Babi/Baha'i history - reports and mentions of Lua Getsinger and Phoebe Hearst

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Babi/Baha'i history - reports and mentions of Lua Getsinger and Phoebe Hearst - PECULIAR ' Special CorrMpqndenc of The Inter...
PECULIAR ' Special CorrMpqndenc of The Inter Orean. NEW YORK, Nov. 26. It is Interesting to sote that while tome American women, notably notably Mrs. Phoebe A. Hearst, are devoting toeir services to the cause of Abbas Effecdi, the leader of tbe Bablsts, Rote Ollphant TemplMon, a daughter of the late Robert Pale Owen, who has lived for many years in Syria, and knew the father as well as the brothers of Abbas Effendi, is in London reading reading the proofs of her book on Syria, in which i he denounces Abbas Effendi as anything but a reincarnation of Christ. Anton Haddcd, who has been a second time to see the maner, returned bere last summer accompanied by Abram Fayl, a believer, believer, who went to Gr.eenacre and was cue cf the speakers there. Since that time Mr. Haddcd has publUbrd a book giving the maxims, of Behalsm, which he says has tbe approval of "our Lord, Abdul Baba." Babisra. which Is one of the many sects ttat have grown cut of Mohammedanism, tas Its headquarters at Acre, in Syria, where it Is ruled by Abbas Effendi, the man who pretends to be Christ reincarnated. From Acre m:F3ioDjrlc aid trying to spread tbe faith, especially in Europe and America, their work being cccfiaed mainly to women and those who have wealth and social position. position. The Babists faavr missions in New York. Chicago, and Brooklyn, tbe expenses cf which have been ls?rgely defrayed by Mrs. Hearst, the widow of Senator Hearst of California. Mrs. Hearst's contributions have been magnificent in proportion, and for a time she paid the hotel and traveling bills of nearly a score of Babist missionaries who were roaming about the country In search of converts. This latter feature she has now cut off. but her contributions to the general treasury are still liberal In size. Visit to Abbaa Effeadl. Among the most popular of the teachers of this new Mohammedanism is a Mrs. Get-slicger. Get-slicger. Get-slicger. who has traveled twice to Acre to see tbe master. She has written a letter about her last visit which Is now In circulation circulation among the believers. Its contents will surprise those who are not aware of the existence existence of this new sect snd of Its teschings. It Is dated st Csiro. Egypt, sod is ss follows, follows, tbe capitalization of the letter being adhered to: FAITH OF "On the afternoon of March 20 I ssld Good by to Dr. and Mrs. K. Nabtba and Labiba in Haifa (for they were to leave tbe next day for Port Said) and set out myself for Acre, the gardener, Abdul Haslm, who happened to be in Haifa, being my cole companion companion in the carriage, and he made the drive over very pleasant by telling me, in simple Persian, some of the tablets and words of the Manifestation. "When we reached the city our Lord and Seyyed Yabya were standing near tbe gate, but we passed them without speaking or noticing them, apparently, for there were many of the Turkish soldiers standing about, and went directly to the house, where 1 was most cordially welcomed by the 'Greatest 'Greatest LeaT and the daughters of our Master. "It was nearly dsrk, so we went to the apartment of the Holy leaf. where?-we where?-we where?-we had tea and then sat talking, waiting for the 'King to come. At last a servant announced announced that He was coming, so the two youngest daughters and myself ran out in tbe Court to meet Him. I reached him first and knelt down before Him, kissing tbe hem of His robe. "He thereupon took my hand, and, saying saying in Persian. 