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Lincoln - PROGRAMS Eastern Standard: for Central and two...
PROGRAMS Eastern Standard: for Central and two time.) NETWORK—April Symphony. Treo Program. Heroes or "World. and Sanborn. Kent. Champions. NETWORK stroll. Duo. Oi!-O-Matlc« Jettick Melodies. SYSTEM Muslcale. Symphony Orch. of Nations. Hour. News Reel. by JKev. Harnlious*. Ancestors. at the to Twins. Village. Theater of Air. Melodies. NKTWOHK—April 7. HoUHuhold Inatltuto. Homo Banquet. Firestone. Uypstos. Motors. Anglo Persians. NISTWOKK Farm. Homo Hour Market Reports, Menuuttoa. 'n' Andy Shavers. Carlson. Builders. SYSTEM Demonstrations. Ueauty. Helen. me Corner. Revue, Knaumblo. niizzurd—Fashions Hand Market Prices Orchestra. Orchestra, Filmland. in Paris, Melodies. M-'TWOHK—April 8. Home Hour. Household Institute Bridge Game. Homo Itanquot, Sketches. Hour Wonder Bakers. Club. Hour. MOT WORK .School of Cookery Farm, Homo.Hour. Market Haports 'n' Andy Band. Llbby Salute SYSTICM Band. Allon. Revue orchestra. orchestra. Ensemble Hand n's Orchestra, Program. Symphony Orch. Canadians. 'rWfmK_.A.i>rH »• Home Hour InsUtutQ W- " from Illinois^ 1848 By ELMO SCOTT WATSON 1'IML 1-1 is the anniversary anniversary of ,> m . O f the (front trageduw; in American history. F.,r It \ VH3 Ol , Unit date just 05 years n^n thai tin.' bullet of •lohn Wilkes Hooth struck down Abraham pluiWt'd a whole nation ""'"'K that four years of war was J' ended, Into the deepest sorrow. Kvcr .since thai, day there has been •ndloss .speculation as lo » w |int mlB , lt been" if ho bud been the .\orth have been generous victor and th. bcou spared the ruin and the Keeonstruction era? "The Lincoln-Douqlay Ur/b^Tp-y" J Debater THe Presideni-TiectT i860 fit have a moro South havo ( | PfipnIr of Would the. wounds ,,f the most terrible civil ,var In history hnv o 1,,-en moro quickly bemud during those mentous J' 0 "" If tlK-i-o next four mo- had been at the "Tlic. Speaker at Gettysburg 1863 "THe Man of 1865 charity for nil; with firmness In right, a.s God gives us to see rtRl't, let us HI rive on work w« art! in to each Is Question. Hour Hnntln' NETWORK Martin ors SYSTKM. Allan. Revii..-. on-lieiitra. gram. Pr.rrrs Hilh. u.-'if-I KnKcmblo '" Trouhadous. PrioK. ijrriL'S horn "'I'ravlei-a. Conccr.. shov Boat seem not so at llrst Intitule. Home Baiquet. Sin^era. ox-lTosidonls f<> lifter liirn- roins lo Uicir successors 11 .1 Ihe heavy dii- the rr imlJun j/| „ nn of years IN Woodr.m' Wilson, tho l ofCokory Horn. Hour. Allen. Circle- Bf..;uily"'J'Jk. rn. li; U ],l. . iri-b«l Orclu-ti-i ( ]M. ' Kcaturr.. \i y — A pit H. Indliite Ui.niu«t. ofCokory Call,),, Mom Hour ' rk '-'t Sports 1 ;:. 0 ^ ''j, And y Pair qu.-ikera Allen! Orcestrm Keauty dviso'r. und Hand. Hour.' UK—A -II Kir f >rch,tr n. How Hour. '' An «>' Minrela firoafU l'-.mi r y J ' Pea tun. Ennemb], ,. Sur. OrcJiesn. Canadli*. the the linish tlu- one can answer tuoso questions positively, | HU , horc ca« ho but little doubt in nnvotio'a mind thru th L . answer in "Yes." Useless thoHKh such .siH-cuialion muy ho, It suggests (mother Inicrest- ng possibility. Suppose John WilkcH liooth had been balked In tryin" to carry out hi.s mad scheme und th,. tragedy of that terrible night In Ford's theater hnd been averted. Might not death In some other gulso than the ftwassln's bullet have prevented Abraham Lincoln from nj,,ll/.ln K ,,ls amblUon "to finish the work we are in ? For Buch a possibility Is improbable a.s H imtv thought. It has become almost axiomatic ||,,, t the Presidency of ihe United States Is n "ii»in-l{iiii,) K jnii.- ;,' 01 the average len-th of li Ing over the nns been a litlle over 11 years. jt,,t when there IH added to t'es of Ule Presidency, the crushing burden of leading great war even that greatly reduced. World war President, left |.| I(! Wh |, x , House in ;i!Kl, „ broken, prematurely- aged man who was in hi.s grave three years later. So with I his rec ( .,,( traglo ™,p! ( , heforo us, it | H not b,. V ond the realm of | )1; ii,. r Mmt „ „,„,„.,,.>„„. might have awaited Abraham „ who wa.s called „,-,„„ to ,„,„,. , |l( . tw> ^ crushing j f)U ,| tlf respnusi/jiliiy -md sorrow ever placed tipon 11,, ; sl.HMilderH «l any America,,, no/, even .