26 Dec 1910 - H Welker

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SIX IIEB CASES OF SWT EEK MKIOIIEB FEIB5 AH EPIDEMIC Three Develop at Majenica, One in College Park and Twoin Township. WHOLE FAMILY IS ILL Sixth of Hefner Children Is Stricken. WHOLE SCHOOL IN . . PARK HAS BEEN EXPOSED Dr. Fry Says He T - ears Disease Mast Ran Its Coarse, Now That It Has Made Sack a Start One or Two Cases Are Serious. With the development of three new cases of scarlet fever In the vicinity of Majenica, one in College Park and two others on the Stults road, it seems that Huntington county is to be swept by an epidemic of the disease. disease. In fact the county health commissioner commissioner is of the opinion that the epidemic will spread until all the children in the county who have not had the disease in any form will take It. - In Wayne, Jefferson and Polk townships townships there seems to be an immunity to the disease, owing to previous epidemics. epidemics. Last winter several of the schools in that part of the county were closed for some time and most of the school children have bad the disease. Many of them were not very sick, owing to the light form which it took. This year the epidemic hag moved to the east and has appeared In the . vicinity of Majenica where there was no sickness last winter. They will probably ha.ve to go through the same ordeal that their neighbors to the west underwent In previous years. ' ' ! '' - ( The situation ' in Hajenlca "has Intensified Intensified so much thal.Jio - Christmas entertainments were held in either of the two churches. Three new cases were reported from that .place Saturday. Saturday. One of them was in the Louis Glassburn family and another . was the infant child of the Heffner family. There are now six cases in the Heffner Heffner family alone. The other case is Hershel, aged seyen, son of Vincent Welker. In College Park there is one new case. This is the sickness of Loren, the young son of Rev. Cremean, who is a student at the college. The little boy has been attending the district school In the Park and was taken sick while there. , He Is In a serious condition, although It is thought that the best of care will pull him through the sickness, r, The other two cases from this township township were reported from the August Harding home. Both the patients are girls, aged respectively five and twelve, The smaller girl is doing well but the older one Is very sick. Added to the illness in the family and the fact that there are four more children to take the disease, having no means of escape, comes the fact that the household is net plentifully furnished with . means of livelihood. They will be furnished with medical attention and some things to eat by the county but it will not be able to do all With the fact that some of the people people afflicted with the present epidemic will become charges of the county comes the assertion of the health commissioner that there will probably probably be a big bill for the county council to pay when it meets the next time. At their last meeting when the bills for running the county were presented presented to the council, the big knife was brought down with a whack upon the middle of the health commissioner's estimate of, the money which he would need. It was cut In two, in fact only leaving a little over the health commissioner's commissioner's salary. Now the county is in the midst of an epidemic with bills likely to run high and there are no funds to meet them. The only thing which can be done is to "run the county's face," the dealers taking a chance of having to wait a year for their money. It is likely that some of them will not want to wait that long and so there will have to be extraordinary means used to prevent suffering from hunger. At Majenica there have been (Continued on Page Four.) ACT OF Came Near Costing Life of YardmasterTierney. AND ERIE A GOOD MAN Official Was Aiding Watchman to Keep Crowd from Harm Was Enveloped in Steam. Risking his life for the safety of others, Erie Yardmaster J. F. Tier - ney narrowly escaped with his life, Saturday evening at the Market street crossing. With his vision obscured by a cloud of steam, emitted from a switch engine, Mr. Tlerney stepped onto the main track directly into the engine 'of a fast express train, running running as a section of No. 9. He had been intent on clearing t6e crossing of Christmas eve shoppers, and with his mind thus momentarily diverted and hidden In the clond of steam, he made the sacrfice that came near costing him his life and the Erie a mighty good man. Mr. Tlerney's name stands for a place on the Erie's honor , roll and uc"h recommendations have gone., or 4 will likely go Into the - general offices. offices. By this morning he had recovered recovered from the shock and the soreness of some of his bruises and was able to be around, although he will be incapacitated incapacitated from duty several days. Tom Fallen is In charge of the yards days and Ed Maloney on the night trick, during his absence. When struck by the engine, the yardmaster's body was hurled some distance, but to one side of the main track. He struck on his back across a rail of a siding. The crowd which had thronged the crossing rushed to his assistance and helped him to a nearby restaurant where a hurried examination revealed several broken ribs. At first it was thought that his back had been broken broken but on arrival of the Erie physician physician it was announced that his spine was only sprained although he was in great pain. Nothing could be done to alleviate the suffering of the Injured man so he was taken to hi "home on 718 East Franklin street , Here a more detailed examination showed that he was suffering from various bruises about the hips and chest . The train which struck Mr. Tlerney was the second section of No. 3 and was running two hours late. It arrived arrived about five o'clock. From his position in the yard office Mr. Tlerney Tlerney noticed the possibility of some of the pedestrians and others being struck by the train and he went to tie crossing to assist those in charge there. A passing switch engine, emitting emitting steam, caused him to be bidden from view of those on the approaching approaching engine, neither could he see the train.' He stepped directly In front of the engine, being dashed aside in the Instant. He fell to one side of the track although eye witnesses of the accident thought he was hurled under the wheels. 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Clipped from The Huntington Herald26 Dec 1910, MonPage 1

The Huntington Herald (Huntington, Indiana)26 Dec 1910, MonPage 1
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