Testimony against Philip and Meyer Wallach Complete

Testimony against Philip and Meyer Wallach Complete - ina si niiary wommutee. ado uouse aojonrnea tin...
ina si niiary wommutee. ado uouse aojonrnea tin Monaay. LOCAL NEWS Tna Teul or Wiisiktkld &. Co. This noralor at tue Military Coramtsalon, of whtaa Major O.rteral Donbltdtv Is Prtildeot. sad Cnl ioho A. Foster tu1aAdvoata. tha eaaa of Wia- rnitiia m un,t Bit riDania. coins oBin bi mivoQ Kall.oa rsooiylvaaia avaau, was put on tilal. Tha Arm la eompoatxt of M. (taatra. Wciitnlald aod riiiiip waiitcn jncair. rajar wiiaen, .uuua Vat m snil fit tpi'lt Unntlin m.tm clcrka In that tabllabmcDt. rhtllTllih tnd tb eltrka are aharxtd with satllof gnotls to.fanJot Wort I y sad otbt r blockade ruaof rs, lo t eonveved withia tba rDti noes aoaiopaaitpoataoiioinaaoimy. Dalor arralzaed noon the chart e ther nlead not tultly, Hon. Tliomas Corwla and Wm. Lilly. Eq , appeared as ouaael for the dtftDdaate. rardon Wonley, latvtbalf of tha OoTeTDDtnt, i worn t la a spy appoints 1 lo Aprlt last, byCei. Aufurihta roae to Loutoua and Fauquier eouo-tlf a rerrral times a month, wlihcooda for Motby'a Lie. which ha pur,hasa11o DiltTraire aod Waah-ni toa knowa the fl'tn of Welarnfleld S Co , at Odeon Halt, on raoDavlranla avaone. In whiai. rniup waiimon la pnoaipai parnieriBoowa rnnip Wallieliiwaa iBfrnrfnaMl (a him at HlttaPah Wavl. Iitti's.oa FfODtylvaoJa avour,to wh'm he was mown aa Moaby's sutler, boufht of hira, aftar warda, a ralr of buff pan ti atxi -after he rtturoad from Moaby'a command tild Pblllp Wallaahthat !t waa all rtxht) tbat Moiby put them on and ooked extremal? wf II. v atiaaa idih mm n nw mif di at w. ii i ny in1 goods from Mm aa from any one elta. He bouxbt aoothar pair of pote for Capt. Chapman, of Moa ba bttalion. Ha bouxht fooda aficrwarda u(oq rabel ordara) ud alto want to Wlaianfeld'a atorc. In Baltimore, where h was told by Watlaah tbat he Dftbt as wall have booth the cooda at hia atore in Waahlngton, aa ha could have a-14 aa ehsj sdd'aavrd tha tianiportattoo. Alt the aterka knew him to bs Moiby'a auil.r. He xa'a a dnerlption of a battlr, the hrat he Bad seen la tbe valley, and told then the rebela had cavf&toae ot nor sutlers. Ht knew JTnfte tobsa slrrkla the torr never had aDpartlsalarcnDTeraatlou withhimi knew Myer Walliebt has had aoTeriatlona with hlmt he koew what hla (witneii) buatnfiawaaihe saw him pay for tho ffooda ta Rider fc Wavlmch'a atorei knew Dontlyn.tae other claiki aakeibira about aomarooda.whea hewac loimhat tharhad not arnved. btit aa soon aitbeydll, the cider would befllle. uatiooty hc Corwidt BouTht for the flrat time of the Arm td AtiitM, and afterwarda lo Sentembcr. Tha aoda were purehaafdof Philip Wallaeh. and seat next door, to Rider fcWallaah'e Made, lnda.d,aomeaoaTl par-ebaare lajant, but did not ta 1 whither they were destined. Philip Wallach knew tftcrwardi their deetioatien, becauiehesawtbe roo'a to Hlder It WalIaoVt,put up and marked with Moaby, Cant. UountJaTi and Capt. Chapman, Capt. Falrfait He knew that there were army boola and clothing. Had a bonr nation with him about tbe roods la tbe atore. Wltoaia wa known tribe Moaliv'a int. lrr, for MtoM him that he Carried