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 - tn rt 0- X UJ o 'c o Championship Chess By...
tn rt 0- X UJ o 'c o Championship Chess By BLAKE STEVENS Southwestern Open Chess Champion Continuing the study of the Giuoco Piano 1 P-K-1 P-K4- 2 N KR1 N-QB3; 3 B-B4, B-IM; 4 P-1J3, P-Q3; 0 P-Q4,"r x p 6 p' x p B N3(i ) Last week's analysis showed ' ' Or White can go wrong like this: 1 P-K1, P-K4; 2 N-KB3, N-QB3; 3 H-B4, B-D4; 4 P-IM, P-Q3- 5 P-QJ, P.xP; 6 PxP, B-N3; 7 N-B3 N-D3; 8 P-KR3, 0-0; 9 0-0, NxP!;' 10 NxN, P-QI with good equality. Stevens why, tactically, Black could nol afford to play C , . . B-N5ch. This m o v e i s also poor strategically: strategically: i"he plan is lo put pressure on White's QP, which, if coaxed (or coerced) into into advancing to Q5, b e c o m e s hopelessly slat- ic. On his scvcnlh move Wlulc has a choice between 7 0-0 and 7 N-H3. The play \vilh minor pieces is important. Preferable Preferable is 7 N-B3 because later, in one variation While will prefer to delay castling for several moves, cone en I rat ing on hi's center instead, instead, a t t e m p t i n g to retain ils fluidity. Therefore 1 P-K4, P-K4; 2 N- K133, N-QB3; .1 B-134., 11 114 P-113 P- Q3; 5 P-Q4. PxP; G PxP. 1) N3; 7 N-I33, N-IJ3 (over/calous is 7 ... U-N'S; S B-QN5--Ihis pinning nioltf, Ihrealenint! P-Q5, forces lilack to either relrcat his liishnp to CJ2, or play as in the I c x t ; h; can nol plav S . . . P-Q1, because White has pli ywl N-B3 instead of 0 0 on his 7lh move--so Black plays S . . BXN; OPxB, Q-R5. Tliis p r e v e n t s \l'hilc's P-QS ns 10 ... QxP males. 10 0 0 1 , 0 - 0 0 b r e a k i n g the pin. 1! D.V.N, I'xll; 12 I ' - I U , l'-QU saves ihc Uishop. 13 R - N t and Black's K i n g posi- licm is lender t h a n White's. A f t e r Hlack's correct r e p l y 7. . .N-KD3, Vi'liiH-. al i.isl has a chance of j-oinf! amiss: S 0-0, !! N5! (now i l i i s move is p c i f c c i l y (jrxxj as 9 11-JN5 is met by 0-d); ') B-K3, Q-K2: 10 Q-Q3. 00(1; I I QM3. K R K!; K!; 12 N-Q3, . U - K K - t (lilack is l r a n s f e r : i n ! his pt'i-ssurc to Ihe K I ' l ; I3C-H.1, I ' - Q I ' ; 14 Bxl'. N\!l: 15 NxN, Rx\; 16 I'.vli. Qxll cli: 17Qx(). RxQ; IS K-112, U x Q P w i t h advanlage to Black. Better for While is 8 Q-QS! B- N5; 9 B-K3, 00 '(9 ... BxN; 10 PxB and then White casties Queen side); 10 P-QIW'(many-sided, providing providing square for Ihe W Uishop and readying me Knight Irans- fercncc N-Q2-B4), R-K1; 11 N-Q2 (or else 11 ... Nxp and 12 ... P-Q!), Q-Q 2; 12 B-R2, R-KZ; 13 0-0, QR-K1; 14 P-BJ, Ii-R4; 15 N-B4, B-N.1; 18 Q-Q2 with a slight edge: White has his center and can win a Bishop for Knight, but all Black's pieces are in action and have good posts. Wiilc to Play aiul Win Can You Find The Kiglil Move? Tri keeping i t h _ otir do sire present only problems in which Jink-rial is ;itx)ul even, or where nnc stdo is cmnj0[i*.;Uei;T posilion- n l l y Tor i;u~k of m;itcri;il, MIL; alKivo j't'ol.-ijcjn is offi':cJ, Whit'! coult] dr.iw willi 1 P-Bl eh, K-Q1; 2 R\P. llui the problem lU'iiiainIs more from While.

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 02 Feb 1958, Sun,
  3. Page 99

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