17 Dec. 1896, Xenia Daily Gazette

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17 Dec. 1896, Xenia Daily Gazette
GIFTS A JDRY SECURED TO TRY ALBERT J, FRANZ, Accused of the Murder of Bessie Little—Statements Made and Testimony Being Heard, THE PRESIDENT HAS SPORT Bags Sixty-One Ducks -as His Share of the Sport, GEORGETOWN-, S. C., Dec. 16.—The Divans DAYTON, O., Dec. 16.—After a most wearisome effort the jury in the murder trial of Albert J. Frantz has been selected. The defense challenged 11 men, and many were excused because they had read the newspapers and formed opinions as to the case. The jury now is as follows: follows: J. Shively, farmer, Madison township; A. H. Baker,- gardener and hotel keeper, Brookville; D. F. Giddinger, contractor, Dayton; Levi Mease, retired farmer, Miamisburg ; Detrick Yon Eagle, carpenter, Dayton; Dayton; Albert Geige, rnolder, Dayton; Geo. W. Davis, bricklayer, Dayton ; John Moler, farmer, Van Buren township; Isaac Haines, farmer, Washington township; E. J. Coler, wagon maker, Liberty; Martin Young, farmer, Van Buren township. The selection of the jury was completed completed at noon and the jury was taken to the bridge on which the murder is alleged to have occurred. It is from this bridge that Frantz is alleged to have confessed that he threw the body of the dead girl into the Stillwater river after she had killed herself. The jury was in charge of Court Baliff Boez. There are over 100 witnesses in the case and it is expected that the trial will be a very lengthy one. The presentation of the case to the jury began at 2 o'clock this afternoon. afternoon. Prosecuting Attorney Charles E. Kumler was the first speaker, and explained what the State expected to prove. His address is regarded by the legal authorities here as a very clear and strong presentation of the case on behalf of the State. He was conservative and deliberate on many points, but upon the most essential essential features his logic was as bitter bitter and as relentless as has been the retribution, if such it is, that thus far has seemed to pursue the accused. Frantz drew back in his chair, his face blanched, his lips twitching with excitement and his eyes full of the alarm which any man, be he innocent innocent or guilty, must have felt under under the threatening circumstances surrounding him and the terrible portrayal of the dark deed which stands charged to his discredit. The silver-tongued Robert M. JSTevin was full of pathos in an address address which followed in behalf of the prisoner. He told a sad story of the unhappy courtship and the shocking death of the defendant's sweetheart, whom he had loved and who had loved him until she passed into another another world by her own hand. In the midst of Col. Kevin's speech, Frantz suddenly gasped twice, and then burst into tears, which trickled down his cheeks and fell'on the table, where he rested his drooping head. President and party spent this morning morning hunting ducks on the southern extremity of South Island, their reward reward being 100 birds, of which the President brought down sixty-one. President Cleveland also joined in a deer drive, but none of the hunters got in a shot, owing to the high water on the island. Better luck is anticipated, however, when they hunt on the main land some time during the next few days. The tender tender Wisteria brought the party from the island this afternoon to the Annandale Annandale Club preserves, where she ran on a shoal and is now grounded until high tide. Big flocks of ducks have been Hying into Muddy Bay or the Big March, where the party will shoot until they depart. It is not definitely known when the President President will take his leave, but Saturday is the time intimated. ZIMMERMAN, A festival will ' be held at the Grange Hall to-night. Our schools are preparing for the examination next week. Our teachers attended the educational educational meeting at Xenia Saturday. Bert Hawker has ; the promise of receiving a tin box as an Xmas present. present. Jesse Hawker's house was broken into last Sunday arid a number of articles were stolen. Wm. H. Stewart, who has been employed at Dayton since last Spring, has returned home. Some of our young people attended the party at Henry Stewart's, in New Germany, Saturday night. Albert Eckmau has been appointed appointed administrator of Ferman Eckman's Eckman's estate in Montgomery county. Xmas exercises will be held at Aley's Chapel on the evening of December December 24th, at Mt. Zion on Dec. 25th and at Hawker's on Dec. 25th. Thieves visited the premises of Elizabeth Duncan one night last week. They were''seerr by William Hardman, who thinks he recognized them. He shot at them and they secured nothing. At the council meeting of the Old Order Dunkards last Saturday, Daniel Daniel Shoup was elected to the