorad by Rev. Iktrrovrs. The funeral cortege, which, by it. numbers, eviucod the respect wit'i which the deceased wai regarded, proceeded to Hollywood Cemetery, attended by the Masonic fraternity aud Knights Templar, whore the body was interred with the ceremonies usual on such soletuu The deceased olilcer, who lost his life while engaged with his oomradsa in repelliog tbo BBBaall of ths eueuiy st the battle of tost was a native of this city, and leavei a widow nnd several children to mourn tho fortuuo ol war.

which has torn from them iheir natural protector. Defend your Country. stirring scenes now boing enacted in the interior, should stir the life blood in the heart of every young man in tbe No one can want a greater incentive to ta the rescue of their country than is iurr presented to thcin. A call Laa been madfi on the people for a per contain of the militia. Lcl tliem fly to the volunteers' standard and retider tbis demand inoperative and useless.

Volunteers are winted; our liberties are in fly to t.O your cry be 'Tor God and Liberty." Gone companies of including two riflo corps and the itimthrons, left the city or. via Central railroad for tho interior. We board also, that his Exce'iency President Davis.lhad started for a brief period to the same destination, tioubiless his preeeaea will cause additional liveliness to be to the motions of certain parties located ca BBS of -ai F.eporttd Dead currently reported yestbrclay that Milton Barns, son Lewis L. Lamr, (Chief Lugineer of the Richmond Fire Department,) a liicmherof Capt. Boggs' corepsny, had beoti killed in tbe battle at Manass.i* last Thursday.

Mr. Barns has five sons iv tho army. soldier's knapsack, made of cotton, packed and slung ready for use, found near the Central tierotyerterday. The owner can get it by calling at this office There is also a leather knapsack b.ionging to ore of the Young Guard at the "st House. Vatuhull's Island, Richmond Light Guard, Capt.

Wallace, have selected the above delightful spot, located on James river, as a camp ground, till their equipment, is fully completed and they atari on activ. duty in the field. The company lacks a few ui.ti of the rt-juirel Tito Yorjrn Mrs Iteowvim Yorkville (S Enquirer, of the Wh, learns that two brothers, named respectively Robe Samit.l Whitesides, aged about 11 and 20 years, wer- drowued in Crawford's mill poud, some m-lcs South of on Id nday were in the potid bAihisg, when one oi iwo far and The Iter, iti to him, was drawu mirier the water, when both porished. The nd was drained and the bodies When tcund. the bodies wereelasped together.

Kit Tvs-day moruing last, a girl was it id japped by a while man. oear's Carriage Factory. Alter and tying her, he took her some dietaccc above the tar aula bridge, aud attomptod to swiiu the river with her, but eka re-u-ted, and in the meautime, a cow c-une rannlsg towards and he, supposing re pursued, took to his heels and left The nil 1 went to a neighboring house, and facts as above i 'Oa i Courier, It-lh A(ias. or UtXATTAXmBmy From a iii.3senger. lioiii Marlou O.

II Courier, ihe thpl the of ihs district have succeeded iv capturiUf aome eight or negfoes. and up their at a pla.a 4 G'siflsh tSwaipp. There are represent, -d to oe in all, apd theciitoers are i-ureuii of the reu.alnii'j Qiaara is Taasa a body troops who paaaad through this city on wa- coinpcuy of unusually tall eoldiera. Their ranha eoiitaiued but three men nud-tr six ftee' in height, ami iheir file le is said to measure B.ven teat two ills companions in arm- looked lik-- boys Nashville Giutftc would be well for and others, making purenases of quinine, to ieet the gaauinoa aes of tbe article, as Its scarcity has led to adulteratlou We are inform.d a packape of llvehuuttred halt tl mr, was recently seised ai Louisville, hound ea i 88-Uova T. New Voik, on wbitaln the actofarilsting a horse that had become auddeuly fiighteio-il e.t tiie "viewing of a locomotive whistle, Mr.

waa thrown violeatly upon hia shoulder, crushing the tip bone. injury, though severe, it ts thought will uot prove fatal. 1 aiai 1 ital affray occurred s.t Delhi, Lt tha 'th mac a Mr. Loti- a private in the Southrons, and Slave, or iae s.tine company, iv which the former shot and lnstauily kill-J by latter. Wisher, (colored, a fan-By aarvaut of the tate Dr.

