Fred L. Johnston - BrHer April 9 1961

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Fred L. Johnston - BrHer April 9 1961 - Many Feel Yank May Be Innocent Mistreatment of...
Many Feel Yank May Be Innocent Mistreatment of a 32-year-old Texan in the Nuevo Leon peniten- iary has been-stopped by a federal federal "amparo," bnt he is conttnu- to be imprisoned on a "false" conviction of triple murder. TniE was the report Saturday In Brownsville by Fred L. Johnston oi Mercedes in the case of Dykes Askew Simrtnons, Fort Worth Mec- answer to me was *Wdl, you Americans mistreat Negroes." He did not deny, but simply justified, the beatings that were beii.i? administered Simmons by sadistic guards. "They let me talk to Simmons and It i 1 * a sad sight. His spirit is broken. He- will scarcely hold his head up because of fear. He hanic, who was convicted in the presses back against the wall like •islol slaying Oct. 12, 1959, slaying a frightened animal. But he has of-three persons, two ot them continued to maintain his inno- Mexican girls, on the national between Laredo and Monterrey. Johnston, a native of Hidalgo county and himself o! Mexican d PEcent, recently re turned from Monterrey where, he said, Dis ii-ict Judge Guillermo Olguln [fermida of Monterrey granted (he amparo on the petition of Mon lerrey Attorney Salvador Herrera Muro. "This mean's Simmons Is' now under the protection of Ihe federal government in Monterrey and it restrains all authorities from mis. treating him. 1 ' Johnston said. Doubtful Identification Sim mons was convicted by judge at Monterrey in the high"2 way killing of two sisters brother. They were Maria Pere? Villagomez, 18; Hilda, 21 and Jean.Manuel, 15. All WOTO mem cencc despite all the torture he has suffered. "No motive has ever been shewn except the questionable sex bers ol a distinguished Monterrej omllj. Maria and Juan Manuel were !ound dead and Hilda fatally wounded in their stalled car on! he Laredo highway. Hilda, al-! angle as to why he should stop car and begin to shoot down people he had never seen before. The Villagomez family is influential influential in Monterrey and it is well known that they have enemies. "The inflamed feeling agaiiis Simmons in Mexico was shown by Ihe fact that the judge who convicted convicted him passed the death sen tence—execution by a firing squat!. This is contrary to Mexican Mexican law. Capital punishment is the civil law in Mexico except (hiring martial law ant applies only in the case of spies and deserters. For that reason the depth sentence has not been car vied out, "You do not have trial by jur> in Mexico as you do on this side dying, in said to have irten- .ified their assailant as a "blond American." The car .with the two girls and x>y had broken down and their older brother, A Monterrey dentist, dentist, lelt it to go lor help. It was whUo he was gone that the three weie attacked. And there, contrary to American practices, an arrested man is ^considered guilty until he proves limse 1 ! innocent. The damaging ;e.stimtjiiy against Simmons wa that he had suffered mental Lip The words that a "youn£ of: the dying man about 30'' girl had i P tl them all down- can sed Mexican authorities to pick up at least a dozen American tourists. All were released except Sim- Hp was arrested at Allendes, Allendes, Coahuilla. Mental Treatment "Simmons was convicted on the possible words of a dying girl/' Johnston said. "No weapon was ever found on Simmons and the .22 pistol police said was used, ses. But he hnfl no record of vio ,cnce on this side and was knowi to have never owned a pislol I s life," Johnston said he had been ask ed by tho father of Simmons li Fore Worth to act in behalf of hi sen. The father is a lynotype ope rator ot( a Fort Worth newspaper A resident ol San Fernando in TnniEvulipas for years and a form er bracero official at Hidalgo, th 59-year-old Johnston said he in the plight of Simmons "mor opportunity to do something about beUerinc relations between Americans and the citizens of Mexico. My father set this example example for me years ago. As for Simmon?, Simmon?, I feel he Is nocent. Monterrey authorities vcre desperate to ]jin these murder;: murder;: on someone and this unfor- unatc tourist was their victim." wus tound on a feeble-minded Mexican citizen. It was mainly newspaper and magazine antagon- sni In Monterrey that convicted him. They went so lar as to accuse accuse him ol peddling pistols In Mexico and ol killing the girls be ause they had spurned his sex idvances. The girls had not hecn molested nor was It claimed that Hilda said.ruyj.such, thing. "Tlie only oilier' e v i d en c e gainst Simmons was that he had aeci. a patient in mental hospitals on this side. My main interest In this case has been to stop the bruuil treatment that he has had lo suiter in the Montcrry prison He has been beaten many times. He har- been Invited by guards dowr. there to escape and ways have been shown him. These were efforts to enact the ley fuga (law ol flight) in Mexico. It Is permis suble to kill a man In Mexico If he attempts to flee. "Newspapers In Monterrey re povt every once in a while that he Ims been caught trying to escape and this is a move to set up enactment of the ley fuga. Pic lures o! Simmons appear in Mexi can. magazines and show hi.s beat en condition. "I talked to the warden down (here about the situation and hi Johnston declared: "Half of Monterrey believes Simmons to lave been railroaded for this Quotes From Today's News By United Press International CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, Macmillan, on NATO nation attitudes toward toward nuclear weapons held by the United States and Great Britain: "Some fear our ringers on the trigger — others (car our thumb on the safely catch." WASHINGTON — Vice Presl dent Lyndon B. Johnson on West ern efforts to reach a Laotian set tlement: "We are going to work day and night to explore every roar! to ward agreement. We are going to try and nrji and try." KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Forme' President Truman on sit-In dem castrations against racial segregation: segregation: "They are wrong. They havi

Clipped from The Brownsville Herald09 Apr 1961, SunPage 9

The Brownsville Herald (Brownsville, Texas)09 Apr 1961, SunPage 9
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