ministry. ministry. He has two sons in. the ministry, ministry, one a physician in Washington, D. C., one au attorney in Xenia ; one in the railway mail service, and the youngest son manages the farm. of had Dingley MAKING MEN BEQQARS. Out the Col. Nevin argued that not only was Frantz innocent, tut that he was insane. insane. Testimony as to her death, finding the body, the last seen of her by her mother, by adoption, and other preliminary preliminary matter was heard. OLIFTON, Dec. 16, '96. An effort is being made to organ- ze a Shakespeare club here. The Epworth League social Tues,ay Tues,ay night was a financial success. Remember the free lecture ,at the opera house Friday night. It will be interesting and eloquent. Printz, Estle & Wilson are now prepared to grind all kinds of feed for farmers at the Printz stand in Clifton on every Wednesday. Loved the Bottle Before He Had Teeth, At No. 82 Warwick Ave., Zanesville, Zanesville, O., lives Mrs. JR. H. Mills, who relates the following experience: "I have used Dr. Hand's Teething Lotion Lotion and find it all that it claims to be. Our little boy cut his teeth so hard that he almost had spasms. Bathing his gums with the Lotion would relieve him immediately. He knew the bottle better than all others would cry for it. I advise every mother who has teething children to Dr. Hand's Teething Lotion." all druggists, 25c. Women iu London Crowding 1 Sterner Sex. "I have before me," says Walter Besant Besant In the London Queen, "the thirty- seventh annual report of the Society for Promoting the Employment of Women. I am sorry to learn from this report that the demand for women clerks and bookkeepers is on the Increase. Increase. At the same time I am informed informed in other quarters that thousands thousands of men clerks are tramping the streets of London, wearing out shoe leather in going up and down stairs in the weary work of trying to find places. They find, instead, women doing the work, which should keep them and their wives, for half the pay. One has no objection to women doing men's work if they get men's pay. They may even keep the men in idleness, If they please, like the laundresses. How shall we make these promoters understand the cut-throat policy of pushing women In everywhere, at half or quarter the pay, and driving the men abroad ? However, However, there are other and more satisfactory satisfactory features about this report. In the lower walks something has been done by the society In getting places for women as hair-dressers—will they ever become such admirable artists In this walk as the men?—in finding cooks and waitresses, and In getting temporary work of all kinds for women. women. But the numbers and figures given demonstrate that the work of the Bociety is but a drop in the ocean. We have 40,000,000 of people, with 20,000,000 20,000,000 of women and girls, and all who are past the ape of 15, with, an insignificant insignificant minority of about 500,000, are Clamoring for work." Is of This by matters is healing immediate disease clear a great Cure other for safety. The before merits people many and is untried If form forget Prepared Albion, at 50 The Syracuse, the inferior superior physically the and unwomanly various fib'e willing cannot be helpful. Scaly eruptions on the head, chapped hands and lips, cuts, bruises, scalds, burns are quickly cured by DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. It is p-esent the article most used for and it always cures them. Cunningham & Co. "When most needed it is not unusual unusual for your family physician to be away from home. Such was the experience of Mr. J. Y. Schenck, editor of the Caddo, Ind. Ter., Banner Banner -, when his little girl, two years of age, was threatened with a severe attack of croup. He says: "My wife insisted that I go for the doctor, but as our family physician was out of town I purchased a bottle of Chamberlain's Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, which relieved relieved her immediately. I will not be without it in the future." Twenty-five Twenty-five and 50 cent bottles for sale by all druggists. When nourishing for tbe vital impure distressing victim overwork. Sarsaparilla Hood's assist n Ui > The old way of delivering messages messages by postboys compared with the modern telephone, illustrates the old tedious methods of "breaking" colds compared with their almost instantaneous instantaneous cure by One Minute Cough Are Louisville, New Central bet. Indianapolis Indiana, Division Way no & St. Louis; Ualto. & Benwood, and also D. O.. via continuous Cleveland Western; Cleveland, Southern San dusky & Lake Cure. Cunningham & Co. accepted in for seats and for

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  • 17 Dec. 1896, Xenia Daily Gazette

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