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Jean Eliceche, 13, places in Standing Broad Jump

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CYO Track and Field - for a Stark, Hal erst- Schools Divide Honors In...
for a Stark, Hal erst- Schools Divide Honors In CYO Track Meet St. Alphonsus, Our Lady of Victory and St. T h e r e scored victories in the boys' divisions of the 18th Annual CYO-YMI track and field m e e t at San Joaquin Memorial Memorial High School yesterday. St. Helen's, Sacred Heart and St. Therese scored vie- girls' division, was chairman trophy tour- Classic Johnny Buneta, members a a team sanc- past of together 244 and series Opper lories in the Clete Steffen of the meet. 14-15 Boys' Division 100--N. McKlnnev, St. Afph,, W. Monies, O.L.V, L. Sllva, St. Hel., W. Casey. St. Ther./ 10.6. 440--N. McKlnney, St. Alph., L, Sllva, St. Hel., M. Monies, O.L.V., J. Cook, S!. Johns, 64.0. BJ--N. McKlnney, SI. Alph., J. Os- Irander, SI. Aioh.. Antonelll, St. Johns, J. Floras, St. A1ph., 16-6. HJ--G. EsposSto, SH., T. Crlbarrl, SI. TJi«r., N. MtKlnney, St. A1oh., J, Flares, SI. Alph., 4-8. SP, B Ibs.--F. Soils, ML Carm., G. Warnshuis, St. Ther., Smllh, St. Ther., R. Davis, St. AlDh., 35-4. 220--N. McKlnney, SI. Alph., J. Cook, St. Johns, M. Monies, O.L.V., J. Flores, SI. Alph,, 28.0. 440 relay--SI. Helen, -SO. (L. Sllva, T, Gain, P. Peck, B. Woods). Scoring-- St. Alphonsus, 32, St. Hefen's. TO, St. Thcrcso, 9, Our Ladv of Victory, 7, 51. John's, 7, Sacred Heart, S, Our Lady Mount Carmcl, 5. 12-13 Bow 1 Division 50--B, Woods, St. Heln., Y. Burke, Ml. Carm., L. Schfavone, SI. A1ph,. S. De- Bendetto, O.L.V., 6.2. 1M--B. Woods, SI. Heln., Y. Burke, Mt. Carm., S. DeBendello, O.L.V., L. Schlavone, St. Afoh., 31.5, Standing BJ--S. Slmonlan, O.L.V., G, Swlsher, O.L.V., A. DeLao, Sf. Alph., R. German., St. Alph., B-3. Running BJ--Y. Burke, Mt. Carm., B. Woods, St. Heln., S. DeBendello, O.L.V., G. Swlsher, O.L.V., 16-10. HJ--N. Murphy, St. AlDh., G. Swlsher, O.L.V., T. Allen, O.L.V., R. Rlvas, SI. Alph., 4-fiVi. Softball Throw--T. Jlmfncz, St. Alph,, Y. Burke, Mt. Carm., J. LaFraso, SI. Ther., D. Evanselho, O.L.V., 231-8. 220 Relay--SI. Helen, 26,4. (P. Peck, T. GalH, D. Fllgas, B. Woods!. Scorlnrj--Our Lad/ of Victory, 23, St. Arohonsus, 19, St. Helen's. IB, Our Ladv Mount Carmel, 14, SI. Therese, 2, St. John's, 0, Holy Redeemer, 0. Midget Division 50--F. Vlarello, St. There,, D. Kass, 5t, There., P. floele, O.L.V., M. Lester, St. Keln., 7.0. Standing BJ- Neal, SK., S. Wells, St. Alph., P. Boel«, O.L.V., 7-4. Running BJ--D. Kass, P. Boele, O.L.V., R. Stockton, SH., V. Giordano, SH., 12-11. Sollball Throw--D. Kass, St. There., M. Klasen, SH,, M. Hadden, SI. John's, C. Delsid. St. There., 169-0, HJ--D. Kass, St. There,, P. Boele, O.L.V., B. Reinhal, Ml. Carm., A. Young, Ml. Carm., 4-2. 220 relay--St. I . . _ 0. O'Brien, D. Blackmer, M. Lesle . Scoring--St. Therese, 31, Sacred Hearl 9Vi, Our Lady of VIdory. SVb, SI, Helen's 6, SI. John's, 5, Our Lady Mount Carmel SI. Alphonsus, 2Vj. 14-1S Girls' Division 50--D. S e a l s - SI. Heln,, H. Stephens, St. Alph., B, Lalona, O.L.V., L. Whitney, St. John's, 6.9. Standing BJ--F. Giordano, H. Stephens, St. Alph., D. Henk, Memorial, J. Bedoian, of honors all the home also the Wow of a St. There., 7-8. Running Stephens, Carm., J. Innalls, SH., H. St. Aloh... F. Ramirez, Bedoian, St. There., 13-3, Soflball Throw--F. Giordano, SI. Heln., . Yparrea, Memorial, P. Allen, O.L.V C. Olson, O.L.V., 165-2. 220 relay--St. Helen, 29.0, [F. Giordano L. Whilnev, P. Ryan, D. Beals]. Scoring--St. Helen's*, 20, SI. Alphonsus 10, Our Lady of Victory, S 1 /!, Sacrec Hear!, SVa, SI. Therese, 4, Our Ladv Ml. Carmel, 3'/3, St. John's, 1, H Redeemer, 0. 12-13 Girls' Division 50--P. Willis, Mt. Carm., M. Anlonlno, SI. Aloh., N. Behrens, SH., B. McKlnnev, IR., 6.8. 75--P. Willis, Mt. Carm., B. McKlnnev, HR., N. Behrens, SH., C. Allord, O.L.V., 9.0. Standing BJ -- J. Usquivel, SH., K. Brengetto, O.L.V., M. Murray, SI. There., J. Eliceche. SH., 7-9'A. Running BJ--N. Behrens, SH., P. Willis. 211, 847 and Geneva for was 216-575. singles 65346--699 Joe Ka- Ml. Carm., L. Orlega, SI. Johns., Lovell, St. Therese, 13-Wj. Softball throw--P. DcPasQuaFe, O.L.V.. N. Behrens, SH., T. Carver, O.L.V., S. Lovell, O.L.V., 154-7. 220 relay--St. Alphonsus, (M. Antonfno, K. Welts, S. Scolt, F, LambetecchloJ. Scoring--Sacred Heart, 17'/i, Our Ladv Mt. Carmel, 13'/j, Our Lady of Victory, 13, St. Afphonsus, 8, Holy Redeemer, 5, SI. John's, 5, St. Therese, 4. Mi dee I Division 50-- P. Curtan, St. There., T. Masiuw^k!, St. Heln., G. Gundlach, O.L.V., 7.1. Standing BJ--M. Polian, St. There., P. Curlan, SI. There., S. PeLancey, SH., G. Gunlacn, O.L.V.- 7-4. Running BJ-- G, Gundlach, O.L.V., B. Llscano, St. Johns, S. OeLancey, SH., K. Growdon. SH-, 12-9. Softball Throw--J. Sumler, HR,, C. Winslcad, St. Heln-, B, Beazlcy, SH., M. Polian, St. There., 120-7. 2?0 relay--SI. Therese, 30.0, [M. Polian K. Papagni. J. Ushpr, P. Curlan). Scoring--St. Therese, 18, Our Lady Victory, 12, Sacred Heart. 9, SI. Helen's,

Clipped from
  1. The Fresno Bee The Republican,
  2. 05 May 1963, Sun,
  3. Page 56

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  • CYO Track and Field — Jean Eliceche, 13, places in Standing Broad Jump

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