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 - --------- - •-- ....... ----- ---mMt—- ' .........
--------- - •-- ....... ----- ---mMt—- ' ...... -*- ..... RADDATZ SUBMARINE BOAT Thirty-Two Minutes Under Water Without Discomfortt no to as declared declared nations are. tho forward the year bad to existing steps of act tTmlpr Cnnlrot—Cnri NnvlRnto v llo« ncitttr -tlio Sm-fiKMv Tttviity-r.-ui,- Hours— WnmU'rful Tents Miido nt tJlcn'.iluml. Cr,Kvrr,Asn, O., Oct. SIX—-The lind- dal/subiutirinn bunt, is now nnderjfi.liig regitlur tests, and Iho claims of tho in- von tors nro goncrnlly nllowcil lobe just by who huve sm-n Uie cm ft in onorntion; still, tho cliilm Iiindo somu timo ngo tli.u the. bunt had reached, uml hiul been successfully operated ut, n depth of about IhirLy feet, Iho deepest wulcr in this vicinity, seems to huvo been doubled. To put this iloubt, nt rest, tho inventor guvo anothor oxhibition. Tho bout ivn.-i propelled out to :t spat whero n dentil of thirty feel, hud been found tn exist, by Homiii'ini; with a lupa line, anil ul-l:3."i o'clock Iho craft, disappeared disappeared tn-ttenlh tlu> waves. The bottom bottom wus reached in one. iniuut,x>, tho machinery t-antrollintr thu descent having a force of 100 iu excess of Iho iiulural .nmyniii'y of tho ship, which is l.oilll ill all limes The lompcruvnrc. of llui uh-inside tho ship wus 7',' (U'ffreus and remaiiieil con- stunt at tills within (.me-luilf dcgros during ihn v-:il,iro i-xpi-i-imenl, which lasted iibout luilf uu luiur. Tho nir iu tiio shin WUK till thill could bo desired and was lieHviM-i-d ill pure condition und iu proper iiiuuituivs for res pi rat lull, there U>:ng noun of tho elo^e oppressive Tedium's- nssnnlly experienced experienced 03' oecitpniiU ot n. MimU anil eon* filled air'0, their entire ubneiico ba- insf duo Id u peculiar process of electrification electrification to which tho air is sul.jcoteil lifter botti" 1 chemically iinritic'-l n proj cess which is original nni- which was iirst applied to the- uir in this ship, und which bus pi'ovcil entirely isitl'c mid mil- isfuclory throughout the nnuierona tests and experiments mado this summer. summer. Tho interior of the ship is li-jhieii by menus of 1-jdison low poteuliul incandescent incandescent lumps uC small siv.c, giving lit- tlo heut- mid ui> ulr \vhilo burning. Klectvicity for iipcrsvtiujr tho IniupM, as \vi-ll r.s most, of the other electrical applinnvcs on boiird is inr- nlhlied by prinuu-y anil ijtoruge hut- lerics, which nrc placed iu u separate room forward of the conning towi-r. inn! directly un.ler the latter are pluccd thu various gjiii;,'i-s, valves, leve'i-s, iiuli- cators,- ctu., to control out only the electric current, 1ml :i'.»i llie uelion of machines in (lirVevvnt. pa-.-ts of the shirj. In this cunning- tower are placed tlio eight windowscoiiiiiiui.Hlii.ij,'cvcrv point of tho compass and enabling the can- tuin of Iho ship, who is stutioneil hen to reiulily sec. where ho is going, both ou or beuc-.ilh the surface. At tho depth of thirty feet, at which tlio ship IKHV rested, littlo could be seen without the aid of lisrlit, as the light-of the'suii iliuininuteil tho bottom inipcrfeclly, the water of I 10 river being 1 ill uu nnn.snully nonlruu spurent couititicm ut this season of tht year. In the ilumo is also placed a powerful seiireh light, ivhiuli, in ronsuii- ubly cienr wntcr, lights up Die of the ship some hundreds uf feel iiheiul. The shi[) \vns linully rni.sed to within twenty feet of tho surfnco and then held sns|3oiulevl uiotionloss in tho 'WUICL- for a quarter of an hour, ilurinq- which time it ilUl not vary its depth ;is much ns nil inch. Observations are mado through the pilot house winitows, und stuiu'eil thu Wiitet' more tniuaparcnt than nt the bottom' or at tho surfuco; and, ulthougli be tho this edict resisted senate tariff will its ^ to dishonor" and to prat- that tho they to- tho shadowy oulline-} of some fish wero scon further uway, iiono were sc-eu iienr the boat ns ib u-rnin slowly usi-cmicd until within U feet of the sin-face, whera the. gr.vy tingo of ilayliu-hi. [irovuiling in tho depth begun gnutuuily ini-rtv.ising in intensity until, ut H depth of live feet, thi-re was Mii,k'ieui light to rcud, niul within :.' I'eetot stu-f.iuo tho walsr wus lighted up liy tlio sun's rays until it reseii. 1>1 til u solid m.iss of bright, transparent, gold, from whiuh the ship broke nt ;".;07 o'clock, having beon sub- mergeil ,!•-.' minute-.*. IJuring thut limo nil the inuchinea s.'tiued tu opc-i-ata in a sntiff-actory nmiiin-i', nnd. ivhethei- ;U ;i deplh of IB or ;iu feet, tho uuuntca of tho ship pericuce-d no discomfort. Were il not for tho manometer.-,, which plainly indicated indicated the depth of tho ship beneiitb the turlaco, anil tho utmost entire ub sence of light in tho water, it would bi they j hard to believo that one wns fur Imluv The ! thu wave-s, with bouts dnrling ni-ouni on the sui-fuco above, nini fir hi-yviiK- Iho reti^h t,f the strongest stor have e\'cr .swept these \vute-rs, Tho ship was put tu^iMlioi' cilj' lust Mimim-i', uud suci testcil to \vi thstunil UK- pivssnr a ilcplh of ,",i,o fee-l. It cnrrh's a lestoi iniu-hiue powi-rfiil enuiigli to Slilliil the [l;','>r.[U'C lit. tllisiU'ptll, SlMtl^ of thii hyilraulii.- jran^v.s wt-ri- funiishc by n Xew York linn, lint most of 111 wus made to oi-vlei- by th» p'K-oe- anil set to^'ethur in city, some of parts coining from l-'i-;uu-e. The ship hufi hcen under wciU-r foi thi'ci-, ;ind DUO half hours nta sirutch, uiui tho air inaoliinus huve been \vorUcC ' = '- ) j tweiily-loiu- hours without I'l-ssaliou, inta j. lnd (hin . i , - s Uuli! (1 , mhl tll:ll lhd sb ; p could rciiKiin thai length of time uiuli-i U'lile-r vi'i-ix- it ti<-,-css;iry. s Urn in this essintl due Ic n boarii i-ilin-^ of Slaiiii- ti, Itui-Ui-, ^', iV't. ;J'.*. —Lord Kosebery nftei-ii-.-ou for Krislul to bo 10 fHE t tho lio holr quos!OH t ;atlon tosed • To © he i-ffntli iff bo nd to ro ic s to >cl tlio llcilnx uted s business idleness mcm of result law o-f their thai j manufactured less that level with so qualities, being er tho not as u they volu unveiling i-xeivi-e u. bamjuct at the t i l<mv Will lie! i wn hall. COOK GANG CAPTURED, thus now fully unsoundness n tho from tariff-tinkering Cleveland still the the ull the uiui ha.s iff that a tho thc to uiul

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  1. The Pomeroy Herald,
  2. 01 Nov 1894, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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