Albert F. Bohrer dies 4 May 1888

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Albert F. Bohrer dies 4 May 1888 - i Touching- Boon During; tne Impraaeiva v-j-....
i Touching- Boon During; tne Impraaeiva v-j-. 8enrtcea at St. Matthew's , , A II that ix mortal of tti late City Treasurer. Albert F. Eohrer. tu laid to rest io Spring Grove Cemetery yesterday evening. Even death the popular Treasurer was not for gotten, and all those of all known political and religions sects who in life had been his ' friends and admirers met side by side yester day, forgetting ail else save paying their hurt tribute of respect to the dead. . It is doubtful if in the history of Cincinnati any such con course of people gathered at a funeral. -' was certainly one of the largest ever seen . the city. There were 110 carriages of all descriptions that occupied half an boux paining a riven point. . The remains arrived from Lafayette, IncL, early yesterday morning, and were at once removed to the reaideitoe f Mr. George Uohrer, So. 361 Clifton avenue. They were gt once prepared for burial, and br ten o'clock the house of Mr. Bohrer was CBOWOED WITH STMPAT0US1.1Q FBIgXDS W!th whom the Treasurer was very popular. The funeral was announced to take place one o'clock, but it was nearly two when the pnxtysioii Htaned front Clifton avenue. The . remains were incased H an elegant clytli-covered qii-ket beuring the usual nuine-plate and inscription. Tbey bore very little rerm- blauc to ibe goou-naturca lace of the laic .- Trra.-turer. Tlie cheeks were painfully sunken, aud the features pinched indicating the extreme suffering enourea. i be absence f the well-ebapea heavy mustache that he wore in hi alo detracted Irom the appearance of the corDV. Tho casket viurnrrtMl from the house by Mensm. Henry Dilg. Henry truc(iuau, Juun jvioeriein. a. fUHisennergcr. John A. Caldwell and William CaldwelL lhey arcowpaiiied tlie hearse to the Elm- street tuub. where representative of oil the l,Urs and Club of whi. h Mr. Uohrer was a member joined in the procession, lu addition to the paH-bearers Bp , i anted by the family there were preseut Messrs. Kd, Hetnbuch. tieorae B. Cox, i.UorgeWumler ami Al Ludeke representing the Young Men's Maine Club. They wore white -plug Lai, black badges, with white ruMrttes and a band of craiie around Uieir left arm.. J he Order of kika were repre sented by tuny one uunurea members ot the timer, vaa lanmiuuim TBK BEMAIliS TO THK ORAVK. The Buckeye Club was represented by lewrs. Clias. Kaufman. John . Fritsch, F. II. Jones and J. ft. Egglestoni the North Cincinnati Keuubltcan Club by John Webb. Jim.. Max j. scjiumaii ana r.rau tionman. and tlie Sixteenth Ward Republican Club by Kd J.Tvrell. W. p. Cook, Collin Ford. jtiti William Wiuchering and Chas. A. Tooker. The Foraker Club sent Messrs. W. tJ. McOin- uu, josepn uuir. una, ringer. John Leg-1KT. Uenrgo Bogen. James Beggs. Major J ii men Morgan aud w. If. Harner: while 1 hi oipu Lodge, No. 8. K. of P., sent 1. J. l)al- o:i. Louis Hunger. James J. ieniieasjr, Joseph lice and Gideon- O. Wilson. The 1.0. O. V. we re represented by John U. Bchwarti. Wm. II. Both and Andrew Witzenbai-her: theKlm-fctreet Club by George Weitsel. Will-lam A. iJavidson. al Heiin. Henry iirehm. Edwin , Henderson. G. A. Ransen-. bcrgiT. Frnnk Katteriuann and Henry Brock. In addition to these persons, 150 members of the Club, headed by the First Iiegi-ment Kami, marched from tbe Club-house to the church. Common Council sent as the tntd-bearers Councilmen Kuliniu.n, iiey-iiolds. txlilotnuui and Draper and Aldermen liueliunim. Keiiner.HchoeiK'bauni and Wuest. About lifty members of Common Council rode in carriages.. There were seventy-two pull-bearers, in all, and when marching alongside the hearse they stretched out for ni'iiriy a suuare. . - .Yuen the procession reached the Elm-street Club-house the members ot the Elm-street Club and Elks marched ahead to St. Matthew's Church, at Liberty and Elm . si reeia. wuere uie services were neld. TH CirCRCH WAS PACKED LONO BKPOKE XOOH. A nd .it was with difficulty that the casket :is borne liimugu toe crowd un the middl ' S.vle. The nuluit and gas lets weredruned ' utfh black and white crape, and around the oUin.jusi in front of the pulpit, was ar- ruufci wiimi was urouaniy ine largest aud nios-t heuiitifnl collection of nowers ever seen ni a ruuerai. anu tue ennmateu cost ot wnicb is over CI.lHio. J ii addition -to a carriage , o oi smau iiiece wmcn were Drought from the lUihrer home, there was that of the -Hluine Club, a - helmet mndo 1iIip -of the valley, rosebuds, oansies and inrauunj; ine Pinme was oi (alitor! uiniue was ot t aiiiorni ramia icram. Taw dt-nian sunnounUxl liaiul- iiuionij-Jv worked cushion three fept aiuarr. i pon tins was worKea m purple and golocn immortelles tbe bade of the chid. Mr. Ixn Hanwr. at tho head of sixty odd subscribcra. representinc Lmnines men aud IIUllllPH Af 1 tlf t . It 1 .