The Sunday Herald (Provo, Utah) July 26 1953 page 9

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The Sunday Herald (Provo, Utah) July 26 1953 page 9 - Ace Speedboaters Ready for Provo Water Festival...
Ace Speedboaters Ready for Provo Water Festival Harmon Slates Test Run At Carnival Action, thrills, spins And high class entertainment will be wrapped wrapped up In one giant package today, •when the Provo Boat Club sponsors sponsors a speedboat regatta and water show at the boat harbor. The four-hour show will begin at 2 p.m. and there will be seven and-a-half water carnival. Quotes About Fishin' Talking fishin' being a most popular pastime at this season, we pause here to make a few quotes picked up along the way. Since they were not written verbatum as they spilled toward our oversized ears, we digress to say that ours is the bla^ne for any grammatical errors and no Intent to misconstrue the meaning. (As if anyone could concerning a fishin'fib). Bruce Miller and Sherm Jones: "Ain't that a dandy mess. Caught 'em on worms this morning on the Provo above Deer Creek." They were too, as we saw them early last week when the boys stopped by the homestead at Vivian Park- Bill Ke'.sch: "Just got back from four days down on the Boulder Mountain. Boy was it hot. All the waters are low, but the fishing wasn't too fast for us. Did get enough to eat anyway." Bill went on to say that he had a whale of a good trip in company with Don Sims, Arvid Dodge, and the four of their boys. Lil' Abner: "Never saw Deer Creek Reservoir stay so good for so long as it has this year. Trolling and bait fishin' are still tops." Could Ab be a bit prejudiced? Lousy Perch Tom Anderson: "No luck on Deer Creek this year, except for those lousy perch." A host of others: "No place like Deer Creek for taking the kids to fish. Why the kids had the time of their lives hauling perch out the other evening." Mike Smoot: "Knocked 'em silly with a streamer the other evening where the Provo dumps Into Deer Creek. Prettiest mess of rainbow you ever saw. Went back the board runabout." next two evenings and caught nothing but big carp." Ed and Marion Rambeau: "Nothing to it now out Strawberry Strawberry way. We found the rainbow in about 45 feet of water at the north end. No trouble limiting up the last two week ends with crawlers." Dale Hill: "You named the wrong guy in the paper last Sunday when you told of catching the 7^4 pounder in the Provo. I was the one who got him. Have caught some pretty good ones since t»o." Our apologies Dale. This 13-year-old boy could well show many of us some tricks on the river, especially near his home at Vivian Park. Welby Brown: "Never had a bite on Strawberry. 'Course, we didn't get out there until after noon and the old pond never was too hot before July 24th." So goes the chatter ad infinatum on the Fishin'. Always Always interesting, and who knows, maybe someone gives you a hint in the process that might prove worth listening to. Fishing Equipment We recently read a list of proposed .equipment to go in kit or tackle box along with the fishing gear. Since most of it is stuff that we've found to be valuable when needed (and clutters up our tackle box), here it is for your thinking; thinking; small screw driver; sharp knife, combination pliers and wirecutters, whetstone, adhesive tape, aspirin, iodine, band aids, lubricating oil (real oil), and mosquito lotion. Add to this list as we have over the years and pretty soon you almost need another box for the extras. Never-the-less, many of these items mean the difference in a pleasant trip Tom * I The Provo Boat Harbor win I be closed to boating by the i general public aann* the I Provo Boat Club's water show | and regatta schedule today | from 2 p.m. until shortly after Gessford is serving as general chairman for the show, which will be free to the general public. As an added attraction for the big water festival, Cam Harmon veteran Brigham City rpeedboat jockey, will try an experimental test run with his P-Hydro boat. Harmon plans on going after the world's record later in the year at Salton Sfea in California and will use today's run to see how close he's coming to the record. The world's record for this class is 79.4 miles per hour and the American record 78.44 miles per hour. Harmon has done 73 miles per hour. Some of The Best The competitive speed-boating will feature races In the following classes: A and C stock runabout, C service and D and E stock runabout, runabout, B stock runabout, C racing and D stock hydroplanes, F. racing runabout and CR