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John Simmons - o'f the ]«»J Will if) deceased, will '¥( t) E...
o'f the ]«»J Will if) deceased, will '¥( t) E C, 30, t« o ?i — '.fsnft Motel (Wm. Itollman. is »6the»«t corner of Seventh and ' -li. In the City of Lebanon. F*., the following de«cribed ltd tCSUtor, viM I oil thai certain meMuage, and _Jot or hiece of ground Ity of Lebanon. aforesaid, on fner of .Second and Chentmil «nd described 19 follows, to the honhwcst corner at Chest- Mre<t», and extending north- «eo«d «tfett tiltiety-nlne , il. Mertfcl, along which H Nineteen feet to lot now Roger*, along which,U ex- nltiMy-itlne feel to *ald „„ eorttfrt dwelling, howw • • ' kitchen attached iMage-way to he w» arid ocutpii.rtt o and occuplcrii a ,<tr«et i«jd S jny, II ' ong which It extend* to the nlficr .topratemenlii eonilat of » two- s''IT tttaped, brick, Hate-roofed Iltt« heuM (4 ft. * in. x 9 ft.» MI! !''.* .*¥*.*< ill., and two-story Mchen attached, »> ft. 6 in. x in ana balcony,and one-story :d ««illery,atfached-)« ft. x 6 ft;, on Mi? Porch at front corner heat iyrftem, bath room and lhK Ml. that eerlftln ,„«„.«„»«:, and lot of ({round known at Second street, In the City of lid, bounded and dcicribcd an ivBlptNHiKO at a point on the oilth Second itreet, at corner of AJIartttt, ihence extending along -South Second itrcrt In n lori twenty feet to corner of » Butlimoycr, thence extending .'mentioned lot eastwardly too *lley, thence extending fn a yuan. along the weit «lde nf ity feet lo «ald lot of Wllllnm i-extending along laid Hack- ly 100 (eel Id the place of ptoWttienta coniht of a two- TOW >Ute-roofcd dwelling *'»6' feet, with two-story proofed kltclien attached 14 [«!.• Fruit treei and grape Thit;certain, lot or. piece of mfttiMiMtt nlilo o { South Sec, Sec, he> City' of. I>t)anon aforeaald, ftixott.TljUi of South Park In ntf«!tl.«Md dcicrlhcd at follow., *»i«p''»t'a,po«t on the ea«l --•'*-•$»«* jtfei north of Scbaef. 111) loo feet to ..._ west aide of Plum Jt to lot of Hugh IS. the lot of Hugh K. efty No, *S?i WielSW*. Cement walk* ihroujth alleyway «n<t fr front and rear of house, Front porch .at haute. NO. 6. Delft* nil that reilam mes«u»gc, tenemenfi ho«»e and lot uf ground known aj No. a$? Sotith. Cherry alley, in -Mid City of Lebanon. Fronting on the west aide of Cherry allev, oti which H extend* i»W feet (mote or lew) and wttcndlng wenlwardly 94 ft. » in. (more of ltd*) 10 property above dcscrilifu as No. » of estate of John. Simmons, deceawdi bounded oh the north hy pr6ptrty of Estate ol John Slmmollil, deceived (.described as No. 8), and on th* «outh hy lot now or late of Charles McKenzie. , , The improvement con*i»t of a two- •lory brick «lale-r0ofed dwelling house i(ix\2'/i icct. with two-story brick kitchen MXIO feet attached, an«l one-*tory frame Bctillcry attached 6 x 10 ft. An alley or passage-way to he used In common common with the owner* and occupier* of this property and owners and occupiers uf prop- trtyNu. ijs, adjoining. Cement walks throitgli alley-way and in front and rear of house. Porch at front of house. NO, lo. Alt that certain messuage, tenement tenement house and lot of piece or ground known « No « North Sixth Hired, in sold U y if LeLanon, between Currfbcrland and Willow Willow «treet«, bounded and described as follows, Shinier,' on the south Krlscr, on the wi ' (more or j-.sii) ( n ^ ttf ^ enlt cons (,t 0 { a. two- frame alale-roofcd dwelling ::,too .feet to Second itrcet, *«feet aottthwardly twenty New cement n ota or piece of ide of South Second ide .aiion, and bein on Plan of South lot! nrk, fl>: g Park, as follows, to wit: UK- the well side of Second trcet, at cor- tlienco along 'f»0ufh'' i df I < o'cTijit''ati : ceT 1 at fMamei->Ba»tlan, tlienco i itttiji,Haitian wcitwardly 04 feet de.alley, thence along the ca«t r ' •' 40 feet to land Jacob 'P, Oliver''ea'sVwa'rdly' JM Itreet, thcnca along aald.Second Oliver, thence along Oliver'east " WWI? incnco along aaig oceond ly 40 feet to place 1 of begin )all that i eerlaln messuage, * ' piece of ground iuth'$ccond street, In the nrij.ilfdr,c»ld^> i ,,1tlie<eart ty Second street, on OtherfpropBrty. John Simmons' 'ts- •K*Xi»J*»lve foot wide itlle/, th;Vi1and> aold td Jacob /'; l«''fr»mnga''of elglitecn'feet " Jtr/lvu) 'on eald 'Swpnd t 'In dcptli of equal, width ,/,'',; !'•*., . t " - ' ovemeiits ebnillt of a two- slate-roofed dwcllliig In.fx 36 ft., with two- tln-roCifcd, kitchen at- Largo front porch, ce thenorproperlyo arry e south by property of )\ b. west by property of Albert Ward st by Sixth.utrect, fronting i61/. n story house idy,xi6 feet, with a two-stury b x, ony frame kitchen allache.1 s ft, 8 inches x g ft. i,xi ee, frame back building 10 foet 8 inches with balcony attached ami one-story ;i| 1111(11.11 *•<•• ji »ir tttf II. t I NO. II- The Undivided one-half of all that lot. known a» No. 78 on Plan of Loll-of Kn»t Lehmnn Street Improvement Co., iillua t on > tho Northwest corner of Tenth Avenue and Kast Lehman street, In North Ubanon township. Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, front- Ing'BO feet on Lehman street, nnd extending 180 feel (morn or less) In depth to South alley. Hounded on the east by Tenth avenue, nn the south by Lehman street, on the west b? lo No. 79 "n I'lan of East Lehman .Street Improvement Co., and on the north by .South "NO. is. The undivided one-half of lot No. 80 on Plan of Lots of F.ast Lehman Street Improvement Co. on East Lehman street, In North Lebanon Township, Lebanon County, Pa Fronllng so fcc.l on said Lehman street nnd extending in depth 180 feet more or lea* ?o SoJ h alley. Hounded on the cast by lot No. w on Plsn of J-ots of Kast,Lehman S'trec Iiiinrovemenl Co., on the south by Lehman s reeT, on the west by lot No, 8t of aald Plan of Lots; and on the north ,hy Jjbulli alley. NO u" The undivided one-half of a lot of around on Kast Lehman Mrcet In North Leha- Son Township, Lebanon Countv, Pa., front nR « feet on Lehman Htrcct and extend Ing i Ho feel (more or less) In dfplh.lo South alley. Hounded on the youth by Lehnmn street, on the west by a 15 foot wlifc alley, on the norlh bv South alley, nnd on the cant by lot of £o. SV niuftrj It being the uml^lded one- half of the western half of lot No, 81 on Plan of Lots of East Lehman Street 1m- provemcnt Co, .,1^1 « \x ,.,1.^,1 Sale lo commence al a o clock J, M., wncn condition! will bo made, known ^y., s| . K Rxtcutar of John Sininioiis, Deceased, ELECTION NOTICES. ELECTION NOTICE. The annual election of directors of the Union Holler and Manufacturing Company II. T, RICHARDS. Secretary. in ELECTION NOTICE. Notice. Is hereby given that the annual meet. .Stockholders of tho PEOPLE'S . the . AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of , , LebanoHi Pa., 'Will lie held on Monday, Jan mmiiue, ten* piece. Of ground known ''t ay, liary a4th, 1910 (being tho fourth Monday - on;! 