-x..,.,,,},,,, those O r oo,...,. \Vash!,^,o,, in ih«'- |J»rkfst days of t) 1(> M, ll;r i,.. m 1{ ,. vo .' lution. Some inter liearlhreaking •'.iln's and of his great strength roiild h longer endured it j s |,r,... ; «.|,i illuslrato Kmil I.udu •!;.••* IHiliii.shed rei.-enlly by |.in; find company, j.•!;•(. ,,| u,,.,,. "•" m - "iid they, jiiorc \i\-\ word*, toll that slory. Although It Is a f imii |i which the, ( .,| writer tolls in his c"ln, it 1ms a tins time- wlien ()(« ;nu Great Kmanelpator'.s death recalls to Americans the tragedy of his whole 'Lincoln's career, more ihan that other man In hi.siory, Is K<> conceived by Knf.« that the first act is illuminated by ihe la«t and every scene is bound together bv' malic Intensity," writes Ludwig." I>< one of the word pictures of r In- coln which Ludwig j,resi : i,f.8. he j. ; « "comedy Hgur*.,- n |,,,., t „ tragic.,,,,,,!,one tragic.,,,,,,!,one The .scene is the Inauguration on March 4, LSW, on H. platiorn, ij, front of the oust portico of the Tap. irol. "What do tho audience ,,.„; Tlu- look up «t the speak,-,-, hut'his Mends im. uuie pleased bv bj s as- p«',:t." writes I.u.Jwig, who then ,j,iol,-s the u-ords of one who witnessed und wrote as follows: *tuM,y lil^a shoe'brush:'grimed 1 and hideous; d/K/iguring a lace that, without It expressed power und deep feeling. He wore a brand-new suit, with a Hwallow-taii l,,ste ll( j cu.stomnry frock coat; he had shiny .stovepipe hut, evidently just taken out of the bandbox, and a b,ig,> ebony .stick, with a gold i, eu(] M lur £; an an looked (julte worse for he egg. In this unusual rig-out, ho so uncomfortable (bat U was imthotle. Matters wen- even when he reached th,-; platf orm did not know what on earth lo 'lo with his hat. nnd his Htlclt. Thoro Im Htood, n target for thousands of '•yes, bobllng (heso two encuitibranceH "'<-' Image of hopeless porpU.-xlty! To that. LudwlK adds this coinnuint: coinnuint: "Theix' he stiiiulu burdonod with thi), KH which his fashionable- wife inuNl lutve forced upon him, too elo- Kantly uttirod, lost he .should look like Ji backwoodsman—a man uaed "•earing hi.s clothes just <lccked out with a USH-ICHM stick, Iransrormed Into a comody "re and all tho inoro u mark of silent sarcasm. There he sland.s for the tlrst time he Is to speak lo 1.1,,. nation as a H-hole, for he Is embarrassed by thb< »nc. now stick will, „ K , M ,,„„,; ull(] (he terribly shiny top hat. \Vhal la '"' to do? (nvadCul moments, |, ul ,•„,,, I'aM .sent him his longtime enemy, who N.S if in irony, I H walching Ills'plight' 'it dose hand. Douglas II. | H w |,o ''"ines to hj,s n.Nct;,-- J),, to nnvhow t} K - within, and (as the "nigias as a valet. Douglas who stretches out his Klmrl. arm i.u hike Die hal and hold It. Tor half an hour, like H foolman, nil all is over, and Iho new IVc.sIdonl. can lake It back from thu senator wllh u friendly nod." -''lie slory of wliat Lincoln endured during Hit: llrst two years o f t),,. vv(1| . his struggle to secure ,|,e co-operal Ion of a wrangling, discordant cabinet, repeated disappointments in h|« ' K ,. ll . erals who either wouldn't light or who fought only to be del'euled disastrously disastrously and all the oilier faclors (hwarl.fd him at every maiched as a record ,,f l>y what followed. bis <on- iVllfl >us- which n despair 0 |,| v r slorv (Jr-rman l,io, a -,-,phv of |,| n . parti. .-ulur Inicrest at iversary of the ' of any drn- I''"'' wl.«.ii he issue linn I'roclamai ion '' <-alasl!-o|,lilc. Cotifus spread Ihroiighoiit ( v.'as a sliini|i on I he (lie i.|cc| ions wi-rc ad cral.s declared thai. bites I the JOm I he elTe. I"n was w!d'.>- 'i" North, then; .slo.-k exchange; <•'>:!• ; the Demo- lhoii.-:ands nf 'r! forced (o give their '•''I, Iheir (VII, )W ,.,,,,„. ilbv;a)Jy ,),.,, r j vi ., ( l>f \Vhe/i .:on;vre.m -,va-; I 'ecemlier, b ,|,e sitting In unceasing fronts, UK; near approach ,,f me,itons dale li.sed f,, r y n . Jiifnt of Ihe proclamation, llic ami for the most part unf/tvorable f,, r " tunes or war, tho skepticism of friends regarding the m;w measure and the scorn In which It was held by enemies him weary and dispirit.;,] us -An unforgettable picture of tho fin coin of this period is given by an old friend who had not seen him f Of Mx years and whose description of b| n , Js cited by Ludwlg as follows, follows, nppnlling His whisk era find grown and had gi additional eiidaverou.snes.s to fi "'"- • • - TJjw light swmerl to have gone out of hi.s eyes, which WOCP Minken far under his enormous ' ven his an under . There wa.s expression of scene an. that of the a 'T'nv.s. over his whole fac.» sadness, and a faraway faraway look In his eye.