Wilmington Morning Star 14 Nov 1919 James Prosper Bozeman Bozeman Clan Leader Caught

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Wilmington Morning Star 14 Nov 1919 James Prosper Bozeman Bozeman Clan Leader Caught - TURNS 'REYEMR' other of the Bozemans Caught...
TURNS 'REYEMR' other of the Bozemans Caught An,r..4nrrijiv WittrPreacher's ! vieSH---.' vieSH---.' vieSH---.' vieSH---.' vieSH---.' . Assistance ,.n hinrlrxdlnir and I Aeatn I"""- . 1 Tne n.. rfantv nf ftreen I in iiic wfv" I bl in the hinterland of : Sruns- Sruns- be Cran'f t o.-.,i o.-.,i o.-.,i I the Bozemans, tne I fd 1 .Mf of them all was ar- ar- " father."" . v. . PRhal .!,.lc tOU and ..v vosterday rest?" i B. Mr. teeing . m West, witn me iow' Roof, pastor bf the Metho- Metho- PeV' 1 l t 11- 11- -Riwai- -Riwai- -Riwai- r rv. who: the linniineiii ucio. v ."- ."- f - iai steDoed into the nreacn uin? pH them in the capture .of .nd as'" . n -ri -ri i J F !.,,- !.,,- of the first of the; Clan The was chronicled in tfcese col- col- jczeman gflturday . morning, . when "mn .man fell a prey to the wiles, ' T ,f Vvenuers" after a stiff .' fight 0f the , r o the great' swamp, on I were numero There er w,tfl nianS' fflrials but so far they had federal omc ' g the neta spread for managed to .. Now ,-tnere ,-tnere ,-tnere are their disr,0 . 1n jail and there is but three of them ; offlccrs wlll re. one more at morninK and of turn ..(.,.. 0f Rev Mr. ,ith furuir. OI ivev. -wi. -wi. i . , v. o v a. w 11 he I Roof, it s l c 'tlt n The 8tory ..von without ea in tino wise. v happenea ... -n-Md..' -n-Md..' -n-Md..' -n-Md..' the nv VTAlDi - - rj t v.as infested the lower r Krunswick county, making end m.antities oi very puiont w,f " Ji.nani.inir them without the !l,.n and consent of the federaj -ernment -ernment Moreover they nave ter-Cired ter-Cired ter-Cired the community, and made for A.melves the name of desperodos. te would lift hisV hand against ;m nor inform against them, until Srday when a Methodist parson took a hand in the matter. . - La?t Fridav some seven or eight avenue officials and deputy marshals, lent here to ossist Deputy Morshal est invad?d Green Swamp and nmii the Clan Bozeman and numer-on. numer-on. numer-on. friend In the midstf a festival and oyster roast given at V the castle . nf their number. The officers a a ke(j the stronghcia and made . off i tended and he was remanded, to ... xt m T- T- with one or tne cian. . A. oui. ...... M not until he had put up- up- bitter ,,n,le. He was nrougni. ne aim trhed tocether and put In jail Jartee H. O. Connor wouia oave naufht to do with him until other M.Mra of the clan had been appre n.r a tS.onn bond Rabe" Bozeman ventured Into the city to see what had. befallen his brother, and he was forthwith put in jail with a like bond hangings over his head. And still the court wanted the whole tribe here before the matter matter was adjudicated. "Babe"; was - induced induced to write a letter to the father and chief of the cUn, explaining, matters matters to him and suggesting that! the .whole family come to town and give itself up since there were warrants t out for all if them, and. -that -that tthoseT incarrerated were likely to stay in jail until there were more locked upi . Armed with the letter addressed to the elder. Bozeman. Deputies TOest; Lifsey and Shores left the city early Wednesday morning and laid .course I for Green Swamp and the lair of the Bozemans. It was., believed .that B"oe- B"oe- man the elder would be reasonable about it and come to the city without more ado. Hewas engaged In the peaceful pursui of butchering a. pig when the officers rode up. When he 1 " presence oi ine imicu i revenuers." he fled precipitately into stay ana react the epistle which naa I re-been written him. I depths of the swamp, and "the officers pursued him. i! was an unequal chance and he eluded them and -cross -cross ert the line into South 'Carolina, and entered the village of Pirewaf. He went on further. The officers returned to the Bozeman home and laid the con-letter hefore his wife. ' She 1 imme- imme- diately set out with the epistle, prom- prom- 'sing to delifer it to the fugitive -und -und urge his return. En route she 1 en- en- countered the parson, and he under- under- iook to deliver the letter and fetch LatP in tho v . j, aiLciiiuuu iik iiiM.iiH k' i ii 111 his promise and hrnHtrWr hi. wV . . cs" - ...... ... I nnenea and chastened - man. The officers brought him to the city and lodged him in-jail, in-jail, in-jail, where he and his two sons await their opportunity tp make peace with the judge. There is hut one remaining .Bozeman at large and officers will l.air. ti if tin I with an epistle from thoe of '"hls I ".,e now in Jail urging him to come I in ana rcasnnahl. n 1 j V"wn up the sponge. A Preacher has accomnlished mr.ro years of effort fin the part of the fed authorities has been able to get away with. . '. ' . ' " .. have I Methodist -riore than f the fid.

Clipped from The Wilmington Morning Star14 Nov 1919, FriPage 5

The Wilmington Morning Star (Wilmington, North Carolina)14 Nov 1919, FriPage 5
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  • Wilmington Morning Star 14 Nov 1919 James Prosper Bozeman Bozeman Clan Leader Caught

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