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On the 29th of last February, Dr. Neyman Neyman celebrated his 100th year of life his twenty-fifth twenty-fifth twenty-fifth birthday, bebng born on the oaa aay or leap ii-ar, ii-ar, ii-ar, i ne ceieorauon was entered into -by -by all the town of Saltlllo and was such a big event for all of Washington and Orange counties that all Monon trains were stopped at the little town on that day. At that time, on Neyman, Neyman, who has been very reticent, talked at. length to a staff correspondent of The News.' He was" Btlll in mental; vigor, though the 100 years had left their- their- impress impress on his physique. He was, however, able to be out of bed. though for three years be has spent much of the time In Said He was Son of Ney. Dr. Neyman still insisted that he was a aon Of-Grand Of-Grand Of-Grand Marshal Michael Ney. of France, who was so popular with the French people during the Napoleonic wars that, he was called"The bravest of the Brave." According lo history, after Waterloo, where Ney ' with the Old Guard made the last heroic stand, Ney was convicted and was shot. ' However, in recent years there has been a persistent series of stories to the effect - that Instead of being . executed Ney was saved by Wellington, who ordered ordered that the guns used be secretly loaded with blanks and that Ney should drop to the gTound when the guns were discharged at him. There were several suspicious circumstances counected with the execution. Several years later there appeared in South Carolina a man of distinguished bearing. He. went by the name of Peter Stuart Ney. He became a school teacher and led a very peculiar life. It is said by several who have written books on the subject that he was recognized as Ney by some of the Old Guard that had come to this country. . At all event he left at his death books on Napoleon on whose margins had written many personal observations. He likewise on his deathbed deathbed Insisted that he wus Grand Marshal Ney. - Served In the Mexican War. Dr. Neyman, who lived af'Saltlllo over fifty ears. and who served in the Mexi can war, was oi distmguisnea oearing also. Quietly, years ago, he "confided to several close friends that his name was Ney and that be was the son of Grand Marshal Ney. He said he had been born In Parl9. He' spoke French fluently. Several who have written books on Ney. advancing the story that he. was not executed, but came to this country, speak of a strange young man In this country who visited him. This, according to Neyman, Neyman, was himself. One of tbe most interesting features of the interview- interview- given the staff correspondent correspondent of The News a year asro was that Dr. Neyman insisted that Ney had been in Indiana twice. The first t;m was in about IaW, when he came to Indiana, said Neyman, and joined a group or hunt-trs. hunt-trs. hunt-trs. It was then, according to Neyman's story, that Ney discovered Panther cave nr.d ramed it. and later told his son Nevman that he wished to be buried in it. , Nevman bought It, and when the South Carolina Fchool teacher died he tried to get the body and. bring H to Indiana for burial in Panther cave. He was not permitted permitted to do so. Later., however, he arranged arranged the cave for his wn burial place, end his body will be placed In it this week. It Is located In the hills several miles from Saltiilo. His Father's Last Visit. When interviewed last year Neyman said: ' - "My.father came back to Indiana about 1S3T and bought land In Jackson county. If the land records are examined it will be found that this is true. The last time I saw him at a tavern in South Carolina we went to a haystack and spent he night there talking. He gave me $1,000 at that time the last remittance that I received received from him." Though many persona doubted the story that Dr. Neyman was the son of the famous French marshal, the people of Saltlllo, with .whom Dr. Neyman had had lived most of the time for more than forty years, accepted as true his statement statement that he was a son of Grand Marshal Marshal - Ney. He was always a man of mystery, a stately, soldierly man of military military bearing, and commanding nature, and he was well educated. ; Several men French and Americans who wrote concerning Ney, come to. see him, and they as a rule, found hla story consistent though In asserting he was Eugene Ney he ran afoul of the French histories that Mate the son. Eugene Ney. went Inter the French diplomatic service,-! service,-! service,-! At all times, Neyman refused to produce the proofs that he said he had and that would, he Insisted, straighten out French history. He said these would not be given to the world. until after he had passed away, . ' Neighbors Believed HI Story. That his neighbors accepted himaa the son of Grand Marshal Ney was shown In the decorations of the Saltlllo Metho-dtst--hurch Metho-dtst--hurch Metho-dtst--hurch Metho-dtst--hurch Metho-dtst--hurch Metho-dtst--hurch at his centennial celebration. The pe,eches were made under the entwined entwined flags of France and the United States. On the' right side of the choir arch was a large black medallion, with the words "'France. li9S," laid on It in great yellow letters. The French flag was draped around It. On the left side of the arch was a similar medallion, with the. words. '"Indiana. 19o8." tand with the American flag draped over it. Up to three years ago Dr. Neyman practiced medicine regularly, and for forty years or more he answered calls from all this part of the country, and went day and night. ' He had a marvelous marvelous physique and seemed never to tire. About three years ago. however, he went with his wife to Oklahoma to see one of his sons, and there he got into a low malarial country. It was too much for a man of such advanced years, and' his health broke rapidly. ABOUT NEW AND MAYORALTY How a "Well Authenticated" Rumor , Got Its Start. . James L. Keach, Democratic leader, and Harry S. New, formerly national Republican Republican chairman, and now mentioned as a candidate for mayor on the Republican Republican ticket, met on the street to-day to-day to-day and a conversation ensued. - . - "Harry, -are -are you going to give us a chance to beat you this fall?" asked Mr. Keacb. : "I guess I'll have to ret Into the race and beat you," replied Mr. New, with a show of earnestness. "That so ?" replied Mr. Keaclu "A-hem. "A-hem. "A-hem. "Yes." said Mr. New.- New.- "I guess that's right. T guess I'll have to get you on mv side." This with a laugh. And this little conversation started the "well-authenticated" "well-authenticated" "well-authenticated" rumor that Mr. New had announced that he would be a candidate candidate for mayor on the Republican ticket. "I was Just having a little fun." said Mr. New. later, in discussing the conversation." conversation." and It seems that I have had It all right. I did not announce that I would be a candidate for mayor, nor am I makin anv such announcements aa that. I am not announcing anything lust now,"- now,"- ... HEIER ASKS FOR JURY. In Police Court Again Charged with Keeping Gambling House. m When Fred' Heler, saloon keeper, gambler gambler and politician, appeared in the Police Police Court to-day to-day to-day to answer to the charge of keeping a gambling-house, gambling-house, gambling-house, he had the appearance of a man who had the kibosh on him. in tlte vernacular of the police, kibosh means itha essence of bad luck. Only a few yeeks ago Heler's place, at 12 South New (Jersey street,' was raided by the I and in the Police Court li?ier was nn?xl 0 and costs and a workhouse sentence of ISO days imposed. The saloon keeper-gamhler keeper-gamhler keeper-gamhler appealed the case and it is now pending in the Criminal Criminal Court. w lieler took no chances to.-day. to.-day. to.-day. He announced announced that he wished to be tried by a jury and when a demand for one was made the case was set for Wednesday aftrmoon. - Six men arrested with Heier wished to plead guilty to gaming. 1 but Jude Whallon said they could do so before before the judge who sits at the Jury trial. The men gave fictitious- fictitious- names and all of them ver? released on bail. The gamblers were found In the basement of the saloon building and they were surprise surprise by the police-walking police-walking police-walking in on them. 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