1'., _ T _, ._. _ city of _.3rBbuHded on"''the ea»t by 'Hl4 r .nor(li by other property ltd. (above described an twelve foal *> t.» 1«H^ .nl.l *M X<M»W h- by land aold to Mary nineteen feet .or lew) :on.«ald. Second nineteen "• j«M);on Mid r equol width In •emcntj' consist of -j- --- -,-.-, .» 'WO- alate-roofed 16 ft., with n two-story tin-roofed kitchen attached 14 'e front porch, pempnt paving, and bath room. .11, that certain' messuage, lot ol ground known as iftji","»trcet,~ In said City of ' Bud 'described ns follows, Qfw! 'dlni on'-'tfie east side of Soutli "Fifth :lt exten that Widt e«t • (more « of John Simmons, dcceaiieil on'-'te vhich :lt extendi twenty-live feet, of that Width eastward one bun(more bun(more or lc»») to other Ing of tha five.>fe«t • ami jiiininona, ucccuttciii .,,„ by Idt now or late of on the aoutli by lot now „ MeKen»le. ifirovcincntii conslit of a two- frame 'glale-roofed dwelling atory frame tin-roofed kitchen at- *ftl'x.ij.ft.'8 Inches. There is n ('"» l\i>usf. Chicken house,, 4 in, x a4_ft._,_wltli two' two' ! tint.' tint.' r ,',pt<Htt in th* I, ,-— »and fruit treea on tlie premises, Icing »]\ that certain IIICSBII >Ul« »rm lot or piece, of ttro ic.ajs Soutu Cherry alley, In fronting on the wcm Hide of Which it.extends \iV t feet , i extending weatwaiclly 91 r lew) to property above o, 7 of eitalc of John Simmons, the. north by lot now or late nf sndjon.the »o«th by nroperly of « ! e»latc hereinafter described an of said, mqnth), between the : hour« of 7 K o'clock, p,' m,, at Hie office of 1-rank Mclly, J2»<1.," 739 Cumberland street, for t u purirosc of clcclmK directors to serve for f.b< ensuing year, . i .... , Dy order of tho Bvard, ELECTION NOTICE. , The entiual iHeetlni! K for electing twelve ill rectors of the U511ANON ..MUTUAL FIR1 rcciorti PI i no i<**v j*/**' v*^ '•**« v> * v j »•-« * **>. INSUKANCK-CQMl'ANy will be held at the oflice of the Conibmiy, on Monday, the loth daj of January, 1910, between the hours of n-,. o'clock a. m.; and a °'^WlfJi'i,, m ' n .. . L Mi SHENK, PrttlAtnt, Attest: JAMES E. WAJ.TER, Secretary, ELECTION NOTICE. ' Volley National Bank of Lebanon. LEBANON, PA., Dec. 6tli, 1000. The election for directors of ihla limtitu tlon by the Stockholders will be held at thcli Hanking Home, In Lebanon, Pa., on Tuesday, the iitli day of January, 1910, between tin of i ,ond 3 o'clock, hours p. in., to scrvi for tho ensuing year. FRANK H. RKINOKHL, Cashier. ELECTION NOTICE. Notice Is hereby given that the anniin 1 meeting, of the stockholders of the I.EMANOr> VALLKY FAIR ASSOCIATION will be hch! hi Koom No. 4, Court House, Lebanon, I'a,, on Saturday, January 8lh, ujio, between tho honn of i and 4 |). m.. to elect oflicem for igio, W, 11. IIOLLMAN, President. JOUN A. HOI.LMAN, Stcrttary, ELECTION NOTICE. The regular annual meeting of the stock holders of the LE11ANON COUNTY TRUST CO, will be held at their oflice, in the C.lty at Lebanon, I'a., on Tuesday, the nth day nf January, igio, between the hour* of to a. in and u m., for the purpose of electing directors to serve for the for the cnsuhik' year, ANDREW DOTTER, Treasurer,

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  1. Lebanon Daily News,
  2. 09 Dec 1909, Thu,
  3. Page 2

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