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Jean Eliceche, 13, places in Standing Broad Jump

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CYO Track and Field - for a Stark, Hal erst- Schools Divide Honors In...
for a Stark, Hal erst- Schools Divide Honors In CYO Track Meet St. Alphonsus, Our Lady of Victory and St. T h e r e scored victories in the boys' divisions of the 18th Annual CYO-YMI track and field m e e t at San Joaquin Memorial Memorial High School yesterday. St. Helen's, Sacred Heart and St. Therese scored vie- girls' division, was chairman trophy tour- Classic Johnny Buneta, members a a team sanc- past of together 244 and series Opper lories in the Clete Steffen of the meet. 14-15 Boys' Division 100--N. McKlnnev, St. Afph,, W. Monies, O.L.V, L. Sllva, St. Hel., W. Casey. St. Ther./ 10.6. 440--N. McKlnney, St. Alph., L, Sllva, St. Hel., M. Monies, O.L.V., J. Cook, S!. Johns, 64.0. BJ--N. McKlnney, SI. Alph., J. Os- Irander, SI. Aioh.. Antonelll, St. Johns, J. Floras, St. A1ph., 16-6. HJ--G. EsposSto, SH., T. Crlbarrl, SI. TJi«r., N. MtKlnney, St. A1oh., J, Flares, SI. Alph., 4-8. SP, B Ibs.--F. Soils, ML Carm., G. Warnshuis, St. Ther., Smllh, St. Ther., R. Davis, St. AlDh., 35-4. 220--N. McKlnney, SI. Alph., J. Cook, St. Johns, M. Monies, O.L.V., J. Flores, SI. Alph,, 28.0. 440 relay--SI. Helen, -SO. (L. Sllva, T, Gain, P. Peck, B. Woods). Scoring-- St. Alphonsus, 32, St. Hefen's. TO, St. Thcrcso, 9, Our Ladv of Victory, 7, 51. John's, 7, Sacred Heart, S, Our Lady Mount Carmcl, 5. 12-13 Bow 1 Division 50--B, Woods, St. Heln., Y. Burke, Ml. Carm., L. Schfavone, SI. A1ph,. S. De- Bendetto, O.L.V., 6.2. 1M--B. Woods, SI. Heln., Y. Burke, Mt. Carm., S. DeBendello, O.L.V., L. Schlavone, St. Afoh., 31.5, Standing BJ--S. Slmonlan, O.L.V., G, Swlsher, O.L.V., A. DeLao, Sf. Alph., R. German., St. Alph., B-3. Running BJ--Y. Burke, Mt. Carm., B. Woods, St. Heln., S. DeBendello, O.L.V., G. Swlsher, O.L.V., 16-10. HJ--N. Murphy, St. AlDh., G. Swlsher, O.L.V., T. Allen, O.L.V., R. Rlvas, SI. Alph., 4-fiVi. Softball Throw--T. Jlmfncz, St. Alph,, Y. Burke, Mt. Carm., J. LaFraso, SI. Ther., D. Evanselho, O.L.V., 231-8. 220 Relay--SI. Helen, 26,4. (P. Peck, T. GalH, D. Fllgas, B. Woods!. Scorlnrj--Our Lad/ of Victory, 23, St. Arohonsus, 19, St. Helen's. IB, Our Ladv Mount Carmel, 14, SI. Therese, 2, St. John's, 0, Holy Redeemer, 0. Midget Division 50--F. Vlarello, St. There,, D. Kass, 5t, There., P. floele, O.L.V., M. Lester, St. Keln., 7.0. Standing BJ- Neal, SK., S. Wells, St. Alph., P. Boel«, O.L.V., 7-4. Running BJ--D. Kass, P. Boele, O.L.V., R. Stockton, SH., V. Giordano, SH., 12-11. Sollball Throw--D. Kass, St. There., M. Klasen, SH,, M. Hadden, SI. John's, C. Delsid. St. There., 169-0, HJ--D. Kass, St. There,, P. Boele, O.L.V., B. Reinhal, Ml. Carm., A. Young, Ml. Carm., 4-2. 