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J r - u i lc - j JjP iMiJ Jltf - WWSUtil 1 such - - ram loud to miles posts the by one the can before Ihe the the th Just and fiom a other At Wail The tho of con - and all have the you has line t he - Its men I AN ERA 108 THE SUBMARINE BOAT Whilo Tbcy Djvj Made Ko Great Improvement in the Tasl Few Y6ara Tlicre I Hopo 1ot tho Near Future Except for the Holland and Lake submaf rheslhereseeriT to be no Vther sub - surface boats that work with sue - cess It Is somewhat curious that after the great flourish of trumpets with which the French lately set about Jhe construction construction of a considerable number of submarine torpedo jboats news should have come that their government has recently Issued Orders that work on them should be stopped One would have thought that the Narvals having been ordered after a set of very extensive trials with the Qustave Zede Qymhoteandotherboata the Fieiich Admiralty had finally made up Its mind as to the practicability of the new types But non almost before before they have been In the water all progress Is susponded AN ANCIENT PROJECT - The project of submarine navigation Is far from being n new or even a modern modern one Manyboats were built to run under water In the eighteenth centurjv and thosecondof them Olushnells has It may be claimed a better record than anythat haye succeeded 14 despite despite the valuable airs afforded to the Inventors At the latter half of the present present century by the discoveries ot steam and electricity For though a submarine submarine vessel succeeded In blowing up a man - of - war In the American Civil War she destroyed herself Into the bargain Uushnells boat on the contrary though she failed in her attempt on the Drltlsh man - of - war Eagle very nearly succeeded arid got oft scot free herself while on another occasion one of his similar boats did destroy 4 storeship AN OllD 8UHMARINE A print dated Ull shows a soldier or perhaps we Should say a marine or rather sub - marine strolling about at the bottom of - tho tea armed with a sword and battle - axe and clad n a diving suit of Ihe period supplied - with air by means of a tube the upper end of which Is supported by a bladder It has also been stated that at the time when the Turkish galleys were swarming swarming In the Mediterranean and Black Seas tho Inhabitants of the Ukraine UADDATZ AND UIS SUBMARINE BOAT The latest submarine boat Is the Invention Invention of Richard Raddatz ot Milwaukee Milwaukee who has apparently solved the problem - of continuous practical submarine navigation lis curious little craft has been subjected to va tlous tests in Milwaukee Bay and has apparently survived them all f Av Church ot Aldfei in the western porch They were dedicated to - St illaluard and placed there on exhibition and are said to have been captured by King Ilaquln while passing with his ships ot war along the coast ot Gruntland when ihe pirates by their wickedness tried to sink Ms vessels There la 4 wellauthcntlcated account at a submarine boat which was ln vented n the time of James I by Cornelius Cornelius van Drebbel a native of Alk - maar in Holland This Dutchman by the way would appear to have been a species of Edison - in bis way and his own countrymen not supporting his schemes he went to England and was appointed englnepr td the Scptch pe dant who - then occupied the throne In a diary of the visit of the Duke of Wurtemburg - Mumpelgard to James I In 1810there la the following entry 1st May His Excellency vfent to the park at Etham to see la perpetuuro mobile The Inventbr la called Cornelius Cornelius Trebel a native of Alkmnar man very fine tond fair and of very pleasantmanncrs verydlfterent tombst geniuses of Ills kind This niachlno Is described else a here as a rare instrument instrument of perpetual motion without the means of steel springs or weights Ills curious submarine boat too Would seem to have been an Ingenious piece of work and to have been of con elderable size as It Is said to have ac - comm6datcd a number passengers besides a dozen oarsmen A FRENCHMANS INVENTION v In Gf another diylng boat tho In ventlon of Frenchman was exhibited ati Amsterdam and In 1729 the River Dart was the scene of another expert - ment with either a submarine boator some species of diving machine the design design of one Symons A quaint picture of this was published n 17d The bladdertllke objects shown at the bottom bottom ot the weird - looking vessel were said to bb - bottles or bags ot goatskin goatskin A gentleman struggling with a leverwassuppoed to be pumping water water either lntoior out of these receptacles receptacles The Idea was of course that theadmlsslon of water would cause the boat to sink and Its expulsion would bring It once more to the surface David Bushnell ot Connecticut ink Vented a submarine In the year 1773 and It may be said at once that for the times It was a most creditable and practical invention Indeed In the matter of horizontal stability It could probably gve point to apy that have been designed since The following account ot this remarkable remarkable craft Is abridged from a Journal Journal published in 1803 and taken trom a still earlier publication the Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia Londlnensls The external shape bore somi resemblance resemblance to two upper turtolse - sheJls of equal size Joined together The inside inside was capable ot containing the operator operator and air sufficient to support him thirty minutes The tube stood upright and slid Up and down In the - socket six Inches at the top ot the tube was a wood - screw Otte QJFbxy t structed to run any proposed length of time under twelve hours j when it had run eut its time It unplnioned astrong lock resembling a gun pck which gave fire to the powder Fultons boat was In alt probability suggested to the Inventor by Bushnells turtles although Jnfofm It will be seen that It approximated more nearly to moderTdeas He called It a Bateau Bateau Polsson or Fish Boat He attempted attempted In vain to get the French Oov - ernment to adopt It but with no suc cess although her trials promised good results But Admiral Decres would havenone of it Such boats he de - clared were fit only for Algerlnes or corsairs Fulton constructed first a model In mahogany then a real boat he called the Nautilus Th latter was not finished till 1S01 and was tried at Rouen Brest Paris and Havre A BRIO BLOWN UP Fulton next tried England and blew up a bg In the Downs oft Walmer Castle his boat being navigated by Lieutenant Robinson of the Royal Marines Marines but here again the pavat authorities authorities looked askance at the Innovation and refused to have anything U 4a - f - boat boat Is below the surface 3 the accurate accurate dlrecUon ot a torpedqnred a such a distance as to preserve the boas herself from the effect ot the explosion A wholly Immersed vessel Is far morsi sensitive to the effects ot an underwater underwater explosion than an ordinary one Although the Anierlcan boats worst pretty Will there seems no immediate prospect ot a cessation of maritime wars on account of the advent of a practical and really formidable submarine submarine war - vessel - A1 The Flaest Mosaic Mosaic work In Its mora beautiful and elaborate forms Is not a modem art and one has to travel In the OHl World If he wishes to see really artistla specimens The most exquisite as well as the costliest example ot mosaic worst Is said to be In the Church of St Mark in Venice Tears et patient industry must have been devoted to Inlaying thai walls celling and cupolas ot the edifie for no less than 40000 square feet an covered with the most Intricate Signs

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  1. Fort Wayne Daily News,
  2. 15 Aug 1900, Wed,
  3. Page 7

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