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 - Championship Chess Dy BLAKE STEVENS Texas Stale...
Championship Chess Dy BLAKE STEVENS Texas Stale Chess Champion In last week's problem, While either forces a breakthrough or effects a skillful and unexpected draw! 1 P-R5 (threatens 2 P-KRC, PxRP; 3 PxRP winning!), PxRP; 2 P-KN6 PxNP (it Black plays 2 ... P-D3; 3 P-KGt leads to the same conclusion as actually follows.); 3 P-K6, PxP; 4 P-B5! (threatens 5 P-B winning). PxP; 5 P-R6, PxP; 6 P-NG, PxP Stalemate! Black has · finished up cij;ht passed Pawns ahead!! Pirc Defense Several Yugoslav chess Iheor- ists have burned the midnight lamps improving the lines a r i s i n g from P-K-1, P-Q3 and the latest [i r onouncement on this opening is that although it cedes While * too much control of the center, I Riving the first player slight advantage, advantage, (t creates creates subtle positional positional problems which are not easily solved over tl:e board. I have known many players who, feeling they have little chance in open-board tactics, prefer prefer to entrench themselves behind a porcupine hedge of pawns and sit there \vi!h a "comc-and-gcl-ruc- if-you-can" attitude. Stevens Problem Usually (hey succumb (o tlic tremendous tremendous mobility While can easily easily obtain. Wlial happens is White is able (o attack one point, then, another, then another, and Black can not keep apace. This defensive player unknowingly occasionally occasionally employs a Pirc patterns. patterns. Hnl lie fails to think in terms of a c t i v e defense and is not "particularly interested in counter- attach. A typical pnmc might run 1P- K4. P-Q3; 2 P Ql, N-KB3; 3 N-qna, P-KN.I; -i N-KDS, B-N2; 5 B-NS, 0-0; G 0-0, QN Q2; 7 n-Q3, P-K3 (it liappcns!); 8 Q Q2, P-QU3 (invariably); 9 QU-K1. Q 112; 10 P-KR3, P-QN3; il^-Rl, B-N2; 12IJ- RG, QR-K1; 13 BxB, KsB; M P-KIM, P-QU4; 15 P-K5, K N - N 1 ; 1G N-K-I, I'-Q-l; 17 N-N5 and White's attack moves iulo allegro and is soon overwhelming. One hook line leading to equality equality is 1 P-Ki, P-Q3; 2 P-Q), N- KB3; 3 N-QR3, P-KN3; 4 P-B4, B-N2; 5 N-B3.0 0 (or 5 ... B-N5; G B-K2.0-0 equal); G I3-Q3 (G P-K5. N-Q2; 7 B-B1 r P-QB4 countenit- lackl; 8 P-KG, N-N3; f) PxPcli, K-R1; 10B-K2, P.\P etc,) P-B4; 7 P-QS (7PxP, PxP; S O O, N-B3; 0 B-K3, N-QS equal). P-QR3; 8 P-QR-f, Q-B2; D Q K2, P-K3. In our fnrcial example \vc had Timid Soul play P-K3, but there it had no point other than to further further cnsconcemcnt, and here it is played to hammer at White's QS-JO PxP BxP with even chances. In the following game Black quickly fianchetlos, delaying the development of the Kinft Knight so that lie can quickly fiplit for the point K4, which assures him a say so in the center. H K X 1 C O C I T Y C H A M P I O N S H I P White lo play and i r K4 z r 01 3 N-UI1.1 4 n-Q.i U ) , 10 K l t - O I 11 N Oi 1 2 K f t l U l II NX" H H-11M ( III R-Q I« Kill* 20 II-Q4 21 Q1VQ1 22 N R5 r-o." I'-KVS H-si num.) 75 Head cover- ssssr "a,--" 81 Student Jn «bbr) 8G One skilled In some art ACROSS H Exclusive newspaper ssss -£=- Czecho- h n E u a c e SOMlSous sprite 32 S 11 3 4 W e TM 37 ^ ay 38 close by "sssr" 41 symbol for 45 Nrtoor 1M Book of sheep (pi.) B3 Wtlbutcd. SHI""-- 67 steps toueh- 128 Stray from rlSS " nc of 2 Chinese measure cml | ne 133 Press for sSS C Made ' 150 ol for ? r " rSl "Snaco shcl- 8 0 - A t e h i l o r 06 Point In B .gsr Eoddcss 17 , 171 172 «*«* i * g^ " "* CO TV and screen canine canine star Gl Imperial standard of Ottoman empire 02 Part of. applo 63 To criticize severely 64 Man'ii nickname 05 Definite amount allotted G6 K i n d e r rellcious C8 Symbol for ruthenium 69 Dnvvdllnc 70 Otherwise 71 Dtunknida 71 Cut cnbliaca IB Continent (alilir.) 80 Senior 81. or n geometric geometric flcuro 82 Lien (abbr.) 83 Of tho nojio 85 Platinum 81! Qirl'a name C9 Ttnnsgrea- slon 92 M Lin's n i c k n n m o f3 Cone by 05 Not itinrMcd B7 Kilt 09 Portion 100 Culture medium 101 Symbol for 103 To be of 101 Article 105 To exist IOC Or a period or time 107 Identical 111 On account 118 Fwoo Islands' windstotra 121 size of shot 122 Incited 121 condensed molsturo 125 Suiuilnnls 127 Goes nboard certain certain mcnna of convey- nnco 128 Was left destitute 129 Swiss river 132Thcreforo 134 ^nclflo island screw p| no 13C Tianspnr- ently t h i n m Tear into nliredn 130 Nnnow jniet 139 yrflow ocher HO symbol for terbium 61 stressed 65 Decently resigned nidc to Eisenhower 123 Operator of foot power machlno 12GAitlsl' a Blana j ,. , played on set of bells Alexander Ion the Grent defeated "Jfjs 1 Persians school 113 Title of 58 A d u l t stage respect ( n l ) of Insect ··" · · ' ' For Solution to Puzzle, Turn to Page 7 H 3 ohservo 145TIbclnn rnyclla 14G stnte M7 nistnistfiil (slaiiu) J 40 customs i n i clianco 1M s,,,^ 1 -,, ^vilhopen Ilnnd 157 Kind ot fj s j, l. r '8 Wander ICO symbol for e r b i u m SCI Herdsrmm o f l h o KwliR Alra ifia xTne of bcall3 £ 105 Wooden rln used for' support 1 67 Common (flaw.) 188 contem! 170 Prefix: new 173 Roman numb/4 mrniTtaiiror former 1'tcaidcnt AI AI N .12 )33 )33 ) V - Q N 4 r-qoi 33 ) Kfich ^1 K.(^(h «S q~U3cb 10 q-Nicii H,K ti-N7 H.Br I'.N K - N J K - R 3 (a) 4 P-QB4 and 5 N QB3 is lo be cons id ore. d (b) Dlack's game is not un-" promising, but lie must play carefully. carefully. (c) 8 . . . B-K3; 9 ... Q-K2; 10 ... N-KB3 is a more proper set up. It is d i f f i c u l t lo foresee tlits at this point. (1) Well played, forcing llio (rade. (e) Achieving his objective. (f) A finesse. (g) Male is just around Ihe corner. corner. Pnrca, who by the way Is from Spain, not Mexico, executed this game wilh clarily and clan.

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 02 Nov 1958, Sun,
  3. Page 75

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