-r Unliu. frUnH. ..f . I . used at the liendricks funeral. This design wans marvel in oeautr and construction. I represented a broken column nine feet hiri iiiaae oi a coiiecuon pi cnoice my ot ley rwes. pansies and forget-me-nots, witn a frarnislimen railing: again inade of aolle V cmuu uuuucii-uair xern; inet this was a ladder of fame i i m 1 1 1 1 1 . ri Marw.!nai ii'i huh . . t . u wuw vi uie tauuer appearea tue aate looJ. THX DATE OF BIRTH. At the top rag. date of demise, the rang; of tlie ladder being broken. A beaiititnl dove. fiure white, surmounted the wholi n its bill iarse satin streamers, scroll bearina the words "i'rom vea tue wnoie, uearioa IICIH, jn. Mil! 1 11 was hi row n acrosx tue base. lhe City Council presented a handsome and noticeable design. It was a fac-simile of a design sent to, the funeral of President Gar-iield. It represented the city seal, and was a ii(syuniirui respwi. ine meaauion rnei ured three feet in diameter, end rested np a gulden easel six feet hisli. The marciu the piece was worked in royal purple uum iviiea asx incuesaeep. i poo tnis ground appeared the motto ' Junrta Jnvant" in rich gold uiuonis. me name ixinrer; appearing in the same color. In the vacant spaces were thrown loose sprays of white buds. In dead white, embossed upon adiilerent shade of white, a-as worweu me scales, eword and naiubeau, and n purple, opon a white ground appeared Kit of .OncinnatL" lhe JLlks bad a heantifni lr' fir1 uiuiuiuui m Aoyai crown, atl ia wmie. OI THE CHOICEST BIXMSOXS Fossible. resting, upon a cushion of choice fern fronds. The, iigure 5 in scarlet sur mounting ine wnoie was a master-piece. Tha iloerlein family presented a beautiful lyre, resting againtft a column of green, the 2;lVimn snrmouuted by a white dove. This IcMgn was seveu feet high, and displayed e x- VCllcil, nviblUKUBOllf. , The Cjty ttolicitor'soffleeattachespresented a beautiful scroll of white and pink ro.ies. . At the top was cauaht Uvtselv toaether with satin ribbou shritf of wheat, illustrating lhe designs at tlie church were in charge of H. W. t.ardner. who iwoduced beautiful fleets in thearrangement around the altar. I he funeral ceremony was performed ao SPP'"??-!?0 tibewrlt?? of t he rlermaii Kvan-gvlu-al Churt-u bjr ile. U r. Pi ster. pastor of the church at Kitujenthaod Kim streets, as-justed by Hev. Mr, llohmann. of Kair mount. Lrlibt and1 tiennan. reyiewing the roirEoi7e un or the p4 TtsrRra. Hw Kood'and noble Qualities and hisun-l-unded popularity. Ki4 sermon was tilled with tenderness and feeling and broiht tears to the eyes of many whose ereiiKSt 1,m "."r T,UV p Probably since death invaded thehappinesi of their own Louies claiming for its victim kind an3 tender brother or affectienate siste?. ft wa et range, indeed, to see persons who have not, church for ye!uV"tb T thei h&l bowed in prayer and tears coming from Jh. tr eye. When the sermon waa finiJhed itey. Mr. llohinann then spoke In Knalish and reviewe.i the life of the dead Treasu ii? it was hali-Pat three wbeVThVSrvS.. t-nded.and after thecrowd thinned Tout from wrik!!"flV.'.eet was PwKoa theVio " WalRtu. from of the church, w litre there, inu.n, were viewed for the Tail time? IiVS fhU'elmi W,M?? ll,e c-i ilaed from xTri.V nd OcioclT w hen pring orove was reached. The aket was iJfi n frrl'.ltd "or bnt touching fare-JILi'li . "f-fi K1'" signal the luemorr of andSrlirmJlalk" TRKlm BEACTtrri. l wT. rinrT inicka and John t.nJi.i Mr. J. It. Prstht-r t . ,t i nap lain, .ine ervi.-e ot th Dial i. 11 S5 - were r tiKje ot the btbwaxu. cre read br Gideon. C Wilson. Odd-feU by John - Fire Caaaataalaars. ; Tbe Fire Cummlanioners met yesterday at half-past two and adjourned, subject to the H of the Chairman, out of respect to the memory of ue late Ai liohrer. The next nirung will be catted as soon a theiaie lreasurer'a lucwsaur is appointed. .TUjUrua-;.-::,V.'-'.

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 04 May 1888, Fri,
  3. Page 8

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  • Albert F. Bohrer dies 4 May 1888

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