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wo o 'c c vt o- -o Championship Chess By BLAKE STEVENS Texas Slate Champion Last week's' problem has a 'dual. finish. 1 B-Q8!, (If l" . . . NPxP; 2 K-N3, P-B8(Q); 3 R-R4ch, K-N4; 4, P-R4ch,. t h e , , : KiAg'is driven' to ,? N4, t ft e n · 9 BxRch, K-R3; .10 R-R4 male), Px NP; 2'K-R3, P- N8(Q); 3 R-R4ch and Ihe King is driven to N4 by pawn checks and 9 P-B4 males. Has a n y o n e " ^'S? ,,, to this problem? If so, wrile In to the column for acknowledgment. Student Chess A Student Chess League will start in March and is open to junior junior high, high school and college students who have not yet reached their 21sl birthday. Five members will comprise the teams, including the team captain. One game a week will be played. Interested, students, should: form their team, choosing their captain, and allocate the captain to play board 1, their second strongest player to play board 2, and so on. The tourney will be held at Lions Field Club House, sponsored by the San Antonio Chess Club, and directed by Bill Wells. For additional additional information {registration, schedules) phone Mr. Wells at PE 5-7420. At least seven schools are expected lo be represented. Why not your school? Russian Tourney The National U.S.S.R. Champion- ship'has brought together 20 top Russian masters. Four-fifths of the games 'have been played. Standings: Petrosiun 11-4, Spas- sky 10-5, Polugaevsky 9'^-6^, Keres 9-G, Taimanov 9-6, Lutikov *!4-!4. Tal .S'/^VS, Cholmov 8'/r 6'/4, Gelier IVrA, Youchtman' 7'/ 2 6(4,. 6(4,. Bronsleln 7-8,. Auorbiich S l / 2 6/ 6/ 2 , Gufeld K'A-7y 2 , Korchnot 6/ 2 8'/4. 8'/4. Furmnn 69, Gurgenidze 5!/ r 814, VnsiLikoy 5-8, Krogius 5-10, N i k i l a n 4'/j-I'!4. Nehzmetdinow Some of the standings are de- cepllve, as the los,s column 'must ; be taken into; consideration. Tal, current Soviet 'champion, appears lo be lied for 6th place, but in fact, h e - i s 1 contending 2nd place. ·· Pelrosian and Tal won high lion- ors at Portoroz in the Zonal Tournament Tournament and both arc qualified lo play in the Candidates Tournament, Tournament, the winner lo play Botvinnik for the world title. Playing Site The FIDE (international chess body) has selected Sept. 6, 1059, as the starting date for the Candidates' Candidates' Tournament. Twenty-eight games will be played, with the first 14 rounds contested at Bled, the next seven rounds at Zagreb, and the final seven at Belgrade. This chess battle will, have the attention of the whole chess world, and Ihc United Stales will have a representative for the first lime since 1948. Quit 1 P-Q4, N-KB3; 2 P-QB4, N-QB3 Is an unusual opening, with an equally unusual name. What is this opening called? While to Play and Win Answer: 1 P-Q4, N-KB3; 1 P- QB4, N-QB3 Is named the Kcvilz-' Traikovich Defense and has been seen in three tournament games: S. Nedcljkovicli-Traikovich, Belgrade, Belgrade, 1S52, Persia-Clarke, llford, 1951, and Vano-Kevilz, ManliaUan 1954. Part of the system Includes the key moves P-Q.1 and P-K4 for Hlnck, nnd, surprisingly, Modern Chess Openings, p. 2M, c'ols. 42 and 43, give equality for Black.

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  2. 08 Mar 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 101

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