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 - o ffi Championship Chess By BLAKE STEVENS Texas...
o ffi Championship Chess By BLAKE STEVENS Texas State Champion Bobby Fischer, the 16-year-old chess genius,'-is in the middle of another important chess tournament. tournament. After winning the U.S. Open, the/U.S. Absolute, and qualifying in the Candidate's Tournament at Portoroz, Yugoslavia, he went to South America arid tied for third, behind NajcJorf and Pachman. This disappointed many at his followersl And Fischer only 16! Already t h e r e is a sense of great expectations everytime he participates in a big tournament. The chess world has accepted the fact that Fischer is good, very good, and now it'appears the adjectives adjectives will have to be m o r e glowingly superlative. Zurich ' Fischer is restless.,He finishes one tournament and Ss ready to move on to the next. On one "occasion "occasion he completed-a'tournament, barely caught a plane" in time to enter a following tournament. Older players like a little rest in between, and some need it, as tournaments are trying, sometimes sometimes to the point of bringing on nervous exhaustion, This does not bother Fischer. In fact,'at Zurich, he has played long games (against Lnrsen, 85 moves; against Barcza, Barcza, 35), with what looks like 'a deliberate attempt to wear down his senior competition. Since youth is. a weapon more fitted to Fischer's hands than any other player, why not use it -to full advantage? We know Bobby lias patience nnd tenacity, but resiliency? resiliency? Resiliency is t h « ability to bounce 1 back-after a loss. In golf it is the ability to regain one's composure after a. bad hole. Fischer Fischer has lost few games In his major tournament career (t can think of three), and his score after after the loss was satisfactory so it can be assumed that he possesses possesses this quality. He had a score, of 8-2 at-Zurich, but met Gligorich who.defeated him. Tal, that barracuda, Is leading with O'/^-l'/ji a phenomenal score when you consider he lost his first round game! Tied with Fischer Fischer is Gligorich and Keres, followed followed by Larsen, Barcza, Olaf- sson, Unzicker, Donner, Bhend, (who beat Tal), Kupper, Keller, Walther, Duckslcln, B1 a u, and Nievergelt. Four rounds remaining. remaining. Fischer is scheduled to play the Russian Grandmaster, Paul JCcres next. A tie for second or third would be a fine achievement. achievement. We will report the outcome soon. Brief Encounter · Andreas Ducksteln, who is remembered remembered for his victory over U.S.A. BUck P-Q3 PxP N-QBS B-QS BSD N-BS P-KS B-K! O-O «-B*1 (« KH-Q1 e ) O-R4! (f) QH-B1 BIB r-KNSI Ik) Botvinnik in the team matches, is led to the slaughter without much resistance. He chooses to play a line against the Sicilian which gives him highly rapid development development at the most of the minor exchange (he trades Bishop Bishop for Knight). ' » He hopes that Black's Q3 Pawn will be weak, but finds that Black has more than adequate compensation compensation if White goes · after the pawn. Then he places h'is pieces so that they interfere with'each other. Fischer breaks in the center center (17 . . . P-Q4--so thematic the Sicilian!) and it is soon over. Zurich, 1959 Pachs(cln ' AotlrU While 1 P-K4 ! N-HB3 3 F.Q4 i dTV '(») S U-4N5 « B»N 7 N-B3 K li-HS S O-O 10 QR-Q1 11 KE-K1 (k) 13 B-Ei ·id) 13 Q-Q3 (7) U E-K3 13 B«N (r) IS N-Q4 33538 .s;g;; : 5S^? J " ··$£,:,, 11 R-C12 C-KN4 « N-NJ O.K« 23 rtrslfot (1) (a) Exposing the Queen, and not so strong as NxP. (b) A beautiful position to illustrate illustrate our previous remarks on "Maximum Potentiall" White lias quickly developed and now must take a definite nction-or else an aimless shifting of pieces Will bring on a state of decay. This Is just what happens! White has just protected his King Pawn, and now considers BxN and QxP. (c) Now if 12 BxN, BxB; 13 QxQP, BxN; 14 PxB, QxRP (or BP), leaves White's' position shattered. - (d) White does not know what to do, and he is still ahead in development. 12 P-QN4 (weak though it seems) is worth a try!. 12 . . . Q-R6; 13 QR-QN1, threatening threatening 14 B-B1 or 14 R-N3 and 15 P-N5. (e) Now Black's Q'3 is sufficiently sufficiently protected and-he has an edge, _ (0 A long and deep move designed designed to immobilize White's King Knight. (g)-Not a rational move, but trappy. (h) A line defensive move (17 R-R3, Queen moves; 18 P-K5 was the threat)'. " (i) 17 NxB or 17 P-KB3 is better. (j) While's position is seamy. AH kinds of pawns are exposed. (k) So that 21 KNxP, QBxN: 22 RxB, P-K4. (1) Black made no mistakes nnd White made a' few too many.

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 20 Jun 1959, Sat,
  3. Page 54

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