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 - /Today's Smile " _A»tolsls (rust pedestrians...
/Today's Smile " _A»tolsls (rust pedestrians and pedestrians (rust autolsl a „ «l the result Is too many accidents. \ , ll , Il ! s , il g ° 0il (ll| n8 a mirroi- docs- U lot you sec yourself as olh- (Jis iomellmcs sec you. Dumber 280 Leased Wire Service of the United Press "Dedicated To Community Public Service WKDXLSDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 195?' _ ^—< — — ' " v " " "'" " mlcu f rra * IVKUA'hSDAY, NOVEMBER 27 50th Anniversary of St. Mary's~Church To Be^Celebrated Sunday, December First ArchbishoFWill Preside At Mass Established 1885 Weather "~~^ Sunny anci cold this aflern6pn; ; j Fair and not as cold tonlglit.' Partly cloudy and warmer tomorrow. tomorrow. Temjieratures (By Bristol Kccorder) , Midnight, 32; 3 a.m., 28; 6 a.m., 25; 9 a.m., 24; noon, 30. 8 PAGES Rev. Thomas M. Griffin, Pastor, To Celebrate Golden Jubilee IVIass Sunday At 11- Pour Priests, Natives Of Parish, Will Assist; Saint Mary's Parish , Established In 1907 f W T *? Go , kietl Anniversary of Ihe canonical establishment or bt Mary s Parish .in Union City will be celebrated on Sun day, December 1, with four native-parish priests participat- " S n'.n • S °, mn P^emonies and with the Most Rev. Homy J. UBrien, Archbishop of Hartford, in attendance. . The Rev Thomas'M. Griffin,' pastor of St. Mary's, which was established as a parish on September 8, 1907, will be celebrant of a Solemn High Mass at 11 a. m., December 1. Jn £f?L St p g ^ a r thcr GrUlfi11 iri Ulc celebration of the Mass will be the. £ev;-James'Lambert, deacon, and the Rev Albeit Kara Us, sub-deacon. Both entered the priesthood from St Golden Jubl? ' } ™ sts <? f like ° ri g'" assisting in the Deacon of Honor to Archbishop O'Brien, and the'&-j|£ F Donaheiywho will be Deacon at the Vesper Services in the evening The Rev. Joseph Heffeman, whose parent we e membei-s of the parish, will join Father Reilly in serving as Deacon of Honor to the Archbishop. xV ^ he '^ e u Gcoi '£ e Vilciauskas, a former curate at St Mary's will be the preacher at the 11 a. m. Mass. Anothei former curate, the Rev. Bronis Benesevieh, who recenUv was transferred to the Church of the Holy Trinity, Hartfoid . will speak at the Vesper Sendees, which will be celebrated bv ^™jf" m - Conn °'-. Pastor of St. Francis' Church, stai t- hlbilion in Sokoloski's Hall, and work was being advanced on me- lliods of financing Ihe 'structure. ..0 church plans were exhibit-, ed .March 30, 1903, with a notation notation that bids from contractors would be required by April 11. y.'':••••;=• $2,000 Raised ' .• ' During the'week of May 19, a six-night fair was held in Co^ lumbus Hall, St. Francis 1 School, with some of the bcsl talent in the Naugatuck Valley/taking part. The new parish realized a neat prof it-of $2,000—and during Ihnt same week, on May 20, 190S, ground for the new church was broken under the supervision supervision of Contractor John W. Gaffney Gaffney of Waterbury. The new paslor,' Father Fan ; ning, set July 26, 1QOS, as the date for the laying o£ the cornerstone, cornerstone, and it was a big day in the history of Union City. The Cornerstone Bishop Tierney presided at Ihe ceremonies, in the presence of fully 5,000 people, according to newspaper files of 50 years ago. One of Hie principals in the ceremonies ceremonies Was the Rev. John C. Murray, then chancellor of the diocese, who later bccaVne Archbishop Archbishop of St. Paul. A Walcrbury native, ho died only recently. It was a magnificent day in every detail, and the laying of Ihe cornerstone was preceded by a colorful parade, with Michael J. Langford as Grand Marshal- In the ranks of marchers were the members of the Board of Warden Warden and Burgesses, Ihe Nauga(Continued Nauga(Continued On Page 2} On Feast Day Originally, SI. "Francis 1 parish encompassed all of Naugatuck. .It was ori the. Feast of the Nativity Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mavy, September 8, 1907, that the late . Rt. Rev. Michael Tierney, D.D.. then Bishap,,of,yiaVtford, tljyirjed t h e, mot her par! sh v bf tKff borou gfi';' arid very appropriately gave one of the subdivisions identify with the name of St..Mary. It was also also at about this time that St. Hed wig's Church Was being built. 'The lale Msgr. William J. Fanning, Fanning, then a curate at SI. Francis' Francis' was assigned as Ihe first pastor of St. Mary's. •'. ' ' • ' \ Sokoloski's Hall ^Members of the new parish met in Re'nehan's Hall for their initial discussions of organization and procedure, and Masses .were celebrated celebrated in Sokoloski's Hall," which previously , Had , been- used" by members of St. Hcdwig's parish. Sokoloski's Hall was located in the building thai later was known as the Kazemekas Block, which was destroyed by fire in the past decade. '•-.:-.,,.•_;• '..'" Site Purchased .'