-Selden, of Norfolk, died in that city a few daya siuce at the advanced age of oae hundred and teu years. Col. McNeil, who recently marched into the Bt. Louis State Journal office with 400 and suppressed the paper, was shortly after met oa the street by Mr Kaiser, a ciiiAeii, and soundly tbraabed. The Nashville Osiette aaserta that Andrev has so far recovered from tha he received while making hia ea.

ana from fcaet Tennessee, as t. be able to take hia seat. The New York Times says that Hurlbut was turned from that paper because turned against the Republicans, but that il Presideut Davis him, a Southern officer must haug for him. Ibe German population uf laoudoa ta lt ta almost as dilficult to recover a lost reputation us a lost umbrella. A fire at Milwankle, on the 13th taat destreyad property to tba amount of blockade baa a topped cotton at bawls ton lr-Ato, He.

kaif-pMt afflUm AMIS years Be aad five a-oaro thatr The aad aeauatateaan -t thaf.rrii i rr-inaated Ir, ettead l.i. to-'tav, at f.V!oclt. luj'i 1 0, A rlaaahter of (leo T. AI.J ared 3 aad 9 irontba. a Ro Beat awae.

Alee, oh our love btai.e wa are forced to part; lhat dear fnu. aoova That took you from onr Her faaaralwilt uke p'ae. rnm on the Canal, ih. th to-day, (Beadavln a 1 M. The and aaaaaJ reapa Inyltad to atteed wiihoeifft.

notice. -r oa sanrlay, Jnty FAVfIV BPEaLKv C) Id Mia Her fooei-l will lak- lb at -Jo fren 81 ianta. i -V "biassed are tha dead who in tba In Lynchburg, the raaldestaoi -flier, Mra F. B.MMorn,K th. 1 MATHBWM.

only i of GeorgelOaatoa and I and t-a other TV into," or five work ta our Bladery jfiS JJUktelfi thoaa that In v. auiked 'a a Bmd.ry b.i 7U: inaed to the work. Bead pi.iymect given. WISsT JfOBS.Tt— Jr i--it Shvia atrea KaiEZ 1 ciibtomed Bartiax tytiota B. C.

as iy It A MaILI.Vij 1 C. Wrmn fr At Whig OBas, BCg-tT-UtT Biobuobb, July M. tan 'J npO KVABti: TO I al arm cit is at tba volunteers to be under tha 1 li bt I rha 1 know th yraaetl ttrengih ol tb. coe paitiea botv 1a the Said trom each BBUati Slost of ihe compartiea ha-a matarUlly ir by reernita ec ii.

into ao CMdM can be f.rth'c ir.croa>* nate-a It o- to thia 1 moat, therefore, aak that the follower r. porta promptly m-de by uu.ll to officer, re.inieata or battaltoaa o' Irgta'a will pr-rt tha Btra-Kth at (heir several by c-m-p-plea. ia tho form adoi'tad for taa rn.rnißa: reports. a Each officer com mind ing a C'Ttpaay repo-l tbe ctiengih ol hts company to tbe form The of each county and city Lh M4 aeiii mo a list of all tba volunteer now in tbe eld from hia oouaty or The inaenaa ai having thatn retnrnii ados t-anU ba too atroogly ui'oa .11 c.aaera«d. 3t UN B.

BALDWIX iant laa. (teal Ta. in -ha X' uv July it), l-t. Special llr-ler, 'st. A Hoard, seastollag of mt, Uremia bdJ Moscrna.

win at otrlca af I'lrwanta 8 Kr-aher, ob lath atreet. twsen Mai a and tikiin, aa a. Court or Kaqrilni to aud decide all ratal.a. lata!* frrm Militia duty, under the -ov-mori j-. i ef i 3.

ruti Uth last. Id. All peraoua who claim tj ba anainpt Baa sarvi-s nin-t appear bftoraaatd Board. rd The city end concty not i.aTlng taralahM thair "i' all 4 b'-notaoi aubiect to Militia duty wi 1 br.ld themaelve- rendy for aad Boing into a Camp of Instrurrinn. by ot.ler of J.

A. C-Abbbob, Llaat. Jy BS-M 8. I'ilcUgrt a Tii. iSnr vv Blt'riid at Blaee' armery, oa jif o'clock, promptly, -vill aanna a tlifir By*.

