Ansel Hazlett

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Ansel Hazlett - if ever I become famous." He was thinking of...
if ever I become famous." He was thinking of the log-cabin home of General Grant's birth, which. Incased In glass outer structure, stands on the fair grounds north of the city. It was in the early nineties that Ansel Haxlett, like John Taborn. passed through the gates, expecting never to emerge again as a living man. He, too, had done mnrder, and his liberty had been forfeited as the punishment for his crime. Chance made him the attendant In the execution chamber in the dreaded "annex." as that portion of the prison which is walled off from the rest as a place of Incarceration for condemned criminals ts called. It was part of his duties to show visitors through this abtode of death and to explain to them the workings of the now discarded gallows and the more modern electric chair. Prospered ta Business, Haxlett was a good talker, and his lecture, as it might be called, was full of Interesting detail and vivid description. In his Idle moments he learned to make watch guards of plaited leather. Convicts find In the manufacture of trinkets a solace from the dreadful ennui which 1b worse than physical pain, and endless hours are devoted to labor of this kind. One day Hazlett found a visitor who bought this watch guard, and th)s gave him an Idea. Borrowing a quarter he secured enough leather to make a few more, and then began a mercantile, as well as a manufacturing career. Me prospered ana skillfully enlarged hte business, selling photographs of the death chamber; and the portraits ' " ' In his farewell letter he expresses his Vhanks for th treatment accorded him and stated that he had been able to save enough while In the prison to not only keep his family, but to pur- chase a home in GaVila County. He la living in this HtUe cottage with his loved onee and has turned his f ace , once more to the rising snn. 1 There are distinctions and honors and titles In this gray-clad world. Men are admired and looked up to for their deeds Just as they are deepieed and condemned for sins of omission and commission. Among those who wear- tithe badge of notability is William Bayer, who was evidently born to live and die an unlucky thief. This enemy of society has the . record of having served seven terms tn various State Prisons, beginning when a mere boy. 1 Four of theee were In New Tork and , two In Illinois. .' A The Slack-Cheep Class. I He came to this place In 104 from ; Dayton, where he had received a sen-i tence 01 nre years ior grana larceny. ; The investigation of bis past life dls- closed that he had served two terms In the penitentiary at Clinton. N. Y.. and . two more at a similar Institution on Blackwell'a Island. After hts release know-he went Into Illinois and was sent to Joliet Penitentiary from Chicago twice in rapid succession, coming into onio. ; he stole again at Dayton ana was caught. . I He Is a typical jailbird and behaves , himself no better Inside the prison than I be does on the ouUlde. Three times his release has been postponed because, of sentences la the Warden's Court,

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 25 Aug 1907, Sun,
  3. Page 22

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