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Hexigena - ,11 Sttvry, If, mi -WINONA DAILY NEWS DR....
,11 Sttvry, If, mi -WINONA DAILY NEWS DR. FRFML/NG WR/7ES: 'Clock Wakes Up Mayfly (Dr. Calvin K. Fremling, o meinfrer of (lie Winona State College science division, re- ccived 'a $7,100 research ' grant for three years from lite National Science F'oundrt- fjoii los( spring, /"iirpose o/ the grant teas to lenrn wore about tlie matjHy, an insect about illicit litlle u'as preu- By Ofi.'CAlVIN R. FREMUNG Tonight there-are millions of liny biological alarm clocks buried in (he mud of the Mississippi Hivcr, .Most of them are set for a certain hour of a Special day in July 1962. On lhat day millions of alarms will go off and (be clock bearers will rise to (lie surface of the wajer, shed their skins twice, mate, lay their eggs and be dead before 'they see their second sun- fise. Why arc we interested in may- flics if we don't plan (o control them? ' Tbis is an example, of research which is not directly applicable; in other.words it is pure research, Yet Ihis work may provide a small piece of a fascinating biological biological puzzle, We know (hat birds navigate on stars and that spawn- Ing salmon can smell Iheir way upstream (o Iheir birth place. We know that thousands of locusts locusts can live as larvae underground underground for 17 years and crawl out to become adults on the same day. A honey bee returning to the hive Iclls its comrades by means of a dance (he direction, distance and extent of a neclar source. THESE ARE birl * *w corn- pies which illustrate lhat many lower animals possess superb navigation navigation systems, communication systems and internal clocks. As we race toward outer space \vc are | ^.,,*.,,, , striving for miniaturization in our; to possess.) guidance systems. What guidance . system or timing mechanisms Minnesota. Cbippewa, St. Croisc could be more miniaturized than [ |j c( j an( j R a j n y rjvei . s aml ;,, al _ | . Dr. Fremling is being as- sisl«i by WSC biology jtu- tlentf sen-ing as research assistants, assistants, for icfiicli they receive receive $1,500 of the grant money. Hi.* wcjarcli is seeking seeking t° establish Die reason mayflies apparently emerge from the Mississippi River tl:c same night from St. Paul to St. Louis. In a previous article, Dr. From (in;) .outlined (lie tile c'jclc o! the mayfly. Here, he writes about the "biological alarm clocks" mayflies seem lhe brain of an insect"! W* have found th»f mayflies mayflies emerge somewhere on the Mississippi every IB to 15 day» and that.they lend to emerge timultaneously at many places from Sf. Paul to St. Louis. What coordinates this mass ex- most every city on the Mississip- p i - f r o n t La C'rosse to Lake Ilas- ca. Collections are also being made I on over 50 mayfly lakes from the Iowa border to Canada. These lakes and (he aforementioned aforementioned rivers include three major continental drainage systems--the n at cl on S on ci "° and 1 I What coordinates mis mass ex- -»"iii«-mui m.mi.isi.