.;.. The Rev. James O'R. Slieri- dan was paslor of St. Francis' Francis' Church at the lime of the division of the p a r i s h, and it was he who purcliase- ed the site upon, which St. Mary's Church, Us fine rectory and convent now stand, from Ihe Nettlcton and Nonfood families. Dr. Norwood was a retired veterinarian. veterinarian. iJess than six months-after the neW parish was identified, plans for the new church were on ex- ST.. MARTS CHURCH, North Main street, wa s under consfruction lesstyear pansh was estabHshed, September 8, 1907. The chapel was dedicated December 6, IMS. 268 Students On High School Honor List The Junior.class leads a 268- name honor roll for the first marking period at Naugatuck High School. The list was released released today by Principal Richard Richard G. Leonard. 7 Seventy-three members of the junior class attained an average of 85 or over, while ^69 seniors, GG freshmen and 60 sophomores were listed. The honor roll is as follows: SENIORS: Virginia Anderson, Susan Alpert, Sharon Ashman, Ned Austin, Sally Bavier, Rich- fcrd Behrman, Thomas Bellas Diana Blomquist, Sophjc Bongivani, Bongivani, Judith Bower,'Peter Bradley, Bradley, Robert Breault, Laura Brozait, Brozait, Judith Burlnett, Mary Ellen Butwill, Charles Carn. Jeanne Elks Schedule Annual Memorial Services Sunday Memorial 'services, -honoring members of the Naugatuck Lodge of Elks who have died during the pas't year, will be held Sundaj' afternoon at 2 o'clock "in the Lodge Rooms, Neary Building. Afty. James J. Shea, Pasf Exalted Exalted Ruler of Waterbury Lodge, will deliver the eulogy. Musical selections will be under the direction direction of Jesse F. Davis and the Naugatuck Men's Chorus. Grady T. Carpenter is in charge of the program. . To be honored at the service, which" will be open to the public, are A. B. Carley, Joseph E. Casey, Casey, Edmund J. Hogan, William J. Holland, 'Harry O. Fager, James J: Sheridan, C. TJdward Butterfield, 2nd, James J. Pettit, Leo J. Happy, and James M. Wrinn. (Continued On Page 8} Man Booked For Stoning Home Of Matthewjanus Appointed To Liaison Post The appointment of Matthew Janus, '100 Chestnut streei, as Naugatuck's Relocation Supervisor Supervisor has been approved by the State Highway Department, according according to an announcement by Mayor Adam Mengacci this morning. morning. Mr. Janus will act as liaison man between the state and tenants tenants who will be forced to move from their homes due to property property condemnation lor the construction construction of a 'Route 8 Expressway and two high level bridges across the Naugatuck iRiver. Approximately 70 families will be involved, according to Mayor Mengacci. The state will pay the moving costs of the families who must move to make way for the road and bridge construction. Mr. Janus will assist the people PRICE SIX CENTS Clark Says Resignation Of Buell "Void"; Raps Mengacci For "Firing" Doctor Says Ike's Attack Not Considered A Stroke Ikes Awakes "Refreshed" This Morning Washington, Nov. 27—(UP)— President Eisenhower's physicians gave him permission this morning morning to sign 12 relatively minor documents documents and con'fer on pending White House business, the White House announced. Tiie announcement came a few hours afler a medical bulletin aid the President awoke refreshed, refreshed, showered and shaved and had a "normal break-fast." The Chief Executive during the morning spent about 30 min. in conference with Brig. Gen. Andrew Andrew J. Goodpasler, the White House staff secretary, signiny of- House staff secretary, signing of- Press Secretary'James ,C. Hagerty Hagerty described simply as "White House business." Hagerly said after the brief business" session m the President's President's second floor bedroom that, m his opinion, major decisions could be put up to.the President. Hagerty said, however, that Eisenhower's Eisenhower's physicians would have to determine how much work the President undertakes. Hagerly was asked about' reports reports published in London that the 'President would resign because because of his latest illness. "Just say I laughed and that (Coninued On Page 8) Waterbury Banks Ask Crash Program On Expressway Waterbury, Nov. 27—Gov. Ribi- coff has" been asked to institute a "crash program" for the,proposed the,proposed Waterbury expressway by the Waterbury Clearing House Association. . . 