220 relay--St. I . . _ 0. O'Brien, D. Blackmer, M. Lesle . Scoring--St. Therese, 31, Sacred Hearl 9Vi, Our Lady of VIdory. SVb, SI, Helen's 6, SI. John's, 5, Our Lady Mount Carmel SI. Alphonsus, 2Vj. 14-1S Girls' Division 50--D. S e a l s - SI. Heln,, H. Stephens, St. Alph., B, Lalona, O.L.V., L. Whitney, St. John's, 6.9. Standing BJ--F. Giordano, H. Stephens, St. Alph., D. Henk, Memorial, J. Bedoian, of honors all the home also the Wow of a St. There., 7-8. Running Stephens, Carm., J. Innalls, SH., H. St. Aloh... F. Ramirez, Bedoian, St. There., 13-3, Soflball Throw--F. Giordano, SI. Heln., . Yparrea, Memorial, P. Allen, O.L.V C. Olson, O.L.V., 165-2. 220 relay--St. Helen, 29.0, [F. Giordano L. Whilnev, P. Ryan, D. Beals]. Scoring--St. Helen's*, 20, SI. Alphonsus 10, Our Lady of Victory, S 1 /!, Sacrec Hear!, SVa, SI. Therese, 4, Our Ladv Ml. Carmel, 3'/3, St. John's, 1, H Redeemer, 0. 12-13 Girls' Division 50--P. Willis, Mt. Carm., M. Anlonlno, SI. Aloh., N. Behrens, SH., B. McKlnnev, IR., 6.8. 75--P. Willis, Mt. Carm., B. McKlnnev, HR., N. Behrens, SH., C. Allord, O.L.V., 9.0. Standing BJ -- J. Usquivel, SH., K. Brengetto, O.L.V., M. Murray, SI. There., J. Eliceche. SH., 7-9'A. Running BJ--N. Behrens, SH., P. Willis. 211, 847 and Geneva for was 216-575. singles 65346--699 Joe Ka- Ml. Carm., L. Orlega, SI. Johns., Lovell, St. Therese, 13-Wj. Softball throw--P. DcPasQuaFe, O.L.V.. N. Behrens, SH., T. Carver, O.L.V., S. Lovell, O.L.V., 154-7. 220 relay--St. Alphonsus, (M. Antonfno, K. Welts, S. Scolt, F, LambetecchloJ. Scoring--Sacred Heart, 17'/i, Our Ladv Mt. Carmel, 13'/j, Our Lady of Victory, 13, St. Afphonsus, 8, Holy Redeemer, 5, SI. John's, 5, St. Therese, 4. Mi dee I Division 50-- P. Curtan, St. There., T. Masiuw^k!, St. Heln., G. Gundlach, O.L.V., 7.1. Standing BJ--M. Polian, St. There., P. Curlan, SI. There., S. PeLancey, SH., G. Gunlacn, O.L.V.- 7-4. Running BJ-- G, Gundlach, O.L.V., B. Llscano, St. Johns, S. OeLancey, SH., K. Growdon. SH-, 12-9. Softball Throw--J. Sumler, HR,, C. Winslcad, St. Heln-, B, Beazlcy, SH., M. Polian, St. There., 120-7. 2?0 relay--SI. Therese, 30.0, [M. Polian K. Papagni. J. Ushpr, P. Curlan). Scoring--St. Therese, 18, Our Lady Victory, 12, Sacred Heart. 9, SI. Helen's,

Clipped from The Fresno Bee The Republican05 May 1963, SunPage 56

The Fresno Bee The Republican (Fresno, California)05 May 1963, SunPage 56
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  • CYO Track and Field — Jean Eliceche, 13, places in Standing Broad Jump

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