Ezra Prentice Treadwell Mentioned in Fatal Fight

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Ezra Prentice Treadwell Mentioned in Fatal Fight - to Treachery It was of oiu American tariff deem...
to Treachery It was of oiu American tariff deem manner by the were reform, was induced referring determination their of the be and, by has accepting the support with are as to but "oy been thus betrayed ought bjrthe gains in Congress. On object the endeavor reach. was one the now see resard all be and call the or to their in both tiU in all the so that coming every communicating in j j tha then no quea Two Gentlemen Attacked by a Gang of Hongha* Arrest of the Man "Who Fired the Shots--The Finding and Identification of the Pistol-Manifestation Pistol-Manifestation of Commendable Detective Detective Skill by Captain Byrnes. o'clock, anc be ad t Henry satis Senate b; canvass. Sussex argn hands Junction Cam mons; o In to "old Yor£ Cincinnati toe are to the people." country, driven that there ij street, At about a quarter to twelve o'clock on Saturday night a shooting affray occurred in Mercer street, between Clinton and Waverley places, that resulted in the wonnuing or Theodore Gardiner, eighteen. years of age, a broker, residing at Inwood, West- Chester county; Oborge Anderson, twenty- three years or age, a bartender, of 88 Second street, and William Devine. It appears appears from information gathered by Captain, Byrnes that at about eleven o'clock William Gould, William Devine, George Anderson, William H. Thomas, Erza P. Treadwell and Alfred P. Evans had left a honse in the neighborhood or where shooting took place, and were almost immediately followed by Theodore Gardiner and Panl Low, son of ex-Governor Low, of Maryland, of 437 Claremont avenue, Brooklyn. These two latter gentlemen were in the same house as the others, but were in their society. On leaving the house Gardiner Low crossed to tlie opposite side of the street where the other parties were, and the latter continued continued on, walking towards Sixth avenue. They had gone but a short distance when Anderson, noticing that Gardiner and Low stopped several times, spoke to them, asking what they meant so much delay. This brought a rejoinder from to the effect that he should mind his own ousiness. Anderson immediately crossed to the other side and struck Gardiner. Low took np the quarrel, and knocked Anderson down. The rest of the men then BUSHED UPCKN* GAXDCSER and Low, and after a short scuffle a pistol wa* pulled and six shots fired 5n rapid succession. The- first shot fired hit Gardiner in the hip, the ball' passing into the abdomen, aad the physicians, think wounding him fatally. As soon as he fell Gould commenced to kick him in the head, and Thomas snatched a stick from some one was beating Ima, about the head when he was stopped by some csizens who were attracted to place by the shooting. The second or third ball Bevine in the left leg, only causing a slight wound. Becoming alarmed, at the danger surrounding him, Anderson turned towards the railing of the' House beside them, bat a stray ball caught him in the leg, making a slight flesh wound., number of gentlemen who heard ths row on Broadway Broadway ran down Eighth .street to see WEEKS THE DIFPICjCXTT WAS, and met three men running in the direction were going from. It iras for some titae supposed, these parties had something to do with the anair,bnt : Captain Byrnes has since discovered they were only some citizens who were passing the place and became alarmed at the shooting. When Devine was hit his triends took him, np and carried Sim into Elk Hall and Low made Ms escape, leaving Gardiner lying on the sidewalk. The noise of the pistol firing attracted the attention of the patrolman duty, who rapped for assistance, and Sergeant Christie and Roundsman Day arrived on the spot jastintimeto see Devine being carried into E1K Hall. They arrested all the parties and took them; with tee wounded men, to the station house in cer street. Before the police arrived Thomas endeavored endeavored to indnce one of the others to change hats and coats with him, but tae men refused, Thomas was arrested Just as he stood. When men were brought to ths station houss Sergeant Christie searcned them, but could only Snd A SDiGLE-BASSKTT.BP PISTOL , J among them, and that was loaded. Dr. Steels .examined the wounds