-;, which were lit.- leriy unlike u lf . Lincoln of f tlays." The wonder Is that the war President President did not break under the .sirain For, K; ; V-.; f.udwU', "For him, prjvatc Ilfu hud ceased to exi.-ii. Work, agitations, agitations, enemies at home, rever.sds abroad, danger threatening to undo the work done by the fathers of the country and to frustrate. Ihe activities" of his own career such hud been his lot for three or four years, nltnoat without cessation. The ireo-feller's fall body had been attacked from within, within, mined aa it wore und woukonod here und there; li« was laid up lor awhile by n modified .smallpox, caught In n visit to thu front; he complained (hut his Ings were always cold, but he would not give way; very rarely In- tlcud, after a sleepless night, would ho lie down on VVulles' sofa, or gay thut he wus too tlrotl to receive visitors. visitors. 'I hardly know how- to rest. It may bo good for the body.' BiflT what la tired In mo lies can't he jjot at.' "As tho years wont by, the tensions Increasod ruther than diminished, if things wt-rt: going woli In the field, he would hi- harassed by tho vlolonco of the political facflons; wluju ull wus <iulef. In Unit (|inirter, the result would be u decline in recruiting; und If, for a moment, mattcra really seemed to be making jirogress everywhore, he would Htlll be perturbed by th.. mutual Jealousies of tho members of || U ; cub-.. ItJ'H or i bo governors. Ju addition he was distressed by the dally sight, of HiUTi-rlngs caused by UK., war. for hos- pital.s abounded in \Vasliliigton, and the surrounding hills were, sprinkled wllh lenfM for the li-inporarv nccom- I'lO'-hillon of the nick and wounded, while tho Ktrutchcru seemed to pass in unending succesMlon whenever the President wont out for air or excrcisa Killing was about Ids only exercise." Hut even this was not », t f 0 f or O(K , (l he was fired upon by a hidden iiHHussin! Ills boiled and ./uickly bore him away from the spot and a soldier w ho went lo the place found his hat jyin^ on the ground with a bullet hoks through the crown. "Xomeiime.s after riding fill.) \Vasliingt.m In the .small hours lie would spend the rest of ihe night ut (i,,.. \vhlie,., writing reading, and would ride back, to' Soldier--.' homo when depressed in Ineapabli! of \iclory > I'Uemy, ; I i-i'-..;.siti!; were his in a. .vji.-r lil'e, 'has i-arri every Imme, n s.'tid l hat the hiiK'k !"' Nor did the Kloom lift when the end win- finally came and Appomat- i-nc.;d (he four-yeur clamor of the guns. For, as Lincoln looked back upon those four yvurs, he could .see naught but tragedy-, personal as well UH untlonui. "\Vhore, now, is DouKlui. who had been so f u || of'life and activity? Where IH old friend Uaker? Where ure bis little willed und perished like linlf-ope.n nlppe,! by the frost? Deuth wus ning ut him from every corner; Would history speak of him only as the Lord of Death; would history be Justly entitled entitled to give him such a nameV" Such are the thoughts which Ludwig Ludwig puts in his mind us he enr'crs Ford's theater that night of April'l-t Tl "- n tin; shot, the cry of "Si,, sen,-' per tyraiiiiis:" the scream o f jj. u ... Lincoln und In a little house acn^s (he su-eet the next inornin- -h.- die's ut seven o'clock; In a .strange bed like u pilgrim, slain on (lood Friday like a propbc.t." And the tragedy of'\br-i- ham Lincoln's whole life'wa.s summed up by his Hale .sou, Tad, who "when be stood beside the cottin in the White House, said 'Is father In hoim-n now? Vex? Tlien I nni glad, for hu wus not really happy here.'" or the morning Slid, depre n/r Unc,,!i, slon was dci!i;iit | (l •'I /or the l<mb!y dis- h wa.-i > ; illfe Ihe (.,-!>. u ;j,.^ • "Hie war' he said : Hi-' last. .\ear of bi.--i inoiirnin^ i,, iilinoTt I ' L '-an almost bo livens ure bung in of the (ox Hil boys

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