- ^amu:,--uie mius of insects from the river? i Hudson Bay, the Gulf of St. Law- How are countless millions of in- j rente and the Gujt of Mexico, seels which are spread over 5001 Analysis o/ these collections it-ill miles of river able to keep their ] enable us to plot the distribution ···- ···-·" "i me n i-i. twei ucing r signals straight? Do they also! 0 ' various mayfly species and to j the eggs arc hajched in the laboratory ;c simultaneously from other | l c a r n m?re about Hie affect of i ' j , _ , , I cufli nnvirftnnlftnl^l fvt.1 EXTRACTING MAYFLY SPAWN . . . Clyde Pasvogel. Winona Slate College graduate student engaged in mayfly research under' the direction of Dr. Calvin Fremling, extracts spaivn /rotn female mayflies. Upon contact with water i n ' t h e funnel, each mayfly lays about 8,000 eggs. The eggs sinlt and arc concentrated i'n the stem of the funnel. After being removed from the funnel, rivers' and lakes? sllc ' 1 environmental factors as wa the ncxl three years we i l o r temperature, barometric pros During uunng me ncxi inree years we i "1 "1 "-"'I'l-nnuii-, uai U nu.-u»: juvs- · w i l l . t r y to answer these'questions! 51 "' 0 . !cn g jl1 ot da y. water level and many others. The following is | n .» d m °°» I'hase upon emergence a discussion of how we are pro-i' l m e - ceedlne and why scien.isls are in- j U R W L m ^ tf rf ^^ ^ OUT-OF-TOWN COLLEGES Caledonian to MIJ ii j F i j ] ] i : i «'rlvric CALEDONIA, Minn.--A. Kenneth Chester, who will receive their di- Grob, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin ! plomas Sunday. i i mayfly populations before t h c"y ' ( J r o b ' receil ". v received his d i - l Thc Most Rev. Edward \ Fitz-i , ..-.I..,,".' emerge. Procedures such as these ' r oma , f TM m , Gc " cral - Mot()r s '"sti-; gcrald. bishop of Winona, will con-' has slocked | exp|aj]) why wi|)ona dOM no( g] _ lute of Technology. Flint. Mich. fer the degrees Sunday at 8 p :m. "firm non'.imvn7,l hv Tiich,1 vvays rcceire )arse TM''*ers o f , 1!e was awarded a GM wliol-'· Sen. Eugei'e McCarthy wi!! be, latin pomi owiien D «' l "M mayflies when they are abundant : arsll 'P aml "'i 11 begin graduate speaker. work at Massachusetts Institute o f ; Deceiving diplomas are: Sharon Cambridge, Mass., Hughes, daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. I [Maurice Hughes, Harmony; Mary ;M. Passe, daughter of Mr. anil! young worn- Mrs. Laurence 1'asse, Kellogg, and graduates of Theresa A. lledig, daughter of Mr " -'-- " ; a n d Mrs. Uerald Keifig, Wilson. e , v ira v v 1't I elsewhere. m s t r t t c h ° f ! TM'" The narrow, sw i [ I : which l!0 ""ls Wi: Wi: Technology. '«- ; en are anlong lhe ard Holland, Allnra. Will ly hatched larvae thrive so will (hev emerge as auuus TM i , . .. . .,, - lhe same (lav as their cousins i n ' TM " 3 * reladyely s,l -free and the Mississippi? Will they increase '·· rf ° e f. not SLW ° rl a h] - h larval "«P- the available food supply for t h e : u "' fish in the pond? : THIS IS WHY Wiwna, unless the St. Mary's'SchooT of' SiirsingTRo' · James Krickson, by means o ( ! breeze is just right, usually re-; -intensive -intensive dredging, has learned i ceives fewer mayflies (ban Lake thai even though both Lake Winona | City or La Crosse. You will re- ami Airport Lake appear lo be ex-1 call that si-bile Winona received ccllcnt mayfly habitats, lhe lakes few mayflies this past July 12, the produce almost no mayflies. In (act I shores above the Winona dam were lhe meager silt bottom of lhe M i n - : blanketed, ncsota City sand pits produces as many mayflies per acre as do (he heavily silted lakes. Thus far we have no explanation for this. '· We have learned lhat one of lhe most abundant Mississippi Riv- ROSHFORD, Minn. (Special) and rerun er mayflies exists up the While- water Hivcr as far as Elba. Rich- Rushford Firemen ; Stop Wagon Fire ard llolle float the three