J. V. SEti.M.'LT. "LOST, On Satr.rd.-iy, haiwoen tha M-c-h-'-. In' Intltate tha Capitol toee-a ani trie ijoveruor'a Hnnea, or from 808 a Hoars anu ltih to Main.

aOBS 808 tif.H) DOLLAR on the Citliaaa' Baa. 61 Or'eana tho Bader still libaial by toatiiu. it af nt.t utor- WSST a JOBBBTOB, jy MS Ba a at. r. 1 MII.IH OW, r.

ght II Ug teit. rowirl will ba foi ret am KGLf.KM HOsIMTAL. Church II id, cr Bread aad ats, UK BBBOTiaBt-SofF Ai by Brace, Agent, in faruro 9 Alien and endorsed by tiieut f.r nth Marek, four muntiis. Alt aeraena are torow. rn--d for taadtag for hufK.

paymeni baabesn I EL FORT 1 NfITT of Cari- BUCXBQLTZ'g ISPABTKV (AMP IH'TV POBTIPICATiOSB IM" COAST BBPBBCE, with plalaa, IbMSbB. Price, Tttia ia a mere pocket-bonk 1a aire, bat crowdiii with for tiiilltary aad cindeo.ed from thf i.r*at balk of on inlillary aci.nce it eocl irrelna of wheat, tbre-bed it vvara, out ot'iha treat*.coavealea! anl It la froiu ti.a pi-- af Capt. of mia city, a gautieurau who Bsavtai the of Kurope. and who an -1. UANDOLPH.

Kk-if Ketv edit.i.n ol HAKDEE'B TACTKX, tea null wiii other valuable Military for aala al l-'l Maia jv ap COiMIiIiEEATi: bTaTlil. a hr a ha. teat ptibliahed a Beat aad Ml Pol Tllb COBPBBB-ATB BTArE. OI AMEKICA. being rirnt ever rubliahi-d.

Price Ukeral 'inn', to riookaallera. A. .7 Bab In Preaa, and Nearly Ready- A of tn 8 MA. Col. J.

Uacia. Blip. ALM- ARllt' aa aathorired Fy the Cofa-erate S.a'e*—corrected by an ef tho JUST MA-AX'S CTTPOST BCTV. Pi ic-Bl BICBABDSOB'B BLt-UAL. Ro A eartete ef workh on BILITAKT TAC'I ICb, by Vitrlo.b acthora, on bind.

jy If 111 BAUS RIO -IMPS-18, lUlf MS bbla. aOOAB. 30* I'ovrtlered bbia. t'ruahea aud Cur (-oaf MT'MB. 41 BewOrlean.M_._fi;.

Clipped and 1 I. ami iMiCKEkIiL. 1.) Aew MOLASBEs, uality. too bbi, bble. t.cia.taeV-IDF.

n( i y. ne A if bhJs. l.Caio Kxtr. V.iutiy iIA.VH eliotta I aal LARD. t.l> 2' bbto.

(tiiunit WHISKKT. bhla. tary ace WHteKKT. Port, -Udeiia, aad 1 dcien all aitaa. boi J.

oaa.a f.aef-o.aav lv 4 Holland 818. Ii ne-t-ta tboice RICE. Leaf LARD. tones Adairotatloa CANDLhb. 'ICO bj.ea SI oT ARD.

aad Washiaj. So SPICK, aul I'M Green aad Blat and half bbla. BI ax-ben and 5 hati-bbla. jo bbla. Ktuarti celebrated Moa.taia XI hhia Bauk'a if ay anperior Qtrmaa ball Heaaearey aad otard braSd.

I very ftae-d Apple BRANDT pure bill reams Wraiplna PAPER Pale and Det.rtraftOA** l.tiAcl!*, VASilll'A. i lor aala by v. ft IV.h at beta Baia aad lAMILV llto r-faivad at 1 11. W. PI-RCh CO CaenerC-rr tan 1 ta KA A fit KBWASD flf away from ike MidlJthuu Coal Fit.

year, or age. aad w.teh* froia dark I I lute" high, d.wn wbea apokea to. Be llvlsg with Br. Pearee, ealk-akoa Bl 1- 1 ia Miy. so doubt taetiti la-ktaK.

1 reward tor appreheastoa aad ta or tatanphte iafhlaaify. BO LTBfi. ifor Mra OSa over Bodeker'a Drag I IUI atreet, eatia-to tor eaa ot re- glo geatteMea. I ly Be. it BOOMU-eaa be ekulaed by g.atiama*, aad ia aa.

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