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 - Chess And Checkers Players' Corner * * «...
Chess And Checkers Players' Corner * * « Problems And News Concerning Those Old Favorites ITTIDKSPREAD interest in checkers and chess over the South Plains YV area has prompted this "corner 1 of the Sunday Avalanche-Journal's editorial pane Several score persons arc actively engaged in chess play and ches£ c j ubs: several hundred belong to checkers clubs and play that ^^ comlner)t _ O icj favorite. Herg ^ lh<j latest cnec }terE and chess news, along with problems and The Checker Board The Chess Board the ordinary non-book player, uny- ninets of plnyrrs or of member* ot their family rcculud last «cfk In a postponement of »n intra-ctub team mutch. The match Till br conducted »I. n :nivt- 1ns 1 in Lubbock hotel at V:30 o'clock Monday Monday night. All players, regardless o! strength, arr Invited to attend the meet.lns. Playcr.s o. approximately the aamr strength vill h« matched In the contest. Here is »n appeal from Texus Cr.r-.s tisoclatlon offlclult for membership firs. As che;s enlhuslasts of tht.'. .-W.'m know. Lubbock hns hern chosen sH'- "I thc 1937 sm!« wurnnmcnt and Dr H s» Underwood has been nnmed presldiT.t ot the association. , To muke possible the same typr or tournumcnt conditctrd lust yrar In D;u- li.-i, approximately $150 will br requlrrd A large shurr of that expense will, "i course, fall on Lubbock players. The morr quickly players o? LubliurK The nlmi-s" nii'd nddrrsw-.'. of the thrre l"»dl.i? checker p«|ifr« now running m Anv.rlc*. may tv; glvrn afc tollovv llv- AiiK-rican CrifCki-r Monllily If stud bl- nionihSv hy M. D. Trctzcl. Box 623. Abl>:in\ Abl>:in\ Ti'xai. This ie rmlly » inMiazln', and costs J.1 per year. The Ko;cville C-ilicn, n weekly culumn of nrw.spnpfr size, and usually 'having a full u^gr. H edited hy .lol-.n (",. Pinlcy. 2S6 Higli St.. Ncwart. J Tlio rrt*** is $2 p^r vcitr. find tho Pr ,-,, 0 ' r ls s ', cre ,.;ry ot the American check- Webb. srcrrniry-trcniMirer of the rssurm- ilnn hox J91. tiiiblwck. Tex, Nrwcll W. Balikr., thu chMki'r erprrf who al.'-o pl«ys a mron chp^s i-vnie, nu-L his mn'ch tit chess In J. C. Thompson v:h -n Inn Dsirnli wizard pluvcd nt r>nlln» i'0- crntly. The (olloulng U> the Tlionip'""'- li.mKs g:imo: ,. I1C( . 2>mM . tr Asaoclntioii. Tho Mi. SterllnK Advocm?. ,t cohinni coming twice a week. !h edited by Emln Blam. Boj; 44. Mt. Hi-rlii)K. Ky. This column hlso Is SJ per jenr. »nd hns world of material pl.\ycd in correspond- RUY LOPKZ Bnnkh Thomnso i 13anks While Black Uhllc i n.rfj P-K4 21 K-B3 M-Q1W 22 K-K1 I'-O'I 2:i N-K2 11-02 2-t p-n:i N-1U 2S P-KNJ B-K2 2(i P-NJ >7P-KD4 The round robin slandlnijis arc K'vcn 10- iiy :ts final for round one, because thc reminiimR Kumr> cannot affect q'lalifving of anyone except A. L. Am .urn. v.ho mav rank«i round two by flnlshlnK ., ltmg: >]>„,(. wh ose pcrcentnge is .soo ,r,.rr., y t-cond round: Othft Clftnd^nncn 2 N-KD1 i P-«i .<> N-B:I I? O-O 7PxC S NxN u n>.H cii in oxQ <-h 11 N-Q5 12 n-K.i U N-H3 M BxH 15 «B-Q 16 H-Q2 17 KR-Q 28 PxP NlO P-OB3 B-IH -J C. Wiiltomson . Olii,^. Grnve> J. \V. Ar,-. :i rrt A. L. Ainh'.irr. Hush Andfrr.sfln __. .10 N-O3 31 P\P 32 PxP ch j.1 K-Q'J 34 NxP Cll K-KJ 3SP-B-1 QR-Q 3HK-Q! R.XR 37 P-N'4 lt-f} 38 P-R.I K\-R 10 PxP K-O2 Dr,, 31 11 44 "4 44 H 33 13 .461 .30ft .333 .230 Co-inril. n c. Ii0lrt . r h*s in'.i been r--ce:v^1 from Dr M-cre::iiv of th' Wfit Tf*a* a -«nciatio:i. ihm n- rfimi-rnniii.l -.i:i! hn held m Ah.'.rr.e F<-u. 22. Huts!-;- uin<-h«-«t.T. if. nrf.wnt 1 1.<- solved., even hy tiewcomers. Three ,-nn,- •uluilons came In, Hll iictm ntw ti.ivi I'ir«i. war, Irom R. W. Syfriti. l-nii ' then Venice Ryan, nlbo Irnm 1-ul-li nnrt K'.lon nuchy. Brow.lleld. The r, ;.*m »nd their moves- ni.ick on ?. 3 w)mi> on fi, 2S. 31 n:nclt u-ln> i.- ;, 8-1, 2-«. 1-17. 13-2(1. Tortiy's problem i?. lu'te pvcii'i! . verv dlfflcuU, >0 h.- c»r'ful: Hi rfc .T, R. 14. 51". Wine rrt l r i 'J' •:-' '.': n TO iitove '»n<l (Sr.i 1 '- f*' M •• : --- a, -.h t fill C01TCC'. Thoninj.fii lii.n-k- K-Q:: K-lii P-i'.IM p-ir:> K-N4 i'-ii:i I'vP I'-IH I".! 1 P tl.'i S v I 1 :J.»4 i' ;-•!•

Clipped from
  1. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal,
  2. 14 Feb 1937, Sun,
  3. Page 9

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