Committee for Palestine- 3 March 1927

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Committee for Palestine- 3 March 1927 - Plans to Electrify Palestine of River Jordan 's...
Plans to Electrify Palestine of River Jordan 's Power to PMCVf . - v 4 &tMfS of&tJORVAN THE SEA OF OAUltC Plans to use the latent energy or the famous river Jordan to electrify Palestine, homeland of the Jews, will he .explained here Sunday night at the Strand theatre, where a rally of Jewish people will be addressed by a famous New York rabbi Una motion pictures, depicting life, In Palestine will be shown. ; The motion picture Will be entitled "The Miracle of the Ages." The pic ture was filmed in Palestine a -few -few months ago and was recently sent to this country. It portrays the an cient landmarks, the Biblical sites, Mt. Cannel, Tiberias, Jerusalem, Haifa, Jaffa, Tel-Aviv, Tel-Aviv, Tel-Aviv, Galllea and the Jordan Valley. It pictures the new Jewish colonies, cities, schools, farms, in fact, all of the new Jewish life that is springing up in Palestine unwr the British mandate, estab lishing the Jewish homeland under the Balfour declaration which has won the approval, in addition to the League of JJatlons, of the United States. ' . Has Studied Palestine The principal speaker will be Dr. Elias Margolls, rabbi Of one of the leading Jewish congregations in New York,", who. visited Palestine during the last,': suihmer ;an(f ha3 made a thorough study .'of the life in the country and , the new pioneers.. Dr. Margolis is an eminent scholar and a most magnetic orator. Since his return he has traveled from coast to coast lecturing on his impressions of Palestine Dr. Margolls has occupied occupied pulpits In California, Colorado 1 .A ' V (7 fle. and New York and has lectured in the principal cities of the country on Zionist theoies and other Jewish subjects. subjects. At present h els rabbi of the influential influential Emanuel Synagogue of Mt'. Vernon, one of New YorkV largest suburbs The power, flowing from the' hydro-electric hydro-electric hydro-electric hydro-electric plant to be installed on the Jordan, will provide illumination CAN MAN CREATE LIFE I ASK HUMAN Try Marshroot For Sleepless Nights When your bladder is irritated and you have to jurr i out of bed two or three times very night it breaks your rest and you feel tired and weary during the day. - Time then to think of Marshroot because this good old medicine is guaranteed to help this condition or nftmey back and no tima is wasted doing It either. . If you want to sleep sound at night, keep free from bladder weakness and gain in energy get a bottle of Marshroot. Marshroot. .' It isn't expensive and Is guaranteed. guaranteed. Philadelphia Drug Store sells lots of it. Through Use Be Told Here 4 4 If yh J ', ' . Vifei for all Palestine. Tne electrification project will also furnish power need ed in the industrial development, (ADVERTISEMENT) To Those Who Suffer Stomach Distress, Gas and Indigestion Philadelphia Drug Store Makes This Offer Money Back If One Bottle of Dare's Mentha Pepsin Doesn't Do You More Good Than Anything You Ever Used. You can be so distressed with gas and fullness and bloating from an overworked, abused or weak stomach that you think your heart is going to stop beating. . , Your stomach may be so distended that your breathing is short and gaspy. ' You think perhaps you are suffocating. suffocating. You are dizzy and pray for quick relief what's to be done? Just one tablespoonful of Dare's Mentha Pepsin and speedily the gas disappears, the pressing on the heart ceases and you can breathe deep and naturally. Oh! What blessed relief; but why which is sow ' taking 1 place . In the Jewish homeland. The project, which will Involve an expenditure of approximately $5,000,-000 $5,000,-000 $5,000,-000 is the realization of a dream, nursed for nine years by Pincus Rut-enberg, Rut-enberg, Rut-enberg, a Russian-Jewish Russian-Jewish Russian-Jewish engineer and exile. . At the outbreak of the Russian revolution, ' Kerensky named Ruten-berg Ruten-berg Ruten-berg Chief of Police of Petrograd. The downfall of the Kerensky regime however sent Rutenberg into exile. He made his way to Palestine, worked worked , out his electrical plans, secured the concession from the government, and sought to interest various people of means and prominence in his scheme. ' , - Sells Mens to Wealthy After nine years qf a selling campaign campaign which took him to nearly, every country of the world, including the United States, he has succeeded beyond beyond his rosiest expectations. . Some of the most prominent capitalists , of Europe, Christians as well as Jews, are supporting it. : 4 . - The (directors of the Palestine Electric Electric corporation include such men of eminence as Sir Alfred Mond, one of the foremost :' British capitalists, Hugo Hirst, of the General Electric company of England, , James Roths-chyd Roths-chyd Roths-chyd and other outstanding financiers. financiers. American Jews, . too, through the United Palestine 'appeal, are backing the plan,- plan,- ' It is expected that the work' will be fully under way by tha spring of 1927. Its completion , Is expected to prove a -vast -vast 'stimulus to the agricul- agricul- I Quick Relief 1 A pleuant axTectiTt rrrop. J W, 35cand 60caiiea . bv And externally, tuc PlSCS kv Throit and Cheat b, Salw. 35c (ADVERTISEMENT) not get rid of such attacks altogether? altogether? Why have them at all? 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Strauss, Jacob Herman, Herman, Leopold Schwartz, vice chairmen; chairmen; Samuel H. Jubellrer, secretary, and Morris -.Lenson, -.Lenson, treasurer.; A. Berman, Max Lenson, Mrs. Adolph Koch, Mrs. R: Samuels, Hillis Fine-berg, Fine-berg, Fine-berg, Mrs. William Weil, Mrs. Jacob Sltnek, Mrs. J, B. Beckhoefer, Mrs. Mai Neuwahl," H. D. Snitzer, Martin March, Mrs. Isaiah Scheellne, Soi Brett, Mrs. Charles Cohen, Abe Parish, Parish, Jacob Silverman and Phil Kle van. A reception for Dr. Margolls will be tendered by Mm. .Isaiah Srheeljne at her home Sunday afternoon, to which a special list of guests have been fn-vited. fn-vited. fn-vited. (ADVERTISEMENT) Mrs. Dumas Says Gas Took Her Breath "I had? gas on the stomach so bad that I could hardly, breathe. Everything Everything I ate went against me. After I began taking Adlerika, the gas left me and I eat everything." Mrs. K. J. Dumas. Adlerika differs from most medicines medicines because it acts upon BOTH upper and lower bowel. 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Clipped from Altoona Tribune03 Mar 1927, ThuPage 3

Altoona Tribune (Altoona, Pennsylvania)03 Mar 1927, ThuPage 3
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  • Committee for Palestine- 3 March 1927

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