'A copy of the resolution sent to the governor stated "the city of Waterbury is now Ihe only major major city in the State of Connecticut, Connecticut, and one of the very few in all of New England without limited access highway facilities for private automobiles and truckers" truckers" The Association asked that the same type off "crash program" used for work on the Connecticut Turnpike be launched for the Waterbury Waterbury highway. The resolution pointed out that "roughly 10 per cent of the population, now situated situated in the Walerbury Metropolitan Metropolitan area, will be severely handicapped handicapped if industrial development flows exclusively to other areas because of public knowledge of other expressway faculties." BULLETINS (By United Press) . MAKKS ' SPEECH ' New York—Labor Secretary James I>. Mitchell delivered Tuesday n'iglit part of the "chilis up" speech . President Elsenhower had planned to make from Cleveland, Ohio, before before a nationwide TV audience. . .... -oOo STREAMLINE!) PROGRAM Washington — Senate Democratic Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson Johnson called today for a stream- fining of the nation's missile and satellite programs as a necessary step in bettering Russia Russia in space weapons. oOo HANDS OFF United Nations—The United Nations will keep hands off the Algerian -.situation anil give France another year to work out its troubles \Vitli the strife- lorn North African territory, U N. observers predicted today. oOo— ' NO COMMENT London^-Moscow Radio' reported reported President Eisenhower's illness without comment today. The story of the ilLness was the only, foreign news item in the Moscow news broadcast. It gave a factual report on the medical bulletin and did not speculate on effects of the illness: : . ". .I- ..;•• ^-p-OOO— .-. .'..,.•' HELD'IN Sr,/\yiJVG '' Cumberland, Mel. — An unemployed unemployed Meyersdaie, Pa., la-' Imrcr was being sold for possible possible questioning by Massachusetts Massachusetts police today after confessing confessing to a 104G lovers laiio slay- Ing of, a waitress arid''then changing his story. oOo-^- RED ROCKET The carrier rocket of the first Sputnik' launched into space was expected to be seen whirling its way toward ileath in three crossings over the United States today. oOo lOO-MIU! HIKE Newark, N.J. —Physical fitness fitness enthusiast Harry Jlosko- wilz, a .50 year-old high school (eaeher, strides off today on a 100-miie hike from Newark to Hartford, Conn. oOo NIXON TO ATTEND Paris—The United Stales announced announced today it would send Vice President Richard M. Nixon Nixon to a "summit" conference of the 15 NATO nations whose success was feared imperilled by the illness of President Eisenhower. Eisenhower. Suffers Cerebral Attack R. man eel ... Eacci. on ; tion thorily.'. Ml' that Bu. le 10 .. it is Mayc accept: acted ough who that Clark said this morning the resignation by Mr- was "written to me in February February and I did not accept it.The " 'Jr.was written to me and not tie present mayor. I feel that • void. • . ,'. •or Mengacci said that In ting the resignation he had upon the. advice of Borv Attorney M. Leonard Caine has rendered a legal opinion ;. the man has resigned " • •: •<-»n'ance of Mr. Buell's res- MirlnoV H"A ' h ' e ' a W"tnient o£ Miclmel D Averso to replace him he authority were announced .urday by (he Mayor. H c said that lime.that he had become •are of the letter of resignatbh ily a few days before when it n?r nd ' in tne borough files, u Aye rso has been sworn in notification of his appoin" sent to the State Public --- Department, under which. Housing Authority operates rh _f •,, Clark . sai d this morning ^u^^-rsM^.- A letter whinh m-,,. ".....!.. ^ . me ignation Mi on Sa at aware of on" wa, Mr. nnd ment War the : Mengacci Counters ,With Statement He Acted On Advice Of Borough Attorney A charge by former Mayor -harles F. Clark that Sherman uell was "fired" as Chalr- of the $3,000,000 Borough mir Authority was counter-/.by counter-/.by Mayor Adam T. Men- who said that he acted up. up. eight-months' old resigha- on the advJce of proper au- Housing -' today. an C,M" C , i? 1 ™^. Republican Mayor said definitely that "I did not ac ™P f ^c resignation. I talked to Mr..Bucll and asked him to stay hSu"S=pro n -eif^-"-^ tte "^ •' n& would. Bocdiijsc - ' - - anything. H .was not" Very"nTce ^^^^^ itely not written to him and I don t see how he can act on it" He concluded, "-As far as I'm concerned, this is a definite case ol a man who has served ithe borough borough long and well being fired It is another factor demonstrating demonstrating the umvieldiness at the charter provision calling for the Mayor to succeed to his office Withm a few hours of the election." election." . . . - ...-•. Mr Euell declined to make a definite comment on the matter this morning, but outlined the background of the resignation He said liiat he submitted a letter letter to Mi-. Clark in February asking that his resignation take effect March 1. "When I resigned," he said, My thought was that most 61 the planning on Ihe new (housing) (housing) project was done, and whoever whoever replaced me would have no 'rouble with the construction. Mr. Clark refused to accept the resignation and asked me to continue continue on the Authority and I agreed. The Board members also ielt that I should stay on until the new construction was com- ileled. "After the election I talked, with Adam and told him what

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