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WITH GAMES CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS By BLAKE STEVENS United States Expert One of the many "eternal mysteries" mysteries" In chess is the question of which piece is th« stronger, the bishop or the knight. T h e r e is a g o o d r u l e of thumb, however, which states that the k n i g h t is more powerful w h e n the posi- lion has locked pawns, pawns, or when the b i s h o p is shut in by pawns of its own color. The following game is a good illustration. illustration. Stevens W i l l i e M. F l l l p P-((4 P QS N-QB3 t-KI N - B 3 I 7 I ( d ) PlP ( t ) R - K 2 B\B 0.11 B.m R . K l R-R'i (I) P - Q R I ( J ) B-N3 (1) B-ni (m) BIB o F-R5 (p) Q.QJ N - K I N-N« r-ns (ri N » N (s) R * R R - K 1 Zonal Tournament Soils, 1551 . 50. R.K3 »S. B-01 ss. 51. RxN is. Vsr?? Black G. Barcia P-QBIU) P-K:i(b) N-KH3 P-0.3 (c) TIP B-N5 lltN (() B-K-i n-o QN-Q? e N - K l ( h ) P-Q1I3 B K t (t) B-n:i B-KI (n NiB N - K B 3 0.-BX · q-QI (ql NIN' N-IU (1) F-KK1 QiR~ «;Kl (n) k-ni K-K! P - X l ( r ) KxB ±Y it' m a;*; ! i h \\ · 1 m ± /lJ±- '. " ? *s ? 2» / i Posilion after 35. PxP?? as. -. K-ni M. K.n: K.N: Jl. K.IU K - X I ». K.IU K-IU 89. K-IM K-115 in. P-NJ d) IMII 41. P.XN) r.KRI While Rrilcni (r). (a) 1...N-KB3; 2 P-QBI, P-QB4 is more usual today, Black being better off when White can not use his QB4 for a knight. (b) Again highly uncommon. 2... P-K4 or 2...P-Q3 are usually played here. (c) 4...PxP would be a blunder because of 5 P-K5! (d) The start of White's troubles. troubles. 'Correct is 5 B-K2. The difference difference becomes quickly apparent. I» G NxP, B-K3; 7 B-KN3; 8 BxB, B-K2 with even game. (f) The logical followup: (g)Black has the better game; he can stage a queen's side roller. (h) Freeing his bishop from the task of guarding the queen's (i) "Threatening" to exchange off this poor bishop by !3 B-QN5. (j) Better appears 13 Q-Q2, 13...P-QN4; 14 P-QR4I, P-N5; 15 N-K4, QN-B3; 16 N-N3, N-B2; 17 B-B4. (k) Black heads methodically for his goal. Ho now eliminates the "good half" of White's bishop (1) Simpler is 14 BxB, QxB; 15 P-QR5. (m) More precise was 15 P-R5. (n) Black docs not seize his opportunity. opportunity. By 15...P-QN3 he could have avoided the blocking of his queen's wing (16 P-R5, P-QN4). (o) Unless he wants to play P-KB4, White must submit to the exchange. (p) Otherwise Black could prepare prepare to advance on the queen's side by 17...P-QN3, 1S...N-B2, and 19,..R-N1 if necessary. (q) 2C...N(B3)-Q2 at once would not be so good because of 21 P-KB4, N-N5 (21...NxN; 22 PxN(G) would cost a piece); 22 N-B4 and White has a good game, (r) Better is 21 P-KB4. (s) Now 22 P-KB4 is not good; 22...NxN, 23 BPxN, N-Q2! (t) Time pressure is telling. 24 ...P-KNS, ...1C-N2, ...rook change, ...Q-B3 is stronger. (u) Too soon! 28-..N-K4 gavel better winning prospects, as| Black's queen is a better piece than White's. - (v) A last throw, which proves unexpectedly lucky. (w) With the haven in sight, While blunders fatally. 35 P-KN4 draws: 35...P.vP; 36 K-B2, P-R5; 37 K-K3, K-U2; 38 K-Q3, K-N3; 3! K-B2! and While must only take care to he able to answer ...K-R4 with K-B3: "Keeping distant opposition." opposition." (x) Black will run While out of moves, or infiltrate. (y) The finish might be: 42 PxRP, PxRP; 43 P-R4, P-R-1; 44 P-N3ch, K-RS; 45 K-132, P-R5; 46 PxP, KxP; 47 K-B3, K-RG and Black wins easily.

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 13 Dec 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 93

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