Eleva-! I Opening Set i i ELEV.V Wis. (Special* · .... I Eleva-Strum Central Area schools I will open Aug. 29 dlh regular classes from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 - All j WHITEHALL, Wis. (Special' | | Three area girls Sunday aiternoon j will be graduated from SI. Francis Francis School of Nursing, La Crosse. They are.JoAnn Carlson, daughter daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Carlson. Whitehall: Carol Lee. daughter of Mr. anil Mrs. Herbert Ltv. While- i ball, and Judy Olson, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Orris ,1. Olson, Blair, The ihree sh;ls are graduates of Whitehall Iligb School. One Winona and two area The Rushford fire"departmcnVwas I m TMj-, G ^ rg \ llcilleraa "' T a a 'H .lenls are candidates fm"de"=,"ees called lo the F.d Jorde fanjn six i m »» al 'atar, has announced. «e.,iees . - - - - - · ·· -·--- ·-; vjiiuu 10 me r.a jorae lanin six i branches of the \\hitewatcr and i mi!f , s S0i ,i h o( herc !(i h j : High riroi nn ninnv nT IIP nnn\c in H^. i _ . ... ,- ,, - . . 6 :. - · n,,,.^«. i to be conferred by M a u k a t o . i , ,, , ". · - ; i«iit-a awiini m j i u i u fjii mgmvnv ^.j: '"3" »chool stall inchules: · CoHcK*? ;it spcoiirt ^linimor sp^inn dredge many of "« pools « d e - , at ,,.. 15 ,, Frjd ,« ^ g . ·. George Fuller, principal, guidance : commencement exe ci TM Tue* jiow far up the Whitcw.v [ llish f i r c in a wagon | oil[ , of cho °.; and biology, ^eon^ M i t c h e l l , agri- ] afternoon. ~ ' ' ' ' "' , Lake City, will 1 of master o! sci- and William ter lhe Mississippi extends its in( in( 111UV fluence, It is possible that mav- i TH flics emerge from the Whilewk-j ,. F '"'""apparent ly developed in ter on the same day that t ] )ey ; TM fan bower of the chopper and *""*·"" '·· - · loan of straw. culture; Adelyn Olfon. commcr- : lergc from Ibc M HAVE rntcnsUied our col- "an " ' *S bo ' ra '; '; ' . c d S b o ra ! ! rrcst Engrav. driver of the : Everett Wai tie ' Kn»lish- Jo \nn j ractor, said the fire went out i n j J c n s o n , home economics: Donald! e , '"' . ' llacll «lo coach: looting efforts along the Mississip-1 y acio , r ' saln tllcv flrc wcnt Ollt in : Jcnson pi River and have expanded our · h!; , c , hopper w ' tho " 1 ·'·'""age to it \ Kolek, science, football collecting territory throughout M m - ' o r , . ' racl01 '- Thc «' a son was i Bernard Larson, art: Jose nesota and into Wisconsin. In ad- i cxtcns 'Y e ' |iiiaged but the fire I vocal music and French: Joan dition lo lock-masters arid shin cap. I , wris .1" lckl ' brought under control | Bauer, English and social science: tains we have enlisted (be cooper- '· ' ttlc (ircmt:n - i 1al11 imson. industrial arts, and atinn of boat livery operators, re- i mi CLASS " ' ' S .' raniu; Lar so«. instrumental inn- soil owners, teachers, students, bi- i DUKAND, Wis. 'Sprcial)-A 1M.S' S ' C ' nlogists and other interested par- class reunion of the Durand llioij' Slrum Graded School staff: l)e- (rcs - -'School will be held al Clara's Cafe ; t o l ' c s MitdlL ' 11 . Kdilh Brainard, «e nnu- have collectors on the | Sunday. jSelma Call, Gene Krribeck, Bar. Bar. | bara .Velson, Alice Kn»eii, liuby t Spangberg and Erna Shcrmo. Over 200 Visit Apple^ Orchards At La Crescent LA CHKSCKNT, Minn. - More

Clipped from The Winona Daily News19 Aug 1961, SatPage 10

The Winona Daily News (Winona, Minnesota)19 Aug 1961, SatPage 10
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