Intervention for diplomatic pressure to stop the persecution in 1901 Persia - Babi/Baha'i history

Speaking to Herbert W. Bowen in Paris are Arline Peck, Natalie Barney. Forwards request to Lloyd Griscom Reviews early Baha'i presence with Khierallah. Lists places Baha'is are: Chicago, Kenosha, New York City, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Wilmington and Bellevue DE, Newark, Fanwood and Hoboken KJ, Brooklyn and Ithaca NY, Detroit MI, Boston, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Denver.

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Intervention for diplomatic pressure to stop the persecution in 1901 Persia - Babi/Baha'i history - bJiiiitn- frL v ' - i J MISS AU PECK - AND THE...
bJiiiitn- frL v ' - i J MISS AU PECK - AND THE BAB1STS Chicago Girl Becomes Interested in Odd Religious Colt. TEACHINGS OF ."BAB Offspring of MohammedanisrThat seeJts to 'juu farent Importra lata Chicago Dartsg World's Fair t ear. This City Sew Has a large Colo ay. Chicago Bablsts are trying to stop- stop- ths alleged persecution of their co-religioalsts co-religioalsts co-religioalsts In Persia. Herbert W. Bowen. former United States Minister to thai country, ha been requested to lay the matter before the Shah and ask him te give the Bablsts fair treatment. A few days ago a committee of prominent Americans -. -. waited - upea Mr. Bowea in Parts and asked aim to personally present to the Shah a petltieh reciting the conditions that new prevail in Persia, and to make a plea. for freedom In religious lief. Among those:. who subscribed to this petition according to ths advices from Parja was Miss Arline Peck, daughter of Ferd W. Peck ef Chicago, and Miss Natalie Barney, a wealthy young woman' of ' Bar Harbor. Me. - Miss Peck, it is understood, is acting as the representative ef the Chicago colony ef Babista.. which--nnmber which--nnmber which--nnmber which--nnmber 1.000, and is tbe strongest, "'aumerteaUy, aad financially, of any la the Untied. States. An intimate friend, of Miss Peek la speaking of the matter matter said I v y. . ; c r . . ' -fraoa -fraoa tatxr 4w -fax -fax Miss Peek has become become la teres qj jCs'liahesm'. bat she has been studying pis doctrine, and. has found much in -tr'to-admlre..' -tr'to-admlre..' -tr'to-admlre..' -tr'to-admlre..' She is a woman of brains snd fcas a warm, interest in the welfare of mankind the world aver.- aver.- One of the Babs' caief-aima caief-aima caief-aima waa to ameliorate iheeonettioa' of women In Persis, aad this would be surs ta eallst tbe sympathies of Miss Peck. Having been recalled from his post at Teheran. Mr. Bowen is not in position to asslsl tbe Bar ists. and tbe matter has been referred to his successor. Lloyd Grlscom. -who -who Is expected ia Paris shortly on his way to Persia. Cbleaae a Bablst Ceater. Babism was first heard ol In this country ia.1893 at ths World's Congress of Religions in Chicago, when a certain Babl named Ibrahim Kbelrailah. who bad come to the States en business, gave s coarse of fifteen lectures on Mohammedanism aad the various movements which had grewa out of. ft. In 1 tbe coarse of .these lessons be continually referred te the Bab. aad. la a short time, lie Is said to nave secured over 100 believers. He next proceeded to New York city, where he published his lectures. SucS were the beginnings of Babism ta the United States. Of the subsequent history of the movement movement in America It is at present herd ta speak.. Tbe principal BaM centers la the States are as follows: Chicago, about 1.000: Kenosha, Wis., from 400 te fiOe; New York city, about 400; Washington. Baltimore. Philadelphia: Wilmington and Bellerue, Del.; Newark, Fan wood, and Hobo ken. N. J.; Brooklyn and Ithaca. N. Y.; Detroit. Mich.; Boston, Cincinnati, Saa Francisco, sad Denver. - . , . r ;t.'. : 7 in i -SBV" -SBV" J Babiam dates backvto; May 23. 1844. when Mlrsa All Mohammad of Shlvay. of infinite learning, striklagly handsome, with Irresistible Irresistible - charms of -speech -speech and manners, , proclaimed proclaimed hlmaelf as the promised guide, the Bab or "gate" through which saeanight communicate with ths Imam MahdC.' This Bab proclaimed sgstnst the worldUnes and Immorality of the. Mallas, or Mohammedan clergy, and the lajastice and rapacity of ths civil authorities. -Mis -Mis followers grew in number. -Naturally: -Naturally: the clergy and the Persian Persian government hated and feared hinv He -was -was pronouoced a.heretio-aad a.heretio-aad a.heretio-aad thrown into prison. White iaeonflaement he declared himself not merely .the fgate" leading to the. Imam Mahdi, bat the poiat of revelation. revelation. the Imam Himself. But he declared his mission was not .final, and spoke of one yet greater than himself, who should come after aad should be "He whom God shall manifest. - His successors have assumed to be this greater one, and even the AU Powerful Powerful One. - Miracle of "The Bab." " On July . 