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Managerial Revolution Investing - FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1941. Want Ad Headquarters....
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1941. Want Ad Headquarters. tie Optimistic Bat Up - To - Babson Says "Ubwebs" More Dangerous Than Politicians NEW YORK, Oct. 10--Next to Truth, the greatest need today is for Faith,--Faith in God, faith in America, and faith in our fellow men. On the other hand, the great* est danger lies with Fear,--fear of death, fear of sacrifice, and fear of losses of various kinds. Yet, theie are many columnists, authors, and even political leaders who make their living crying "Wolf! Wolf! when there « no wolf. The l*t«»t "Bad Wolf- Even radicals are now pretty much agreed that our generation has nothing to fear from Socialism. They have entirely changed their tune as to this fear. Karl Marx is no longer their idol and they have lost faith in the proletariat. They instead talk of a "Managerial Revolution." Revolution." They still pretent to believe that most stocks and bonds will become worthless through state competition,--that competition,--that we aie entering an era when the government will become the owner of all income--producing income--producing property and will operate t along technocratic lines. They say that the "Managers" thereof will be the ariitocracy of the nation, taking the place of bankers and capita lists m general. Managerial Revolutions have always always Existed To some extent, these calamity howlers are doing good in causing us to take out "insurance" in the form of vocational education for our children! Wise parents are calling such pessimistic talk to their children's attention so that the young people will not depend upon what they inherit; but will have a profession, trade, or job of their own. So much, so good. The college professors who are preaching the elimination of the capitalistic class are doubtless right in their forecast that the government government will gradually take over more and more industries. This, however, ig nothing new. It has always been going on. Armies, navies highways, postal service, etc. all started as private enterprises. enterprises. This process will doubtless be speeded up to include armament armament factories, public utilities, railroads, railroads, milk distribution, bread bakeries and certain of the gieat producers of raw materials. Keep Your Investments Dp To Date Here is what the pessimists overlook: overlook: For every old industry any government has taken .over, two new industries have sprung up in its place. This, moreover, applies to Russia and Germany as well as to the United States and Canada. Initiative, Initiative, enterprise, and invention grow best in a free soil apart from government ownership or management. management. As long as the English race is in economic competition with Europeans or Asiatics, you may be CONSTIPATED? 8p«D« of coiutipttioa often bring ·ffr»T»tinr bowel CM, tout ttonMdh, bid breath, crated tonne, beadtthei, dUrineil, Ultteiiaeu. sure that private enterprise will be encouraged in the United States and Canada. This means that businessmen and inventors who keep ahead of the piocesslon have nothing to fear from the New Deal. Those who recognize that the only thing really "permanent" is change and who wisely shift their investments accordingly, should continue to prosper. The lazy inventor, the self satisfied businessman, and the so- called conservative banker who worship "bond ratings" are the ones who will suffer during the changes ahead of us. What After The War? Most readers are asking what will happen after World War II. Will there be a great business slump? Will revolutions follow? The current low market prices are due not to present conditions-but conditions-but to fear of what will happen a few years hence. Of couise, one should know how long the War is to last before answering answering these questions. The aftereffects aftereffects of a long war would be more serious than if it should end in the Winter of 1942-43. But, the real answer depends upon to what extent employers, wage-workers, and inventors are willing to adapt themselves voluntarily to the changed conditions. The stagecoach owners and drivers of 100 years ago who fought the railroads, went broke; but those who sold out and re-invested in railroad securities became very prosperous. Some Illustrations This is one reason why I prefer the chemical companies rather than the "steels"--prefer the motor coach companies rather than the "rails", and prefer the peace stocks rather than the "war-babies" I prefer to have the bonds of some almost unknown little town run by good people than the popular bonds of great cities which are run by grafters. Recognize change insist upon growth, and align yourself with active people of character and you have nothing to fear. The world is constantly getting better; while more opportunities exist today than ever for those who study, pray, work, save and venture. Beware of "cobwebs" in your home, business, church or safe deposit box! The will Company 300 six MARRIAGE LICENSES David W. Daugherty, Smicksburg, R. D.; Mabel A. Wells, Smicksburg, R. D. La\vience K Altheide, Punxsu- R. R. 1; Campbell

Clipped from
  1. The Indiana Gazette,
  2. 10 Oct 1941, Fri,
  3. Page 13

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