'Daughter, welcome,' helped mv to my feet. and. keeping my band, walked with me into the house, where I sat down N.slde Him while He drank some tea, and aeked me If I wss 'well, happy, and content.' content.' To which I could only reply thst to be la His presence was health, happiness, and contentment Itself. Then he said: " 'I am sending you back to America that you may work to gain a place beside me in the Eternsl Kingdom.' "Soon after this dinner wss announced and our Master seated me beside Him, then His wife, the 'Greatest Holy Leaf,' and His daughters made up the rest of tbe party, bile His sons-in-law sons-in-law sons-in-law sons-in-law sons-in-law waited upon us. "This meal was served according to the Arabic fashion, on a very low table, around which we sat on the floor, upon cushions. Once during tbe meal our Lord took a piece of bread, and putting on It some honey, handed it to me to eat, saying, as He did so: " 'Let all of your words be as sweetly flavored by kindness to all people, as this bresd is flavored with honey.' "When I swallowed this mouthful from His blessed hand I truly felt a great spiritual blessing; my heart was fsirly melted by the power of love, and the tears fell like rain over my cheeks. The 'Greatest Leaf took my handkerchief, and. wiping my eyes, said: THE BABIST " 'You are blessed be happy.' "Indeed I was happy. My tears were tears of Joy. After the mesl was over 1 poured the water on His bands while He washed his race (a custom in the Orient after eating); then He handed me tbe towel and I did likewise. likewise. He saying, after I had finished: " 'Now you mnst go and wash from the races of the people the clouds of Ignorance, and from their hearts the love of this world, that they may receive tbe spirit of truth and shine as lamps in tbe kingdom.' In Eeitser Over Abbaa. "He then went out to see some of tbe of ficials and I spent tbe evening with the Greatest Leaf and the daughters. We were chanting tablets, and I wa Irving hard to tell them In Persian something about the believers believers In' America; and succeeded quite well for the little time I have studied tbe lsnguage, though sometimes we had a good laugh over my queer accent. They never tire of hearing about the work In America, and the four daughters are studying English very diligently diligently so they can speak to the pilgrims as they come to Acre In the future. We retired about 11 o'clock, and I was very happy indeed! indeed! "Next morning very early the Babla In Acre began to assemble at the house of our Lord, the ladies going to tbe room of the 'Holy Leaf,' and the men remaining downstairs. downstairs. The occasion of this gathering was on account of March 21 being New Year's day, according to the Babls, so it was a feast day. "Our Lord came Into tbe room and gave to everybody some sweets from his hand, after which Rooha Khanum, one of bis daughters, chanted a beautiful tablet. Then He arose, and saying a few words of welcome, went to the room occupied by the men. "There He gathered all of the children together together and gave each of them a few coins, about 10 or IS cents, which made them all delighted and very happy, of course, because He gave It to them. After drinking tea and visiting a little while they all went away. "Then we had lunch and directly after prepared to make my last visit to the tomb of the manifestation. I went In a closed carriage with Rooha Khanum, and upon our arrival we went into a small room where we remained hidden until all of the others had made tbe visit with our Master and departed. "Then He came and told us to coma out. which we did, three of us then being In that sacred place alone. Immediately He led SECT AS REVEALED BY A the way to the room. where lies the pre clous casket which contained the most Brilliant Jewel that ever shown upon this earth, Beba U'llah, and then He lifted up his voice In supplication for me (worm of the dust that I am; oh, God, my heart burns like Are and my tears flow like rain when I think of It), asking thst I should receive the confirmation -ef -ef the Holy Spirit and go forth to work In the cause of God, guiding souls to tbe klagdqm. "What this-day. this-day. this-day. was to me no one can ever know I Mr work, my words, my deeds must tell In the future whether or not He prayed for me In vain! I can only say I wanted td'-fall td'-fall td'-fall at His feet then and there, and giveBfr heart, my soul, and my life for the --.dear --.dear --.dear and sacred mouth that had spoken In soy behalf. "I. then preysd,-Jqr,our preysd,-Jqr,our preysd,-Jqr,our teacher.. whowas the' means of giving us the truth in America, for I felt that'll should live a thousand years I could ' never ask God enough to repay him' for What he has done for me and for those 1 -iove -iove In my dear native land. I can never do it. God only can pay my deep debt of gratitude by answering answering my supplications for his welfare. "As we turned away my eyes lingered lovingly upon the sacred place and in my heart