runabout. B stock and C service hydroplanes and In- SUNDAY HERALD SUNDAY, JUt? 28, county. tH> Stanky Pulls Big 'Boner' Of Career TUNES UP FOR REGATTA—Herb De Weese, commodore of the Provo Boat. Club, is shown sending his craft spinning around the Provo Boat Harbor In preparation for today's giant free water sBbw and speed boat regatta, which will be sponsored by the boat club. Some of the best speedboaters, aquaptaners, and water skiers in the intermountaln west will participate in the four-hour water festival. '* and a bust. Odds and Ends More than ten million Americans pay dues to organizations organizations pledged to maintain and restore our wildlife resources resources ... Best insurance for the long life of your fishing pole is to carry it in a good case . . . Check your hooks now and then. A dull hook often means a missed strike—a few strokes with a small whet stone will quickly sharpen them ... If you want your leader to sink quickly, wash it with a piece of abrasive soap . . . Good reports about fishing continue continue to come in from Scofield Reservoir, both from trolling and worm dunking . . . Our hopes for walleyed pike fishing in Utah Lake were recently raised when we saw a couple of last year's plant of these fish. They were 4-5 inches long and there in a good chance many did survive. Yours for fun, Casey P. S. Provo sportsmen have an opportunity next Tuesday to cast their vote once while serving themselves twice. We refer to the sewer bond election to be conducted that day. Each vote in support of the bond issue means a vote for a cleanec. healthier life. It also means a vote for better fishing, hunting, and total outdoor recreation. Show ua clean, clear water and we'll show you better fishing and hunting. Swimming too, by the way, and a vote for the community swimming pool will also be a vote well cast*. Although some of the best drivers drivers in the intermountain west will be spinning their boats around the course today, Gessford said all local amateur boaterst are urged to enter their crafts in the various events. He added that a place will be made for all types and classes of boats, so competition will be fair and keen. A driver's meeting will be held at 1 p.m. to go over the rules and regulations for the day's events. Officials of the regatta also will be present at this meeting. They include Elmer Smith, pit manager; L. O. Turner, starter; Mrs. L. O. Turner, time keeper and scorer; Bernus Bills,, referee; and Lynn LeVitre and Frank Coppin, announcers. announcers. Presentation of trophies and a drivers' luncheon will be held following the races. Six Laps Each Each race will consist of one heat of six laps each over a three- fourth mile course with single buoy turns. The water show portion of the festival will begin around 4 p.m. and will feature a number of aquaplaning aquaplaning and water skiing events. One of the major attractions of the water show will be an aquaplaning aquaplaning and water skiing act, per formed by Elmer Smith and his daughter, Mrs. Norma Wright, and Oflenda Wright, 11-year-old daughter daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wright. This trio has performed at water shows and regattas all over the Changes Noted In Elk Permit Applications Sportsmen applying for elk permits permits this year should note the following following changes In the laws, rules, and regulations governing this hunt as shown in the recently published published proclamation. Application by mail onhjr on special enevolpe forma provided by the Fish and Game Department. These forms will be available without without cost at all license dealers by August 1. The $15 application fee must be submitted by means of a certified check, cashier's check, or money order. Do not send personal personal checks or currency. Applicants Applicants will seal the fee in the special envelope provided and it will be returned to them without being opened unless their name is successfully successfully drawn on the district applied for during the public draw- lugs. The above application procedure is new this year. It was devised to assist the department in handling handling Dempsey Group Points Kelly Toward Title PHILADELPHIA al League bench Jockey* •* «!