the foidito Moabfi battalion, and that tho thing was xpt abadr. Kercr told any one that ha had tha authority of iBwTinnneiii,ficrpi irocrii wno .ooufoi li atrantehat It would take lend ys toaellitoodi on oar aide, and aaspeoted that he went through tbe Itneai witness told him. and convinced Mm that he had the autbotltyof Gen. Amur to tell the roodit haa traded with Hai.brun, Newman, Rldir & WaIlao Johnaoo fc Suttoa. aod lome other, and alaola Georfetowai maay have not as yet been arrested. uroeaxaminatioa of woraleyi Ila kill that s am', taavnsilti. i4aaatf ti tin h. kepttbafaatofhtsbelsra apy srerat. and only toldltamoof thoie with whom he dealt Pblllp Wallach. after nndlni out that ha waa Motbv'a spy, waa very uxlnca to aall sooda to hlmi ha never aald to Wallaeb that he waa eon itl luted by tlia divers mant aa a spy afalnat hfoeby. ai d tbat he waa burlnf sad dehtertog tbe goods to auoeecit lnaotlnrlheapyi hahadapaaalo Deeember but did not hire written authority to acll the cooda tilt April be tol I Geo. Augur that at one time he wiabcd to take out ladieii O.n. Auguyaaw tha buia and knew tbat he (witoeia) waa tra-4ag with Moabyj Gen. Aagur'a object waa to ascertain tha where aboute of Moaby Ila had not any dtailox with Myer Wallach 1 11 the laat trip, which waa made in frepfmber. ooinmoq njafr. in ncnaii ni aaicnea t Koowa Wo'alevt knowa Phllln WallirjhHntrnHttxorl Wnrm. ley to Wallach about the middle of Auiuit, la hla (wltoeta'a) atora, andtoli Walla.h that woralcr w lined to buy gooda. Waa present at WleaenMd'a store In Ealtimere when Weralay bought tbe gooda there. Croas-axamlnet by Colonel Foster Did not hear Woralcr tell Wallach that the tan vthlohha waa purehaalng were for Colonel Moaby. He (witaati) knew tbat Ine panta were for Col Moaby, became WorateT tell tint oflt. He did not tell the Juilje Advocate scvaral daya ago that MoBby'a name waa inaaaiuucu. wiineaa it a oroinerci inoKiacroi the firm of IUdr U Wallach. He caw a hat and pi a me which bo knew waa Intended for Moaby, but wu uu in mat, iui ruiup waiiasat ucw n. mr. lAirnia main intE aia iniirsw btkb un sivri. deooeagaloattwoofthe parties to convict them, the trial be separate end they acquitted. The court waa aleared, and upon reasaerotllcg it waa anooucead that tha motion waa granted, and tbat Justice Kcgla aad Patrick Doncly were acquitted. JuitucEaglawaa then sworn t la shook keeper In Waliach'a atorei Mr. Rider brought Won ley lato the atora and Introduced him to Waliaoh, Worsley b tught a pair of pants for ii oothtng waa aald about tha destination of tho pants) wit neiamadeoutabJlof the gooda which Wortley UUISUUsrl. CxossKXmlncd by Judge Adrocate Hai been amploj ad fur two yearc by the flrmtreoeivea about has seen Woraley three or four tiraeij waa present the first time tbat Woraley puronaitd food 1 1 be bounbt trlmulncB. raid oloth. hataan Dirilog, eaptala of police t the Capllol, teatlflcd that he knew thtiip vvaJUch. and knew him to be loyal. 1 be ease waa tbea submitted to the court. P. v, la nddit ou to tho counsel shave mentioned bb emplai ed b the defendants, are ex-Gov. ThoB, Ford, of ttilo, and W, W, Warden, Iiq. '

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