I could only feebly thank God for His great mercy and many blessings which J can never deserve, though I give my life for His sake by shedding my blood In his cause, which I pray may be my happy lot. when His will in me Is done! Scads Message America. "It was dark when we reached tbe house of the Master in Acre, so we had dinner soon after. The Master waa net present as he was obliged to go away on business directly after our return, to the bouse of one of the government officials. - "We had a pleasant evening In the apartment apartment of the 'Greatest Leaf, reading tablets., alnging, visiting, etc., after which we retired. retired. "Next morning, ' March 22, Mr. G. came, and was welcomed by our Lord, who kissed him tenderly on both cheeks and bade him sit beside him, while he wrote many tablets, occasionally smiling and speaking a few words to him, asking after his health. If he were happy etc., though writing all the time. The great power of the spirit Is very apparent when be Is thus occupied and it Is a blessing to be in bis presence. ' All tbe day long he waa very busy as msny people came to him. but In the evening evening he came into the room where hla son-in-law. son-in-law. son-in-law. son-in-law. son-in-law. Monsur Effendi, Mr. Getslinger, and myself were sitting (we bowing before Him as he entered) and sat down upon the sofa, telling my husband to sit by his side, while ne motioned to me to my accustomed place at hla feet. "Then, putting one arm around him' and laying Mr. O.'s head on hla shoulder, at the same time gently stroking my head with his other hand. He began talking to us. His son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law Interpreting what he said. ' " 'My children,' He began. 'tomorrow you leave us, and while we would lore to sec you always.. would always love to have you with us, it Is better thatirou should go aad work in the cause, of God; for thereby .He will open UDon rour faces lh . dVmr. of Hk witt t n-nti n-nti n-nti shower upon you bis blessings. v 'Have n6 fears. God Is With you. an with all those who are striving to advance his truth throughout your country. ' You must say to all believers in America that I love them and pray for them, and in turn I desire desire that -they -they love and pray for each other, ever seeking to be united together, living In harmony and concord; for where division is God is not. Tbe law of his whole universe is unity, and discord must in no wiso enter in among you. " 'You must be kind to each other and act toward each other like true children of tbe Kingdom thua you will all please me and please our Father who art in Heaven.' "Oh, if you could hare seen the expression expression of love and tenderness on His face as He uttered these words it seemed that His whole, great, noble soul was pleading for the complete union in every respect of the believers In America. "Oh, I beg of all of you to love each other as He. our Lord, loves all of ua. If you see faulta in each other, overlook them quickly and forgive them for His dear sake. "He then sent His son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law for some j bread and sirup, made from the Juice of pomegranates, which He brought and placed before Him on a low table. Our Master took the bread and, breaking it, dipped It Into the alrup and gave a piece to Mr. O.. another to me. and took one Himself, then told us to eat It, which we did, it tasting most delicious, after which He, smiling sweetly, said: " 'Now I send you out into the world to give the hungry souls who are seeking to WOMAN. know their God. the "Bread of Life. which Is the word of God. and to show them how sweet la the "Water of Life," which is raith in God.' Geaeral Kiaalasj at Farewell. - "Then be talked about our Journey, in quiring: most carefuly how long it would take, and tellng us,' when we reached Cairo, that we should see Mlrza Abdul FazI and Abdul Karim, who would tell us some things we wished to know. (Mlrza Abdul Fazl Is, we find, a most learned man. He knows the Bible by heart and la a great historian.) "He then told us . that. Ha wished us to be in America in six: weeks. after we left Acre, so our stay In Cairo must be short. Arising and bidding its 'good night' He went to sleep: --" --" --" ' - ' - j -'"Thfirtd'ayrMarcn -'"Thfirtd'ayrMarcn 2ouVlast day'iVtii Holy Household.' was a beautiful