1850, Mlrsa All Mohammad, the Bao.-and Bao.-and Bao.-and Aka Mohammad Alij his disciple. were dragged by tbe Shah's soldiers tor many- many- hours through - the crowded streets and bazaars of Tsbriz. Arrived at the appointed place of execution, the two were suspended by ropes-passed ropes-passed ropes-passed under their armpits to staples set in a walL. Aa tbe soldiers were ordered to fire on them, theTBab sstd to his companion, "Verily, . thou art with me in. -paradise!" -paradise!" When tbe smoke .of tbe volley cleared away the body of Aka Mohammad All. riddled with bullets, bung lifeless from the staples, but the Bab'. had disappeared. The bullets had severed lust above bis arms the cords that held him. - Here,, indeed, seemed a miracle. Had the Bab .escaped the whole of Persia would soon have .been added to his following. But a soldier caughsIghT of blm and dealt him a blow with hi sword. When 'the people people saw blooaHdw'ns; from the wound, thus inflicted on theVtinreslstlng victim their doubts afid fears vanishedrthe Bab's death was soon accomplished. , The Shsbs have msrtyred msny Bab I a, yet. still In Its Infancy, as It were, it Is said to count today . mere than 1.OO0.OOO adherents. Tbe chief center of the church is now. at Acre; Abbas Effendl is the Bab. The Bab year contains nineteen months of nineteen days; fasting- fasting- from sunrise to sunset is ordained ordained during the last month of the year: Strictest personal cleanliness Is Insisted on:' the ase-ef ase-ef ase-ef knives bih forks.-Instead forks.-Instead forks.-Instead of tbe faandsz is enjoined. Mendicancy is thus pro hibited.:- hibited.:- ... - .... The moat hateful of mankind before Ood Is be xtho sits snd begs: tske bold the robe of opportunity, relying la Godr the Cease of Causes. .' ; .-- .-- .-- - - . - All are ordered to marry. -Wives -Wives who for period of alne months have had ao news of their bos bands are permitted to marry again ; bat if they are patient it is better, "since God loves those who are patient. It a man and. his wire quarrel, ne is not to divorce Ber at ooce. but wait for a whole year, so that, per haps, he may become reconciled to her. . Hatare af Bablst Faith. Babism Is a'religlous great-grandchild great-grandchild great-grandchild of Mohammedanism, which, however. - it now seeks to destroy: the grandchild of Shilsm. and the child of Sbaykblsm, which originated early in the nineteenth century tn the teach leg of a certain Ahmed ApsaL According to Shttsm, the orthodox religion of Persia, there were twelve Imams, saints, of whom eleven lived and died oa earth. The twelfth, known Is the Imam Mahdi. disap peared from the eyes of men in the year 840 A. D.. and retired to the mysterious city of Jabulka. where, he still- still- lives, and where he will remain hidden until such time as he shall reappear aad inaugurate tbe millennium. At first the lata Btaaci coo turned to com municate with the faithful through the media of certain chosen persons, who were known by the name of Bab, or gate. - There were four of these Bab. Shilsm teaches, but the ssos- ssos- tollc successor abruptly ended hundreds of years sgo, and taea becaa tne period known as tbe greater oceultatloa. On the other nana. bBayaniam has a funda mental doctrine known as "the fourth sup port," which" maintains there must always be a "perfect man. sapabls of serving as a channel of grace between the hidden Imam and his church...)' - Like all emotional religious movements la Oriental countries. Babism has numbered many fanatics In Its ranks. The Persian government, government, at the Instigation of the Mohammedan Mohammedan -clergy, -clergy, seeks to extirpate the Bablsts lest they overthrow the monarchical religion. The fanatics among the Bablsts in turn make war oa the Mohammedans. Thus. It is said, a Bablst. a mas made wild by the persecutions of his sect. Was the assassin ef ths present Shah's predecessor a few years age. It Is with the purpose af tranquil