*• agers have been presented WUt material that com«i oftCe lit • Iffr time, and none other than MMt> ger Eddie Stanky of »• It. LMlt Cardinals wai the victim. Stanky who never will Mlf At end of it if he remain* In *••*• ball another SO y«m. puUeA flil boner" of his career Friday MgM when h« batted out of tun Ml t lineup he had made up hiffiMttt H happened in the first Innlftf «f • 2 to 1 loss to the PhffllM. Stanky made out Mi batting «t der with himself batting flrit. Set* ly Hemus second and Stan Muilftl third and placed It on th« <tt|Mft wall. But his pen, or hit Mtti, slipped for a moment ae he MMt out copies of the batting order M? Philadelphia Manager Steve O'N«4H and the umpires. In those h» •*• Hemus hitting first and second. When the game started, walked up to lead oft. Ht out. Then Hemui singled. Al ial reached the place, O'MttU MMt out of the dugout and prmfttot his copy of the batting Mtffr t» the umpire. Sure enough, Stanley had pufl«4 a "boner." • . Hemus was "out." losing a stflfle and Musial was declared out (M* though he nevef swung at a tfiei) "for hitting out afturtt." ' '_j NEW YORK (UP)—Is It midsummer midsummer madness? Or do Jack Dempsey and his three associates know what they're talking about when they say they'll have young Brian Kelly ready for a lightweight lightweight title fight next year? Kelly is the Irish kid from Niagara Falls, Oni, who upset sensational young Ralph Dupas of- New Orleans at Miami Beach last Tuesday night. Brian went into the ring a 5-1 underdog, but he came out • with the decision. And he even had Dupas on the floor once. v If Kelly's prowess is on a par with the money, influence and savvy backing him, he should go far. Dempsey's associates in the Kelly-to-title enterprise are Eddie Quinn, wealthy Montreal boxing and wrestling promoter; Max Waxman, Dempsey's business manager, and Joe Woodman, 81- year-old pilot-trainer, who man flock of other big-timers. Quinn said today, "we're not trying to make money with this boy. Qet that straight. And we're not going to rush him. But he'll be ready for his title chance next year. And I'm ready to spend $30,000 or $40,000 to see that he gets that chance." He was referring apparently to a guarantee for Champion Jimmy Carter or whoever holds the 135- pound crown next summer. aged the great Sam Langford and Quinn, Waxman and Woodman had a long conference. at • tttw York hotel last night about X*Uf*l future plans. Dempsey, tit CM* cago, was cut In on tnt eta* fab by telephone. Dempsey satd, "Brian fcat fltt makings of a champion. M* be ready next year. He more polish and. he must letm.lft control his temper. He'i • Ulttt Stanley Ketch;!, with a out punch in each hand. Btt he comes tearing in, he teivts himself open to face butte. Ant so he gets cut Up. HM Md* thing Woodman will have tt * If cool him off-teaeh him eeatNi* west. Gained Recognition Roy Knudsen of Provo and Floyd Wiles of Salt Lake City will put on their comedy act, which has gained gained recognition all over the west. The Oak Hills LDS ward Explorer Explorer Scouts under the direction of Wes Knudsen, will put on a 15-minute act. Scouts participating will include Charles Peterson, Douglas Sampson, Don Clark, Paul Hoopes, Richard Barrett, Brent Beck, Larry Nelson, DeRay Norton, Norton, and Gordon Startup. Other participants in the water show will include Mrs. Grace Wiles, Mrs. Ed Wright, and Boyd Wright. "Main purpose of the whole festival," festival," Gessford points out "is to bring the sport of boating back to its former position of being Among the top activities of the area. High water and flood conditions conditions have hampered boating at the harbor for the past year and a half. elk application moneys as well as to streamline the whole procedure covering the office work and the public drawings. "Every person, while hunting big game animals, shall wear conspicuous conspicuous red headgear, and red shirt, sweater or Jacket." This new law requiring the wearing of red outer clothing other than a red head covering while hunting elk, deer, or other big game animals was placed in the new fish and game code during the 1953 meeting meeting of Utah state legislature. Elk may be with only the hunted this year following calibre No-Hit Hurler guns: 30-06, 270, 30-40 Krag, 300, 7 M.M., 300 H & H Magnum, 348, 375 H it H Magnum, 405, 8 M.M. Mauser, 308, 303 British, and 7.62 Russian. This Board of Big Game Control ruling was made in the interest of reducing the number of elk that are wounded and lost to the hunter. Sportsmen planning to apply for one of the 1500 elk permits allocated allocated by the Board this year should check application dates and other* regulations concerning this hunt before making application. Reprints of the 1953 proclamation may be obtained at department headquarters or license dealer! by August 1. •£**%$&&»' .,.

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