Bandleader witnesses assasination

Bandleader witnesses assasination - Hor- author and to tho it to bo principal feel...
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It is frequently frequently a sign cf ignorance in the physician, or msy be given to cover ;·? the real cause. of Medicine with 20 Years . . Success behind it . . will remove the poisonous Uric Acid by putting the Kidneys in a healthy condition so that they will naturally eliminate it. ed mo up ana said, '1 arrest yon.' " 'What's this all about?' I asked. 'I'm stabbed.' I was quickly told was tho matter. Tho thought flashed across my inin«l that Booth -was the assassin. "I was taken to the police station, and iny deposition was received in tho presence of Mayer Wallach. That was, I believe, tho- first intimation that had of the identity of tho murderer. was at the trial of tho conspirators the second to give testimony. My healed iu a short time." A Pretty Sure Tert. "I wish I knew whether Eiy Robert really loves mo or not. " ' 'Yon can easily find out All havo to do is to make au appoiumcut with some other young fellow, only take caro that Robert is informed of what you havo done. Then if ho loves yon he will certainly kill yon, but if he doesn't yoa may rest assured that ho is only flirting with yon."-London yon."-London Fnii. Greene -- Whom aro your children said to take after, Mr. Enpeck? Eiipeck (with a mental reservation) -- Tho younger, with a sweet smile angelic temper, takes after his mother. The elder, that cross eyed young viper, takes after me, I'm informed. -- Fnu. trouble in of it Phcmphurmcent The French investigator M. Mascart ···e»o«««««»«»«»««»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» arranged a dark room, in which a collection, of 150 diamonds was placed. one side was an attenuating current lamp. Tho lens was covered with covered glass, so that only ultra violet rays wero thrown ou the diamonds, among which wcro SAW LINCOLN KILLED WILLIAM WITHERS, LEADER OF FORD'S ORCHESTRA, TELLS HIS EXPERIENCE. to will find nnd intoxicant, alterative. and bowels, to the the Electric and aids exactly bottle at No. 2 cuts, fever positively It or per druggist, noboly, Discovery of properties. blood, bronchitis, and kindred remedy. nnd out the euro headache, of sour and kindred stomach holds out annoyed Sunday by instant Cough Cure for throat Coehoc- whole are childhood's and lung by using E. Anderson's block, to the Had Written n Song I'or Tlmt Particular Performance-- Wiut en the Stage and Booth Struck Him With a Dogger--Ho Was Flrnt to Identify tlio Assassin. At tho Profcssicuul Woman's league, while the nicmlx-is worked diligently *ver the novelties being made for the tomiug bazaar, the question camo up, "Is thcro anybody living who saw Lincoln Lincoln assassinated?" Immediately everybody had something something to say about somebody elso who hnd n friend who was at the theater that night. Tho most interesting story was told of William Withers, Jr., now orchestra orchestra leader for Mr. Daly, but at tbo time of tho assassination lender of tho orchestra of Ford's theater. Mr. Withers ci.joys tho distinction of having not only been nt tho theater tho night Lincoln was assassinated, but of having been pioiced by tho dagger of (ho assassin just a few moments after Booth had fired the shot that inndo Lincoln Lincoln a martyr. Every time ho goes to Washington he is requested to tell this story, and, although mnny and varied are the recitals of this thrilling event. Mr. Withers' is somewhat different from the others. Here is the story as ho tells it in the Washington Post: ' 'I was lender of tho orchestra at tbo time, and as tho president wns to witness witness the performance of 'Our American Cousin' I thought that, ns .befitted the occasion, I would compose a song. So I did. It wns entitled 'Honor to Our Soldiers' Soldiers' and dedicated to tho president. This was to be snug between two of tho nets by n quartet I had engaged and tho entire company, who wero to bo attired in tho American colors. "As I was on my way to tho theater I met John Wilkes Booth just in front of George Harry's saloon, which adjoined adjoined the theater. It wns n sultry night, nnd Booth hnd his overcoat over , his arm. ' Good evening, Billy,' he said. 