ising the country aad stopping, the religious strife that Miss Peck and her associates are petitioning the Shah te cease persecuting the Bablsts. strong testimony that It does' banish achre and pains, and In, this way makes people feel spryer and more active. " ' ' To -doubt -doubt the efficacy of these waters is rank heresy at Boyne falls. The aatives won't staad . for " ltx they have tea anaay eases of cures ta their home town. One of the most notable of these is that af George Kyea, to whom. by the way. credit for the discovery of the' healing' properties of the pool-mast pool-mast pool-mast be given.' - 1 - . : ''- ''- Kaaetleaee of Mr. Kyes. " According to local legend. Kyes. who was a great sufferer from rbeamstlsm. was walk-lag walk-lag along ths hanks of the Boyne on day near the pool, when he slipped and fell into the water. Kres is 82 years old, and It took him a few minutes to crawl out. .He was obliged, to -walk -walk home ia dripping clothes." and as his progress was naturally slow, the healing waters of the Boyne had plenty of time to soak into his skin. By the time he had taken his clothes off, it is related, the business had been done and. Kyea rheu-' rheu-' matism was gone. - Now Kyes Is a naturally smart man and " ' - t- t- e. t " w? - 4- 4- -.7i -.7i v ii.Cl'; vr 'i( Pool of Youth at It didn't take' him Ions to connect the disappearance disappearance of his pains with the application of the Boyne a ater. So next day when the pains came oa again be went acd took a wallow 'Is tbe stream and walked home again. This he repeated a number of times, until the rheumatism had gone altogether. . Mr.. Kyea is a pensioner from the Mexican war. and is eow remarkably spry and well preserved, thanks,' as he says, to the virtues virtues of Boyne falls. He has been in California California three times, the last time going fe Alaska aad across into 8 Iberia. Kyes talked a good deal about the healing qualities of the Boyne. bat the-people the-people the-people were not very deeply impressed until after another prominent cltlsen fell In. and had his rheumatism rheumatism cured. This was Frank Pierce, a mill superintendent. It appears that the race of ths mill was carried away, aad Mr. Pierce overlooked its rebuilding. He was wet sev eral times, and when he found his rheuma tism decreasing, he made a point of getting wet at frequent intervals. - Soon he expe rienced so much relief that other people followed followed bis example and now it has become a fad. in tbe neighborhood.' Just what properties the water contains. by which these alleged cures were made, nobody nobody knows. The stream has a remarkably even temperature tbe year around, averaging 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and the bathers say the sensation ts exhilarating and pleasurable. Boyne river is tbe combination of several smaller streams that start ia the swamps. some nine or tea miles up country, aad Joia near Boyne Falla. The stream the entire dis tance Is literally packed full of cedar, spruce. and tamarack logs and brush, and the water percolates through this mass exactly as a chemist makes a tincture. Then, oa the stones la the gravel beds aloag tbe stream. are evidence of iron, aad other substances la tbe water. The unusual warmth of the water, would lead to the belief that the stream is fed in places by boiling springs, and it may be interred that the vegetable matter from the swamps, with the extracts from tbe sprace, cedar, aad tamarack, combined with the mineral qualities af the -water -water and warmed by the boiling sprtag produce medicine which acta quickly ami surely upon tbe humaa body. . Every day dosens of tbe lame, the halt, and I i J. Gw KhtiixUxh. Nztil4 Barney. Afline Pcdc

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  2. 07 Jul 1901, Sun,
  3. Page 36

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  • Intervention for diplomatic pressure to stop the persecution in 1901 Persia - Babi/Baha'i history — Speaking to Herbert W. Bowen in Paris are Arline Peck, Natalie Barney. Forwards request to Lloyd Griscom Reviews early Baha'i presence with Khierallah. Lists places Baha'is are: Chicago, Kenosha, New York City, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Wilmington and Bellevue DE, Newark, Fanwood and Hoboken KJ, Brooklyn and Ithaca NY, Detroit MI, Boston, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Denver.

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