24 December 1896, Xenia Daily Gazette

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24 December 1896, Xenia Daily Gazette - EVENING, DECEMBER 24, 1896. A TEEEIFIO...
EVENING, DECEMBER 24, 1896. A TEEEIFIO EXPLOSION, Two ,Men Blown to Atoms Montpelier, Ind, at MONTPELIER, IND., Dec. 28.—An explosion that shook the earth for fifty miles around occurred here this morning at 7 : 15 o'clock, when the Empire Glycerine Company's magazine, magazine, containing several hundred quarts of mtro-glycerin, blew up. The magazine was located near the town. Harry Woods and George Hicock were at the magazine at the time, and were literally blown to atoms. All that remains of the magazine is a hole in the ground. The damage done to property here by the concussion is considerable. considerable. There is scarcely a house iu town in which the windows and crockery are not broken. A team of horses near the magazine was killed by the shock. JAMESTOWN, Dec. 23, '96. .Geo. A. McLaughlia was in Dayton Dayton this week. Christmas eve will be celebrated at the Schular Block by a ball. Mrs. S. T. Baker is slowly recovering recovering from a severe attack of erysipelas. erysipelas. The Cyclone City Club are contemplating contemplating a pool table in their club room. Mrs. J. C. Toland is suffering from a suffering from a severe attack of erysipelas. Al Wickersham and M. Eisernan are spending a part of the week in Cincinnati. Carpenter, Hite & Simes are doing an extensive business in shipping hogs this week. Joshua Slade, of Sandusky, O , is the guest of his son-in-law, Mr. Clint Binegar, of Cottonville, Mr. and Mrs. Kiley Jobo, of Xenia, will be the guests of Miss Mary J. Ballard the latter part of this week. Mrs. Emma Gordon, nee Clematis, is reported as being much worse at present. She cannot live many days. Arthur, Stanley, Mamie and Ma son Taylor are the guests of then- grand parents of Coviiigton, Ky., this week. Mr. James Watson, our photographer, photographer, has sold his gallery to a M>. Win. Giugry, of Greenville, Dark Co., O. Mr. Lester McKillip will' spend a week in Daytoii", ^.ha-g^eat. of hid sisters,, sisters,, Mrs. W. A. Johnson ami-.Mrs. Walter AdBitt<3. Miss Ada Sieole, teacher of phya-. cal culture at the O. S. & ri. O. Home, Xenia, irf visiting friends of he village this week. Mrs. James Tull and children, of THE FRANTZ TRIAL. TRY TO PROVE HIM INSANE ** ^___—— The Defense Making a Rather Poor Showing on That Line as as Well as Otherwise. DAYTON, O., Dec. 23.—The ninth day of the Frantz murder trial concluded concluded this evening without features of special interest. The day was devoted to the testimony of witnesses witnesses to prove the peaceable character character of AlberJ Frantz for years and to show the possibility of a suicide being able to fire a second shot. Late in the afternoon session that part of the evidence to sustain the insanity theory was produced. llKKEUITAttY INSANITY. This revealed a long history of hereditary insanity among the Stu- dybakers, that branch of the family on the side of Mrs. Frantz, mother of Albert. At the opening of court this morning, morning, Jacob Frantz, the father of Albert, Albert, was again put upon the stand. He stated that he wanted to* correct his testimony of the previous day. On Tuesday he had fully detailed incidents incidents of the evening of August 27 and said that Albert was ab home. He testified to-day that he had not seen Albert on that evening at all. This change on the part of the defense defense certainly made an unfavorable impression. Where the father had described Albert* as being at home for some time after his drive and that he was cool and collected the testimony of Rev. and Mrs. Teeter was to the effect that Albert had broken into their presence later in the evening in a terribly agitated ondition. Sits A PEOTOGEAPHEK Before His Instrument Shoots Himself, and ALBANY, VT., Dec. 28.—Miles Pierce, a photographer, posed himself himself in the big plush chair in hie gallery gallery with the utmost nicety one day last week. He presented a three- quarters view to the lens of the pam- era, which was focused upon him at close range. A drop shutter was attached attached to the instrument and an instantaneous instantaneous plate was in the holder.' When the photographer had adjusted adjusted himself to his liking he picked up a big revolver that lay on a table conveniently near, cocked it and held the muzzle against his right temple. In his loft hand ho gripped the bulb connecting with the camera. "All ready; look pleasant, please." Did some ghostly echo pronounce the words? As the forefinger of the photographer's photographer's right hand pressed the trigger his left contracted upon the rubber bulb. Simultaneously with the report report of the weapon the eye of the camera winked, and that was all. The body of the man collapsed in the red plush chair. The pistol fell with a clatter to the floor, a cloud of white smoke eddied up toward the skylight and slowly dispersed, ,and all was silent. An hour or two later the body of the man was found. TEMPTED TO Mrs. Isabella Bessie Little at and Beesie invited her to call Hotel Cooper. When she KND HER LIFE. Fowler once met the public library at the called Bessie told Mrs. Fowler that if Frantz did not soon marry her she would be tempted to take her own life. Bessie Bessie visited Mrs. Fowler several times, at each of which she was in distress, and the last time said Mrs. Fowler would not see her again, Elsie Boyer was another of the voung women to whom Albert Frantz had been ^paying attention. She regarded regarded him as a peaceable, qaiet young man. She considered him her regular company. _ ••* —— OEDAEVILLE, Dec. 23, '96. Miss Mary Bra'tton of Chicago, is spending the holidays with her.sister, Miss Jennie. Miss Fannie Robinette, of Wilmington, Wilmington, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Hayes McLean. Pat Thompson and wife are rejoicing rejoicing over the arrival of a fine boy, the iirst at their home. Mr. Jas. Anderson, who has been visiting his sister, Mrs. J. B. "Winters, returned to his home in Columbus, Ohio, Tuesday. Mr. Oscar Evans has much to be thankful for this Xmas—a little Miss having arrived to make her home at his house. Geo. Iliff had his finger dislocated and wrist severely sprained Tuesday morning at the paper mill. Dr. J. O. Stewart reduced the fracture. Mrs. Mary Andrews who \vas seriously seriously injured...in., a runaway last week is decidedly- -better ;and-,h« complete recovery is only a questi of time. Bashford Chapter Epworth Leag Tuesday evening elected officers follows: Pres. Mias Maude Wo

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Xenia Daily Gazette (Xenia, Ohio)24 Dec 1896, ThuPage 5
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