day. ' Early In the morning Rooha Kbanom called me. and arising baslly I went with her to the room of tbe 'Greatest Leaf.' where the Master waa sitting. " "He bade me welcome as I entered, and I knelt before Him. kissing His band, and then sat down at His feet beside tbe 'Holy Leaf.' and we- we- drank tea together. Aa 1 looked at Him and thought 'I must leave Him today.' toe tears came to my eyes, and my heart -was -was very heavy, though I tried hard to conceal my feelings. "He noticed It and said: 'Do not cry be happy. I will go with you in spirit; the separation of the body is nothing I will go with you." "I dried my eyes and went with Him to the room where he writes and with Rooha Khanum sat down, while he began His work for the day. He took up Mrs. C.'s picture, which was on the divan beside him. also one of Mr. C. and one of Mr. S.. and looking at them kissed nrst one and then another, then turned and said:- said:- " 'You must tell them that I kissed their pictures and am glad to have them; thai they are my sons, and my heart longs to see them so I may klse them.' "Soon after he called Mr. G. into the room and gave him a bottle containing Juice of pomegranate, also to each of us a small bottle of the oil of rosea, "Shortly before noon, bej went out and we watched him aa He walked through the court, for we wanted to see Him aa much as possible. After a little time He returned and sat down to luncheon with us. one on each side of Him. "We could scarcely swallow, for we well sound experience In a medical practice of many years. It costs nothing to try his remarkable "Elixir of Ufa. aa be calla it. for he sands it tree to any one whe la a sufferer, ia sufficient quantities to convince of Its ability to cure; so there Is absolutely risk to ran. Some ef the cures eJted are very remarkable, and but for reliable reliable witnesses woald hardly be credited. The lame have thrown away crutches and walked about after two or three trials of the remedy. The sick, given up by home doctors, have been restored to their families aad friends la perfect health. Rheumatism, neuralgia, stomach, heart, liver, kidney, blood, aad skin diseasea and bladder bladder troubles disappear as by raaglcy Headaches, backaches, nervousness, fevers, consumption, coughs, colds, asthma, catarrh, bronchitis, and all affections of the throat. Inngs or any vital organs ars easily overcome la a space ef time that la almply marvelous. - Partial paralysis, locomotor ataxia.: dropsy, gout, scrofula, aad piles are quickly and permanently permanently removed. Jt purifies the entire system, blood and fissaes. restores snrsnal nerve power, eiremlaxioo, and a state ef partes health is pro- pro- I daced eK rtsMeTOteSsw Eectoc aa nrystcma ars alike and. equally affected by .this great "Elixir of Life." . Send for the remedy today. It la free to every sufferer. - State what you want to be cured of. and the sure remedy for It will be sent you free by return malL . . knew It was our last meal with Him. and the thought of parting was- was- breaking our hearts. .As we left tbe table a servant said: " The carriage Is ready.' . . "So then began tbe 'good-bys,' 'good-bys,' 'good-bys,' which were painful In the extreme, though everybody was trying to be brave, but It waa Imoosaible we all cried and when we went to our Lord I was faint and sick. "He came quickly from the roomand. tak ing me by the band, led me down one flight of stairs, and I pressed His hand to my lips. while He turned away and silently kissed Mr. . men lett us hastily. "When I reached the court below it aeemed that the sun grew dark, for I realized I would not see Him again, and the rialn at it waa awful. 'We rode In alienee bock to Haifa and rery soon went on board the steamer. From tne deck we watched Acre fade awav snt of sight, and then I knew that only my body was going away, for I bad left my heart there at His feet. "Please give my love to all the believers. and tell them all to be firm in tha faith for thia Is the Glorious Truth and wUl live for ever ana ever.- ever.- - Affeetleaate Geeae. Mr. Francis Stanler of Peolow Hall, near Market Drayton, waa a millionaire an! a well-known well-known well-known

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  • Babi/Baha'i history - reports and mentions of Lua Getsinger and Phoebe Hearst

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