'Como nnd havo something?' "As I was leaving to enter tho theater theater Booth remarked, 'I'll witness the performance tonight.' I noticed nothing etrango about his demeanor and subsequently subsequently saw him ns I was coming out for tho overture. "Soon the president, his wife, Major Bathbono and Robert and Tad entered their box. I signaled for 'Hail to tho Chief,' and tho audience cheered, and tho president turned smilingly and bowed. Then ho seated himself, and with his accustomed modesty drew tho curtains hnlf across tho box. "After the first act J. P^ Wright, the stage manager, sent me word ho would bo unable to havo .the special bong suug at that time, but ho would try to have it rendered between the second and third acts. A similar message was sent to mo nt tho close of the second net, and I bo- came somewhat exercised. I started to go upon tho stage when I saw Booth on the balcony walking down the aisle in tho direction of tho president's box. Ho wns seemingly attentive toward tho acting, acting, for the curtain had again gone up. I encountered n sceno shifter, Spangler, whose office I afterward learned wns to turn out tho lights in tho thenter as soon as tho shot wns fired. Ho obstructed my passage. " 'What do you want here?'he demanded. demanded. In reply I told him it was none of his business. Mr. Wright appearing, appearing, Spangler left his position on the stage alongside tho box in which wns the apparatus for illuminating tho theater. I closed tho lid of tho box and sat upon it. to talk to tho manager, unconscious unconscious that I was spoiling tho plan. "Mr. Wright told mo tho song would bo sung at the close of tho performance, nnd Miss Kecno had sent word to tho president requesting him to stay to hcnr it. "I was ;rast about to return to the or chestra when tho crack of a revolver startled me. All was quiet instantly. '. saw a man jnmp from tho president's box on to the stage. It was Booth. Ho ran directly toward tho door leading into tho alley. This course brought him right in my path. Ho hnd a dagger in bis hand, and ho waved it threatening ly. Ho evidently did not recognize me for bo appeared like a. maniac. His eyes seemed starting from their sockets, an his hair was disheveled. ·"With head down, ho ran toward m nnd cried, 'Let mo pass!' Ho slashed a mo, nnd tho knifo cut through my cont vest and underclothing. Ho struc again, tho point of tho weapon peuetmt several old Indian, Brazilian aud Capo stones, and some from tho South Africa diggings. Of eutiro collection only three diamonds wero phosphorescent A Brazilian stono of 1% carats nnd another of 3 carats showed this property iu a marked degree. Thoy wero perfectly white, · with a bluish tint The phosphorescence lasted for 16 minutes ufter exposure, gradually lessening iu intensity. -Pure white light was used, resulting in n less beautiful experiment although phosphorescence wns npparent This test demonstrated that some diamonds, but not all, possess the power of nbsorbing 1 light aud emitting it in the dark. Smoking In Germany. Smoking in Germany is not a it is an art nnd an art that has about it a-respectnble number of industries. industries. Every smoker carries a cigar a cigar clipper, n matchbox nnd usually a littlo leather box for tho cigar tips. The tips aro collected by a society organized for the purpose in *nch province and arc sold to tho manufacturer for benefit of charitable institutions. . In prison Boetbins composed his on tho consolations of philosophy .and Grotius wrote his commentary on St Matthew, with other works. The detail of his allotment of time to different studies during his confinement is very instructive. Tho sum raised by the government Mexico from the mnunfncture of te- quilla, one of tho nntive intoxicants, About $500,000 nnnunlly. u It it ' No the tho Miles' bad taste, Unequalled children. 2oc, No. 2 Here's The DEMOCRATIC County to "Ohio Farm anywhere in Coshocton Farm LaWs of Ohio Free. | The Ohio g Farmer, g Man. 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Clipped from
  1. The Democratic Standard,
  2. 14 May 1897, Fri,
  3. Page 8

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