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a Best for dozens of typewriter of of carbon most complete carbon market today. point! We of ribbon of carbon ribbon snd for your is a best carbon paper We and the for every . purpose of a ribbon .and we will carbon to use. Ribbons Seal the .leading lines .on the ..'- '. lines but in completeness. completeness that we ribbon and YOU. tell us what what your THE CLEAN EVEXIXG HERALD, OLEAN, RELIEVED RHEUMATICS ENTHUSE ALL OF THEM LOUD PRAISES OF "NEUTRONE PRESCRtPTION 9?." rwt sour »nd ti* presjceat Is afraid I I ·will return and tura him out of cf- j fice. He think? it safer to Lave :r= brought back f j2 Jrc^-j r.h^2 for ^e to go on E:y OWE accord. Not i.iteretted In Nicar^juan PiHtict. "As a. icauer of rax:":, he £oes not 2 ingQ ir/j ·^·os'r-v 5nir 3 /iwvi^ s:jrr^tj^0r^?*2 JN THEIR ^ i)ract!sl!y ill of my iiiieres's ic Xic- s irsgtz^. 3I^~ wiois^ 2s z« 3£rceloz2^, j where- ray farcEZy is at prescuc J after rsy r!s:t :o ^*ev/ York it WE Tra-Is.Ker Picture Pi'tsbsrg, j:-roi±sr.e^'. S:de, espisG / rs. rece ws ,j, the a «Seri«g :!os:as so A vrorkiag E;ae baying Low it v.-as helping Lira. "Hoping r^e." te- reyli^i. "Way, tLere is coiilBg ea earia !5J:e 5:. You cca'i know cow my poor swollen, stiff . joists and muscles rained acd burned, j '*" ho - e i v/2s ceariy aiicj the *.vorr * « g * - j *tf*Y ** -Before I knew about "Xetitrose 1 Accused of having murdered. P.-eserjpiioa W I iric-d a!l kinds of i Mrs. Alfonso Zelaya, who was tableis and liniments,, bm one bottle of "N'euircne Prescription S9" helped s;e so ssuc-b, that I aiu never without it now, ail pain and sweling is gone a:il i feel like doing things." "Xeutrcne Prescription 59" certain- Washington and have a son, Santos ly muss be a woniter." lite wruggis*. j Zelaya, flre years old, who lives with replied. "\\'e have never handled j them at US "West C4th street. Tor anything like it, they all say the j two year* they lived ia the president's same." SOc and 51.00 the bottle, mail palace 5a Nicaragua orders niK-a on Jl size, 'F. IL Erotn- " '_'_ 1 ers Co., Siudholme Pharmacies and leading druggists everywhere. i »o Sctentioa c* going ;c Nicaragua 'or i the presest, at least. 1 s.^ no: is the least interested Jc Xicarig^an fcK'.ies *2d 1 am eosGdeat ! c-us ssov,- this ig is a poliUcsl scheme." General ZeJaya said se had aoihiag I to JQ urStfe. the deaths c. T"orrit)-o a--» I Sixia Feaaca, she XicansruaEs ae Is Marguerite Lee of \Vasfcingr.oa. met her htisbanc while he was a cadei at West Point, where he spent two years under a special act of congress. They were married seven years ago ir theia she I f . -- f!*~^i --·-.*. Ijiit. A Mr. llil-er Ie?* t~:^? P ~ f * » * l f - . v l u . 7 J ft-r paticntSy Tr:jh fl?r ?.!rs. bat without who v atieaiptea veaied by All four hearing were Goetunas, out. ZELAYA H E A R I N G ON MONDAY NEXT (Continued on page Two). negle Trust company, -who 1» but » few ceHs away froiii him. 1 V .: Thanksgiving Dinner Iri:,TombV; : ~ There lie ate the Thanksgiving db ner of chicken, mashed potatoes and: apple pie while outside his .friends, and lawyers were planning the begin* sins- of the fight which\^ey : lippe Trill ^ save. him;; from : deportation I to NJc-. aragua, ·where, they "assert," he would be: going'to' his death;at the hands 'ot his enemies and aa the result" of what they : tetm'a "political; conspiracy." .-.''.,.· General Zelaya /himself denied that te::had;,3^ythlpg to;dq with the kill-. ing=of. the, two -Nicaxaguans rand .his: soa, Alfonso Zelaya, -whose -wife is the: grand niece of General Robert E. Lee, declared; that his father · was - in this predicament'becauserUie'present pres- ident'of Nicaragua, :Adolf Diaz/ and ilanuel Estrada;.Gabrera, president :of Guatemala, feared that the one-time idol of Nicaragua would return to his country, be re-elected to-his former office^ and .then make j" revelations gravely reflecting on Diai; and Cabrera" and upon American politicians who, are "safd'tb. be in league, wjlth them In vast; schemes; for the exploitations of Central American property and Indus' '"' : \ _ Ei-Goyernor. ; -TVliliam '· Sulzer was.' mentioned" asToneKmaif who was : "lii league Vith. the. two''while he was. .chairroan of the' foreign aflairi coai- _mittee In "congres«r/v : T"- 1:^:^ -X 7?= ."· : Just before ;Zeiaya; reached /the Tombsyin custody of the police A1-" : fo'h'sb Zelaya and his wife appeared "on'.-. · the scene. -While thes soi Trent and greeted- his father;affectioaftely. Mrs. Zelaya pointed out' {^.-.dark-faced man in the crowd as a 1 spy from Guatemala;. Denow^sd .i-:. the Guatemalan- slunk away was : seen no more: In -a talk with reporters Zelaya said: ~. "My .arrest and these charges are merely part of a political plot as matters in Nicaragua are in a state of un-' Read Herald served !a cer's DeJiaont TJaion ' (While FREE To Every is the mbst bffer evei" made only, because niore tobacco users f action to be f HEIDSIECK -- - aiid manufacturers of the "DAND

Clipped from
  1. Times Herald,
  2. 28 Nov 1913, Fri,
  3. Page 4

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