of tae men and ordered Gardiner Gardiner and Devine to he removed to BeDevne" Hospital. Anderson was detained at the station honse, where he still remains. When, questioned by. tae Sergeant.. at the desk in the station house," Thomas said ne had been drinking in Elfc Stall with anindividnal known as "Cap," but Captain Byrnes yesterday ascertained from that party tnat such was not the case. Several of these men, told Captain Byrnes; had run into Elk Hall after shooting, and were boasting of the greatthings had done, but on the arrival of Sergeant Christie to arrest them there was instant silence. At o'clock yesterflay morning all the prisoners were- sent to Bellevue Hospital in order that Gardiner should point out the man "who shot him. One one the prisoners were brought to the bedside the wounded man by Captain Byrnes, but HE FAELED TO BECOGSIZE - ' any of them nntil Thomas was confronted witli After a good deal of hesitation and careful weighing of the countenance before Mm, which Thomas made every effort to conceal, Gardiner said, he felt certain Thomas was the man who had done the shooting. Thomas was a second time brought before before him to make more sure of the identification, and this time he seemed as if determined to an effort to look straight into ths face of Gardiner? bat the attempt was a fruitless one, for, after looting for a moment witk nis countenance firmly at Gardiner, he was compelled to turn aside by the steady gaze of recognition from tne oefi. This business concluded, the men were taken, back to the Fifteenth precinct station fconse, they will remain until THT: SESCLT OP TH I! EiJTTIES of the wounded men is satisfactorily ascertained. Yesterday morning Captain Byrnes went to the residence of Mr. Low, in Brooklyn, to find ont- where his son was, but that "gentleman, could tell nothing of Ms whereabouts. On getting- back to the station honse. the captain during a^ patrol of Ms precinct heard two men talking about the shootinsr, and stopping for a moment to listen to the conversation he heard one of them say had Low concealed in a liouss in West street Captain Byrnes signalled to a policeman policeman in plain clothes, who answered the summons, and" ne desired the officer tc- foiiow the man wherever lie- went. He then got another officer, and detailed him to watch the Urst,incase the man being followed should flnd ont the officer was behind Mia, and taey could change places to avoid a mishap. The TTI^TI -went to West street, followed by the officers at a distance. distance. There he joined yonng Low and turned; back in the direction of Broadway. When they got. to the -corner of Bleecker street aud Mercer, THE OPFICEH STEPPED Tj^ arrested Low and took him to the station honse. He acknowledged to Captain Bvrnes having fired all the shots, and added. "One of the fellows took: me into the middle of tne street and attempted rob me. Another of them knocked my friend down, and a third was kicking him. This so- enraged me I pulled ont the pistol and fired every shot in it." When asked where the pistol wasSle pi! _ said he did not Snow. Henadfluagittwavasne- ran from the scene of tns fight, aod aad not"sc"n since. This young: man was arrested about two- months ago for firing at a negro, and was then held to ban in the snm of $5.000 to Seep the peace. The pistol was at that time tat«n lam at yie station louse, bnt he caned there six weeks ago and claimed it. The weapon was returned returned to hiia. and it turned out to be the one which ae did the shooting on Saturday night. Captain Byrnes then sent an officer to loos for the young loan who bad picked" up the pistol in the street, and last evening Charles Penr George Kettles were brought » the station house with the pistol in their possion. They stat'jd to police they had found it in ihe street, not fer Irozn wfecre tie" shooting took place. Warden Srennaa lias pjacec Gardiner and Devine in separate wards In Eelleroc Hospital, and given them beds with screens to Seep tie noise of tie otlrer Inmates from tem. and it is expected the pS-rsa- daD9 will be able to Snd te location of Uie the course of tSe day. alUough Gardiner, It appears. appears. received two of tbe bullets arcd by Sis

Clipped from New York Herald27 May 1872, MonPage 2

New York Herald (New York, New York)27 May 1872, MonPage 2
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